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U.S. Establishes Chinese Nuclear Threat By Length Of Missile Formation At Arms Parade


U.S. Establishes Chinese Nuclear Threat By Length Of Missile Formation At Arms Parade

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On September 15th, the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Arms Control Marshall S. Billingslea gave an interview to Lou Dobbs and spoke about nuclear weapons, deterrence and the threat that Russia, and mostly China present.

Billingslea used the chance to primarily push claims that China is being extraordinarily secretive.

Similarly, to how it allegedly hid information about the coronavirus. The US continues to blame China entirely for the fiasco that its anti-COVID-19 response has turned into.

The US Ambassador said that China had a “great wall of secrecy” and it is “stonewalling” any attempts to gain any information on its nuclear weapons program and arsenal.

The “Great Wall of Secrecy” claim is quite interesting, since it is part of a rumor that’s been published in MSM back in August 2020.

According to it, back in 2006 China revealed Yongqing ancient war passages which was used to house troops during war time.

The structure of the caves was complicated and possessed advanced military facilities such as camouflaged exits, covers, and locking gates.

According to MSM, it was revealed back in 2016, apparently as response to claims by some US experts, who said China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) did not have credible “second strike” capability.

The secretive China, apparently, decided to reveal its underground nuclear bomb stash, according to MSM.

The study, “Strategic Implications of China’s Underground Great Wall,” suggested the tunnels could hide as many as 3,000 nuclear weapons.

The author, Phillip Karber was a top national security strategist during the Cold War and this figure was many times larger than arms control experts in the US intelligence estimated.

Karber said “China’s military culture has long-valued defensive fortification and tunnelling” referencing the Yongqing ancient war passages as just one of seven “underground Great Walls” that inspired the newest project.

Notably, the photographs provided are from ancient tunnels that appear to hold no weapons, and from Chinese military parades that are “similar” and being used by the PLA.

As a result, Billingslea said that US President Donald Trump had called out China, and said that they are “surging” and the next arms control treaty “must” include and “must” limit China, in addition to Russia and the US.

The narrative of the threat that China presents is pushed with “declassified” satellite imagery of a PLA arms parade, back from 2009 and from 2019, showing that the Chinese military’s capability had grown.

U.S. Establishes Chinese Nuclear Threat By Length Of Missile Formation At Arms Parade

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It would likely be more worrisome if the parade was just a carbon copy of the previous years’ and that would likely mean China was really hiding something big, but that comes down to speculation.

It could also be considered viable to simply ask China for photographs and videos from the arms parade, so that the US have some higher quality imagery to use to push their narrative forward. Beijing could potentially oblige, who knows?

A video was also used, likely simply taken from Chinese media.

The worrisome part is that in 2009, the length of the missile formation length was approximately 400 meters. In 2019 it was 4.3 kilometers.

The worrisome part is imagining what it would be 10 years in the future, if it grows tenfold – that means it will have a 40 kilometers missile formation length at their parade! And on top of that, potentially, each missile could be nuclear, despite no evidence of it being the case.

It should be mentioned that if the US paraded its nuclear missiles, the formation length would be much longer than 40 kilometers.

Regardless, according to Billingslea, and it appears to be a very obvious election campaign component – the American people need to know that US President Donald Trump has their best interest at heart, deterring the adversaries and developing new technologies that no other nation has – such as hypersonics, which both Russia and China appear to have, but the US doesn’t.

When it comes to Russia, Billingslea said that towards Russia, negotiation appeared much more viable, and that Trump had had the necessary conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and arms control was on the menu.

In conclusion, the US wants an agreement that would be outlined with Russia, and then include China at a later point and cover all nuclear weapons, and finally more transparency and verification is needed, since according to Billingslea the New START had many deficiencies due to it being from the President Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden era.

Conveniently he managed to remind the American people that current presidential candidate Joe Biden was the reason for a “failed” arms control treaty with heavy deficiencies.




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