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U.S. Embassy In Baghdad Targeted By The Second Rocket Attack In Two Days (Video)

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On September 16 afternoon, a rocket attack targeted U.S. embassy inside the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

In an official statement, the Iraqi Security Media Cell said at least one rocket landed in the Green Zone, striking building no 31 in the al-Qadisiyah residential complex. Translators working for the U.S. embassy and the coalition reportedly live and work there.

The attack resulted in limited material losses. An armored SUV, similar to those usually used by Iraqi and U.S. officials, was damaged.

The rocket was launched from the vicinity of al-Hadi mosque in the nearby district of Amil. The C-RAM [Counter rocket, artillery, and mortar] system, that has been recently deployed by the U.S. in the Green Zone, was not activated.

While the Security Media Cell claimed that the attack was carried out with a “Katyusha” [107 mm] rocket, the Sabereen News channel on Telegram said a “more advanced” rocket was used.

This was the second rocket attack to target Baghdad’s Green Zone in the last 48 hours. On September 15, at least four rockets were fired at the highly-fortified area of the U.S. embassy. No losses were reported, however.

Shiite armed groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are allegedly behind the recent attacks on U.S. forces and diplomatic mission in Iraq.

Many of these groups, including Kata’ib Hezbollah, vowed to expel U.S. troops from Iraq following the assassination of Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis earlier this year.


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I suppose no more taking dog for walk…from now on dog will have to take the shit in the house !

John Wallace

The green zone is 4 sq miles and still the safest place in Baghdad or most US cities . Bigger chance of getting shot by the Police in the US than wearing a rocket on the head .


Dogs usually don’t like exploding rockets, from what I am told…and some people are even worse cowards than animals.

John Wallace

Most there would be so used too these that I would be surprised if they even stopped drinking their beer or coffee as the case maybe. These are hardly the stuff of making men cry for mummy. Fireworks make just as loud a bang.

Davide Herzog

No chance to be shot by Police in usa for normal people .
Certezza di essere ucciso se incontri i suprematisti negri e non sei armato !

John Wallace

I wasn’t being literal but it still holds . Bigger chance of being shot by US Police than getting taken out by a rocket in the green zone.


Slowly but steadily


Good job!

Fog of War

No casualties. YAWN.

Cheryl Brandon


John Wallace

Oh dear . That vehicle looks like it may beg to be sent back to the US or it may just say , patch me up and I will carry on..

Peter Moy

I wonder if the arrogant, usurping, condescending, scumbag morons at the US Embassy think they are still welcome in Iraq. As they say in the ghettos: “You just can’t fix stupid.”

Tommy Jensen

You think an American is dumb yes? You party when a bomb hit our Embassy. No little boy, WE party in our luxury city UNDER the Embassy……………………………..LOL.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAHBekea2Fc

Pave Way IV

“The rocket was launched from the vicinity of al-Hadi mosque in the nearby district of Amil. The C-RAM [Counter rocket, artillery, and mortar] system, that has been recently deployed by the U.S. in the Green Zone, was not activated.”

Which shows the genius of deploying a C-RAM in the middle of a city to protect your CIA lair. “Yeah… sorry for putting those 4000 explosive 20mm rounds into your mosque, Iraq. We were trying to protect your freedoms. You should be thanking us.”

On a side note, the occasional rockets are either false flags to garner pity in Iraq for our CIA… er, diplomatic personnel, or else it’s the Iraqis and they’re not trying to kill our CIA… er, diplomatic personnel, they’re just getting their attention. Iraq would have no problem turning the Green Zone into smoking ruins in about an hour if they were serious about it. That’s including time for Americans to evacuate. Except for R2D2. We can leave that – they can probably use it for something.

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