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Preparations For War? U.S. Deploys Advanced Electronic Warfare Aircraft In Middle East


The U.S. military has deployed at least one EC-130H Compass Call electronic warfare (EW) plane in one of its bases in the Middle East.

On September 18, Manu Gómez, an observer of civilian and military aviation, spotted the advanced EW plane over the eastern Mediterranean. The plane flew over Israel than Jordan before turning off its transmitter.

The EC-130H may have landed in Jordan or continued its way towards Saudi Arabia or one of the U.S. airbases in Iraq, the UAE or Qatar.

Built on the base of Lockheed Martin’s C-130, the Compass Call is a heavily modified variant designed to disrupt enemy command and control communications, perform offensive counter-information operations, and carry out other kinds of electronic attacks.

The deployment of the EC-130H EW plane in the Middle East appears to be a part of measures employed by the U.S. and its regional allies in response to the September 14 Abqaiq–Khurais attack.

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  • Tiresia Branding
    • Toronto Tonto

      You wish .

    • Tommy Jensen

      We are more dangerous than you think. Dr, Manhattan could take you all out in 5 minutes.

      • Tiresia Branding

        we who!? IAF? 13 years ago a little Lebanon army defeat the mighty Israhell in only 34 days. I think they made progress to drastically reduce the time in the case of your next idiocy

      • John

        Russia already trashed that system in Syria. The DoD was screaming bloody murder over it and the incident became public. Just another target Tommy. * pop *

  • Toronto Tonto

    Time has come to jam it to the terrorists .

    • Ziønist šhill

      (((toronto tonto)))

    • Tiresia Branding

      very risky option Tonto. If there will be another successful Houthi’s strike, all the world will laugh of the supposed American warfare tech superiority. US weapons market crash expected LOL

      • Toronto Tonto

        Still has a better track record than the shit in Syria .

        • Tony B.

          No it doesn’t. The Israelis these days are just slinging missiles from outside of Syria and hitting almost nothing of real importance. Pretending to be soooooooooooooooo superior.

      • Ace

        The Patriot is not designed to defend against small objects. Same with the S-500. Same with Aegis. Tracking is another matter. As soneone observed, the fact that nothing was detected suggests the attack was very small and very local.

    • ruca

      Yes, the terrorist states of US and the six-cornered shitstain of the Middle East

    • U meant the US and Israel..?

    • Ace

      In Israel?

  • Boycott-Israel!

    Looks like another chances for Houthi to improve their operation capabilities. If they could shoot it down, that would be extremely cool.

  • verner

    yep down it and the middle east won’t be the same and even if it’s not downed,it will probably have no to almost no impact for what happens, in the air or on the ground- just the usual hubris a la america. the patriot system proved to be a prop, even if it’s an expensive prop, and just like boeing 737 max stuffed with useless technology (same with the 777 I understand).

    the americans are getting to be the laughingstock of the world, and that is in addition to being almost bankrupt and almost 50 million of its population being on food stamps and about the same number being adequately poor under any definition while the health care systems works for those who can afford to pay – great place and despite all, no 41 claimed ‘that the american way of life ain’t negotiable’ – truly sweet!

  • EmilyEnso

    The U.S. military has deployed at least one EC-130H Compass Call
    electronic warfare (EW) plane in one of its bases in the Middle East.

    Does it actually work?
    Or does it just look pretty?

    • Ace

      It’s just made out of cardboard. Not to worry.

  • opet ja

    I believe in some conflict Iran will fry all targets with potential of some 10000 ballistic missiles and who knows how many cruise missiles and drones. Imagine how UAE citizens would react when their county is hit with several hundred missiles. Additionally in case of some war no oil will come from the Gulf. USA can defeat Iran only by using nuclear weapons, destroying all major cities, military and industrial assets. But that means WW3 is on…

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    Only when Coalition forces increase sharply in numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan i think theres a reason to even consider a warlike scenario.

    The western puppet Saddam couldn even take a few meters of Iranian land, and thats when he used poison gas.
    Iran is not just another country, Iran is just not another “evil dictatorship”, Iran is still on the map because Iran is Iran.

  • Vitex

    Better be careful not to be mistaken for an Israeli aircraft when passing near Syria.

  • michaelj72a

    at this point just about any military “assets” that the US sends to within 1,000-2,000 km of Iran are potential targets for Iran and its allies… If something major happens and only if