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U.S. Charges 7 Alleged Russian Intelligence Operatives Over Hacking Claims

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U.S. Charges 7 Alleged Russian Intelligence Operatives Over Hacking Claims

The Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building in Washington, D.C., Photographed by Wikipedia user Coolcaesar on August 12, 2006.

On October 4, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it has pressed charges against seven alleged Russian military intelligence officials who are accused of attempting to hack the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and other entities.

“State-sponsored hacking and disinformation campaigns pose serious threats to our security and to our open society, but the Department of Justice is defending against them,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in an official statement released by the Department of Justice.

Washington also accused seven alleged Russian operatives of hacking the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA), Westinghouse nuclear power company, which provides nuclear fuel to Ukraine, and the Spiez Swiss Chemical Laboratory, which was analyzing a toxic substance, which was allegedly used against ex-Russian operative Sergei Skripal, and many other government agencies and institutes.

“The actions of these seven hackers, all working as officials for the Russian government, were criminal, retaliatory, and damaging to innocent victims and the United States’ economy, as well as to world organizations. Their actions extended beyond borders, but so did the FBI’s investigation,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The FBI identified the alleged operatives as Aleksei Sergeyevich Morenets, 41, Evgenii Mikhaylovich, Serebriakov, 37, Ivan Sergeyevich Yermakov, 32, Artem Andreyevich Malyshev, 30, Dmitriy Sergeyevich Badin, 27, Oleg Mikhaylovich Sotnikov, 46, and Alexey Valerevich Minin, 46

“We will work tirelessly to find them, stop them, and bring them to justice,” said warry, while Sessions vowed that the U.S. will do everything it can “to hold these criminals accountable for their crimes.”

However, the Department of Justice stamen has not provided any evidence what so ever to support the long list of accusations against the Russian intelligence and its alleged operatives so far.

Earlier on October 4, the Netherlands Defense Ministry accused 4 alleged Russian GRU agents of attempting to hack the OPCW in April 2018. MORE HERE

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This was probably not a sabotage attempt as that would look suspicious and ultimately would not halt the investigation, they probably wanted to know what the report would be before it went public.


Just some dudes trying to get free wifi, and everybody knows that western security is a joke.

The British give Visas to famous GRU agents, and the Dutch use wifi in their chemical weapons labs, I mean how stupid are these people.

Promitheas Apollonious

But one thing is not answered in all I hear about this story. Why russians will want to hack what is claimed they attempted to hack? Especially GRU.


Motive is not something that seems to enter the mind of the average voter, so Governments can make up any kind of ridiculous story, and it will be believed.


When nobody listen to a regime then he claim many things that he did this and he done that. Now US and Israel can bark as much they can the Russian IL-20 and 15 Russian servicemen cannot comeback.


These cyber attacks take place in the USA? The Dutch are reported to have discovered them. Mattis made the announcement at NATO HQ as America takes over. And those Russians, where are they?

Promitheas Apollonious

and why they needed to hack what is claimed they was trying to hack? Guys who ever of you has not prepared himself and family for what is coming and it be very soon now since they are failing in ME, watch how they will try to close Bosporus and start war in the Balkans as well all over the borders of russia, stating in Ukraine.

This BS is gone far enough and is not the russians that will start it.

You can call me Al

I would go the Chines, with Russia securing both.

Promitheas Apollonious

the problem is not who we with my friend. The problem is we are in the fucking middle of all this and my worry is not dying but die before I enjoy this party they going to start if they start dropping bombs left and right.

Concrete Mike

Yes you are in the middle, i wish i could convey your urgency to my circles here, no one understands.

And your assesment of not depending on anyone for a while is correct. No doubt youve come to this.conclusion a long time ago, i would guess you dont want to be caught with your pants down as 99% will be once it starts.

Promitheas Apollonious

Not a chance to be catch with our pants down. We are very organized and our territory a fly dont fly we dont check and clear or bury. We are the only area in greece that all this islamist been imported in europe have not yet invaded or can walk in our streets very close system society. None greeks are not welcome here and most greeks also are not welcome here. Unless they passing by and dont stop.

You can call me Al

Strangely enough, I do not believe that Europe will be touched – UNLESS we try and pretend we are still powerful.

PS Assuming you are talking about Europe.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes I am talking about europe.


I believe this same group was trying to hack into my home computer to steal my dessert recipes.
They where unsuccessful in the attempt, all I had to do was to unplug my modem. :D


They tried to make away with my bling pasta sauce recipe too. ;-)

I watched this morning’s news conference and it was the most disjointed dyslexic thing that I have seen in a long time. At one point I thought that the Russians were going to get blamed for stealing the the poo out of the litter box.

Personally, I think that it was yet another attempt at distraction from the real issues at hand. The Senate Republican Leaders had the real press conference in the afternoon. The Supreme Court Justice issue will be resolved soon.


The USA has the largest prison population on the planet, anyone who challenges the state is imprisoned and if you don’t confess you are tortured. The US uses fake law and order as a way of controlling Americans, and recently the whole world.

They live in a modern version of the Inquisition, with the same belief that all are guilty, and if you don’t confess, you will be tortured until you do confess.
Such a primitive and barbaric empire.

You can call me Al

Do you mean that they are complete and utter twats ?.

Promitheas Apollonious

That is what happens when you have police that is private business as well prisons that use the inmates for free labor. Welcome to NWO. You should also check what happen to the juveniles over there, it give you a better idea.


australia is prison continent :P


i am very sure they were investigating which country was bringing chem weapons into syria ..and i would say FCKN UNDERSTANDABLE!!!


i do the same fricken thing u know i investigate till i find those responsible i too wish to know EXACTLY which rich white nation brought those chem weapons in and gave em WITH training i might add to the occultist backed rebels

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I would conclude that the US/EU/NATO gangsters are very worried that the secrets of the organisations they control will be exposed for the world to see.
The tables are being turned. The Plebs are always told by the gangster governments that if they have noting to hide they have nothing to be worried about.
So, what do OPCW, WADA etc have to hide?
More power to the hackers to get to the truth before the gangsters start WW3.

Ricky Miller

It’s incredible. It’s like the Western Intelligence Agencies knew that the GRU would come calling. They had it staked out. Why? They knew Russia would be looking for the truth. The WADA doping scandal was blown out of proportion and was used as a weapon to pressure the IOC into harming Russia and her athletes. Come on, a curler, doping? With his wife as his partner? No way. The GRU wanted to know via e-mail trail who was putting pressure on these organizations up to and including the push back against the Court of Arbitration for Sport Ruling and who wanted to include the penalty that Russian athletes would not be able to have their own private food service during the Olympic games.
The same for the OPCW, who refused to explain how Syrian victims of the 2017 alleged chemical weapons attack showed up in clinics before the attack took place, or to address Russian radar evidence submitted which showed that the only Syrian aircraft in the vicinity could not have lobbed any munition onto the target in question without violating the laws of physics. This last OPCW report has refused to address how much chlorine was present and did it spread outwards in concentration from the bomb site? Who is pressuring this organization to withhold information and is there an e-mail trail that shows it? This all shows that Russian Intelligence Agencies are working to reveal the truth about these spider webs and that certain others are trying to hide it and supposed International Organizations are conspiring with their NATO handlers to facilitate deception and twist the narrative.


another active ruskie agents. btw., the real owners of SF (1 exKGB, one exFSB guy – i have their real names and addresses) in future will be put also on list of sanctiond peopl for supporting of international neonazism.
(look at allewed comments of real nazis here!)

Concrete Mike

No woŕries we know who you are too.

It takes 2 to dance


How can they provide evidence when did they ever presented evidence of anything. YOU MUST TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT.

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