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U.S. DoJ Confirms Whites And Asians Are Discriminated Against In University Applications: How Dare It?

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U.S. DoJ Confirms Whites And Asians Are Discriminated Against In University Applications: How Dare It?

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The US Department of Justice determined that Yale University pursued a policy of systematic discrimination against Asian and white applicants. They had much higher requirements for admission than Latinos and especially African Americans, this was reported by the Wall Street Journal on August 14th.

“Yale rejects scores of Asian American and white applicants each year based on their race,” disfavoring applicants from those races compared to African American applicants with similar academic credentials, the Justice Department alleged in a statement.

This is the culmination of a two-year-long civil rights investigation spurred by a complaint by Asian-American groups.

According to MSM, this is an attempt by the Trump administration to undermine affirmative action policies that have bolstered diversity within higher education for decades.

The school’s admissions process, the Justice Department said, is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and Yale must stop the use of race or national origin in its upcoming admissions cycle or get sign-off on a plan that continues to use it from the department.

In a statement, a Yale spokeswoman said the school “categorically denies this allegation” and called it a “meritless” and “hasty” determination.

Yale said that they have provided the Justice Department with “a substantial amount of information and data” so far. But it was apparently unable to provide all the information required before August 13th when the US Department of Justice made its conclusion.

“Had the Department fully received and fairly weighed this information, it would have concluded that Yale’s practices absolutely comply with decades of Supreme Court precedent,” said Karen Peart, the school’s director of university media relations.

She added that Yale wouldn’t change its policy.

A federal judge in Boston in 2019 upheld a similar challenge brought by an Asian American student group against Harvard, determining that while Harvard’s admissions process is “not perfect,” she would not “dismantle a very fine admissions program that passes constitutional muster, solely because it could do better.”

The Trump administration submitted a “statement of interest” in the Harvard case, siding with the student challengers and noting that the administration was investigating Harvard’s screening processes after complaints to the Department of Education from more than 60 Asian-American groups

This is really no secret. It has been an open secret for a while now, entering an elite (or Ivy League) university has, for a while now, been easiest for Black high school graduates, then Latinos, then white, and it is the most difficult for Asians.

The reason lies in the diversity system, i.e. tacit racial quotas, according to which the racial makeup of students should reflect the racial makeup of American society as a whole.

That is, in fact, each student isn’t competing with all applicants, but exclusively with applicants of your race.

By and large, it was well known. But now the Department of Justice has concluded that this practice is discriminatory and unacceptable.

If the Supreme Court accepts the point of view of the Department, this means curtailment of affirmative action and, as a consequence, a total reformatting of the social structure of the United States.

Since the ruling stratum is recruited from graduates of elite universities, the abolition of racial quotas this would be mean a sharp increase in the proportion of Asians in this very ruling stratum, a slight decrease in the proportion of Latinos – and an almost complete nullification of the representation of African Americans in the elite.


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Traiano Welcome


I remember when we “Asians” were considered too inferior to study in the white man’s schools. How things have changed, now we’re “privileged” enough to be discriminated against …

Joao Alfaiate

You are reading this wrong. It means that not enough Jews were being accepted. 2% of the population; 40% of undergrads at Harvard and 20%+ across the Ivy League.


I like how SF aligned with the PC trend writing Black with capital and white with non-capital.

Антон С

The same as practice in the USSR: ethnic minorities had a quota.

Ivan Freely

All these universities are accomplishing is degrading their reputation.

cechas vodobenikov

uninteresting —see “excellent sheep” by former Yale professor

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