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U.S. Diplomat Steals Russian Railroad Sign, For Some Reason, Gets Deported

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U.S. Diplomat Steals Russian Railroad Sign, For Some Reason, Gets Deported

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A US embassy employee stole a railroad sign in Russia’s Tver Region in spring 2021, endangering the lives of train passengers, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova disclosed in her Telegram channel on July 12th.

The incident occurred at the Ostashkov railway station in the spring of 2021. After the loss was discovered, the police found on cameras that an unknown 30-year-old man had stolen the sign and put it in the trunk of his car.

“What is not funny is the danger that the US citizen put the lives and health of train passengers in. The Ostashkov hub is a rather busy part of the railroad. A railroad is a high danger area. If the missing sign was not discovered promptly, a tragedy could have happened,” she said.

According to Zakharova, this story became known due to police pre-investigation actions. Police officers determined that an unidentified man stole the switch sign and put it in the trunk of a car with red (diplomatic) license plates.

“The very same day, a car with the same license plate was pulled by traffic police in the Tver region for a traffic rules violation. The car was driven by an employee of the American embassy who fit the description,” the diplomat said.

She added that the embassy employee retained his diplomatic immunity but had to return to the US.

Zakharova commonly makes various comments and discloses information in regard to the situations the Russian Foreign Ministry comes across, or the charades of the US diplomats.

Separately, on July 11th she said that a number of legislative acts recently adopted in individual states of the United States testify to the existing split in the country, as well as to the intensification of “culture wars” in the United States.

In particular, the California attorney general has banned local civil servants from traveling to a number of other regions of the country. The reason, the diplomat noted, is the difference in political views of Sacramento from the position of 17 states on gender issues.

“In general, even in the perverse logic of the American left-liberal ideology, many legislators at the regional level understand that one cannot go too far, especially in matters concerning children and youth. But the liberal dictatorship has a different opinion. – Zakharova noted. – It cannot be ruled out that the travel ban is only the beginning of the pressure of the richest state in the United States on the less well-to-do regions.”

As such, various acts that have no explanation at all are not so uncommon.


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Arch Bungle

It was probably bugged with surveillance data loggers …


They should have hog tied him on the tracks.


of course its right!

Bobby Twoshoes

Petty klepto savages, they can’t create anything so they have to steal everything.


most probably a dropbox iran needs to arrest diplomats and all kind of foreign staff who do the same aswell so good thing for russia it did right to arrest that person there might be some encrypted data on this thing maybe there is a small nano size chip like a sticker on it or something they have to analyze it

Last edited 14 days ago by farbat

this is so weird the zionists did hide stuff in stones in the past i guess america has access to more high tech stuff so it must be something encrypted based on nano technology in my view it could be an invisible sticker like film they put on it somewhere maybe they even sprayed it on it who knows

Last edited 14 days ago by farbat

AmeriCunt Exceptionalism Braindamages.

Americunt LOSERS

These are no diplomats but CIA losers who have sheer hatred for Russia. It is time some of them met some accidents. If they tried these degenerate sabotage in China, they would be chicken Chow Mein.


Muricanz are petty thieves. This retard just couldn’t stop himself…

Wahhabi BOB from Indiana

The FSB should stick the signal spike up his dumb gay arse.


This “US diplomat” is just more proof why Americans who travel to other countries are considered to be biggest idiots and scumbags in the world. (Excuse me, do you speak English?)


When I was taking Russian language lessons in St Petersburg the Amerikastanis in the class would talk, eat and drink while the teacher was trying to teach.


The teacher should have thrown those stupid pieces of garbage out of a window. They could continue their talking, eating and drinking in the back of an ambulance, to the nearest airport.

Ashok Varma

These US diplomats are basically criminals and CIA agents and have committed murder and crime in client states like UK and Pakistan where a CIA agent Davis killed several people in Lahore and another CIA agent named Anne Sacoolas, killed a British teenager while on drugs and drinking. Both the puppet UK and Pakistani subservient impotent governments took no action and the guilty blood soaked Americans were allowed to leave the county Scott Free. Russia should set an example and arrest this vandal and throw the book at him.


“These US diplomats are basically criminals and CIA agents and have committed murder”

Exactly. In most eu nations american garbage operate with impunity while they target and murder nationals the government considers as undesirable.

The Balkan nations & Eastern Europe are particularly bad. Infested with foreign garbage from germany, swiss, italy etc.

Tommy Jensen

So Russia cant even afford to give a $50 sign away to an innocent American who worked day and night to improve our relations with a dictator regime and its brutal Genghis Khan.

A proof that Russia’s economy is in complete tatters, and need to be regionalised as we said and managed with more freedom from our US State Department.

Last edited 14 days ago by Tommy Jensen

Maybe Bidet could give Putin a photo of a preadolescent girl in return. Wait, Putin doesn’t go for that kind of thing.


May be they can send adult diapers to your address. You sound like a typical cheap a** zionazi pig.



Must have wanted a souvenir and didn’t want to spend a hundred roubles on a matrëshka.


Was it Ryan Fogle again? This time he forgot his wig.

Lone Ranger

When you think americants cant get any more pathetic amd low life they prove you wrong…

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