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U.S. Convoy Targeted By IED In Northern Iraq. Rockets Struck U.S. Base In Syria


U.S. Convoy Targeted By IED In Northern Iraq. Rockets Struck U.S. Base In Syria

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On August 29th, an improvised explosive device (IED) targeted a US convoy moving between Hillah and Divaniiah, in Iraq.


Attacks such as this one have become commonplace in recent weeks and months, with frequent shelling of US positions and on the few camps that still house US troops.

Shelling in the area near the US Embassy in Baghdad, as well as the Baghdad International Airport, where US troops are stationed are also not uncommon.

This IED attack comes just days after a UN convoy was reportedly also struck on August 27th.

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, who heads the UN’s Iraq mission told the UN Security Council via videoconference that an improvised explosive device had detonated near a convoy operated by the World Food Program.

“Conditions for humanitarian actors are also hazardous in certain areas as was starkly highlighted Wednesday by the IED explosion that impacted a World Food Program convoy in Ninevah,” she said.

Ninevah province is in northern Iraq and includes the city of Mosul. ISIS took the area in 2014. Ninevah has a large amount of religious and ethnic diversity and parts of it are disputed between the federal and Kurdistan Region governments. Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units control much of the province, but ISIS still continues operating in some parts of it, carrying out attacks.

An unknown group known as the Guardians of Blood claimed on August 26th that it hit an American security convoy between the Nineveh province and Erbil. The group referred to itself as “Islamic Resistance.”

Meanwhile, not too far from Northern Iraq, the largest U.S. military deployment in Syria, which is located near the Conoco Oil Fields was reportedly targeted by a missile attack.

This was reported by the pro-Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Deir Ezzor Media Center. It claimed that the attack on the Conoco base was carried out by pro-Assad forces, while other sources alleged that the attack was conduted by Iranian-backed groups.

Just days earlier, the same base was targeted by rocket fire, but the projectiles reportedly missed the installation.

Neither of these attacks received official confirmation, and no group assumed responsibility for them.




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