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U.S. Congress To Potentially Ban Referring To Xi Jinping As “President”, Presumably Hurting His Feelings

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U.S. Congress To Potentially Ban Referring To Xi Jinping As "President", Presumably Hurting His Feelings

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In an attempt to presumably hut Chinese President Xi Jinping’s feelings, the US House of Representatives is to vote on a “Name the Enemy Act.”

Introduced by Representative Scott Perry, Republican of Pennsylvania, the House bill would prohibit the use of federal funds for the “creation or dissemination” of official documents and communications that refer to the China’s leader as “president”.

The Name the Enemy Act would require that official US government documents instead refer to the head of state according to his or her role as head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

That is because Xi Jinping, apparently, holds three official titles, and that doesn’t include “president.”

They are: head of state (guojia zhuxi, literally “state chairman”); chairman of the central military commission; and general secretary of the CCP.

It is likely that Xi Jinping will lose no sleep over the US taking such a decision, but who knows, really?

The bill singles out China, despite the fact that presidents in numerous countries are either unelected or in power resulting from elections that are not considered free and fair.

Their turn just hasn’t come.

A spokesperson for Perry, who is on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, did not respond to a request for comment on the extent to which “communications” would include public statements and remarks by US officials.

This is part by something that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other officials have begun calling Xi Jinping “General Secretary” instead of “President.”

A White House report in May outlining Washington’s strategic approach to China used Xi’s party title exclusively. This is likely in relation to delegitimizing his authority when official statements are being propagated in media.

The bill “formalizes something that we’ve been taking note of in administration statements,” said Anna Ashton, head of government affairs at the US-China Business Council.

Perry’s bill comes amid strategic efforts by the Republican Party to increase criticism of the Chinese government, in an attempt to deflect blame for the COVID-19 crisis that’s befallen America, plus to shift focus towards the “true enemy” and away from any internal issues such as the on-going BLM protests.

“China’s blatant dishonesty towards the international community cost lives, and the CCP and [World Health Organization] must be held accountable for their failures,” Perry said back in May.

This is a more “harmless” bill, while Scott Perry is also a sponsor of a bill suggested by Republican Senator Ted Yoho, titled “To authorize the President to use military force for the purpose of securing and defending Taiwan against armed attack, and for other purposes.”

There’s really not much explanation needed there and why it could be a wrong idea that could easily backfire.


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Ha ha ha the most idiotic incompetent thing they could possibly decide!

Why don’t they just BAN existence of China altogether and keep pretending that China doesn’t exist?

Thomas Simeon

That’s very childish of them. It shows which side is more professional


From now on Washington Administration is blocking Tramp’s phone for Chinese President Xi to call him, since he is not any longer considered to be a President of China in their eyes.

How interesting..


They already tried that from 1949 to 1979.


ever since then the proprietor of that (media) room has dwindled wile elephant in the room has grown lot, how to ignore it now while elephants ass starts to squeeze his face…that is the question…


US is desperate to bring down China and every effort is being made to malign it. China is partly to blame for trusting an evil empire like US and kow towing to US dictates. China supported all US wars against Muslim nations and the the suppression of Uighur people.


Hong kong and tibet is finally secured by CCP,so to hell with the incest/soros spawn narratives:

Daniel Martin

This is unbelievable! Having time consuming sessions and wasting taxpayers money on childish non issues like this, just to point a finger in Chinas eyes ?? ? is one of the greatest stupidities coming from the crumbling empire in recent months. I don’t now if they realize that, with such stupidities you ridicule the entire American nation and show just how clueless, detached from reality and unprepared your entire political leadership are for the challenges facing the multipolar world in the 21 century.

Lone Ranger

Americants have no shame. They dont even understand the basic concept of diplomacy. They really start to sound more and more like nazi germany in the late 30s.

Tommy Jensen

Washington proves again they lack a life.

johnny rotten

In the world there are never and never do exist democracies, only fools can believe the opposite, corruption is everywhere there is business and power, there have never been countries in the world without corruption, but many fools find it hard to understand it, in the case of the U$A but there is a unique phenomenon, in addition to corruption and democratic fiction there stupidity is king, while poverty is becoming endemic within their borders, wealthy reps work hard to swear swear words with imaginary enemies, what could possibly go wrong?

Jens Holm

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptions_Index https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e98617f8f91514f2175691f7952da3260d8572e7cc3131f853b6b426b199609f.png

Its the best try. None says as Your science fiction version


It says “perception” clearly. Whose perception? It doesn’t say clearly.

Kindly get lost Jens. You did fill your quota of empire butt-kissing today.

Jens Holm

I have writen its the best try.

It do have double standards. If You by police and others dont look for corruption, You most likely will find less.

So the map says “found and catched” % irregularities. It probaltly lso dont describe that corruption is normal procedure in severak countries and hardly ever are investigated.

In one of my educations perception is, what You get into Your brain to make the maximum informtion. Next Your brain compare and say “its probatly lts almost the same as that”. And then it conludes, that fx mainly by internet is not the same as with letters and stamps.


Lol you talk about ‘brain’ – yet you don’t even have one, how ironic. What “map” you clueless fool? That Mickey Mouse garbage by “Transparency International”? Try this one. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6a1ee8761cf49aafa7fb7dd1e78c8dfeda5e41b038a2da364d2f373c1f0d7f6.jpg


The USA claims to be a democracy however there are only 2 parties … which have virtually identical foreign and fiscal policies … the only way you get to run for office is if corporate interests finance your campaign … which makes you beholding to the corporations that got you elected.

Bills in the US congress are not proposed by individuals but written by corporate lobbyists and simply presented by congressmen they corporations have bought and paid for.

Those corporations have been deemed to have the same rights of freedom of speech that individual Americans have by the supreme court and those same courts have ruled that those corporations are allowed to express their freedom of speech by allowing unlimited campaign financing through super PACS.

The marriage of corporate and military interests is the core of fascism. Corporations have more rights in the USA than individuals. Investors in corporations have the rights of citizenship but also get the influence of their corporate holdings. In other words if you have money you have more rights than if you don’t have money. That is not only undemocratic it’s the very definition of corruption and enshrined in law.

On the middle class you hold up to represent the moral superiority of the USA and the west in general ….. it’s shrinking FAST ….. lets just wait a couple of years until this current financial crisis works it way through the snake and see just how mighty the US middle class is then.


The USA doesn’t have a rich middle class because of ideology, “freedom” or “democracy” …. it’s because of geography. They inhabited a virgin continent … virtually an unassailable island …. which they stripped of natural resources and sold basically over 2 centuries and in the 20th century they made money arming both sides in 2 world wars and then benefitted from being the only industrialized nation untouched by war so they got to rebuild the world twice in 30 years.

You want a fair comparison between Russia’s social development over the last century and the USA’s consider the number of wars fought on Russian soil during that time and the utter destruction they caused with what the USA suffered during the same period. Russia suffered the greatest casualties of any nation during WW1, then a civil war that killed even more than WW1, then Stalinist purges while under sanction from Europe and USA, then WW2 which left an area half the size of the USA completely destroyed, then the cold war, then the 1990’s collapse.


According to “Transparency International e.V. (TI) German non-governmental organization” “Transparency International does not measure the weight of corruption in economic terms for each country. It develops a Corruption Perception Index (CPI) based on surveys conducted by private structures or other NGOs: the Economist Intelligence Unit, backed by the British liberal weekly newspaper The Economist, the American neoconservative organization Freedom House, the World Economic Forum, or large corporations. (…) The IPC ignores corruption cases that concern the business world. ”

In other words you quote some dirty, filthy NATO-NGO liars whose only purpose is to fabricate dirty, filthy cheap lies for braindead morons like you…


Hey ignorus,russias poor live healtheir than the vast majority of middle class europeans and americans,in case yous wern’t aware incest lgbtq is infact the mental disease,it never cam from birth either,assfloggeds,you’d think it would have rotted before birth?

Irrespective,you cannot compete with chinese students (period) they lead the world! As for todays failed capitalist (fake trillion concepts)all means sht in the real world!

The fact how it can’t even manage any turkish brothel let alone 30 trillion debt,is proof that the future is positive,not to remain negative like you disinformant fascist reatards still rant about facts maybe exist 30 or so years ago,certainly not todays work,fk no!

Snap out of your rut and adjust or else fail yourself,only then onerselfs to blame 100%!

Jens Holm

Most of that is against all facts.

Simon Ndiritu

Democracy has really fallen if the legislators, the so called citizen’s representative can debate such a nonsensical initiative. So, how will the US citizenry/voters benefit from how congress half-wits choose to address a a foreign leader.


Why is U.S. Congress being such sissy?!!

They should men-up and vote calling Xi Jinping names and insult him copiously and legislate all that by enacting law through urgent procedure that from now on Xi Jinping is for example not any longer President but “Son of Bitch” officially !

I can already imagine CNN news starting with: “Son of Bitch Xi Jinping….” :-)

Jens Holm

Having Trump the USA for the moment is very weak nd too many rats are dancing. Its also a good example telling USA has no dictator.

I am sure an Obama never had left Syria and allowed Turks to invade the SDF part. Even Obama had Republicans against him an Hillary, they found agreements.


Either way usa must bear the consequences of their actions,moreso inactions to bring about justice,which in term shall only benefit the more mundane fairer trade nations:

Jens Holm

Kapitalisme is base for USA. Poor as well as rich and the middle bear the consequenses for what they do at home as well as abroad.

Your version for socalled “mundane stinking ferrit trade nations is far out”.

Most people in the world are poor because they dont work hard and insist in others things are more important. Many of those are kept so by their masters by bajonets and fear. And the same people – mainly men – makes their women even more stupid, then themself.

Hardworking people should not give laxybums living in the past reward for that unless they are working in a museum.

Lazy Gamer

That is a psy op for both western and Chinese audiences. Next time, there wont be sympathies in taking down the chairman. Chinese audiences will feel the difference between an elected figure and a party head leading to more unrest.

Ivan Freely

Petty, juvenile and utterly pointless.


Pathetic, these guys are getting paid to think up new ways to insult foreign leaders. Their empire might be crumbling, but that clearly won’t stop them from doubling-down on the same stupid policies.

Jim Bim

They are all brainless clowns.


Too many stap ons and party drugs in their breifcases nowadays,not enough legit nor relevant documents,ah yes the deplorable fascists of the goymz where ideology is equaled by stupidity:


U.S. congress should be refereed as a cesspool swamp full of rats and mutants.

UnionJack -TheBestIsYetToCome

Or transfered to gitmo, speaking of concrete helpful measures.

Traiano Welcome

Xi Jinping runs a nation of 1.5 Billion people and is fast leading China to technological superiority over the USA. Yet one hardly hears a word out of this quiet man.

Yet, all day long on every radio and t.v station we hear the loud, hot wind of Trump blaring about what he is going to do next and why he has failed to deliver in his promises.


Lame,either way congress are fkd,wrong or reight,no future in fascism nor kgbtq,nor incest nor liars:

UnionJack -TheBestIsYetToCome

Help me understanding what the funny bunch at the congress expect to obtain from this. On the practical side, I mean. Lets not call him president, yeah, fine. Call him head of state, or head of the serpent even, or even biggest commie scum. Whatever, really. Changes nothing, its absolutely useless. While concrete form of help for american citizens is sistematically entrapped in useless political squabbling.

About “getting priorities straight”, one would say.

Anyway, easily expecting the dims to shot it down, since they are on the ccp payroll.

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