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U.S. Central Command Releases Photos, Video Of Recent Strikes On Iraq


On March 13, Commander of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) shared new information on the recent strikes on Iraq.

During a press briefing, Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie said the “defensive strikes,” which took place in the early morning, targeted five “advanced conventional weapons storage sights” of Iranian-affiliated Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH).

“Up front, we have information that confirms KH conducted the rocket attacks on Camp Taji on March 11th that killed three coalition members and injured fourteen others. We assess that KH has launched 12 rocket attacks against coalition forces in the last six months,” the general said.

KH released a statement a day earlier praising the attack on Camp Taji without claiming responsibility for it. The group called on the perpetrators to reveal themselves, promising to support and protect them.

Gen. McKenzie also shared photos of the five targeted positions, claiming that they contained “Iranian-supplied advanced conventional weapons” that could enable lethal operations against U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq. A video showing one of the strikes was also released.

These claims were refuted by the Iraqi military, which revealed earlier that the strikes were not limited to KH positions. A base of the military’s 19th Commandos Division and Babylon’s Police Regiments were among the targets. Five soldiers and policemen were killed.

Furthermore, one of the strikes targeted a civilian airport under construction near the holy Shiite city of Karbala, killing a civilian worker. The CENCTOM described the airport as a “advanced conventional weapons storage facility.”

The CENCTOM’s claims appear to be false and misleading. The strikes have clearly targeted positions of the Iraqi government forces, which formally are allies of the U.S.-led coalition.

The U.S. strikes were condemned by most parties in Iraq. The attack will likely renew Shiite-led efforts to expel U.S. troops from the country.




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