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U.S. Embassy In Amman Told Militants In Southern Syria: Don’t Rely On Our Military Intervention


On June 23, U.S. Embassy in Amman informed the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in southern Syria in a message that they should not base their decisions on the assumption or expectation of military intervention by the U.S. and its allies against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Furthermore, the U.S. Embassy in Amman encouraged FSA commanders in southern Syria to make decisions based on their own interests and the interests of their families and groups.

“You need to make your decision based on your estimation of your interests and the interests of your families. This estimation and this decision is in your hands alone,” U.S. Embassy in Amman said in its message, which was revealed by Sam Heller, an analyst of the Crisis Group.

The content of the message contradicts to the declared policy of the U.S. During the last two months, the U.S. Department of State warned the SAA and its allies from launching a military operation against the FSA in southern Syria three times. The U.S. even vowed to take “firm and appropriate measures” in response to any attack.

Several pro-government activists reported that many FSA groups in southern Syrian began negotiating with Russia in the last two days in attempt to reach a peaceful solution. The message of the U.S Embassy in Amman will likely boost these efforts, as the FSA may stop betting on foreign support.



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