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U.S. Director Of National Intelligence Denies Reports Of Russian Bounties On Troops

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U.S. Director Of National Intelligence Denies Reports Of Russian Bounties On Troops

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On June 29th, CIA Director Gina Haspel released a statement regarding reports that Russia offered bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan.

“When developing intelligence assessments, initial tactical reports often require additional collection and validation.  In general, preliminary Force Protection information is shared throughout the national security community—and with U.S. allies—as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of coalition forces overseas.  Leaks compromise and disrupt the critical interagency work to collect, assess, and ascribe culpability.

Hostile states’ use of proxies in war zones to inflict damage on U.S. interests and troops is a constant, longstanding concern.  CIA will continue to pursue every lead; analyze the information we collect with critical, objective eyes; and brief reliable intelligence to protect U.S. forces deployed around the world.”

The statement doesn’t specifically deny any of the allegations that the New York Times began, but rather plays into it, since it simply says that the CIA looks into all possible scenarios, investigates them and notifies the relevant officials, if necessary.

Following the denial by the White House and US President Donald Trump that there was no knowledge of any such bounties, MSM continued publishing reports saying that the Trump administration had been aware for more than a year.

“Top officials in the White House were aware in early 2019 of classified intelligence indicating Russia was secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans, a full year earlier than has been previously reported, according to U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the intelligence.”

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton, who has been in the limelight with his book on Trump in June 2020, denied to provide any comment on the matter. On June 28th, he suggested to NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Trump was claiming ignorance of Russia’s provocations to justify his administration’s lack of a response.

“He can disown everything if nobody ever told him about it,” Bolton said.

He didn’t need to say more, since this, also, feeds into the new angle of the narrative that US President Donald Trump is a sort of “Russian Agent.”

A concrete denial that there was any prior knowledge came from US Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe:

“I have confirmed that neither the President nor the Vice President were ever briefed on any intelligence alleged by the New York Times in its reporting yesterday. The White House statement addressing this issue earlier today, which denied such a briefing occurred, was accurate. The New York Times reporting, and all other subsequent news reports about such an alleged briefing are inaccurate.”

In another statement by Ratcliffe, he focused on the unauthorized disclosure of force protection. He underlined that protection of forces activities are a critical priority for both the US President and Intelligence community. The reports were being looked into further.

And it is understandable that the intelligence community needs to look into them, but he denied that the Trump administration had any knowledge on the matter, likely because there was nothing to know.


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Zionism = EVIL

I told you guys, the Jew media is getting desperate and wants to malign Russia as the Americunts are failing miserably everywhere including the Pimpeovirus blowback. The more setbacks the Zionist cunts have the more preposterous the Russo-phobia. The dumb bankrupt fucks see Russia, China and Iran under every bed. The opposite is true as the CIA faggots are paying the headchoppers to try and kill Russians and Iranians in Syria and now they are using pathetic reverse psychology to deflect from their own evil agenda that is not working out.


Rusophobia is a Dems false flag to cover that George Soros, Jeff Bezos and the rest of Wall Street take money from China govt. This is no more a secret for many of the Dems voters, there is a trend amogst them to call themselves ‘economic conservatives’ including Bernie Sanders fans – that made Biden to start to promise he will be as anti-China as Trump, if not more.


I think Putin reads SF for Tommy’s advises?

cechas vodobenikov

Amerikas will believe any lie published by their lying fake new media after Gorer examined the media and curriculum in the USSR he described the censorship in US curriculum and media as “ludicrous”
“censorship reflects a society that has no confidence in itself”. Potter Stewart
“amerikan academia is far more effectively censored than was Soviet academia” Georgi Derlugian (2018)

Tommy Jensen

In this matter Bolton and I are like twins.
I also deny to make any comment on the matter. Im just saying that Putin is famous for threatening an exceptional American professional to silence.
For security reasons and to protect our Allies against Putin’s kalibr missiles and WMD, we all have to compromise in what we are saying.
Im just saying that and refuse to make other comments, but urge people to wake up and start THINKING!


Keep thinking, Tommy.
When you think you are most entertaining. :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Do you act like a star struck girl when you see Putin too?

I was half expecting Bolt-on to wet his pants the day he met Putin.

Swift Laggard II

the big red flag on this fake news was the very specific linking of the skripal incident and the afghan allegations by claiming the same unit was behind them. why would a unit ostensibly involved in assassinating traitors in uk very conveniently be operating in afghanistan as well? does not sound rational or plausible. fake news planted by an intel agency seeking to smear russia


The word ‘Intelligence’ has no dominion when used with ‘ US Security Agency’s ‘. :)


I sart to believe you


It is quite illogical to make such claims like the Russian bounties on US soldiers. V. Putin was so enthusiastic about American invasion of Afghanistan, that, at the time, he actually agreed even to the establishment of US military bases in Central-Asian countries. He also put on disposal the Russian territory as well as certain military assets like the transportation aviation to his new “friend and partner” G.W.Bush in order to help the occupation of the country. It did not matter to Russians that they were helping an imperialistic power to conquer a poor people and country, or that the American Stingers in the hands of Taliban brought about the defeat of Russian forces in Afghanistan and that many Russian soldier have fallen for the same reason. Nowadays, it seems that we are conveniently forgetting so many ugly things when it comes to post-Soviet Russian policies including Putin’s years.


The are tabloid low quality fake news, NYT, CNN, WAPO. When you see shoking titles like these you can be almost certain they are fake.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

If Russia wanted the Taliban to kill American troops, they would give them MANPADS.

If Russia was to pay to have US troops killed, then it would be done by Russian troops.
Ridiculous accusation, like the other accusations have been shown to be.

No Russian collusion with Trump, no Russian invasions of Ukraine, Libya, Syria or Africa, despite the shameful US accusations of them doing so.


Gina Haspel wrote,” Hostile states’ use of proxies in war zones to inflict damage on U.S. interests and troops is a constant, longstanding concern. ”

The US ‘unintelligence’ mobsters are again projecting their sins on their enemies. Its a very Jewish trait to do that, but as the world knows, Jews control the USA and have done for many decades.

George King

Is there change coming?
The Democratic primary between Eliot Engel and Jamaal Bowman signals a sea change for American Jews.


Change is necessary BUT the AIPAC jewish piggy bank is able to corrupt most people, especially those who seek advancement in all its guises.

A virus adapts to the changes in the host and that has always been a jewish strength.

Traiano Welcome

Expecting that idiot “The Objective” to show up crying about Russian propaganda in a short while …

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