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U.S. Envoy: We Are Not Committed To Regime Change In Syria


U.S. Envoy: We Are Not Committed To Regime Change In Syria

US special forces with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria, May 26

U.S. special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, claimed that that Washington is not working anymore to change the regime in Syria. However, the diplomat stressed the need for a political process in the war torn country.

“We are committed to a political process that is with and by the Syrian people. The Syrian people get to decide who will lead them and what kind of a government they will have. We are not committed to any kind of regime change. We are committed to a change in the behavior of that regime,” Jeffrey said during an interview with the Russian news agency RIA Novosti and the Kommersant newspaper, according to the news outlet, Sputnik.

Jeffery also denied that the U.S. has any plan to divide Syria and claimed that Washington has always supported the territorial integrity of the country.

“The United States has supported the territorial integrity of Syria at every point in this conflict and before, and we will continue to do so. The presence of American forces carrying out anti-terrorist operations does not indicate any desire to break apart a country,” Jeffery said.

While the U.S. diplomat renewed his calls for an Iranian withdrawal from Syria, he openly admitted that Washington will not ease its sanctions on Tehran if it complies with this demand.

“The idea of a trade of Iranian withdrawal for American relief on sanctions on Iran to come up, that’s something that under no circumstances would we accept,” Jeffrey stressed.

These statements show a major shift in Washington’s policy towards Syria. However, the U.S. is clearly still determined to use the war there to pressure Iran.



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  • MichaH

    Sorry SF, but these comments show nothing new. An american official keeps on lying? Wow I am shocked.

    • Jens Holm

      He is not. Those Trump supporters are not to rely on at all.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Sorry Jeffy, there is no more room under the carpet.

  • Gary Sellars

    This prick must think we are all stupid…. Seppo idiocy never sleeps.

    • Jens Holm

      Thats right. If they have voted in Hillary, we at least could rely on it compared to that.

      Their next President cant be worse.

  • Bobby Twoshoes

    That’s American negotiation at it’s finest; “if you give me what I want I’ll starve your family”

    • FlorianGeyer

      And also the US will continue to murder civilians across the globe with their ‘Democratic Bombs’.
      Everyone has a chance of being under one.

      • Bobby Twoshoes

        Democrazy and free-dumb for all!

  • northerntruthseeker .

    Is this a joke??? No seriously… Is someone going to come out and say that this is comedy?

    Seriously.. The US is lying its ass off again here.. They have always been committed to “regime change” in Syria and will continue to do so as long as their Jewish prick masters continue to tell them what to do.

    • Jens Holm

      He might not be there next week. Thats the Trumps.

    • 1691

      Do you really care what they say? It doesn’t matter. Let the dog bark. Who cares? Sooner or later they will shut up or change the tune.

    • Jens Holm

      Yes – same thing – because their has been no change.

  • H Eccles

    Iran should shove a bazooka up their yanki asses..

    • FlorianGeyer

      A thermobaric one :)

  • gustavo

    WOW, what are these people smoking ? “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.” USA-Israel-NATO main commitment is the destruction of Syria through the so called “regimen change.”

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    This Jeffrey creature is one of the prime LIARS of the deluded and power-hungry US elite.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    KURDISH RECONCILIATION WITH ASSAD that’s what this story is all about and nothing else. It didn’t mention the Kurds even once and yet this story is all about the Kurds and little else. This is a message to the Kurds admitting the US will abandon their cause [the same thing they did to the FSA in Daraa/Quneitra/Rif Dimashq] if they don’t reconcile with Assad, it’s as simple as that. But Trump’s been telling the Kurds this for at least 5 or 6 months now, so they already know what’s being orchestrated for them right now, it’s just the chimpanzees that don’t.
    Trumps said from before his presidency he wants to leave Syria, and he’s said it many times since, but the deep state doesn’t want to leave because they still want to build a Saudi pipeline to the EU [to help destroy Russia], this confuses the chimpanzees more than anything else does.
    Trumps working on a deal to force the Kurds back to Assad, but the deal will include the removal of Iranian forces from Syrian territory. We don’t hear about it but we don’t have to, only chimps need to be told, the rest of us don’t. With all the info made available to us over the last 6 months, how could any human not realize what’s been happening, it’s not like they have to spell it out for us, chimps maybe but not us humans.

    “The idea of a trade of Iranian withdrawal for American relief on sanctions on Iran to come up, that’s something that under no circumstances would we accept,” Jeffrey stressed.—
    Chimps don’t know what this is but the humans do, it’s called a lie little chimps. It’s what some smart devious humans do, but it only fools chimps, not humans, it’s actually a magicians trick, the left hand is doing the opposite of the right hand, say one thing and mean the exact opposite, ohh it doesn’t matter, chimps can’t understand anyway. The chimps will probably think that everything else was a lie and this part of the statement was the truth, but it’s the exact opposite, this was the lie and all the rest was the truth, poor chimps.

    The Kurds are on strike and only fighting the Turks and their proxies, not Isis. I wonder why the chimps don’t understand what that means, any human would recognize this as a means of leverage over the US, a way for the Kurds to get something they wanted, but not the chimps.
    Trumps calling their bluff right now, this article tells us that, us humans at least, I’m not sure what the chimps make of it, judging from the comments so far the chimps are even more confused than ever, but what Trump’s really saying is this, –NO you Kurds can’t have anything more than I’ve already promised you, take what I’ve already offered and go back to Assad with my blessing and all my presents, or else face Erdogan all by yourselves with no support from the US, that’s it. We’ve already given you permission to start kicking Erdogan out after we go, we’re letting you kill them now while we’re here in Syria, and we’re still going to continue to let you kill them after we go too [and with overt and covert help from the SAA and Russia, and us too but that’ll be our little secret], be happy, live long and prosper, but don’t ask for even one more thing—, that’s what Trumps saying, I’m guessing it doesn’t translate into chimp language very easily.
    Putin’s got all the chimps fooled too, they all think he has nothing to do with what’s going on, they don’t realize it’s a plan that both he and Trump came up with. A good plan to help sort out this whole sorry mess, and it’s a plan that will keep all parties at least halfway happy, EXCEPT FOR ERDOGAN, not Turkey itself, just Erdogan, I think it’s a brilliant plan.
    And just so the chimps can make fun of me if I’m proven wrong, I’ll make some predictions now.
    The Kurds will return to Assad and Syrian sovereignty with some political concessions not self autonomy, this will most likely include, the allowance of Kurdish language and Names, local council administration, Kurdish police force [possibly], inclusion in the SAA but some forces left independant to deal with Erdogan, a fairer division of oil revenue but totally administered and controlled by central government, and the US will even let them keep all the weapons and equipment they’ve already been given, the US may even give them even more before they finally leave.
    I’ll also predict that Erdogan is about to leave/abandon Southern Idlib to concentrate on east Aleppo and then try and find excuses to take over Kurdish territory in Ar Raqqah, which is his real intention, he’s told us a million times already but for some reason it’s only our chimps that haven’t understood the message, the Turkish chimps did, the Kurdish chimps did, but ours didn’t, mmm, their chimps must be smarter that ours.
    And this will all happen according to Trump and Putin’s GRAND plan too, it’s all a part of the same plan to implement a stable state of affairs in the whole region, one that will keep all parties secure if not happy, it will include the Israelis/US/Russia/Iran/Iraq/Syria/Syrian Kurds/Lebanese Hezbollah/Jordan and Turkey, but it won’t include Erdogan, he’ll have to go. A little war between Erdogan and the Kurds that he loses [quickly and decisively] will be enough to get him out of power, the Turkish economy is already failing and the people are getting angry, at the moment they’re angry with the US, but they won’t be after a failed war with the Kurds, they’ll rightly blame Erdogan for that, and then for sure the Turks will vote in someone Putin and Trump can really do business with, not a destabilizing Asshole like Erdogan, another part of their grand plan.
    Erdogan hasn’t abided by not even one of the things he said he would in the Astana agreement he made with Putin, NOT ONE, he’s done the exact opposite so many times it’s insulting, but Putin the diplomat doesn’t have feelings, he takes it all in his stride, he just keeps on doing deals with a man who hasn’t adhered to any deals they’ve previously made regardless. And unlike me, Putin doesn’t really want to see him hanging from a tree [due to an orchestrated uprising against him after a failed war against the Kurds], Putin’s immune to being shit on so many times, he’s inhuman and has no feelings, just a zombie diplomat, yeah sure chimps, humans are no different from chimps in that respect, when we have our feelings hurt we get angry too, and want revenge, I don’t think Putin’s any different from any other human alive, I’ve seen him say on video,”for every one of ours you kill, we’ll kill 10 of yours”, that was not the diplomat speaking, that was the man.
    I’ve been saying this for 5 months now and have endured all sorts of insults for my observations, called a liar, halfwit, troll [NEVER unless trolled first, this is a rare exception] Zionist [NEVER], ignorant, propagandist for the US [guilty on just the odd occasion when I agree with them], Kurdish sympathizer [not an insult to me], Anti Turkish [not true, just anti Erdogan] and a lot more things too, this comment is for all you people that had a go at me for stating what I thought was the obvious, and insulted me for my observations when you should have just countered them with your own.
    It’s becoming as plain as the noses on your faces now, I think you’re all about to find I’m not the one misunderstanding everything going on in Syria, it’s been you guys that have been calling me stupid, the chimps. The Kurds WILL go back to Assad in the next few months, Erdogan will lose/leave at least the south of Idlib in the next few months, and everything else I’ve stated will also play out over the next 12 months, the Turkish war against the Kurds, the end of Erdogan in Turkey, a NEW deal with Iran, and a new stability in the region where most parties either return to the pre war status quo, or in most case are actually better off than they were before the war.
    Trump crunched the numbers before his presidency and said, the numbers are bad, we want out of Syria, now he’s getting out.
    Most of us believe [due to the crap media we read], that getting out of this mess in Syria will be just about impossible, there are too many factions with too many different interest to make anything easy, but that’s just chimp think, it’s exactly the opposite, it’s really easy to get out of this mess and improve things, what was really hard was making the war in Syria happen in the first place, but chimps don’t see it that way, they just sit back in their own little worlds, rubbing themselves against the nearest tree, eyeing off the neighbouring chimps stash of food, screaming uselessly at the predator on the ground that’s trying to eat them, but I shouldn’t really complain about it, that’s just what chimps do, they can’t help it, they’re just chimps.
    I should remember that and not be so rude, shouldn’t I. I’ll try after this post, I think I’ve gotten it all off my chest now.
    Wow my comment is the exact opposite of everyone else’s I must have read a different article to the one everyone has.

    • Concrete Mike

      I have 1 point to debate on an otherwise long but decent post. There is one assumption you made that i have a hard time to swallow.

      That USA and israel can hold a deal. I have also been paying attention for the last 6 years. Usa and israel have proven over and over that they are non agreement capable. Im not going to speculate as to why they cant hold their agreements but they cant.

      As for erdogan…i understand you dont like him….je is a snake after all, I still feel he can be useful…im liking erdogans undermining of the saudis…alot. Any weakening of the saudis is good for the world in my opinion. Incidentally i really dislike the saudis.

      Have a good day sir i have to get to work now.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        The USA and Israel can’t keep a deal, they’re even worse than Erdogan, even Trump, who I think of as a completely different entity to the US government, can’t be trusted, only self interest can ever be truly trusted, and self interest is driving everything here, it’s in all their best interest now.
        The Saudis are already a spent force and broke, we don’t need Erdogan’s help with them at all, they’ll be lucky to last 2 weeks when the SAA finally make a start on them [SAA and allies 150,000, HTS 15,000 to 20,000 at most]. Erdogan only has one purpose left I think, and he’s not going to get a choice about what happens, he’s just bait for the Kurd now.
        Cheers, I love debate, it’s definitely better than scratching chimps arses like I have been lately.

        • Concrete Mike

          Response to first paragraph: so essentially were dealing with tribalism….thats how I see it anyway. Why are we still obssesed with tribal warfare these days its nonsense!!!

          I agree the idlib battle will be overwhelming saa victory. Cant let the goat fuckers deploy chemical weapons though…we know they will try. Lets hope mother russia puts them in their place like we know she can. Im worried i seen a report that mentionned sarin….i dont know if its true or not, lately its been chlorine that been mentionned not sarin.

          Cheers brother

          • FlorianGeyer

            Arguably the human race has always engaged in tribal warfare that has encompassed the areas of trade the tribes were able to dominate.

            As the human race evolved with better transport, so have the areas of trade and in todays Global Trade Economy the tribes from all aver the globe are either victims or victors in a constant state of flux.

            This is sadly the evolution of greed within the human race.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            Tribalism is a defensive response that gives people security when and if they need it, that’s not what I see happening here, it’s all purely self interest that’s caused the problem in the first place and only self interest that can get them out of it. Self interest isn’t always bad, sometimes it serves a purpose, especially if it’s serving the same purpose for everyone involved.
            I think we’ve seen the last of CW attacks, anything that happens now if it does will be solo efforts by the rebels without their usual accompolices, and probably botched.

  • Jens Holm

    Another mad man from the Trumpet spendables hahahahha.

    Same for the withdrawl of Iranians hahahahahahaha.

  • Empire’s Frontiers

    The same government arming men in Syria with military grade weaponry is working on the domestic front to ever reduce the grade of weaponry available to its citizens.

    Toothless jihadi gets a TOW for free while an American man’s identity is processed through several systems before being granted a semi automatic firearm, if it’s not outright illegal to possess it in the first place.

    Toothless jihadis can’t begin to count the 7.62 rounds they’ve received while jurisdictions throughout the US have banned possession of ammunition as a felony offense.

    • Concrete Mike

      Its nice to live in a police state isnt it? Just remember its guns that kill people …not people…so ban all guns.

      Abortion for all riggt Cohen??

      ( sarcasm everywhere)

    • Jens Holm

      Some here might reflect why arms are that free in USA. The reason is seen in many despote states. People can shoot back if some few people with the army and police takes over.

      Of course we also see the bad things about that solution.

      Thats why we can replace all people in several poltical levels an do it peacefully in stead. Democrasy is not perfect, its just better in + and minus then most other solutions.

      Thats another mistake from You, that You say our systems are perfect. We dont think so, but we can change things because its not stiff.

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        I’m not quite sure what all you’re one about.

        Keep hitting that peace pipe, Jens.

        • Jens Holm

          Its about finding levels and allow Yourself to se them.

          When too many people are “overarmed” too man at the same time are not learned to behave.

          We see it in relative high crimerates, where deathrates in poor areas are up, because its to easy and tempting to have and use.

          We also see it in the total crime. As in all other countries I know about some 2/3 of all crime is made by family or close related to. Thats why they have to put in their minds.

          Of course You can kill with anything else, but they have to learn to lower crimes, and parts can be taken away. Our good results are a lot of social wellfare, where fx education is free. By that all actually has a chance being not dependent by their parents and helped by the state.

          Thats very expensive and many dont get an education, but our wellfare is to keep as many people out of jail in stead inside. We punish people less and treat them more like humans then animals.

          By that we still have a hardliner criminale group as others countries, but we think, we keep it small by that attitude.

          Its very much, what You are used. Since WW2 escalated USA has taken over the role as big empire. But I do see the ones in the rest of the world has not changes, so USA can change.

  • S Melanson

    US Official:James Jeffrey: Our words speak louder then deeds.. That is our motto…

    Mossad advisor: I think it is deeds speak louder than words.

    US Official:James Jeffrey: You mean we have had it backwards? . But how do our enemies keep guessing our every move, they read minds?

    Mossad advisor: Enemies of the US… oh, yes, the rest of the world. They notice that you do the opposite of what you say, quite consistently in fact.

    US Official:James Jeffrey: Is that why they laugh every time I say the US is committed to our allies?

    Mossad advisor: Yes that and the vulgar hand gestures

    US Official:James Jeffrey: Right, What does it matter, we can do anything we want. let us get back to business. So who is on our betrayal list?

    Mossad advisor: The rest of the world except Israel. All plunder to be given to Israel under US Zionist Aid it is a new executive order. Trump just signed it.

    US Official:James Jeffrey: All plunder, we can’t keep even a little?

    Mossad advisor: I will report you as anti-Semitic if you talk like that again.

    US Official:James Jeffrey: Sorry, sorry sorry, what was I thinking,, I can make it up to you, can I buy you flowers?

    Mossad advisor: That would be nice.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      I would not be surprised if that’s how it really happens lol

    • FlorianGeyer

      And soooooo true as well :)

  • Nationaliste Traditionaliste

    LIAR !

  • RichardD

    These types of US government officials are an embarrassment to the American people.

  • a t

    prove it by deed – withdraw all u.s. presence in syria

  • dontlietome

    Lies, lies, lies ………………………..and more lies……………….the US has learned a thing or two from the Israeli’s……………..

    • Jens Holm

      Many more should.

      • dontlietome

        Do unto those as they do unto you………………………….if we had held true to that saying, there would be no jews and no Israel………………… and the world would be a safer much more beautiful place……………………

        • Jens Holm

          Write a science fiction about it.

          • dontlietome

            Sadly Jens, the fact is stranger ( and scarier ) than the fiction. How is a congregation of satanic filth allowed to murder the inhabitants of their own land. This filth controls the largest organised crime network in the world and the most powerful country is its pimp and thug. Its time to take them down in any shape or form and by any means……………………

          • Jens Holm

            I dont see that at all.

            How can you expect any will be with You, when You by strange far out versions even name them as satans, organized crime, filth, pimps and thugs.

            The last fine results of Your ancient attitudes are Jerusalem for nothing. At Arafat and Rabin it was for something.

            UN by me to has paid for almost all eating and drinking at a ceasefire waiting for some negosiations, but You want total unrealistic things.

            And that has been going on from before I even was born and I care less and less.

          • dontlietome

            I guess the first line in your reply sums it up for Jens ;- “I don’t see that at all.” I, by now realise that you don’t “see” anything at all, in fact I believe that you must be living in another dimension, because 99% of the other posters would at least understand what I am saying and either agree or otherwise. Use another form of translation program which gives an accurate english translation, as yours is completely in-coherent.

  • RichardD

    Getting the US out of Iraq would go a long ways toward ending the illegal US presence in Syria:

    – Iraqi lawmakers call for end to US military presence –


  • Joe

    Only kids will believe them . Talks are very cheap . Their comments cannot last longer than 10 minutes.

  • Fred

    Oh gee USA, we are so grateful that you will ostensibly give up your campaign to replace the Syrian government with your US-UK-Israeli puppets in exchange for all the territory north of the Euphrates. Gee, thanks a lot for recruiting all those Al Qaeda and ISIS mercs and deploying them throughout our nation to kill, terrorize, and drive millions from their homes. Thanks for your continued support to the bogus SDF and all of those fake White Helmets. Thanks again USA for killing hundreds of thousands of Syrians, displacing millions, in your attempted land grab destroying our nation for the expansion of your precious Israel, your pipeline routes, and for control of our natural gas resources off of our own shores. Surely we will trust you from now on. Your nation is surely the champion of freedom, honor and the self-determination of all nations, just like the UN which the monster Rothschild cabal also controls.

  • John Whitehot

    These declarations are normally followed by a chemical attack on the population.

    it’ s probably time to be vigilant.