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U.S. Desperate To Stop Rocket Attacks On Air Base Hosting Its Troops In Iraq (Photos)

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U.S. Desperate To Stop Rocket Attacks On Air Base Hosting Its Troops In Iraq (Photos)

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On June 11, Iraqi security forces thwarted a rocket attack on Balad Air Base, where US troops are known to be deployed.

In a statement, the Security Media Cell said that the Interior Ministry’s Intelligence and Federal Investigations Agency had uncovered four Katyusha [107 mm] rockets along with their launchers in the area of al-Zanbur in the northern Iraqi province of Diyala.

“The rockets were prepared to target Balad Air Base,” the statement reads. “They have been dismantled by explosives specialist.”

Two days ago, five rockets were fired at the air base. At around the same time, a booby-trapped drone targeted a US military installation in Baghdad International Airport.

Washington claims that pro-Iranian groups were behind recent attacks on its troops and diplomats in Iraq. This was confirmed in many cases.

Desperate to stop these attacks, the US Department of State’s Rewards for Justice Program offered a reward of up to $3 million for information about past or upcoming attacks on US diplomatic facilities in Iraq.

Attacks on US troops and diplomats in Iraq are getting more sophisticated and more frequent. Washington can not operate with much freedom in Iraq like before.



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The US strategic analysts are terrible – they consistently undervalue the determination of groups they have taken direct hostile action against. That is, consistently targeting Iraqi PMU convoys, and of course killing Soleimani in Iraq when he was an invited guest for talks. The US analysts assume that US’ size and force will simply shield them from any repercussions. This was their assumption in wake of 2003 Iraqi invasion and remains so today, it have proven consistently wrong.


The problem is Americans mistakenly believe the myth that their position in the world is due to their hard work, moral superiority and ideaology whereas the real reason there are where they are today is being the only industrialized country to go unscathed by war over the last century, burning through the resources of a virgin stolen continent in 200 years and had the industrial base to achieve all this based on slavery.

Today the mineral wealth, oil and coal reserves and forests are gone to the point where all that’s left is too expensive to extract profitablly, their farmland is mines by using chemicals and they’ve depleted their aquifers and are suffering drought … all they really have left is the dollar, a semiconductor industry they are desperate to protect and the ability to inflict violence on anyone who refuses to hand ver their resources to US interests.

The US stock market is a ponzi scheme … stocks rise due to stock manipulation and money printing …. not earnings potential. Every US corporation buys their own stock back to drive the price up, a practice that was illegal up until just recently. The rich in the USA are squeezing every drop out of the US economy before the whole house of cards falls flat on it’s face.

Lone Ranger

Correct and on point.

Dancing khazars of 9/11

There is one place for our yankees pigs in hell, don’t tell them tho 😉. We are Zion – A.K.A Turkish-Khazars 😉. We love our god, like Wahhabi Sunnis Turkis our brothers. BTW Shi’a are wrong join Wahhabism and become one of our dogs 😘.

L du Plessis

The informers will never see that $3mil.

Lone Ranger

How about going home?

Secular Resistance

Locally made rocket launchers in dump trucks or Grad rocket launchers made from sheet metal are not sophisticated. The kinetic resistance is a grassroots local movement to Not appear sophisticated enough to be blamed on Iran. Low grade dual purpose materials are easily transported and disguised. The larger more damaging rockets are reserved for special occasions that can be attributed to Iran. The constant barrage of low grade rockets is enough to stop reconstruction by USA, with purpose to deny the invaders their construction contracts that was promised over a decade ago.

Last edited 11 months ago by Secular Resistance
Brother Ma

So the Katushas arent high grade? Which ones are high-grade then?


A very easy solution is for the US Tyranny to end their occupation and oppression of Iraq. But, of course, their Jew masters won’t permit that; Not until they have their “Greater Israel” under their subjugation.


Look how they fish for traitors with their dirty filthy dollars. Zoglings are surely the lowest breed.

But this is the awaited sign that the attacks are beginning to hurt.


These Iraqi “security forces” are nothing but Quisling collorabators….protecting US tooops that brought so much death and destruction to Iraq, have they forgotten 500,000 dead Iraqi children, they’re a mercenary discrace to that proud nation.

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