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JUNE 2021

U.S. Diplomat: Washington Doesn’t Want Government Forces To Regain Northeastern Syria

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U.S. Diplomat: Washington Doesn’t Want Government Forces To Regain Northeastern Syria

Ambassador James Jeffrey, source: sy.usembassy.gov

Washington does not want the Damascus government forces to regain control of northeastern Syria following the upcoming withdrawal of American troops, U.S. special representative to Syria James Jeffrey said at the Munich Security Conference on February 17.

“Our goals in the northeast have not changed. They involve first of all maintaining security in the region, which means we are not at all in favor of the regime coming back in because the regime doesn’t promote stability as we see in other areas,” Sputnik quoted Jeffery as saying.

The US diplomat also noted that Washington is looking to take care of security concerns of Turkey, while making sure that its main proxy in Syria, the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), is “not mistreated in any new shifting there.”

Jeffery went on to reveal that the U.S. has assured its allies that there will be no “abrupt, rapid withdrawal” from northeastern Syria, rather a “a step-by-step withdrawal.”

“The US policy towards Syria has not changed. First of all, defeating ISIS, secondly a political solution to the conflict in Syria that results through UN action… Thirdly the removal of all foreign forces,” he added.

A day earlier, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham said that Washington will ask its allies in Europe to commit hundreds of troops to create a safe-zone in northeastern Syria along the Turkish border. He also revealed that President Donald Trump is willing to keep some U.S. forces within the zone, if the European countries agreed to establish it.

Jeffery and Graham’s statements reflect the ongoing efforts in Washington to manipulate Trump’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria, which could benefit Damascus and its allies.

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The day i see TOPEL-Ms, Voevodas and SARMATs flying towards the main shithole where these arrogant deceiving idiots come from, i will be one of the happiest men on planet earth !

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Aaagh, but only for a few precious minutes!


Yep, this is how much i hate these bastards !

Harry Smith

USA state debt passed the 22 trillions of USD. So, maybe, you’ll witness the fall of the yanks. But if they fall before “one belt” really start to work it will be a great economical collapse world wide. The slow but controlled blow down of the Empire of Lies is much more safer for the rest of the world.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Careful! I will be re-incarnated as an Earth ant, or in a more civilised world in the populated galaxy. What happens to you???

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Most EU slave states have declined the US Evil Empire’s suggestions to send troops to illegally occupied NE Syria.
Even these slaves have more sense than to get involved in a mess where they will be kicked out by the forces of Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq.
The wee yellow-bellies have no stomach to risk their own precious skins.



told everybody soooooooooo

assholes & pricks only understand 1 language..

send their sons back in coffins………

John Whitehot

yeah, remember about it when you finna invade lebanon again.


US knows that their positions are not attenable in the middle of Syria and if in event of conflict with Iran over whatever matters these US forces would be instand prisoners of war.

Hence the withdrawal. There is just no way US forces can protect themselves let alone want to control Iran with puny number of inexperienced troops vs battle hardened SAA …


The US is a weird kind of victim here, itself.

It is only in the Kurdish region to mollify Israel over having lost the main war in Syria.

It was a war dear to Israel’s heart, and it has always assisted groups of terrorists there. It works with Saudi Arabia, the US, Britain, France, and originally Turkey.

After all, it hates Assad, it wants to keep the Golan, and it was even hoping to take another slice of territory next to Golan as a “buffer.” Imagine, a “buffer” against terrorists you helped create for the security of territory you stole?

Any disturbance or difficulty provided in the Kurdish region makes Israel a little happy.

It is an oil-producing region, and it hurts Syria to not to control it.

What Israel really wanted was a rump Kurdish state there, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible. Turkey just won’t tolerate it.


Very ture CHUCKMAN and a very real narrative, it has clearly hurt Israel, the latest contracts between Russia and Assad back in 2015 (which nobody really wants to look into or admit) have totally stuck a spanner in the works for Israel and they can feel it. It’s secured Russian and Syrian interests and much more from what people are saying behind the scenes.


some oil but not overly much


This ziocon Jeffery is just shilling for standing up Israelistan with everyone else providing the boots on the ground besides Israel and the US with the Jews still running rhe show and the US still providing air cover for the partition.

This is why the no fly zone needs to be expanded over the remaining 30% of Syria over Al-Tanf and the NE. To compell the US withdrawal and keep the rest of the Jew world order miscreants from filling the void. And Syria’s neighbors need to be put on notice that attacks originating from their territory against Syria will be reciprocated to their territory.

Pave Way IV

Jeffery being his usual delusional psychopath self. Washington does not want…? Hilarious. So f’king what?

I does not want Washington to represent the interests of Israel over the interests of US citizens. I does not want to invade Venezuela. I does not want to support Saudi Wahhabis slaughtering Yemenis. Sorry, Jeffery. Nobody cares about either of us. Drink your Syrian infant blood like a good boy and take a fucking nap. Like the US, everything you touch turns to shit.

Tommy Jensen

If Washington doesnt want it, nobody can do a sh.t about it.
Only barking, hoping and jumping but it wont help you guys much…………………………..LOL.


psssssst, Sept. 30, 2015. ;)


Maintaining security in the region is simple, once the US government returns to it’s own shores and leaves the rest of the planet alone!


Gums flapping in the breeze.

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