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U.S. Drone Killed Al-Qaeda Bomb Expert In Yemen With ‘Ninja Missile’ (Photos)

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U.S. Drone Killed Al-Qaeda Bomb Expert In Yemen With 'Ninja Missile’ (Photos)

A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

Al-Qaeda’s top bomb maker in Yemen was reportedly killed along with two other members of the terrorist group in a United States drone strike on the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib on January 30.

A combat drone targeted the vehicle of the bomb expert, who was identified as Hassan al-Hadrami by Yemeni sources, near a fuel station in Wadi Ubaidah district, killing him and his companions on the spot.

Photos from the scene indicate that al-Hadrami’s car was targeted with an AGM-114R9X laser-guided missile, a version of the Hellfire that is known as “Ninja Missile” and “Flying Ginsu”. This version has a kinetic warhead with pop-out blades instead of explosives. It was specifically developed for use against human targets.

There was no immediate comment from the U.S. Central Command or Yemeni authorities on the deadly drone strike in Ma’rib.

According to Yemeni sources, al-Hadrami became al-Qaeda’s chief bomb maker in Yemen in November following a U.S. drone strike on the northeastern outskirts of Ma’rib city that killed Saudi expert Abdul Wahid Al-Najdi. Al-Hadrami himself was wounded in the strike.

Al-Hadrami’s new senior position in al-Qaeda and his vast experience in bomb making have reportedly made him one of the U.S. top targets in Yemen.

Al-Qaeda maintains a strong presence in Ma’rib, but only in areas controlled by Saudi-backed forces. The terrorist group stages attacks against these forces as well as on areas held by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) on a regular basis.

In the last few months, al-Qaeda’s insurgency in Yemen gained momentum. This was clear in the southern region where dozens of Saudi-backed fighters were killed or wounded in bombings orchestrated by the terrorist group’s cells. Explosive-laden cars, motorcycles and improvised explosive devices were used.

The killing of al-Hadrami was without a doubt a large blow to al-Qaeda. However, it will not likely affect its operations in Yemen.


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Vitamin Protein

What is the difference between US terror and Islamic terror? Only that the US/UN does not recognize US regime actions as “Terror”, that is why the so-called “Human” rights are arbitrary and don’t make any sense, their only made to suit the western narratives.


Islamic Terrror, such as Al-Qaedas, is two months terror, whereas the terror of quiffars such as americunt is only one months terror.

Two Months Terror > one months terror

Two Months Terror = Heroic

one months terror = japhethetic

Chris Gr

Both AQ and US want a fractured Yemen.


The difference is that the Islamists have the death penalty for not believing in imaginary gods.

Formerly Ghost of Moscow 👻

The U.S. are the Terrorist, because you have to ask yourself why does the Americans fund and train the worst people in the Planet! Like ISIS was created by the Americans and Israelis, and what did they do in Syria? Behead Christians raped, torture and pillage throughout Syria! Now they are funding literal Nazis in Ukraine, that kill and torture unarmed combantants and I guess raped to, according to the video South-front posted a while back of the Movie about Donbass!

By the way if anyone remembers the name of the Movie reply back to the post, but anyways America is the true Terrorist because they are the ones that create them in the first place, the Russian Orthodox Church is right: Russia is fighting against the Anti-Christ West and Putin is the only one standing against the Devil right now!


They armed and trained cartels in South America. They did it with ISIS. And they did it with Ukrop nazis. They are fomenting a clash of civilizations. The result of weapons being funneled into Europe will result in a Syria type war. With many factions fighting eachother


The U.S. seems to bring out the worst of any country they touch, no matter how different the cultures, the Yankees attract and nurture psychopaths no matter the country or culture.

Vitamin Protein

When Ukrainian civilians are angry at Russian soldiers: *Russian soldiers stay calm*

When a civilian outside the US is mad at the US army soldier/s: *Gets executed, labeled as terrorist or worst tortured in prison like Abu Ghraib*

Psionists slaves of America

The only good Sunni-Wahhabi is a dead Sunni-Wahhabi.

Mr. Guldar Tate Esquire

I don’t believe anything coming from the US government or controlled western media.


Al-Qaeda they still claim they are killing this make-believe group, probably some unlucky Yemeni civilian killed for fantasy propaganda.


Typical Pentacon overkill pricey garbage that apparently only works if the victims are wearing sandals and the killer is in an Al CIAduh safe bunker.

Won’t fly against the BEAR.


Its a holding tactic. They are reforming a government in parts of the country and they are picking of local bandits. That weapon is about not damaging the body enough that DNA anlaysis and also slicing them apaprt in some way to mutilate a body. They are afraid of some of these people and will lose their minds as they grow older. Same thing with Binlanden.

They can drop infiltraitors in after an attack. Shadowing CIA and Deep State black ops teams to see if there are survivors will dampen their psychological warfare. Remember the Dragon Trees of the intelligence base of Socotra, The metoerite of Kaidun. We ar enot Jacqe Lange sinternational jewish djibouti boys. Blood will be repayed and your jewish whores do not mensturate enough…..

If they would betray an organiation that old for Jacob rothschild and use those medthods just remember whet became of Julius Cease glutted on the blood of gladiators……EPilepsy. You will fear the invisible light….

OTAN Piggies Go Oink Oink Oink

“Al Qaeda” whatever that means to you, was an “ally” of the US regime. Then an “enemy”. Allies are a dime a dozen to the Amerikkkans. They do not value real alliances based on respect. There is no resp3ct in US foreign policy.

Last edited 1 month ago by OTAN Piggies Go Oink Oink Oink

Al Walah Al-Qaeda wal barah brit-am jews.

Al-Qaeda is 1 in a Billion, while jew are gorillian.

Chris Gr

AQ are psychopaths

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