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U.S. Director Of National Intelligence Claims China Is Trying To Create Super Soldiers Via Genetic Testing

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U.S. Director Of National Intelligence Claims China Is Trying To Create Super Soldiers Via Genetic Testing

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On December 3rd, U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe authored an opinion piece, published in the Wall Street Journal, eloquently titled “China is National Security Threat No. 1”.

“The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically. Many of China’s major public initiatives and prominent companies offer only a layer of camouflage to the activities of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Among other claims, some of which hold water, there are some rather interesting ones.

According to Ratcliffe, China is conducting biological tests in its attempt to create “super soldiers.”

Ratcliffe said China had gone to extraordinary lengths to achieve its goal.

“US intelligence shows that China has even conducted human testing on members of the People’s Liberation Army in hope of developing soldiers with biologically enhanced capabilities,” Ratcliffe wrote. “There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s pursuit of power.”

Mistakenly, many analysts and officials within the government’s intelligence agency have been focused on Russia and counter-terrorism efforts, Ratcliffe said:

“But today we must look with clear eyes at the facts in front of us, which make plain that China should be America’s primary national security focus going forward.”

So, according to Ratcliffe, this is a serious concern since back in 2019 there were conspiracy theories that followed reports of a Chinese researcher, He Jiankui, who used CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to alter the DNA of embryos for seven couples in 2018.

Although international outrage resulted in Jiankui’s incarceration in China, Ratcliffe suggested the Chinese government would attempt to capitalize on these capabilities with gene editing and continue to experiment on adults to create biometrically advanced super soldiers the likes we have seen only in movies.

Ratcliffe isn’t the first to follow this line of reasoning. In 2019, some researchers posited the Chinese government would attempt to use the gene-editing capabilities of CRISPR to enhance the performance of some soldiers.

“…the PLA is pursuing military applications for biology and looking into promising intersections with other disciplines, including brain science, supercomputing, and artificial intelligence,” Elsa Kania and Wilson Vorndick wrote in Defense One back in 2019.

“While the potential leveraging of CRISPR to increase human capabilities on the future battlefield remains only a hypothetical possibility at the present, there are indications that Chinese military researchers are starting to explore its potential,” wrote the scholars, Elsa Kania, an expert on Chinese defense technology at the Center for a New American Security, and Wilson VornDick, a consultant on China matters and former Navy officer.

“Chinese military scientists and strategists have consistently emphasized that biotechnology could become a ‘new strategic commanding heights of the future Revolution in Military Affairs,'” the scholars wrote, quoting a 2015 article.

Disappointingly, Ratcliffe’s office and the CIA did not immediately respond to requests to elaborate on the notion that China sought to create “super soldiers” and whether China would make them look like Dolph Lundgren (or potentially like Steve Rogers, a.k.a Captain America, just as a sort of joke, maybe).

This all comes down to speculation, but if the Director of US intelligence says so, it could be that Chinese super soldiers are coming.


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The helmet is awesome tho


That’s for when he puts his head down and runs through a wall

Vox Populi

comment image

Pave Way IV

Once again… the US is EXCEPTIONAL!
40% obesity rates [snort!] Top that, anybody.
Did I mention our ungodly tolerance to fluoride, microplastics, RF energy and gamma rays?
We’re already quasi-genetic freaks – the U.S. doesn’t need no stinkin’ biotechnology for DNA modification. It’s a 24×7 process here. Hey… are you going to finish those Doritos? Mind if I…

Vox Populi

The Vietnamese soundly defeated the Americans, French and Japanese wearing those bamboo pith helmets.

Vox Populi

Meanwhile, no military can surpass the US in producing dumb and obese soldiers.

comment image


US super soldier elite membercomment image

Lone Ranger

Even nazis tried that in WWII, and the U.S.
Soviets too.
Manpower is secondary nowdays, its only important in assymetric warfare, in conventional warfare tech tops everything.

Vox Populi

No need to train for asymmetrical warfare, fat will overcome any adversity. In 5 years the average American teenager will weigh more thrice that of a Chinese soldier. An American ten year old weighs more than 90% of the world’s adult population.

comment image


The manpower has to have brains to handle sophisticated weapons, less brain power and complete reliance on technological “ sophistication “ means the adversary can disrupt links and render the technological superiority into a unsolvable quagmire.


Sounds like a request for funding for a US program. It’s classic smelt it dealt it that we have come to expect from the Imperialist


“SUPER SOLDIER” has huge balls (“cohhones”) and motivation.
No way that any country can “create” or fabricate that.


So will this be like that Van Damme movie Universal Soldier only made in China.!


Pffffffffft. The US has never done human testing huh? For one, how about all those guys they had out there in front of the nuclear explosions and then cleaning up debris after, with absolutely ZERO protective measures? Another, one not talked about at all, the endurance testing in Viet Nam where they keep at least one Marine battalion out in the field operating until unit cohesion absoultey collapsed to 0% combat readiness. From what I understand they went to soup and sandwiches after about 3 months. The examples of human testing done by the US seem nearly endless and I just emntioned 2 of them.

Mr. Ratcliffe needs to wake up before his freshly made coffee spills all over his nice fresh suit. His comment is beyond stupidity and comes off as off the chart shrill. It is hard to impossible to pay attention to this type of bullshit coming out of the DC area. The real threat is a madman in the WH at the moment. They need to keep a close eye on him and cut down time on the video games. My take all. A good week to all.


China does not need genetically enhanced soldiers, discipline, handling hardship and difficult situations, vigorous training, motivation and national pride coupled with high tech weapons would make China a force to contend with.

Just consider the corona virus handling, comparing China with the US.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I predicted, and today everybody can see I was right.
China has developed superhumans by gene editing for years in order to conquer America and kill innocent American citizens to take over our country.
But fortunately our country could foresee China’s global communist dominance doctrine, so we made the same thing behind the curtain with our Special Forces decades ago………………………..LOL.
China will get a surprise when their super soldiers attack innocent Americans. Dr. Manhattan is today not the only superforce backing America……………………..LOL. comment image

cechas vodobenikov

satire—amerikan sub-intelligent obese military:incompetent
2013-2020: 224 pilots died
nearly 200 military jets crashed in training
“morale low—high levels drug dependence”. US military Times

Shia man
Shia man

I’m pretty sure when they talk about modified humans it just means they are on drugs


Unrestricted Warfare War and Strategy In the Globalization Era: https://youtu.be/4VDmkNIXZEo

Ivan Freely

I LOL’d at that image. Thanks SF.

Shlomo Shekelstein

They don’t need super-soldiers to defeat yanks – just clone Vietnamese peasants ?

Linda Wilson

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More importantly he said china is invested in biological warfare.. Short of saying the china flue scam is part of it

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