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JUNE 2021

U.S. Designates 22 Targets, Including Russian, To Strike In Syria And Other Speculations Over Developing Escalation

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U.S. Designates 22 Targets, Including Russian, To Strike In Syria And Other Speculations Over Developing Escalation

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As the situation with a possible US-led agression against the Syrian government under a pretext of the so-called Douma incident remains unclear, various media outlets and “experts” spread multiple rumors and unconfirmed reports fueling the crisis.

Here we go:

  1. The US has designated 22 top targets, including near the Russian naval facility in Tartus, to strike in Syria, according to a report by Turkish media outlet Yeni Safak, citing International Relations scholar Zakariye Molahafci. According to this version, military bases in Homs, Damascus, Tartus, Hama, Hasakah, Deir Ezzor and Raqqa are aming the targets.
  2. According to the New York Times, Washington is concerned that an attack of the same scale as the 2017 strike on Shayrat military airfield would prove ineffective at halting “the Assad regime”. So, officials suggest to expand the scale of “response” to the alleged chemical attack hitting few targets and extending a military effort to few days.
  3. According to some Syrian local media outlets (in Arabic), Turkey, Jordan and Iraq have alredy allowed the US-led coalition to use their aispace for strikes on Syria. So, the US-led coalition will be able to use its forces deployed not only in the Mediterranean region but and in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.
  4. Israel’s Channel 10 reported citing a senior government official that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had estimated that it was “very likely” the US would launch an attack on Syria during a security meeting on April 9.
  5. According to some “experts”, Russia has requested Iran to allow its strategic bombers and fighters at Hamedan airbase or some other miltiary airfiled, located relatively close to the Syrian battleground.
  6. According to media reports, Syrian forces have been put on “combat alert” over the possible US attack on the country. [This is highly likely] On the same time some sources speculate that Syrian troops remove Syrian flags from their facilities and HQ across the country, for example in al-Bukamal, and put Russian flags. [This is not likely]

Summing up the rumors and speculations, it’s clear that most of the media outlets have little reliable info about the current situation over Syria. So, they use various unreliable rumors anonymous sources as a tool to exploit the current crisis to expand their viwership.

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Saber rattling by the media, hyping things up so as we will expect the worst. Reminds me of the Cuban crisis. However, back then you had relatively sane people in the Kennedy administration along with a few madmen in the Pentagon. Kennedy was eventually murdered by the madmen which set the marker for all future administrations. Now we have this. No sanity in Trumps Regime all trying to prove that they have the biggest balls. Total Freak Show. Planet Porn with Big Nukes Fucking the world over and over. When this shit storm eventually calms down as it will. What will be the real outcome? Follow the fucking money.

Jens Holm

Let me remind You kinds of revenge by USA isnt a new idea made by Trump.


What did the U.S. ever do instead of Murdering & Raping Kids, Women… basically anything that Moves…they love doin’ that… they were Built On That! The More the Better… that is Great to Satisfy your Satanic Lusts..they are Bloodsucking Gravediggers, Parasites & Vampires…out for more BlooOD..

Jens Holm

At leats they dont do it to their own population.


They Do……..


Yeah but if the U.S. is doin’ Shit…. they’ll be the Biggest Chickenshit Bitch walking on the face of the Earth…they are in a Deep Pile of SheaAT…the Bets are on…


It seems that the Douma False Flag whas made with the idea after the blamming , to target Syria in a way it couldn’t attack ISraeHELL for having the Golan heights back, coz the Syrian troops are so very well trained and armed !


In the Muslim world nobody think about Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen etc. They don’t think that this could happen tomorrow with us. That is why its so easy for US and UK to take out each Muslim country one by one. US, UK and France regularly slapping Muslim rulers on their faces but they are so moron that they don’t feel it.


You know nothing about the moslim world, i lived 6 years in North Africa since the beginning 2011, a huge quantity of people is interested to know ! in my opinion is Rob a troll !

Michał Hunicz

Don’t be provoked Syrians, Iranians and Russians. Shoot down Zionists only if necessary.


It was way past necessary when those IAF F15’s carried out the first strike of what was obviously going to be a much larger attack, *unless the latter is deterred*. The loyalists, in particular Russia, did nothing as usual.


They fired a mere 8 missiles from within Lebanese airspace (illegally of course) and Syria managed to take out 5 of them by itself. Russia didn’t even need to intervene as the attack was ineffective.

That fact that Israel now keeps its jets out of Syrian airspace shows they now feel threatened by Syria’s air-defence network.

Pave Way IV

The Israeli attack was to probe the air defenses and any EW capability deeper inside Syria at T4 and maybe take some of it out as a side benefit. The US helped Israel with guidance and the electronic snooping like they always do. Both the US and Israel needed up-to-date data for later targeting of air defense radars and jammers and they got it. In that sense, it was a total success.

If you look at the attack in terms of damage reported publicly, then it seems pointless. However, I would bet that the three missiles that supposedly got through did take out some kind of air defense or jamming equipment manned by the unfortunate Iranians. The US and Israel seem especially interested in destroying the Russian Krasukha-4 mobile jammers. The cruise missile attack a year ago on Shayrat Airbase seems to have destroyed a Krasukha there – the likely wreckage appears in video taken after the strike. The previous Israeli strikes at other bases likely targeted any there.

There can’t be that many Krasukha in Syria, and they must glow like a Christmas tree to any anti-radiation missiles looking for them. Unfortunately, a missile attack is one of the times your would want to use broadband EW jamming. The US and Israel have used that fact to take them out before, and the Syrians/Russians must have adjusted somewhat. Shutting them down and parking the vehicles inside an aircraft shelter during an attack is probably a bad idea if Israel is using loitering missiles with a real-time optical/IR feed and a satellite command link. Russia should make some of those inflatable decoy Krasukha and spread them around.


The attack was most effective in further conditioning Moscow’s behavior–teaching the Russkies their proper place, which is to color within those lines set by the rabbis. Had the relevant airfield been flattened, with a nice pile of smoldering jews to show for it, then the rule book would’ve been torn up and the Kremlin could’ve said to all comers “Look what we do to our enemies”. As it is, it’s the Kremlin itself which continues to be successfully intimidated.

Robert Duran

The mainstream media is an arm of the MIC.

Concrete Mike

Yes it has become quite clear how regardless where you go Europe, Australia, Canada or US, the media parrot the same thing. I chose the word parrot carefully…


You would never know how close we are to total war on streets here in the USA. I’m among large groups of people daily, not peep on these terrifying events is heard.

Such are the times we live. War will change all that.


The corp-0-rat media and the state broadcasters in the US appear to have been subjected to an even more thorough gleichschaltung than the ones in Britain.


Yeah…nature will win…humanity gone…Survival of the Fittest…Brainless Creatures will go extinct…the Ameube must have got mo’ brains…


Did you mean “Amoeba” ?


Yeah that’s the one…I’m happy your brains function better than mine… thanks…:)


NO, it could simply have been a typo, which is what I thought it was.

I do it ,myself, many times, and then go back and correct my mistakes, when I am informed, by someone, or see them myself

Take care now


No you were right..I just spelled it wrong…It’s good to be corrected every now and then…:))

northerntruthseeker .

Please do not insult Amoeba… The average American mentality is that stuff located UNDER Amoeba….


You gave me a smile on that one :-)


All Russia needs to do is take out Tel Aviv and Washington and the WAR will be over……..but Putin wont, so the WAR will continue to be won by Zionist Jews, using American “useful idiots”

Why do I say WON?

CHAOS is the Winning tactic and it is plentiful and working.

The ROTHSCHILD Family with TRILLIONS of Dollars and an unlimited supply of unemployed men, who can be bought,cheaply, as Mercenaries, can afford to keep this CHAOS going until the People of this world say enough is enough and FIGHT back or – ask for SLAVERY

From my 78 years of knowledge, SLAVERY will be the CHOICE


“All Russia needs to do is take out Tel Aviv…”
Little by little Russia ‘taking’ it… Russian president Putin becomes landlord in Tel -Aviv. Congratulation to all ‘Jew-haters’/his admirers.


WE shall see,in due time

Jens Holm

Do You even believe in that Yourself?


I’m 78 and come from a family of Irish rebels who fought the British using GUERRILLA Warfare and only then did we win.

Prior to that tactic of Guerrilla Warfare, and the late 1850,s when we wasted,YES wasted, over 600 years talking and negotiating with those British, they slaughtered over 5 million of our brothers and sisters

THAT is what the situation is, with Israelis. and Palestinians/Syrians. Those Zionist Ashkenazi JEWS, who CONTROL America, also are Psychopaths, as were the British.Talking and negotiating with them is a waste of Lives and money.

History, starting with the Bolshevik war, proves,they only understand FORCE

I suspect you are much younger than I and still living in a dream world, if you doubt what I say

That is my answer


Fighting with Your Heart to Exterminate this Spiderweb of Evil for Once & For ALL sounds like a better option than to be Bought by Rothschild as Cannon Fodder..he can keep his Gold..we’ll just take it as Loot..I’d be happy to fight his Mercenaries…sure New Psychopaths will rise…but there will be a lot Less…losing is not an option…it’s all about intention…

northerntruthseeker .

The Jew spew media is busy keeping American minds turned to mush by pushing the fraud cheap whore Stormy Daniels meme….

Jens Holm

You might go to a doctor and get Your jewfobia treated.

The real problems is, that a billion muslims are so low in most things, that they can be runned by a few jews or something.

If Ypu were a car or a horse, You would be shot long time ago.

northerntruthseeker .

Maybe you should get that Star of David tattooed on your butt…

I smell Hasbara/JIDF again here.. And they are so easy to see…

Carol Cox

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Jens Holm

Yes, we do. Your socalled war is about some very limited things and are not even close to anything close to war.

And Yes, all the world do have all about too many weapons only makes more victims. You should leran by that in fx Syria in stead of babling about USA.


Putin should establish no fly zone over Syria for illegal intruders. Without wasting time, from now Russia should choose the targets in Israel, in UK, in US and in the sea. This war could be nuclear.
Putin should be stood up otherwise the consequences for Russia would be worst than Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If Russia win then US, UK and France may break and Israel may dismantle.

Jens Holm


Russia already for years has an agreement with Israel about that.


Russians also dont allow Iranians and Hesbollas comming closer to Israel/Golan then 20 or 30 km.

You systematicly ignore well known facts.

Russians dont like influence in Syria from Hesbollah as well as Iran,


Ah I get it… so Trump, Putin & Jinping are each getting a portion of Syria? And then they share Iran? Perhaps you should buy some stocks… make a little bet…earn some shekels

Deo Cass

“To exapand their viewership” and to help Wall Street speculators gain millions from the fluctuating stock market reactions to impending crisis.

Jens Holm

Yes, the stockmarkets are very sensible in plus as well as minus. But here Middle East is just a dot.


Please go somewhere else with your stocks… in here we don’t talk about stocks…you’ll see your Bubble soon collapse and your investments evaporate…or do you get inside information from your Bankster Buddies? Free Tip: Sell your Dollars..! Because soon they’ll be cheaper than toiletpaper


The butchers Trump, May, Macron are the mouthpieces of Netanyahu want that Assad should not fight these terrorists because they are working as Washington have told them.
Trump, May and Macron want to wash whole land of Middle East with blood and Russia should quiet. As an honour Russia will defend whole Middle East.


US, UK and France regularly slapping Muslim rulers on their faces but they are so moron that they don’t feel it.


No it’s a question of corruption !


Russia call the Washington barbarians’s bluff, they’re overdue.


The U.S.should push that button… And Burn in Hell…. that is what they deserve…no threats just push.. very fucken easy…

Jens Holm

Hard to see that as usefull now. I am never for it, but if so, it should have been before the many fightings started fx taking Damaskus with a small one + Baathistas.

So far we have 2 compare with the destructions already like 500.000 dead, several 10.000 as handicapped, 8-10 mio. refugees and so many buildings and infrastructure.

Its a military point of view.


A military point of view: Take two Armies…put them in a Field…. let them Fight eachother…see who wins..
Leave Elderly People, Women & Kids out of the Fight…Modern Warfare is just a Lower form of exterminating peoples..

Jens Holm

Things like that is old days like 1967.


The year you were born….


PS Well done SF for calling rumours rumours.


That is Going to get Nuclear…Everyone finished diggin’ their Bunkers?

Jens Holm

They overrate the value of Syria for any other in Syria. You even write that the dirty oil from there is attractive even the gallons are low.

You are like that blowed up as blimps about Yourself. Some years ago Egypt would boycut Denmark and its agriculture products. They did not realize, that inly 3% of the products were sold to the Middle east.

You have no idea of proportions because You systematicly are kept stupid.


My Friend….the Western Empire is about to Fall…and I’m starting to love it….they are a bunch of Dumb Ass Retards…they Destroyed this Planet in a Century…They’ll clean it with Nukes…the U.S. Is the Suicidal Pilot of this Plane… He decided to commit Seppuku…I can’t fly a plane, so I’m just staring out the window while eating my popcorn…Can you fly planes? Then I’ll knock the pilot unconscious..

Jens Holm

You just confirm, what I wrote.

Not even Your simplified language can descriebe “West” . We see it here all the time. Even women, which is half of the popuilation, hardly exist.

And its not “West” . We long time by many organisations like WTO are in the world market.

You are in the old days only able to see the Muhammed Economics not even based on the most important, that Muhammy did not like like shares/stockings. As long as You insist in that we can go up and down, but You will stay down.

Even Your Sharia is more then 100 years ago. Progress is women might be able to drive cars in Saudi Arabia. Hahaha.

Sorry, but look at the differences fx in BNP.


You must be Politician & Stocktrader… because you always start talking about Stocks…You look pretty Silly in your comments…a little jibberish here & there..sharia…women driving cars in Wahhabistan…go check the Dow Jones… bet you are very good in that

Jens Holm

Stocks are essential basics for economic growth and devellopment for us becausé it make incitaments.

You even name it as Jewish meant in a very hostile attutude based on Muhammed economics 14000 years ago. Many muslims even name us Jews for that.

But You ignore the results and so millions actually are owners by that, where You in the one hand has investments giving productivity and in the other hand money, Yoy can spend every year as a result of that.

Yours in picture is dead gold under the carpet. I makes no growth and also goes up and down.

When we here Rochilld, Jews and like that or USA my this and that, You totally ignore, that 80% fx i Denmark are produced by stockings. By that You get family relations out and make things effective, because the jobs are paid by hours, skills and hard work – and NOT family relations.

Dow Jones is a relative, some machines is not there and gone the next day and its more like a weatherrapport. But of course You also gets hurricanes destroying a lot as well as too much hot air of no value.

Shares/Stockings are loans. Those can be paid back to You, The profit can be re-invested trying to make the cake bigger, the profit can be paid to You one or two times a year and You can just sell it for its dayli value.

So if You say USA You must say USA as a state OR USA as private companies, where we all can invest and fx I also are stocholders with people from all over the world.

And its the other way around. USA owns us too.


Are you okay? Have you lost your mind? Take it easy Bro…here sit down, have something to drink…you are starting to look a bit Siri to me…no’ mo’ watching 6 o’ Clock News for you…is there a Lobotomizer in this Forum?…Will get you some tranquillizers to begin with

Jens Holm

No. Our system is like that and not som dictator Trump running all USA, China, EU and us as he wish with or without jews.


100 years more of this System & you don’t have to Nuke anything, to get rid of Humanity and All other Species…it becomes so funny to see these ignorant human bein’s run to them cliffs….Always look at the Bright side o’ Life…

Raptar Driver

Stocks are funny money, basically bullshit, they have nothing to do with the real economy.


I agree with you Merijn

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Syria is important to Israel and the US. They want to build a pipeline that stretches from Saudi Arabia all the way to Turkey and then under the sea to Europe. With this they hope to destroy Russia’s economy by flooding the European market with cheap gas and turn Russia from a superpower to a nothing. This is the end of the line for Russia, it’s all or nothing, what would you do to save your country from going down the gurgler.

Jens Holm

There are so many more or less realitistic plans for oil and gas transport. Hard and stupid to see Israel as well as USA in one of the many spaghetti suggestions of Yours.

And Denmark actually do something about it by using and exporting for billions of windmills and equipment about it. 200 days a year we have all the electricity we need and build out more. Building out more, we can export a lot and then pay for import, when there is no wind in 165 days a year.

We also try ro improve things fx by using more batteries.

We also invest in equipment using less electric power, better insolation and some solar panels. Solar panels are not perfect in the dark winterperiods.

So we do something – actualy a lot – to be independent.


When Nukes are fired…will the Stocks go Up or Down? Just want to know for my next investment….when Nukes Go BOOOOMMM!!! Windmills Blown away….Solar Panels worthless Crap because there will be no Sun.. we gotta find another solution for this…Waterpower seems a strong one… You just try to sell your Crappy Danish Solar Panels & Windmills in here….

Jens Holm

So You support ISIS or what :)


Yeah….since 1872

Jens Holm

Of couse nukes change everything.

I just tell, that wind and solar power replaces oil and gas here in many % and rising all over the world making energy as well as profit – and they are still improving as well as its soon possible to put electricity in big batteries for more days then the 200 of today here.


In the beginning I thought you might be an intelligent man…….but I came to the conclusion that you escaped the Mental Institution…together with May & Boris the Clown…with an IQ Less then 33, You are absolute Fucktards…… comment imagecomment image

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You miss the point, it’s not important to them what the product is, it could be milk as far as they’re concerned, they just need a tool to destroy Russia’s economy. Even if they operated this pipeline at a financial loss it would still be considered a success if it was helping to destroy Russia’s economy.

Jens Holm

Hard to blame us for the going back to communism economies and the well known ineffectivity.

Of course You are kind of right too, but You seemes to ignore the reasons for it. In that You fx forget, that Russia itself is a redistributor and take tax as well. You also forget Russia and Turkey has agreed abóut a very big gas-pipeline as well as they try to make a pipeline in the Baltic sea as well as they now export some to China.

And yes its a competision, but as I remember it, its Assad which has blocked the oil still existing Saddam “oil for food”.

Many players and they are not countries but very much companies. Fx BP and Shell are big players in Russia, because the russian way stand in 0 devellopment.

Same for Syria. Assad says many drillings are empty. But they are only for not advanced drillings and takes ups. Even parts of the small danish oil and gas drillers kan take 4-5 times more up then Russia can do alone.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Russia and Turkey have no agreement, the Iranian proposed pipeline that the Russians are backing avoids Turkey altogether and goes straight from Syria under the sea to Greece. The Saudi proposed and US backed pipeline was supposed to go through Turkey into both Greece and Bulgaria. It is possible if Erdogan is genuinely going to side with Putin [I don’t believe it] they may come to another agreement that will include Turkey, but not with Assad in power, that’s if the rhetoric coming out of Turkey is any sort of a sign to go by
As to Russia and Syria not pumping up oil and gas production, [as well as most other oil and gas producers], it’s because they get more cash for less oil if they under produce and over price. The Saudi’s on the other hand over produce and under sell, and as you probably already know they’re going broke real quick doing it. The world only has cheap fuel prices atm because the Saudi’s have been trying to ruin Russia’s market share in Europe for nearly a decade, at the behest of the US.
The war in Syria is only happening because the US is upset Assad wouldn’t go along with their evil plan to help them destroy Russia’s economy, there is no other feasible explanation for the war.


I actually thought about filling up the family truck’s gas tank before leaving for work last night. Then I thought about what life would be like out side a nuke’s kill circle and decided to skip it.


Well things ain’t that negative… stay a couple of years underground, living as a Dwarf and you’ll have this 30 years Later…when you pop up again

Chernobyl Before:comment image

Chernobyl After:comment image comment image

Chernobyl 30 Years Later:comment image comment image comment image

Little Artist Impression…Looks pretty Romanticcomment image


And after all what is 30 years in a Human life…

Jens Holm

When I am ill, I only plant short time vegatables.

Dont be that pessimistic. You propatly just are lacy now and then. Most are that nukes or not.

D boy

I repeat America are stupid to attack Russia base. Meanwhile whatever they decide will be met with fire by Russia and Putin will be having a press conference shortly

Steve Bell

April 9? Looks like Netanyahu was wrong.

Rex drabble

The US hasnt got the balls.


Surprised US dare even to target Russians targets.

If hit, Russia does sink a few ships that would make Russia lose face.


Insane, rabies infested neocons don’t need gonads. All they want to do is foam at the mouth and bite before the brain swelling kills them.


Frankly unless SAA are plain stupid with such advanced warning they have not taken steps to hide or even use decoys/dummies by now.

No , my take is no matter how many strikes including emptying the entire navy’s missiles, these will not make a dent on SAA’s military capabilties . I really think those advisers are dummies like Bolton with weird mustage.

Go on .. fire on .. at most a few dummy ammo depot blows up . Cruise missiles are for infrasctructures only and surely all have been secured to ensure cruise will have no effects. In fact I think most Syrian planes would be out in the air or under protection of Russia defence system

Just one Yahonts by Syrians forces as self defence and sink one ship is enough and count as victory.

Rodney Loder

Vamvoose Assad Putin Hezbollah Iran and Turkey, !!! Hosey is on his way ! shock horror !! Arrrr come on Hosey it was only hoarse play, we didn’t mean nothing, ~ alarms !! SO your calling my woman a hoarse ? NAY Hosey it was Macron what put some odd looking stuff in her oats.


What deserves attention – 22 targets.
assassin’s* police ID numb. 380092 = 22
letters in Kabbalah – 22

* Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, killer of the Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov

Jens Holm

You cant kill Lavrov, he is a robot.




Yes, to the point also.


Jesus. Like the Balkans. The bastards.


Yesterday Southfront was out of the Air for a while…is that correct?


Yes. I had the same problem.


Thank you..:)


maybe along with simultaneous attack by turkey back militant in Hama and Aleppo?

That Guy

Sparking such a conflict would be a stupid thing that only crazy leaders would want to do.
So if the US really wants to stay alive, it should back off from that conflict, but I think (and I hope I’m wrong) that they are not willing to stay alive and they want to do something that only Israel would want them to do.
So, “how would Israel benefit from that?” you might ask. Well, the US would no longer be the #1 ruling state in the world, Russia becomes weaker, and Syria and some other Arab countries would be fucked to death which later makes them easier for Israel to invade and at the same time Israel becomes the state that controls the money in this world (just like how the US is controlling money now) and by that, Israel becomes the #1 ruling state in the world since it will be untouched during WW3.

Just saying….. I know it sounds crazy.

Ivan Freely

I disagree. Israel will not walk away from a WW3 scenario.


The Brits have pulled their horns back somewhat. Teresa May told Donald tRump’s she could not support his “attack” on Syria until OPCW inspectors verified the accusations of the White Helmets. That means empty vessels will make more noise as MIC rant and rave on their Yella Press. Eventually, when OPCW release their findings that there was No Chemical attack in Douma The Yanki O’Rang-a -Tang might decide all the intel. he is being fed is all BS and decide to pull out. Seems the Brits are after finding something out that is keeping their little fleet in dry dock


May or May Not that is the Question…is the opening phrase of a soliloquy spoken by Prince Trump in the so-called “nuclear scene”

Jason H. Smith

Pentagon sources say, in order to solve the lack of available troops on the ground, the US Air Force has been authorised to carpet bomb Syria with ACBs, thereby proving you can win a war with air power, alone, by putting boots on the carpet, as it were!

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Trump is criminally insane and he must be heavily punished. It might be an ideal occasion for Iran to strike Saudi oil producing facilities and the US base in Bahrain. If there is going to be war, then let it be a real war meant to expel the US from the ME.


Let’s see how many reach Target…and hitting rocks not impressive…do you know how much tax one rocket costs?


400+ cruise missiles, there’s no way to stop them all.


Well, he’ll be hittin’ a lot of Rocks or it is time to hit your shelter….prepped ‘n ready…


Trump said the magic words, so yeah, it’s time to put a few Satan’s in the air. I won’t be bothering with shelters.

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