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U.S. Christian Colleges & Universities Adapt Business Model By Kissing LGBTQ Ring


U.S. Christian Colleges & Universities Adapt Business Model By Kissing LGBTQ Ring


On June 24, the California State Assembly passed a resolution telling pastors and other civic leaders to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism, and condemn “conversion therapy.”

“The resolution, ACR-99, Civil Rights: Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people urges counselors, pastors, churches, educators, and others to avoid supporting the historic Christian view of sexual ethics. The measure says such support can result in “disproportionately high” rates of suicide, attempted suicide, and depression among persons who identify as LGBT. The resolution makes a point to condemn in broad terms what is often referred to as conversion therapy, calling the practice, also known as sexual orientation change efforts, “harmful.”,” christianpost.com reported on the situation.

The resolution found support not only among local liberals. Kevin Mannoia, the chaplain of Azusa Pacific University and the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals (represents tens of thousands of churches from many denominations), kissed the LGBTQ ring and wrote a letter expressing “various levels of support” for the measure on behalf of some pastors and church leaders.

First reports suggested that he revealed the attitude of the Azusa Pacific University (a conservative Christian NCAA Division II school in Southern California). Nonetheless, it later appeared that he provided a look of some unrevealed group of pastors and church leaders.

“To clarify, I did not speak on behalf of Azusa Pacific University at the committee hearing. I represented a handful of pastors that have been seeking to change the tone of the conversation. We have not altered our belief in the biblical view on human sexuality and that LGBT is not God’s plan. We are thankful that this non-binding resolution successfully averted the passing of a restrictive law that would have hindered pastoral ministry to people struggling with sexual identity who come to our churches,” Mannoia said in an additional comment.

Commenting on the situation, the non-profit legal group Liberty Counsel said Mannoia “has become a prop for the LGBT agenda by directing pastors and counselors to reject biblical views of sexuality and deny counseling for those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.”

At the same time, the Azusa Pacific University (APU) is undergoing some changes in order to adapt its buisiness model to the new neo-liberal world order. Rrecently the university removed its ban on public LGBT relationships on its campus. Furthermore, the Christian organization does not require students to be Christian, and students do not have to sign a statement of faith to attend the college. The school promises to treat everyone “with Christ-like care and civility” claiming that its “values are unchanged.”

The APU and its leaders justify the ongoing shift by a wide range of claims and requests from representatives of so-called civic society.

In December, two members of Azusa Pacific’s board of trustees resigned, contending the institution had “drifted” from its foundation and mission, making it at odds with its written policies, statement of faith and the Bible itself.

Raleigh Washington, a prominent pastor known for his leadership of the Promise Keepers men’s movement, and Dave Dias, a Sacramento-area business executive, spoke to WND after submitting letters of resignation to the board of trustees.

Washington, a trustee for 15 years, explained that he had constantly confronted the board over the previous six years with abundant evidence that the administration and a substantial portion of the faculty were promoting a progressive ideology that clashed with the institution’s statement of faith and core principles.

Asked for a response at the time, APU’s public relations office provided WND only with a statement to the “APU Community” by David S. Poole, the chairman of the board of trustees.

Poole, without naming the board members, wrote in December that Dias and Washington cited “a personal belief that APU has drifted from its orthodox principles.”

“We respectfully disagree with their assertion that the board is not committed to APU’s Christian foundation and focus,” he said. “We are grateful for their friendship and many years of generosity and faithful service.”

But Washington told WND that members of the board have “admitted to both Dave and myself, and to others in private, that virtually everything both Dave and I have said is true.”

“That’s duplicity in the highest order,” he said,” WMD reported.

The ACU and its chaplain are not a signle case. The APU and more than 170 other Christian schools are members of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). Two member schools already went on record to permit same-sex “marriage” couples on faculty and staff — Goshen College and Eastern Mennonite University.

The mainstream neo-liberal trend seems to be expanding even in such strongholds of conservatism as Christian educational organizations. The traditional religious systems seem to be in the center of the battle of ideas and values not only in regions like the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The US is also a target of the forces seeking to destroy individuals’ and social groups’ attachment to ideas and values which do not fit into consumerist neoliberalism.




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  • Ishyrion Av

    Unfortunately, America dies from inside first.

    • Tom Tom

      already has, just waiting for the judgments. After us, you’re next.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Trump’s trying to stop that from happening.

  • You can call me Al

    God bless us all.

  • eurasian

    As a european I see one real value in the secular state.
    Any religious people can do what they want, as long as they don’t break laws of the secular state.
    So what the hell have things about inside religious anything to do on a website about politics and crisis and analysis?!

    • Tommy Jensen

      Everything. The different religions and churches are exploited politically as you should very well know.
      Our Creator tells us “Don’t kill” and “Don’t misuse my name”.
      It means those people who rightfully believe in our Creator and his wise recommendations to our good life, are tried deceived by trojan political forces inside religions to create wars and homosexuality and plus.

      • Concrete Mike

        Great comment Tommy!!!


  • RichardD

    Evangelical is another name for Christian Zionists opposed to Christ’s teachings on the evils of Judaism. It’s a break away from the Protestant branch of Christianity comprising approximately 20% of the electorate and is a strong Israel first voting block in the US supported by Jews. This is mostly unique to the US. There are evangelicals throughout Christendom. But to the best of my knowledge only the US has a significant percentage of the population that identifies themselves as Israel first evangelicals.

  • Rob

    Majority of world leaders have made their nations slave of America by curroptions and by accommodating US, UK and NATO military bases. God will humiliate and punish them indeed in this world and will send them to hell on their death.

  • Tommy Jensen

    “Rights” are divisive. Homoes should go home to their bedrooms and stay out of public and politics.
    There should be no rights other than what our Creator already have been giving and advised to everybody.

  • Hasbara Hunter


    • Tom Tom

      Jesus will return.

      • Ashok Varma

        Yep at Disneyland, much like Hindu monkey “gods”.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        For you he will….take some more Oxycodone… you’ll meet him faster…


        • gustavo

          The barbarian Taliban got rid of Afganista opion business, but the civilized USA is making billion of dollars by controlling production, transportation, and selling of opion in Europe and USA-Canada. Well, this world is really up side down.

          • Concrete Mike

            I know, and speaking of canada.
            I live in the east, during the last 15 years, there was an exodus of easterners headed to alberta for easy money. Now that the alberta economy has gone down for whatever reasons, alot of these guys are coming back homeless and addicted to opioids!!!

            I see a pattern here, Aghan invasion leads to cheap opioid drugs, doctors are encourage to over prescribe said drugs,( ahh i broke a finger, here are some oxy’s for 5 years later!!!), next thing, were all like jeez we got an opioid epidemic here, then the economy goes down and thousands lose their jobs ( inflated wages jobs might i add, wich ends up in drugs and booze) and come back east jobless and drug addicts. So now , us little broke provinces got a shitload of homeless from out west that come not with dollars, but with addiction and mental health problems, but they just end up more marginalized living in tent cites in the swamps with the ducks and geese.

            Its kinda sad in a way, how these vulnerable.people were promised fame and fortune and return desitute wrecks. Some are there due to bad choices, some just had shitty luck, im tryìng to be objective here but its difficult. I want to help but at the same time, I had the same choices too and I chose the hard way (stay east) because i kinda saw what out west was, drug party 24/7.

            Topics like these must be discussed ad nauseum innplaces like lebanon.

            Any experience with what im talking about?

    • Ishyrion Av

      What’s your problem? With this post you proved zero knowledge about Christianity. While ignorance is not an issue, nobody is born with knowledge, being proud of your ignorance is stupidity.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Okay you help me out Mister Secret account Ishyrion Av….teach me somethin’… because up till now you taught me shit….and I’m still right until you prove me wrong…

        • Ishyrion Av

          A crush course of Christianity is not possible under these circumstances. But have you thought about one of the main victims of Israel policy in Middle East? How many Christians were in Syria before the war (25%) and after the war (???). Or in Irak? And even in Iran? How many Christians killed ISIS these years? What do you know about Armenian Genocide in Turkey?
          After all, Middle East is the land where Christianity was born. And I see a pattern here, Christianity is wiped out. A certain part of it, the Orthodox part, the one nobody talks about too much, but the one which is the oldest of all.
          What do you know about Serbia war, 11 weeks of bombardment during which not only thousands of Christians were killed but also 300 monasteries and churches were destroyed and Kosovo (the heart of Orthodox Serbia) was given to Albanian muslims?
          I don’t know how many protestants vote for Israel in US, we can speculate the numbers (Trump had around 50 millions of votes, however) and the reasons and manipulation on mass media.
          But I am sure the invisible war is targeting all of us and, like you said, sooner or later some “lord” will come to ask his payment in human souls.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            I am not against any good People…I believe that all Men are equal to begin with…I prefer to judge a Man by his character instead of his religion or color of skin…You forgot to mention the Millions of Christians that died in the Gulags

          • Ishyrion Av

            Is true. The millions who died in Gulags were Orthodox too. And communism is judaic. Which integrates well in the narative I just spoke about.
            Main enemy of US (according with their military doctrine) is Russia, not China (even if China poses the greatest threat to US on long run, if you ask me). But again, US is lead by zionists and Russia is mainly Orthodox.
            Why Greece was economically destroyed even if at least three other EU countries had bigger debt (France, Italy, Spain and I can continue)?

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Nope but I do not yet see my ignorance concerning Christianity…. Because I was only talking about 80 Million Zio-Christians in the United States..

          • Ishyrion Av

            Not everyone talking about Christ is a Christian.

          • Concrete Mike

            Very true, i can recognize that Isalm acknowledges jesus and abraham and moses as prophets. For the time that was very progressive of them.

            Its too bad religion has been highjacked by fundementalist fools on all sides.

            But this is by design, they want the fanatics to polarize society, marginalizing the normal people at the same time, two birds with one stone as I see it.

            Maybe one day we can remove the puppet master and be free of this nonsense, yet too many stand for the status quo without even knowing what the status quo means.

            For us living in the west, status quo means resume plundering the rest of the world!!! Justice be damnned as long as we are “rich”….well 0.1% of us are rich anyways!

    • Xoli Xoli

      With Due respect our Jesus the God and Messiah is coming back.Israelis dont recognize Jesus as a Messiah and even wont to the extent to crucify him.Until Israel accept Jesus as God and Messiah their will live and die in sin and keep on killing other human beings out of greedy and pleasure.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        The Knights Templar…Rosicrucians…ROMAN Catholic Church…Jesuits…Inquisitors, Witchburners, Paedophiles..Pope Francis a Warcriminal…The Vatican uncovered as a Devilworshipping Entity… The Scofield Bible…just another edition

        • Ishyrion Av

          There are not living saints. However, some try to be more than dirt.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            There is Good & Bad to be found in every Human…it’s just a matter of choices you make…

          • Ishyrion Av

            I think we see very little because there is very little left. Corruption of human spirit is everywhere: men are not men, women are not women, Truth is persecuted. Only the lie stands everywhere, like a fat whore draining from the sewage of the almighty television.
            Still, I do believe that, even if there is no hope for this world, there is still hope for everyone. For everyone who can stand tall when his moment comes. Even if that is the last one of his moments.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    None of this cringing and groveling to faggots should surprise anyone. Protestants are not Christian to begin with.

    • Ronald

      I blame it on the Vatican, it is not from Heaven.

      • Roy Hobbs

        Protestants are to be thanked for the concept of the separation of Church and State.

        Yes, let’s thank the Prots for inculcating Masonic doctrine and refusing recognition of Christ the King.

        Until Martin Luther nailed his Letter to the church door, the Pope acted like the jihadists, claiming the “right” to decide anyone’s life or death.

        False. More lies generated by Prots. Next thing you’ll be telling us is that that Catholic Church murdered millions during the Spanish Inquisition. But that too would be false.

        If there is any one single man in history responsible for sending souls to hell, it would be Martin Luther.

        • Ronald

          Masonic doctrine Christian ? Where did you get that.
          Do you consider the Orthodox or the Coptic Christians? I do.

          The Spanish Inquisition did murder millions.
          The Roman church destroyed many lives along with the temples and written books of most native religions in the Americas and where they could in Asia.
          I do not support the LGBT agenda so we have a point of agreement.

          • Roy Hobbs

            Masonic doctrine Christian ? Where did you get that.

            I didn’t. First, Prots are apostates. Period. Second, the cornerstone of Masonic doctrine is the separation of church and state, wherein said ‘church’ can be any voodoo god you want it to be. It was the Prots, not the Catholics, who latched on to that Masonic principle.

            Do you consider the Orthodox or the Coptic Christians? I do.

            Good for you. But they’re schismatics.

            The Spanish Inquisition did murder millions.

            Well, I called that one. But it is a lie, nonetheless. A Prot lie, no less, begun by the English and Dutch who were at war with Spain, and needed propaganda. I suggest you do some reading on the subject, and that doesn’t mean looking it up on Wikipedia. To wit:

            Turning to the fully recorded period, of the 44,674 cases, only 826 people were executed, which amounts to 1.8 percent of those brought to trial. All told, during the entire period [of] 148 through 1700, only about ten deaths per year were meted out by the Inquisition all across Spain, a small fraction of the many thousands…. King Henry VIII is credited with having boiled, burned, beheaded or hanged. … [Given that] during the subsequent century (1530 – 1630), the English averaged 750 hangings a year, many of them for minor thefts[,]… few who were sentenced to death by the Spanish Inquisition usually were repeat offenders who would not repent

            Rodney Stark, Bearing False Witness, Templeton Press, 2016, pp. 121-22.

            The Roman church destroyed many lives along with the temples and written books of most native religions in the Americas and where they could in Asia.

            More rubbish. I’m sure you’re losing tons of sleep at night knowing that human (and child) sacrifice is no longer being offered by “native religions” of the Americas. However, as I understand it, there’s still a few tribes in the Amazon you could visit to get yourself enriched with the pre-Catholic pagans of the Americas.

          • Ronald

            “Only 826 people were executed”, (1480 – 1700)

            Sir the Inquisition started in 1184 with Pope Lucius III. and Pope Innocent III, carrying it on. Pope Gregory in 1231 reorganized it creating the Dominican and Franciscan Orders as being in charge
            “Only”15,000 Knights Templar in 1307. Not to mention Joan of Arc.
            By the time Ferdinan and Isabella came along the “Spanish Inquisition” targeted Jews as being responsible for the black plague.
            The reality was women (an estimated 3 million),who had been killed as “witches”, also had their cats killed, as they thought the “evil witch” could transfer herself into her cat. So the plague broke out because Europe had been taken over by rats.
            “Offenders who would not repent” like Galileo in 1633.
            Sir, your claim that human sacrifice was the domain of native religions is simply the Vatican’s perception management, hiding their own criminal behavior.
            The Wahhabi Sunni likewise claim the right to kill “blasphemers”.
            I hold the Vatican and Saudi Mecca equally at odds with the Eternal.

          • Roy Hobbs

            Again with your falsities. YOU stated that the “…Spanish Inquisition did murder millions…,” and then claim that it was begun in 1184??? First, you failed to rebut the facts I presented that the Spanish Inquisition did not murder millions, but only 826, all of which happened after trials. You again have no basis for your outrageous and outlandish claims that millions were murdered. Second, no scholar, even lying Prot scholars, accepts that the Spanish Inquisition begun in 1184. It is widely accepted, and beyond dispute, that the Spanish Inquisition was established in 1478 by by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. However, seeing that you have no basis to support your outlandish claim that the Spanish Inquisition “murdered millions,” you shift the goal posts in an obvious attempt at misdirection, somehow trying include the Templars who were rounded up in France as a part of the Spanish Inquisition? Nice try.

            “The reality was women (an estimated 3 million),who had been killed as ‘witches'” More with your falsities. To wit:

            [D]uring the century 1540-1640, when the witch hunts were at their peak in most of Europe, the Inquisition of Aragon (one of the two Inquisitions functioning in Spain) executed only twelve people for “superstitions and witchcraft.”~Id. at p. 124

            Again, a far, far cry from the “millions” you maintain.

          • Ronald

            Granted in my first reply to you I used the term Spanish referring to the INQUISITION, because for most people that is the term they know when referring to the Inquisition.
            if you re-read my last post I said, ” Sir the Inquisition started in 1184″.
            That is 270 years of witches and blasphemers dying before the Spanish monarchs launched their part of it. As I said 3 million women died by the time the plague came along (1347).
            The reason was money. When someone was charged their property was immediately held by the church until their ‘trial” . The person laying the charge got a “commission”, of course the church kept the major share. The witches ‘trial’ was immersion in water. Innocent drown.
            Deny all you like, but that does not change reality.
            No religious leader has the right to decide the life or death of another based on that persons belief.
            The Vatican and Mecca are equally at odds with the Eternal.

    • Jimmy Jim

      That is the Yid agenda for us goyem bro, destroy our societies with queers and gender wars.

    • Tom Tom

      Anyone who takes on the blood of the cross (repent/take on the Holy Spirit through identification with the blood of the cross) is a Christian.

      • Ashok Varma

        All hocus pocus.

  • Peter Jennings

    This LGBTQ+ crowd are obsessed with pseudo science and quasi corporate double speak. TPTB via the UN have been trying to dumb down populations for years.
    If people of the christian faith, not counting myself, allow this bastardisation of norms, they are doomed to suffer all manner of charlatan.

    Is there a rainbow to heaven? i doubt it.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      To hell maybe.

  • Saddam Hussein

    Clown world

  • Lazy Gamer

    Judging them from their own framework, there was a time when men were willing to be excommunicated for what they believed in as against entrenched prevailing thought… Doubly so, when this is (secularly) for the benefit of the whole human race.

  • Jimmy Jim

    Frigging Yids are pushing faggotry to destroy western societies.

  • goingbrokes

    For churches the only logical and consistent way is to ban lgbt from churches since they don’t believe in it, and only admit people who renounce lgbt. They don’t seem to understand that it is a 5th column.

    • Ishyrion Av

      These days people invent their own gods. There is a long distance from what God did with Sodoma and Gomorrah and what some “churches” claim about God today.
      Is safe to understand that those “churches” who promote lgbt are not God’s churches but some economical entities.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Not God’s churches but some economical entities.

        Correction: Some Satanical Entities….

        • Ishyrion Av

          Satanical indeed.

  • Tom Tom

    California will soon be dumped into the sea. The big one is on the way.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The LGBTQI organization is getting everything they want in most countries around the world and yet they still blame Heterosexuals for their high suicide rates.
    Before homosexuals were given the freedom to express themselves, they weren’t actually killing themselves in such high numbers, but now they have all the freedoms they’ve ever wanted they’re actually killing themselves off in even higher numbers than they ever did, and the rates increasing.
    That doesn’t make sense to me, the suicide rates in the countries that have the most LGBTQI freedoms should be falling, not increasing, so why is it that with less heterosexual oppression and more homosexual freedom the suicide rates going up and not down, SOMETHINGS WRONG.
    Homosexuals can blame Heterosexual oppression for their high suicide rates all they like but that isn’t going to bring those rates down, they have to recognize that it’s something in their chosen lifestyles that’s causing the high suicide rates.
    The Old World Order used to teach little children to be either boys or girls, but the New World Order teaches little children to be both at the same time, so which is tougher on the kids, the old heterosexual way or the new Homosexual way?
    I think the high suicide rates in pro LGBTQI community makes a good case for going back to the tried and true methods of bringing up our children, you either learn to just be a man or just be a woman, not something in between the two, because it seems being both is much tougher than being just one or the other.
    This experiment by the LGBTQI organization is solely responsible for the high suicide rate amongst children, because no matter how bad they’ve been treated throughout past human history children have always had the lowest suicide rate of any human demographic, up until the LGBTQI organization took over that is, now they kill themselves off nearly as fast as Adults do.
    When Homosexuals and Bi sexuals stop blaming the Heterosexuals for the high suicide rate amongst their own demographic and start trying to work out why they’re still not happy, maybe the suicide rates may drop, but just blaming Heterosexuals just means more kids and members of the LGBTQI community will die.
    The LGBTQI organization is responsible for the current high suicide rates amongst children and the Homosexual population but refused to admit it, but eventually Homosexual people will start to work out why they’re dying faster than ever, and when they do they’ll be pointing their fingers at their own leaders, not the Heterosexuals.

    • Gary Sellars

      Fags offing themselves is hardly a problem. Lets find the cuase and do everything we can to accelerate the process.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        But they’re sometimes our mothers and fathers, or our brothers and sisters, and even our sons and daughters, so that’s not the answer.
        But I have to admit I sometimes feel like you do when I’m confronted by some of the angry militant LGBTQIers who see me and other Heterosexuals as the enemy, accelerating the process for them wouldn’t be so bad.

  • Lena Jones

    What about LBGTQ’s cultural mass “conversion therapy” that they’re forcing on the ‘normals’?

    Freaking misogynist bullies in lipstick! LOL!