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U.S. Deployed Warships Toward Red Sea, B-52 Bombers In Spain In Thinly Veiled Support For Israel

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U.S. Deployed Warships Toward Red Sea, B-52 Bombers In Spain In Thinly Veiled Support For Israel

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Alongside the hostilities in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, a concentration of NATO forces appears to be happening nearby.

On May 16th, a French carrier group was concentrated south of Cyprus.

On May 17th, four US Air Force B-52H strategic bombers arrived in Spain, and this is in addition to the six already based in Qatar.

On May 18th, three missile destroyers from the US Navy aircraft carrier group operating in the Arabian Sea are making a transition with the explicit intention to get, if not to the Mediterranean, then at least to the northern part of the Red Sea, closer to Israel.

This is likely an attempt for Israel’s allies to guarantee that it can continue carrying out its operation, while being undeterred by Iran, or other Palestinian allies.

Essentially, it is likely that Israel will continue its operation until at least May 19th, when there could be negotiations, according to its Armed Forces General Staff.

Tel Aviv possibly expects to reach the point that it has dealt such a crushing blow that Hamas and other Palestinian groups stop their actions and are simply ready to negotiate and accept almost any terms they are presented.

Meanwhile, a delegation of Egyptian intelligence official may visit Israel on May 18th, according to the Saudi-owned broadcaster Al Arabiya, amid international efforts to halt the ongoing fighting between the Israeli military and Hamas.

EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell says he spoke with his American counterpart Antony Blinken about ending the fighting in Gaza between Israel and the Strip’s Hamas rulers.

They also discussed how to “reduce tensions” between Israel and the Palestinians, Borrell writes on Twitter.

He adds: “Looking beyond, we also need longer term initiatives to break the dynamics of conflict and revive the prospect of a peaceful future for all.”

Still, IDF Spokesman Zilberman said all Hamas leaders are in Israel’s “sights” when asked about the prospect the military will take out the Gaza-ruling terror group’s top chiefs.

“We are trying to strike them and when the operational conditions come to fruition I hope that we’ll succeed,” he told the Kan public radio.

In a separate interview with Army Radio, Zilberman says IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi has delivered his instructions and goals for the fighting over the next 24 hours.

“The IDF isn’t talking about a ceasefire,” he said.

As such, Israel continues bombing, Palestinian groups keep responding. For a period of 5 hours, Hamas and others didn’t fire a single project on May 18th, while Israel kept targeting various military targets.


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Arch Bungle

So, Hamas gets a chance to not only embarrass the zionist coloniser state, but the de facto ‘superpower’ as well.

Albert Pike

Seen this:
‘On 17 May 2021 at around 1 a.m, the IDF launched heavy strikes against the Gaza Strip. Within 15 minutes, it succeeded in destroying Hamas’s main missile launch ramps. The latter stopped firing on Israel.
Over the past two decades, Iran has developed a system of long underground missile ramps that are extremely difficult to reach. This type of construction has become widespread in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon and Gaza.
It is not known so far whether the IDF used a new weapon or a new technique to reach their objective. However, what is certain is that such ramps are no longer protected. This military advance calls into question the balance of power across the region.’

Hamas was founded by the (masonic) Muslim Brotherhood – who was supported by the Zionist British secret service – therefore it is to be expected that Hamas ist completly under Israels control, and that they will lose this war totally and final, politically and in military, because it’s there job to lose and do as much damage to the Palis as possible…

Tine Milić

Nice to see someone with open eyes!
Zion movement started in Basel, Swizerland and Hamas is controled by Swiss.
In reality their goal is to kill as many Plestinians and real Jews (not Khazar, etc) as possible.

One needs to know that likes of Rotschild, Trumps dother, they are not real jews.
They are untoucheble, but real Jews, they get secrafised of pleasure of Saton (old Egiptian god), also Serbs, Siryans, Sibirians, etc.

If Serbia or Syria would come to power world history as we know would change, couse it is all BIG LIE.

Last edited 8 months ago by Tine Milić

Hamas was created by Israel from Al-Islamiya (Muslim brotherhood basically). They needed someone against the PLO so they used exactly the same methods as CIA with Mujahedeen (and subsequently Al Qaeda and ISIS).
Israelis don’t want to occupy Gaza, they don’t need any more Palestinians. They just want to kill and expel as many as possible, to force them to leave Gaza and go to Europe. That’s why they created Hamas in the first place – to sabotage peace deal forever and give them periodical pretext to sIaughter Palestinian civilians. This little staged war is also a perfect opportunity to kill those Hamas commanders not working for Israel. Test new weapons, try new tactics, and of course more votes for Netanyahu&Gantz. After the war Hamas will steal most of the money from international donations for rebuild of Gaza, so everyone profits. Except innocent people who died.

p.s. Israel is trying to solve the problem with long underground missile ramps for quite some time, if they succeeded then it’s a big problem for Hezbollah; this is just a training for the real war (vs Hezbollah/Iran).

Last edited 8 months ago by Hamossad
Arch Bungle

Here’s my perspective on the issue:

1. The missiles are still flying, never mind the “cool story” about blowing up Hamas tunnels.

2. I don’t think the IDF knows the difference between blowing up sewers, transport tunnels and Hamas military tunnels.

I suspect the IDF just blew a cool few billion in bunker buster missiles on a whole lot of civilian sewer infrastructure!!

3. Hamas is not one entity but a conglomerate of people born in the ruins of Gaza and united by the shared experience of seeing their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers blown to bits by the IDF.

No cool sounding ‘masonic’ fairy tale conspiracy theory can alter that reality.

That’s not the way these orders operate, because their lies cannot stand the corrosive truth of reality on the ground in Gaza:

Nobody who just saw his mother blown to bits by an IDF missile is secretly smiling because he is a ‘masonic infiltrator’.

So get real, guys.


Hama’s should just surrender, I myself hate the existence of isreal but they are getting their people killed, and it’s obvious there response have failed. They have no other choice but to surrender, Russia or China also look like they will not bother to save their people who are getting murdered.

Linda Jean Doucett

Thank Christ the Israel Project is coming to an end. What on earth will you do for a job then? The poor hasbara trolls will no longer be required. I shall celebrate the Big Karma along with all the rest of the humans.

Last edited 8 months ago by Linda Jean Doucett
Arch Bungle

I’m booking a trip to Jerusalem when all this is over, to celebrate by getting drunk and pissing all over zionist graves.

concrete mike

I disagree, israel will kill the palestinians regardless. Palestinians have dignity too you know.


Dignity. That is why they are sacrificing their country. Dignity.
Meanwhile, their leadership is dead and their economy will be 19th century for the next 10 years.
Great job on the dignity.

Arch Bungle

” That is why they are sacrificing their country. ”

Are you stupid?

They have no country.

It was taken from them,

They are taking it back.

F you and F your attempt to warp reality.

You must be a jew.

Gas lighting is a jew thing.


“They have no other choice but to surrender, Russia or China also look like they will not bother to save their people who are getting murdered.”

So you believe Russia and China attacking Israel thereby bringing the USA into the war will “save people from getting murdered”…. really …. you think less people will die if three nuclear powers all start tossing bombs and missiles around?. That kind of thinking should qualify you fro a job at the US State dept.

China and Russia have already condemmed Israel at the UNSC but the USA vetoed the resolution btw. Other than engage in hostilities there isn’t much more they can do.

Tine Milić

It is all a stage, or how you explane Putin in weding in Austria or selling s 400 to Turkey?
Worlds politics are run by Octogon Switzerland. Pentagon is only their operator, same goes for Kremlin, etc.


funny how you think I meant them going to fight, lol that’s your idea, I never stated that in my comment. The actions I was talking about is isolation of isreal and taking tougher measures against it. There is so much Russia and China can do to hurt Israel especially china. Killing jews will not make you better then the them.

Fog of War

Funny, the US pretty much does what it wants and the bombs never start falling. Why cant Russia or China ? Do you think the narcissistic Yankees are going to commit mass suicide to protect Israhell ? Obviously not, thats why these geopolitical ” machinations ” dont make any sense.

However, they do make perfect sense if viewed from other angles.

Arch Bungle

Whether Hamas surrenders or not, the Palestinian people’s choices are:

a) Die by slow strangulation, and die for certain.
b) Fight back, like any living organism would and take the chance you might win.

No Living Creature on this earth lies down dies without a fight to preserve itself.

I find it odd that you expect the Palestinians to do what even a worm would not do.

Last edited 7 months ago by Arch Bungle
None of you

Until jihad will be exterminated we will never stop bombs.
Remember for the rest of you filthy life and I hope you burn in hell for teaching kids in school and kindergarten to become martyrs.
The worst teaching wich a parent could give to his child to be martyrs for God .
You will never enter Heaven. And your kids at the gates of heaven won’t allow you to enter.
They will ask you why did you teach me to kill my self? Why did you took my childhood from me ? Why daddy? Why ?
We are on this world to live not to die for God. Why daddy you teach me jihad? Why?
God loves life. If it wouldn’t they would not give us life..
Use your brain.. if you have 1.

concrete mike

Fuck off nazi pig.

Its israel killing palestinians every day, not the other way around. You are imposing shoah on the palestininans.

Its so stupid, your doing to others what has been done unto you. You are the oppressors

None of you

We will go on ground invasion.
Just wait and see.
And we will free the kids of Palestine from jihad
And we will give them Teddy bear not guns we will teach them to love gay and lesbian and every human on the world and animals on the world.
And we will show them the real life as humans needs to live.

Not jihad life.
If you don’t believe me you will see.
Even Palestinian 78% of them hate the filthy hamas and want western life.
So we will destroy hamas.
Why do you think warships are amassing on the sea. And tanks on the border.
Tic toc tic toc.
Time is running out.


what have you got against Nazis? they were Palestinian Muslim allies in WW2.
You have never spoken with a Palestinian, have you? Calling them Nazis is not an insult.
Jews like you are always calling everyone a Nazi. Disgusting.

Tine Milić

It wasn t Palestinians killing Jews in WW2, but Germans, so why was than state of Izrael made on Palestinian territory, to compensate for WW2 killings?

Real killers are in Switzerland!!! And real Palestinians and Jews are as as peacfull as one can get.
Shalome, shalome!!! Salam aleikum!

Eric Blair

The US preparing to send USS Liberty to aid Israel.

Linda Jean Doucett

They can sink our ships and shoot our sailors as they swim
There’s nothing we can do because we know that it was them


Southfron using the anglozionist lingo of calling Hamas a terror organization … when the true terrorists are the IDF air force.

concrete mike

Yes, i noticed that as well. That part of the article was more context framing, id bet is was just copy pasted from.zionist sources.

southfront fan

all i can do is boycott anything Israel.

None of you

all i can do is boycott anything what Hamas are. A filthy disgusting disease of jihad a scum of the earth, even almost all Muslims countries know who you are. A filthy terrorist organisation wich only Turkey want to help but are scared as chicken to do anything than to talk b.s. Al day.

Mohummed was a peadophile

Kill every Jihadi on planet earth. Free the innocents from the jihadist control. Destroy the axis of evil. Christianity will rule over this earth once again.

Potato Man

“Christianity will rule over this earth once again.” pfffff “this earth”
hmmm, anyone wants to tell him one or two things or we laugh it off?
From his name to what he says…he is just a child.


Christianity? Your anglo-protestant sects are slaves of Jews, even more fanatical Zionists than most Jews. You are ANTI-Christian. Just as your Zionist masters – they serve Devil, and you serve them while they are destroying Christianity in Europe. They are the true evil and you are their slave, you indoctrinated absolute idiot.

Last edited 8 months ago by Christian
Rodney Loder

When even the Palestinians pretebd to believe in the fantasy of the jew maggots, I mean to believe in something you know not to be true surly must be a death sentence in more ways than one.
Anyhow I’m Jesus Christ not the homosexual Sid Loder and his disciples.


this only persists due to amerikans


did SF recently ban amerikans? I notice verification required—not a robot
while Riesman described amerikans “over-conformist semi-automatons” , Slater wrote, “amerikans poorly understand that individulism produces uniformity”. Gorer was puzzled whether amerikans were people are machines—“only in amerika do people act like machines are treated like machines and only in amerika are machine metaphors used to describe human behavior….” as Lakoff observes amerikans don’t have lovers—in USA love is business—“they have junior “partners”, silent “partners”
Koestler compared aerikans to 5th century Romans: “a similarly contactless society populated by automatons…a similarly soulless, politically corrupt, everybody for-themselves-society”
“individuality has entirely disappeared in USA”. Horkheimer/Adorno—they described all amerikan conversations: “shallow, bombastic, fatuous”
amerikan robots are trained to lie, so probably they are allowed here

Barack Hamas Obama

They will bomb Gaza for a few weeks, and then give up, and say “mission accomplished”. The IDF can’t do a ground invasion of Gaza, or the IDF casualties will be way too high. The same way it was in South Lebanon, when the IDF was forced to withdraw. Gaza will be Israel’s “Vietnam” if they try to do a ground invasion.

Trap Is Not Gay

USA is the Jews.

You think Americans would destroy their country this way?


What better for the US Tyranny to bomb more schools and wedding parties with?!

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