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U.S. Death Rate Goes Up During COVID-19 Pandemic, But Due To Racially-Motivated Murder

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U.S. Death Rate Goes Up During COVID-19 Pandemic, But Due To Racially-Motivated Murder

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The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released mortality statistics for 2020. The number of deaths in the context of the pandemic increased by 15% compared to 2019.

But not all of them died from coronavirus: for example, the number of murders in a year jumped by as much as 29%.

The age-adjusted death rate increased by 15.9% in 2020. Overall death rates were highest among non-Hispanic Black persons and non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native persons. COVID-19 was the third leading cause of death, and the COVID-19 death rate was highest among start highlightnon-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native personsend highlight.

Back in spring 2021, the FBI statistics also showed that the US has returned 25 years in the past, to the 90s in terms of mortality to violent crime.

Now it has been confirmed by officials from the CDC that the US has not seen such a significant number of murders since at least 1997.

Against the backdrop of a wave of BLM and other riots, the death rate from violent crime has gone up by 5,500 in 2020, compared to 2019.

U.S. Death Rate Goes Up During COVID-19 Pandemic, But Due To Racially-Motivated Murder

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In 2020, the American police shot and killed 951 people during arrest, of these, only 60 were unarmed, and 244 of those killed were black. The rampant police brutality, which the liberal public never ceases to criticize, is easily covered by the scale of a new wave of street crime.

CDC statistics do not provide a breakdown by ethnicity of those killed, but among those killed, a fair share is likely to be from minorities.

It is they who first of all suffer from the war of street gangs and the bloody consequences of riots in the major metropolitan areas of America.

During the July 4th in 2021, 618 people were shot across the country of these, 230 have died. Criminals, infuriated by a sense of impunity due to the reduction in police force and the tolerance of the liberal establishment, are taking advantage of the situation.

The situation in certain cities like Chicago has become so desperate that local authorities are already asking Biden to send federal troops to help them to restore order. Under Trump, they strongly opposed such measures, but now their concept has changed.

It is not surprising that in conditions of dysfunctional law enforcement system, the population continues to rapidly arm itself. Tens of millions of people in 2020 for the first time took up arms and realized that they would not protect themselves in any other way in a force majeure situation.

Gun sales, which spiked sharply during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, have continued to increase in the United States, with first-time buyers making up more than one-fifth of Americans who purchased guns.

A study by the General Social Survey, a public opinion poll conducted by a research center at the University of Chicago, 39% of American households own guns, up from 32% in 2016.

Separately, research data compiled by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), background checks that topped 1m a week in March 2020 – the highest since the government began tracking them in 1998 – and continued, with one week in April this year recording a record 1.2m checks. Background checks are seen as a reliable metric to track gun sales.

A third data study, compiled by Northeastern University and the Harvard Injury Control Research Center and seen by the New York Times, shows that 6.5% of US adults, or 17 million people, have purchased guns in the past year, up from 5.3% in 2019.

Of those, almost one-fifth who bought guns last year were first-time gun owners of whom half were women, a fifth were Black and a fifth were Hispanic, challenging the stereotype of white male gun owners building personal arsenals. In 2021, gun owners overall were 63% male, 73% were white, 10% were Black and 12% Hispanic.

“Americans are in an arms race with themselves,” South Los Angeles city council representative Marqueece Harris-Dawson told the New York Times. “There was just as much a run on guns as on toilet paper in the beginning of the pandemic.”

That appears to ring truer than ever.


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So there is some good news.

Marco Polo

A New Spirit: https://odysee.com/@pjbtoo:9/a-new-spirit-joseph-goebbels:b?

Hitler Speaks About Cultural Decay in Weimar Germany: https://worldtruthvideos.org/search?keyword=worldtruthvideos+Hitler+Speaks+About+Cultural+Decay+in+Weimar+Germany

What the “Nazis” Opposed Was Overwhelmingly Supported By Jews.

Jewish Domination Of Weimar Germany 1919-1932: https://archive.org/details/JewishDominationOfWeimarGermany1919-1932

‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey’ Invited to London Library to Teach Children About Literacy:


Last edited 19 days ago by Marco Polo
Ashok Varma

America’s Descent To Third World Status can be directly attributed to a very violent greedy materialistic society based on totally unequal income distribution which puts India in a better light. US and its Zionist overlords are presiding over a rapidly unraveling gun crazed violent society that has no regard for human life. The endless lost wars, lack of health care, unbridled crony capitalism, oligarchy, and diminishing basic human rights are the road to ruin for US. To top all US misery, the deep state has planted an 79 year old senile POTUS.


Rational comments, yet you manage to play into the “potus has ultimate authority” deception. The idiot american president is a front man, a distraction, nothing else.

JFK was a real threat, hence his assassination and that of a police officer who looked very much like him within the same hour.

So what did the “greatest generation” do to set things right? Nothing. Too ignorant to understand the truth and consequences of what happened that day.


The fact that you say “unequal income distribution” just proves that you are a liberal idiot. You have no clue as to the reasons for the fall of the U.S.

Simon Ndiritu

Americans excercising their right to kill each other. Otherwise ‘democracy’ comes with all kinds of rights, including right to stock guns and use them against each other.

Americunt Losers

Most Americunts are jobless, homeless and hopeless losers as the Jews have bled the morons dry with endless lost wars and financial scams. The stupid losers have a declining lifespan thanks to drug addiction, guns, lack of medical care and poor nutrition. Most developing nations have better quality of life and higher lifespan. The Jews have put the dumb gun toting violent ignorant rednecks in the dog house.


You’ve got the wrong peeps, bud. They have the white liberals in the dog house, they just don’t know it yet.

Fog of War

However, most of the gun violence is being perpetuated by a certain segment of the US population. Can you guess which one.


London has more knife attack murders than NYC has gun murders.


The Coronahoax is another example of corruption, conspiracy, and racketeering. The smoking gun evidence is in the patent records. Ref. this smoking gun video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4FdvU43qOdfD/

Last edited 20 days ago by arrow

Do you think any american government organization would tell their people the truth, especially regarding deaths in america?

Look at economic statistics. If you go to shadowstats you begin to understand the way they create lies and deception to convince the idiot masses that their country is wealthy.

Americunt Losers

US is a deadbeat failed violent pathetic shithole.


Zionism = evil

Zionism is pure EVIL

Zionism is beyond EVIL and is fooked. The Jew parasites ate the lardass dumbass Americunts breakfast, lunch and dinner in one gulp and are now feeding them dog food. LOL


Nice attempt to lie…..”only 60 were unarmed”……

Yes, and only eight of those were black, dude.
You want violence? The real violence in the U.S.
is committed against blacks BY blacks, genius.


By blacks against blacks and whites.


I am sick of the constant attempts to make everything racially motivated against blacks. Southfront seems to be determined to demonize the U.S. in any way possible and their constant race bating just makes them sound like the liberal liars who are destroying this country.

So cops killed 951 people and out of that 244 were black? So what were the other 707?

You say: “CDC statistics do not provide a breakdown by ethnicity of those killed, but among those killed, a fair share is likely to be from minorities.” So if a “fair” share is minorities then doesn’t that mean that whites had their fair share too???????

All the twisting of facts and the words that are used is just exactly like the deviant liberal media in the U.S.


Covid19 is a scam. Forget what the news media and the so called experts are trying to sell you. Make your own observations. My observations are that the common flu kills off a few sick and old people EVERY YEAR. This past year with “Covid-19” is NO DIFFERENT. When you look at TRUE mortality rates from the past 25 years or more, there is no statistically significant difference.


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