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U.S. Cyber Command Reveals Plans To Attack China & Russia Amid Media Hysteria

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U.S. Cyber Command Reveals Plans To Attack China & Russia Amid Media Hysteria

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The United States’ Cyber Command is preparing to retaliate against alleged Russian and/or Chinese cyber attacks.

This, according to the New York Times, will happen in several major moves.

“The first major move is expected over the next three weeks, officials said, with a series of clandestine actions across Russian networks that are intended to be evident to President Vladimir V. Putin and his intelligence services and military but not to the wider world.”

As usual, nothing the US does internationally comes without sanctions, so there will also be economic sanctions.

An additional thing that’s expected is an executive order from Mr. Biden to accelerate the hardening of federal government networks after the alleged Russian hacking, which went undetected for months until it was discovered by a private cybersecurity firm.

Additionally, there was another cyber attack. A major breach in Microsoft email systems used by small businesses, local governments and, by some accounts, key military contractors was exposed.

Microsoft identified the intruders as a state-sponsored Chinese group and moved quickly to issue a patch to allow users of its software to close off the vulnerability.

The United States government has not made public any formal determination of who was responsible for the hacking, but at the White House and on Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Wash., the fear is that espionage and theft may be a prelude to far more destructive activity, such as changing data or wiping it out.

The White House underscored the seriousness of the situation in a statement on Sunday from the National Security Council.

“The White House is undertaking a whole of government response to assess and address the impact” of the Microsoft intrusion, the statement said. It said the response was being led by Anne Neuberger, a former senior National Security Agency official who is the first occupant of a newly created post: deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technologies.

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, said on Twitter on March 4th that the White House was “closely tracking” the reports that the vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange were being used in “potential compromises of U.S. think tanks and defense industrial base entities.”

A mix of public sanctions and private actions is the most likely combination to force a “broad strategic discussion with the Russians,” Sullivan said in an interview, before the scope of the alleged Chinese attack was clear.

“I actually believe that a set of measures that are understood by the Russians, but may not be visible to the broader world, are actually likely to be the most effective measures in terms of clarifying what the United States believes are in bounds and out of bounds, and what we are prepared to do in response,” he added.

There is no doubt that these are Russians and Chinese, no evidence is ever presented, but who needs any, either way.

“Like the Russians, the Chinese attackers initiated their campaign against Microsoft from computer servers — essentially cloud services — that they rented under assumed identities in the United States. Both countries know that American law prohibits intelligence agencies from looking in systems based in the United States, and they are exploiting that legal restriction.”

“The Chinese actor apparently spent the time to research the legal authorities and recognized that if they could operate from inside the United States, it takes some of the government’s best threat-hunters off the field,” Tom Burt, the Microsoft executive overseeing the investigation said.

The US is preparing for retaliations to any cyber attack, be it real or not, and it will be accompanied by heavy sanctions and more.


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Lone Ranger

This will backfire on them biglybadly…


Dumb kweers are so dumb,ukranian hackers absolutely outwitted them,leaving them so confused,like as if any heterosexual gives a rats arse about any of them irrespective,
usa cyber defense=drrr
ccp-russian defense= BULLET PROOF!

Jens Holm

WE see the bad side of uncontrolled internet, so we all has to reduce those anormalities.


This happens when using Microsoft due to high level corruption and poor education… against GNU. This time neither Chinese or Russian are to blame.

Jens Holm

Well we have tryed to use many GNUs in Denmark and by own choise fx in the hospitalsector.

But by thatthings are slowed down and we cant coordinate information in all from patient treatments to buying medicine in large quantities.

But we could make bigger alternatives, when we are many. EU could make its own. We try to make an own GPS system.

But those many randoms are too much even with better emulation.

My best advice would be people should be punished, if they dont use one of the many safe packages. There are several good ones for free.

I fx use Avira, which hardly let any in and update itself every monday.

Before that I mainly used IOBIT. That one is ok too.

But I do have a demand for Internet and by that also Microsoft. I want a simple program always the same for simple things, so simple and old people can use the vitals, we all do. Many has probems here .


> “There is no doubt that these are Russians and Chinese, no evidence is ever presented, but who needs any, either way.”

did they find the Iraq WMD yet?

klove and light

microsoft LOLOLOLOLOL…….was a government entity from starters!!!

Jens Holm

And Noah only was a bad swimmer too.

Arch Bungle

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

— Mike Tyson (Paraphrasing field marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder)

Tommy Jensen

My fathers fathers father and his grandfather said in 1777 “A plan doesnt exist that cannot be smashed by hammer”.
He was right again, and after he said it everybody wanted to copy what he said. comment image

Arch Bungle

LOL! Give my best regards to your revered ancestor.


Urla di moribondi !

Jens Holm

Costa del overskyet

Arch Bungle

The Jews are laughing in the middle while they play Uncle Sam against Uncle Xi and Uncle Putin …

johnny rotten

The American government thought that the vulnerabilities created especially for him were exclusive, but when you leave a door open anyone can enter, even if it is doubtful that all this is in the least true, if it were they would be silent in shame.

Jens Holm

Of course they make wargames too. If not, they were stupid.

Ricky Miller

…to force a broader strategic discussion with the Russians? No need. Russia has been attempting to have an open and public discussion about a cyberspace code of conduct with the Americans for more than two years. The attempts have been ignored or rarely, brushed off. See, the Five Eyes people want a code of conduct for other state actors but not for the five of them. The same way that Western athletes get to use asthma medications at will and their best athletes have their doping tests confidential by union agreements while other people, especially from Russia, are hounded about drug tests they pass not meeting some NATO WADA standard. The USA and it’s club want the Law of the Sea strictly applied to others but not for themselves, the USA not even being a member. Riots inside the Western democracies are an outrage and a “coup” attempt but treated as perfectly legitimate elsewhere. UNSC resolutions about no fly zones, or trade with North Korea are mandatory on UN member states they say, but a UNSC resolution about Iran and the JCPOA are optional for Washington. See the pattern. Thanks for letting Moscow and Beijing know you’re coming, like they didn’t know already.

Steve Standley

Well said.


Remember always that the CIA has many ways to make attacks appear to be from others. I suspect the reason they never present any evidence is 1) it’s plain bs 2) false flag 3) any evidence presented would allow others to see the operations for what they are and not what they appear to be. Further, I suspect the anti-Russian hysteria comes from Russian interference into Britain’s attempt to split the US during the Civil War. A book by Elliot Roosevelt titled ‘As he saw it’ shows how Britain’s Churchill desired FDR to preserve Britain’s empire after the war to which FDR responded quite rightly in the negative. An article over at the risingtidefoundationD0Tnet titled ‘the-enemy-within-a-story-of-the-purge-of-american-intelligence’ shows how Britain got what it desired after FDR’s death. I believe the playbook of the CIA sowing division to destroy countries all over the world is now being used in the US against what’s left of the Republic for the globalists ambitions of ruling the world. The US military has stated that it can win a nuclear war against Russia albeit it would be costly to the US. I believe the only thing that has kept a war from being initiated is the fact that while Britain and the US were busy tearing up the Middle East, Russia took the US pulling out of the ABM treaty as revealing the intention to one day target Russia in a pre-emptive strike and Russia set about successfully building strong deterrents leaving the US & Britain scrambling to catch up. A deliberate cyber attack on Russia by the US state, plainly over bs, seems to me an over the edge escalation; especially if it can be proven initiated by the US and causes harm to Russian infrastructure.

Frank G

whatever the us does, Russ and China should immediately counter twice as hard, since the usa is much more fragile, it should affect them much worse.


microsoft seeks to stop being an international company and wants to work only on national level it seems because this message will be having exactly that effect

Arch Bungle

too late for that, they’ve infected the world with their shitty software and now they’re trying to infect the human gene pool as well.


It was probably John Brennan’s group that did these hacks.

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