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U.S. Central Command Says Three ‘One-Way’ Drones Attacked Al-Tanf Garrison In Syria

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U.S. Central Command Says Three ‘One-Way’ Drones Attacked Al-Tanf Garrison In Syria

Green Berets and their partner force, the Maghaweir al-Thowra (MaT), during a joint patrol mission near At-Tanf Garrison, Syria, April 29, 2020. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. William Howard)

The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has confirmed that al-Tanf garrison in southeastern Syria was attacked with drones on January 20.

In a statement, the command said that three “one-way” drones attacked al-Tanf in the early morning hours. Two of the drones were shot down by U.S.-led coalition forces, while the third managed to hit a compound within the garrison. The attack injured two fighters of the Army of Free Syria, the coalition main proxy group in al-Tanf. However, no U.S. troops were harmed.

“Attacks of this kind are unacceptable – they place our troops and our partners at risk and jeopardize the fight against ISIS,” said Joe Buccino CENTCOM spokesperson.

Around 200 U.S. troops are usually deployed at al-Tanf. The coalition maintains a 55-kilometers around the garrison, which was established more than six years ago.

The drone attack on al-Tanf was first reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The London-based monitoring group speculated that the attack was carried out by forces affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Syria or Iraq.

Last year, Iranian-backed forces were blamed for two attacks which targeted the garrison on  October 20 and August 15. Both attacks were reportedly carried out in response to Israeli strikes on Syria.

It is still unclear if the U.S. is planning to respond to the new drone attack on al-Tanf garrison. Washington is yet to make any official accusations.



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Good news!


Russia needs to transfer some of those ‘western arms’ captured in uKRAPistan and ship them off to militants in Syria and Iraq.

Give the fascist thugs a taste of their own medicine.

jens holm

So funny. Russians has to do this and that. Unfortunatly the Rusticans has no talents as well as equipment for that.

And there is a lot of space for solutions. USA has retreated to less then half.

The succes forPutin seemes to be just as they try to do in Ukriane. Half of the population is not even there. I wonder what fiasco is ? It could be none lived there.


LOL…. what the fuck are you blathering about, sub human uKRAPitrash slug ?

SIDDOWN, ya fucking mongrel — you embarrass yourself with your buffoonery


quite a bit of captured U.S. equipment in Afghanistan has ended up in Syria.

jens holm

No it hasnt Mr & Mrs Iddi. .


Hehhheh… Attacks of this kind are unacceptable – they place our troops and our partners at risk and jeopardize the fight against ISIS,” said Joe Buccino CENTCOM spokesperson….. hehhheh.. are you mad man? Centcom means ISIS . Every body knows that.

jens holm

Thats routine too just as Your comment. So many dont like Your kind and ISIS of course too.


The ex-Baathists in Iraq run ISIS with CIA money.

jens holm

And You is a parambulator rúnning on wheels too.

Sionist Slaves of America

US troops will eventually withdraw from Syria like they did from Afghanistan, and it will all be a waste just like it was in Afghanistan.


In the meantime some of them need to leave in coffins,Russia should give all the weapons the resistance needs to send them home in coffins.

jens holm

Typical comment. Hardly no USA soldiers die. They succesfully pay fortunes to aboid that.

I wonder what Your socalled resistance is? Resistance for or against what or whome ?

Thats the whole point. Assads by the Baathist party treated all Syria as a private property, where most people are trencdigged away.

The Syrian people never has got benefits for oil and gas. It has been drowned in corruption, oligarcs and no possible incitaments for any changes for any increased production.

Thats how it is and was: An oil state not even able to produce plastic bottles to themself.

Chris Gr

US should leave Syria, whether Syria is Baathist or not.

jens holm

I kind of disagree.

As long ad USA is there the Turks cant do anything as they please. Assads also wont dare to try the SDFs, which SDF would resist anything they can.

Very much as Turkey is involved in Nothern Iraq too.

Next we have Iran and its supporter in Iraq.

Who can make some 10 mio Syria to come home, if there are any homes left? Hard to see USA are he worst in that.

Chris Gr

I don’t get your logic. It means that US should stay in Syria and loots its oil because Assad, Turkey and Iran need to be stopped. I don’t get it.

jens holm

1. USA and SDF has the main oil and partly gas control because Assads by that cant get it. So USA is not there because of the tin cans frm there. USA do use the oil to dinence its adventure.

The people of Syria didnt get the profit of oil and gas. The Baathist did selling it to them and the world.

Thats one of many reasons for there has been no investments apart from militaries and secret police control for Assads.

I mainly has written that USA(Frqance+GB) leaving makes no difference.

Last edited 2 months ago by jens holm
Chris Gr

90% percent of Syrian oil is controlled by the US. That’s why they want there. Not to bring freedom and democracy.

jens holm

Thats not what I see. Having not much oil the bathists are reduced even not gone by USA.

USA could not replace or decline Assads mainly because of the help from Russia, Hesbollah and Iran.

And Russia are happy too. They dont care much about the Turks as well. Now they have a more practical and limited Assads regime to help. Their main purpose is to have bases there. They have.

Whats freedom and democrasy in ME. It dont exist. Its impossible. So You tell me fiction.

BUT the SDF program is very democratic and sekular compared to the rest there. I has equal rights amomng gender. Women can live alone with here children and work as they can. Thye are sekulars too.

Thats why none of the rest likes them.It might be from there You have heard democrasy or very semilar to that. SDFs by YPG also are the only ones in Syria having a devellopment plan for the future. Thats no option for Assads. They not even know what it is.

Chris Gr

Yes, but you don’t know the real case. Assad is like that because he has communist views. His father was an admirer of Mao, just like Saddam was an admirer of Stalin.

SDF are not the hardcore democratics that you think of. They are a mix of YPG and local warlords. And YPG is a mix of communism, fascism and anarchism. And they have cleansed Assyrians, Syrian “Arabs” and Turkmens from their homes.

jens holm

2. You might open Your eyes. As soon USA reduced its pressence Turkey took a lot of land from both ISIS and SDF and Assads were forced to accept the SDF milisias as partners against the Turks.

And ISIS and other almost semiilars to are not gone. They are well represented i Dara. The do actions in the Shammarbelt from Raqqa and east into Iraq with the deserts as well as north along the Khbaiur river all the way up to Hasaka.

Here SDFs with USA did the best job to take those ISIS parts back. Eve some areas now are empty because of moving all away from there, its not calm.

I take no patent But I believe in Turks will take muxch more in a ga´harder ways as well as ISIS can and will grow in level.

That can be added the old Iranian traditions for more influence all the way to Beirut. Here fxAl Tanf is a blocker having airt support for it too.

Chris Gr

Without US being there then SDF would be defeated.

jens holm

We all know that.

You seemes to have forgotten SDF and USA/GB/France are paralels and not same things.

You by that also has forgotten SDFs by YPG was second choise and ISIS was number one to hewlp removing Assads as fire against fire. That got out of hand.

ISIS for a short while got a lot of suport and modern weapons as well. But they got out of hands.

Chris Gr

On one hand, these 3 Western powers say that PKK is terrorist, on the other hand, they support YPG, which is the Syrian extension of PKK.

Same with Iran. Iran, on one hand, supports Assad and on the other they support Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood. There are political games there.


Your Routin words as ever.. UsA troops are killing like the birds every day. Your funny news and CIA Cencored all news. No news no media no photo. .. believe me they kill easily every day… iraq.syria.ucraine.africa. they dead so.

Last edited 2 months ago by DavaRo
jens holm

Compared to other they dont. And i do explain things so You might understand them and it more.

Very much here is onesided as if the rest of the world not even exist or You are worse then a bipolar in a nightmare.

jens holm

2) But I can see one thing for sure. You are totally disconnected from the world I live in.

You not even understand CIA often are the protecting friend of mine and billions compared to what Your options are. West do protect itself and not only by CIA.

You should wonder why people emmigrate to here and change it, so they dont.But You are not able to and deny Your own people having a good long life feeling safe and not skinny, where You also can say what You think and Your vote and voice counts.

None will blame You for that – here.


But Germany is giving america and britain the green light to go fts in the Ukraina meatgrinder virgaina for faggots.

jens holm

You are wrong. We are 35 to 40 countries suppoorting Ukraine in the ways we can and will.

You just see we are diifferent countries and not only some United State mob.

Its very important to us Ukriane also by UN has the right to decide in their quagmire themself.

I take it agin. This is not USA and Brittain at all. The world dont look as You are told by Mr and Mrs Putin nobody being no more part od Europe anymore.

We also are frezing to death starving in the streets. More like Taiga Putin in the Woods are hitting his only tiny balls in a bvery cold Sibiria.

Denmark todays has given Ukriane 12 Ceasar accurate long range haubitzers, so buy and umbrella.

And we also has added even more helpt for the civilians there as well as we have 25.000 in safety here. Some 5.000 has descent jobs. Their many children all go to school even its not perfect because of the language differences.

Chris Gr

If Ukraine was more neutral and not a puppet of the US, maybe this wouldn’t happen. Most of the world would want Ukraine to win. Now, it is the opposite.

Chris Gr

James Hiroshi Kira be like, German, American, British and Ukrainian capitalists are good while Russians are bad.

jens holm

Its my very subjective oppinion USA will remain there until Assad or/Erdogan is gone. They ar blockeing any devellopments to the better.

Gece ansizin

Ey ABD bir gece ansızın gelebiliriz. Tranlsate jen.

jens holm

Most likely You are one of those putting bananas up in your behind, before You eat it for pleasure.


The Chinese torture water drop technique.


ISIS=EUofA. Kissinger> Hiter.


To je nič. Potrebuje to skalibrovať!!! Rusko by malo dodať Sýrii zopár kalibrov, aby sa Sýria konečne mohla oslobodiť spod okupácie darebáckeho štátu USA!!! Myslím, že teraz je tá pravá chvíľa. Irán by mohol prispieť tiež myslím, že aj oni majú zopár schopných rakiet, ako sme sa už mali možnosť presvedčiť. Po teroristickom útoku USA na vysokého predstaviteľa Iránu, Irán zrovnal jednu základňu teroristov z USA.

jens holm

Very impressing USA having about 1000 soldiers there has the whole Syria.

Gece ansizin

… ansızın gelebiriz .. hehehh.

Dick Von D'Astard

Retaliatory punch bags for U.S. acts of aggression everywhere else.

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