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U.S. CENTCOM: Russia, Iran Prevent Syria From “Moving Forward”. Russian Air Defenses Threaten U.S. Air Power’s Dominance


U.S. CENTCOM: Russia, Iran Prevent Syria From "Moving Forward". Russian Air Defenses Threaten U.S. Air Power's Dominance

General Joseph L. Votel, Commander of U.S. Central Command

Speaking during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on March 13, Army Gen. Joseph Votel, commander of U.S. Central Command, claimed Russia and Iran are destabilizing the fight against ISIS in Syria and accused Tehran and Moscow of preventing Syria from “moving forward.”

“Our mission in Syria is strictly focused on defeating ISIS,” Votel said. “The biggest threat in Syria right now is all the other instability that is taking place that is preventing the country from moving forward …Certainly Iran is an aspect of this but so is Russia.

The general claimed that Moscow acts as “both arsonist and firefighter” fueling tensions among different forces and then attempting to arbitrate disputes. Thus, Russia is allegedly undermining relations between Turkey and the U.S.

So I am concerned about this role that Russia plays in northern Syria and how it impacts all of our relationships and especially relations between us and Turkey,” he said adding Turkey has been “a key partner in the fight against ISIS here for a long period of time, and we do recognize they have legitimate concerns with security along their border from terrorism.”

The commander of the CENTCOM continued saying that the US will challenge the Iranian and Russian efforts iin the region.

“Iran has been a key enabler of the regime for a while… [Russia] also is a key enabler of the regime,” he said. If Russia, Syria and Iran do win in the region, “it means we will contend with this influence of Iran in this particular area and the influence of Russia.”

Votel also said that the UN ceasefire imposed last month has had little effect and complained that the increase of Russian air defense capabilities in Syria threaten the US air power’s dominance.

In other words, Syria, Russia and Iran are guilty that the US had failed to overthrow the Assad government and to instal a puppet regime in the country. Now, the US has to digest the consequences of its regional policy.



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  • Dušan Mirić

    Are you naturally born stupid or you’re just spineless servant of the Dark Force?
    Can’t believe such an idiot can get such rank.

    • klove and light

      other way round brother……because he is such an idiot and has no character he got that rank!!

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        They always chosen them, like that, they called the YES SIR toys.

        • klove and light

          right on

      • Rob

        Wait Trump will fire him on this idiotic statement.

      • northerntruthseeker .

        Actually Votel has no soul, answers only to his Jewish masters, and that is why he is so high ranked….

    • AresXtremE Nemesis

      It is normal that perpetuators (warmongers/plotters) of Syrian conflict like USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, accuse others for their own mischievous doings.
      If USA is retard nation, they think that also others are stupid like them.

      • Rob

        This is first time in history that Washington attack was delayed but not cancelled and Syria and their allies should have to be ready all the time. This is a lesson for Israeli terrorists too, if their asses have been seen in Syria then their asses will be smashed by the tip of the most suitable missile.

    • Rob

      Last night the Trump attack on Damascus was imminent but due to S400, S300, S200, Pantsir-S1, SU-57, SU35 was not happened. The Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah and whatever their allies were all were stand by for Trump attack.

      • AM Hants

        Fingers crossed, they have not decided to try another day.

        Are Russia, Iran and Turkey holding peace talks on Syria on 16 March 2018? Together with the Russian Presidential Elections on 18 March 2018. Rocky days ahead, owing to psychotic, political insanity.

        • John Whitehot

          in case things go south, i salute all my friends here at sf in advance.
          good luck everybody.

          • Oscar Silva Martinez

            Jesus Christ, I don’t know if I should return the salute or just hate you LOL, but I have to accept you’re right, let’s hope everything goes the right way!!!

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Diplomacy alone cannot prevent the enemy from attacking. Only the knowledge that there will be negative consequences will do that. -)

    • Tudor Miron

      Thats exactly the reason why he got such rank.

    • AM Hants

      He is not the only one.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Idiots promote idiots, Paedophiles employ paedophiles, Thieves mix with thieves etc. It is as simple as that I think and the US ,UK EU ,Israeli cabals in power have combined to cause a perfect ‘shit storm ‘ that threatens the very ground we ALL stand on.

      However I can honestly say that I would prefer extinction than to survive in a world enslaved by Zionism, or any other ‘ism’ for that matter :)

    • 5commando

      Anyone in the US military above the rank of Major is promoted on the basis of political and social considerations, i.e. their reliability in advancing western-style left-liberal democracy, not martial skill.

  • antoun

    the american military gay lgbt cry ouh ouh!!

    • rudy

      An army where woman have bigger ball’s than man !

  • 1691

    In other words, Syria, Russia and Iran have beaten up the terrorists (and their masters) badly. Well done!

  • Moni3691

    “Russian air defense capabilities in Syria threaten the US air power’s dominance.” I hope Russia will increase those defense capabilities, because no one but SAA should’ve air power dominance in its country.

    • John Whitehot

      they already increased it several weeks ago by deploying additional S-400s and changing the air group composition to more multirole fighters and less tactical bombers. Air defences in Syria are adequate at dealing with anything short of WW3.

  • Rüdiger Preiss

    “Turkey a key partner in the fight against ISIS” – what? In buying ISIS oil??

    • John Whitehot

      everybody tried to exploit ISIS besides Russia, Iran and Syria.

      why? it was put there by Israel with the encouragement to the west and sunni fundamentalist countries to exploit at leisure.

      then it came october 2015.

      • as

        I read in AMN and VT news that the RuAF and SyAF keep their planes in the air as they intensity their airstrikes as well as keeping their airspace illuminated for possible incursions.

        • AM Hants

          That makes sense.

        • John Whitehot

          hmmm, seems to me that most medias are trying to keep up some sort of histerya about impending US strikes.

          it’s strange that such innuendo in articles is sidelined, if existing at all, in Russian or Syrian official medias.

          AMN had an article yesterday about a US comedian turned jihadist, in which it described counter terror forces as “Putinites and Assadites”.

          Note that the article didn’t bear any signature from individual journos.

          • as

            Yeah that’s seems more likely.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The good CNN reporter Bilal the bile producer!

          • John Whitehot

            yea, that nigga with a gray beard xD

      • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

        Sunni Muslim Obama and Hillary Clinton and their CIA armed ISIS using weapons they stole from Lybia.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Sadly for all of the insouciant Americans who learn their history from Hollywood the result of their unconcern for all others on the planet will be :-


        The cleansing of America by Fire.
        It is long overdue.

  • Mo Richard

    This idiot is telling the world that they are the “good guys” fighting the just cause. i.e they’re the ones bringing peace to Syria. Hey I’m I really dreaming!!? What do these people think we are!??

    • as

      Bobbing head idiots.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Idiots and hollywood/TV educated. Since they always learn to think and behave as though usa is another planet and all are made after the american prototype, of clones.

    • Lawrence of Arabia

      does it matter…lobotomised masses believe….u n me….up against the wall…

  • as

    Regime. Iraq regime. Syria regime. Israel regime.

  • rudy

    In clear Votel ment, Russia and Iran are destabelizing the US evacuations of IS Bloody Mercenary proxy’s with US helicopters to other batllegrounds, terrorists invented, organized, trained, armed and COMMANDED by himself witch make him and othger US governmentals warcriminals !

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yes war criminals that they never see the inside of a court.

    • rudy

      Corporal Voltel is breaking willingly and with premeditabtion international law !

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        one question. The only international law this world ever expiriense or seen is the law of the powerful. Common sense law none ever seen practiced. So the law is what they who think are the rulers of the rest say it is. For the moment.

        P.s. so what law are you referring to?

        • Johnpd

          Yes. & History as well. History is written by the winners.

      • rudy

        He’s breaking International law and therefore should appear before a Nurnberg Tribunal !

      • christianblood

        Corporal Voltel is whining like a child!

      • northerntruthseeker .

        Corporal? If I was in charge, this clown would be a janitor or buck private third class at best!

  • Joe

    Can’t imagine they can talk pure nonsense in such high level meetings devoid of logic and reality on the ground.

    ..plus lies to too

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      devoid applies to your logic and common sense they believe what they say as they groomed to believe is their right to go to other countries and destroy and steal everything from them using them as slave labor.

      What part of their NWO did not understand?

    • as

      If you ask him in front of lie detectors whether is the Avengers is real or not he will say yes and the lie detectors wouldn’t ring because they believe it from the bottom of their heart.

  • Caesar

    “In other words, Syria, Russia and Iran are guilty that the US had failed
    to overthrow the Assad government and to instal a puppet regime in the
    country” => What a delightful summary.

    • Ishyrion Av

      Yes, but shameful and sad too. US and his other “key enablers” in the region (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey) are focused on destroying a country (many countries!) and lives of millions of people, tearing down civilizations only for them to lead above chaos.
      I know is not news. I know they do it like they breath.
      But it still makes me sad that some people became so devilish, hating so much the human life.
      I sincerely admit that I cannot comprehend this hate.

      • AM Hants

        But it still makes me sad that some people became so devilish, hating so much the human life.
        I sincerely admit that I cannot comprehend this hate.

        Well said and so many of us share your sentiments.

        • Wanklord

          Russia won’t do anything in the event US & NATO start obliterating SAA positions in Eastern Ghouta: the Russian military has never been prepared for such fight nor do they care about the fate of their Syrian partners (these good-for-nothing simply represent the interests of Gazprom).

          • Ariel Cohen

            Watch that right hand Wanksalot . . it’s becoming unstable..

          • LR captain

            s-1 pansir air defense systems were put in place to defend against Israeli drone and air attacks. Now since the downing of the F-16 they only fire from with in Israeli territory. the tomahawk missiles had an accuracy rating 95% when they were first made in 1995 however Russian E-warfare reduced them down to a 40% accuracy rating. so missiles and air craft are no-go

            so the only way Russia is really leaving Syria is if the US puts 26,000-35,000 boots on the ground and march on the Syrian capital. then having to deploy another 20,000 to help “keep the peace”

            Besides I don’t see the US having an issue bringing back 1000 dead american soldiers to bury them. (elite Syrian troops, snipers, IEDs, gorilla attacks etc) there will be american losses.

        • Marilyn

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      • Rob

        The Trump brutal regime the butcher must stop slaughtering students in classrooms in US.

        • William Spielberger

          You’re an idiot

    • Barba_Papa

      You know what? I think I can live with these bitter American tears. How about you fine gents and ladies?

      • northerntruthseeker .

        Yes, I feel so sorry for the Americans… NOT!!!!!

    • christianblood

      U$ and its satanic allies have indeed failed to install their murderous ISIS & Al-Qaeda puppets
      on Syria for now but the U$-led empire of evil is not done yet and they are indeed very, very desperate.

    • You can call me Al

      They are delusional and insane, pathetic and incredibly predictable….how is God’s name can anyone still take them seriously ? (apart from their bully tactics of course).

      • zman

        I wish to god I knew. I talked to a person I’ve known for years and that I thought had at least half a brain cell. He ranted on about how all those that run for President in Russia get assassinated and that 500 Russians were killed near Deir Ezzor after they attacked US forces. I asked where he gets his news…Yahoo.

        • You can call me Al

          Yeah – my Dad is similar.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      My words exactly… What a bunch of bullshit coming out of the US….

    • But see how shameless these bastards can be. And look at US puppet UK as well. they don’t know about Russian involvement in the Spy death, but they have pre assumed that its Russia. And they have broken another barrier of shamelessness by saying “We don;t know who did it, but Russia you prove that you are innocent”. Can you believe this?

      • SG

        US is also a Jewish puppet regime.

  • Johnpd

    Lies, more lies, & yet further lies. Completely & transparently obvious lies.
    How did the mad U$Asylum Empire become ruled by such exceptional sphincters spewing such indispensable sh1te?
    John Doran.

  • klove and light

    cant wait and see how this folds out in the coming 60 days…..east ghouta..farmlands freed of zionist us scum…city/town warfare now…….will the us/zionist scum dare to attack??if then only with missiles……will russia risk WW3 by destroying one or more of the us warships which fired of cruise missiles???
    turkey in northern syria…can they make a deal with the us-zionist scum for manjib??talks were held between the 2!!!what will the answer be here to by russia???
    Al-tanf….us self-imposed no go zone…will russia and iran allow that to be permament?
    the rich oil and gas fields to the east of deir-e-zoor..again us self-imposed no go zone…will russia and iran allow that to be permament??
    It seems to me, that if the us-zionist bastards dont back off, there is only 1 possibility……iran-russia at war with nato!!
    we should all know by latest at the end of may…unless ofcourse the us bastards go all out before and attack first!

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Lets see in this chicken game, whose the chicken and who is the rooster.

    • Redadmiral

      What if US warships attack Syria with Tomahawks and US MIA was aware that Russia would not attack those ships, they would only down as many of the missiles as possible. However, Mossad also are aware of this scenario and Russian response. Israhell wants a different outcome, so, we get a re-run of the USS Liberty from June 67 except that in this instance the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and/or the Harry S Truman take hits from over the horizon. The Big Bad Bear is to blame and US have to respond immediately. What follows is on a need to know basis only: US Zionists and their Israhell brothers have conspired together on this as they did on 9/11 to get what they want……………WW111 and Russia to Blame

      • Vitex

        Have you read the |Great Butter Battle by Dr Suess?

      • AM Hants

        Remember the 60 tomahawks that Trump sent to Syria, when he was hosting the President of China? One flipped in the tube, 36 went AWOL and 23 landed, but, left as much damage as a Novemember firework display. The Syrian Forces were flying a couple of hours later.

        Not a good advert. Were they all duff missiles or did something meet them on route?

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, I think He is an idiot, primed and honed thru years of bullshit, flowing daily, and reveals it instantly, what an joke, educated from been an idiot to an full blown moron.

    If this thing, had pulled His pants down, bending over with His bare ass, and farted into the mike and cameras, that would be more close to the truth that this shit, wankee boy, according to standard smell tests.


  • Nigel Maund

    These US Generals are total puppets of the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal who control the “AXIS of EVIL” (USA, Israel and NATO) helll bent on Global Hegemony and Dictatorship at any price and they will never give in. A defeat is just a setback for this appalling Cabal who just regroup ad carry on regardless. All the Terrorists have been funded by the Cabal and its AXIS powers so they are not struggling against ISIS which is their own creation, they want to destroy Syria, Iran, Russia and China as these countries are all that stands in their way to Global Domination and an appalling dictatorship of titanic evil.

    • 1691

      Absolutely, however if/when/whether they dominate the countries you mentioned then who are they gonna fight afterwards? I see the reason for the fighting in Syria. Soon it will be over but the zio mafia, although defeated will not stop stirring troubles around the world. We all know, or most people are aware of who is who and what is what on the global stage. How long do we need to realize that the pay-masters must be eliminated?

    • christianblood

      U$ Generals and politicians are like small kids! They act and talk like school yard bullies!

      • Nigel Maund

        Agreed! That precisely the culture of the US military as shown in copious movies made by Hollywood. Their entire culture is one of arraogance, superiority, vulgarity, cold blooded killers and bullying. This is the ethos of the US Military like the Waffen SS.

        • christianblood

          You are exactly right!

  • alexis

    US has a big problem. Assad still alive. Syria is building up again piece by piece. no nerve gas in Goutha, only in England with public histery and three isolated victims, never being seen…Rex Tillerson sack off, meeting with Kim in infinity…good work my friend, please go on…

  • Anthony Paul Mapes

    Says it’s about ISIS then contradicts himself by saying it’s about countering influence, level of stupidity rises in this one!

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      the worrying part is they believe what they say, based on the believe is their right and no one else. .

      • Anthony Paul Mapes

        That’s the problem with exceptionalism you end up in a echo chamber

        • christianblood

          Hahaha! Very well-said!

        • FlorianGeyer

          Indeed and Trump has built the ‘ greatest, smartest and loudest ‘ echo chamber in the world has seen :)


          • Anthony Paul Mapes

            I wouldn’t say trump did it, it’s always been that way

          • FlorianGeyer

            Trump has now been forced to surrender to the Deep State though.
            He was certainly not expected to win the election at any stage of the campaign by all but a minority and that included Trump Supporters .

            I and a friend did bet on Trump to win though and that was a welcome windfall :)

  • Hrky75

    Senat hearings remind me on Catholic Mass performed by a bunch of autists in the lunatic asylum. Just like the Mass, bunch of officially dressed people in the pulpit recite a predetermined text that hasn’t changed in decades. The auditorium then recites their answer – also predetermined and unchanging. The words are spoken automatically and without thinking – because if one starts analysing it the spell of mysticism might be broken. And then next Sunday you repeat it all over again. In the case of US Senat the autism part actually helps a lot. That way it’s much easier to profess the secular faith in American Exceptionalism while ignoring mocking laughter or shouts of outrage from the rest of the world…

    • Lawrence of Arabia

      i like it, i really like it…on the bloody money son…….

    • AM Hants

      Not forgetting, going to confession on a Saturday night. So the Priest gets to hear it all and then a few prayers later, you can get back to business on a Sunday morning.

    • Politolog Externista

      I am a catholic, and I know blind priests. The mass is pretty ancient and as such it doesnt change, because the Word of God doesnt change. If you do not personally know God, you cant fathom the words spoken in a holy mass. It will be shallow and pretty much useless for the religious perrson. It will have very little to no effect on the person and as such, no personal growth or relationship with God. I have experienced the love of God, it is a fire burning really hot. But is is quite strange to say the least. How to reach Jesus and through Him to Father, is written in the Bible. Until then I was religious but it was empty. I do not blame you or your views on confession. God forgives even without it but it is a very good and useful tool still. Because many ppl think their sins are either too great to forgive or dont really care … spiritual blindness comes from big sins, some of the biggest are sins of the flesh.

  • Redadmiral

    OK: US warships attack Syria with Tomahawks and US MIA was aware
    that Russia would not attack those ships, they would only down as many
    of the missiles as possible. However, Mossad also are aware of this
    scenario and Russian response. Israhell wants a different outcome, so,
    we get a re-run of the USS Liberty from June 67 except that in this
    instance the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and/or the Harry S Truman take
    hits from over the horizon. The Big Bad Bear is to blame and US have to
    respond immediately. What follows is on a need to know basis only: US
    Zionists and their Israhell brothers have conspired together on this as
    they did on 9/11 to get what they want….WW111 and Russia to Blame

  • 888mladen .

    Turkey air force bombed Syrian army and Shia positions in Aleppo. Things are unfolding. Turkey has never been friend of Syria and it will never be. Putin’s treachery. Now FSA terrorists have gained valuable combat experience and they gonna use it against SAA.

  • Bolter10

    Iran vs US and Israel war countdown has begun.

  • XJ5

    laughing at the ailing American & Western-European Empires.

  • jerry hamilton

    Hmmm… What do you recon. Psychopath or Sociopath?

    • KennyB

      It’s hard to decide. The hubris of these people is incredible.

  • Ariel Cohen

    General Votel, with all undue respect, why wimp out and become a puppet of the Zionazis? Grow a real military man’s backbone and live by your moral conscience …not by the Zionazi agenda of your Zionazi puppetmaster . .

    • He’s American – what moral conscience are you talking about?

      • Ariel Cohen


  • Lucian

    Flooding the region with weapons then bombing them – “arsonist & firefighter”.
    Maybe there are no mirrors in the US to help them see themselves, but only windows to see others…

  • EoF

    Good. The entire mid-east needs to filled with s-400s and s-300s. Get to work.

  • Serious

    “Turkey has been “a key partner in the fight against ISIS here for a long
    period of time, and we do recognize they have legitimate concerns with
    security along their border from terrorism.””.

    And all those f…ing stupid shit kurd come here to suck USA dick. XD. What a bunch of stupid morons.

    Sunnis and kurds are the main problem in Syria because they are very very stupid.

    • The Kurds have only themselves to blame.
      It’s not like they don’t from vast past personal direct experience that America betrays its foreign militant allies as, when and how it suits them.
      This was just another betrayal waiting to happen.

  • Rodger

    “Our mission in Syria is strictly focused on defeating ISIS,” Votel said :’) Guess that’s why they announced a SDF border force which drew Turkey into Syria….. Man, how dumb are these guys?

    • Serious

      These guys are not dumbs. The dumbs ones are the ones who listen to them.

  • northerntruthseeker .

    Votel is of course speaking with a forked tongue and in double speak…

    What that US criminal is really saying is the Russians are interfering in our lust for destroying another innocent nation for our glorious masters in Israel…

  • Papo Machete

    what a shame ,”ISIS” parents are upset, their puppies could not flourish .I am sure many Germans in the late 30s felt the way i feel right now , disgusted by the handful of Hypocrites that talk about Justice Freedom and Democracy but do exactly the opposite. Go on Syrian Arab Army stand and defend your SOVEREIGNTY

  • gustavo

    Well, it looks like must of the northamerican leader and commander are train specially to be liars, hypocriticals, and cynicals. I wonder, if they behave in the same way with their wives and children.

  • John

    Sore losers usually have no trouble lying. Gen. Votel is lying. It really bothers me that I can in no way, shape or form have confidence in almost anything coming out of the mouths of the military or political leadership of my country. People like Gen. Votel, with all due respect to real patriotism and sacrifice, are a disgrace to the uniform they wear. He is not a military leader. He has no backbone, is a hollow leader and I don’t care about the fruit salad he is sporting. Further, as regards to President Trump ( like him or not he is ours and with all due respect ) and his asinine firing of Sec. Tillerman on Twitter before informing him ( if that was truly the case ), is a this type of behavior that indicates to me that a very serious mistake is otw. Some people better get rid of the pride or what will follow shall be incredible.

    When I went through my training, my service, we were taught to fight, to kill without limit or reason, protect those in our units AND ………. to expect that we would die in gruesome fashion not long into the combat. That was the USMC in 1981. Now my brothers and I are subjected to never ending whining by the likes of this officer. It is not new. As was said during the Viet Nam War, by a marine in a bar, wearing farmers dungarees full of medals of valor pinned to it …. ‘you shame our corps’. It is not just this article and a few quotes in it. It is the cascade of these remarks that never ends from many US officers. It is sickening, it is revolting. And …… you Gen. Votel, in collusion with the politicians who are blinded by the money, could cause the death of so many of our warriors and our people, including their families, if you do not stop the game. None of this is necessary.

    It is not the American veterans who speak out against what is going whom are disloyal, We have served, we have done the dirty work, been there when things that ‘didn’t happen’ happen and live the rest of our lives knowing what we did. It is some of those in uniform who play the system for career gains, who have sworn to protect the US Constitution and it’s citizens, who are the traitors. ‘No AQ in Libya’ huh? It’s not too late to stop and redeem oneself. I wish well to all.

    • “And …… you Gen. Votel, in collusion with the politicians who are blinded by the money, could cause the death of so many of our warriors and our people, including their families, if you do not stop the game.”
      Yeah. Whine whine whine about how bad you-all have it. How your Gen Votel COULD cause the deaths of so many of your warriors and people! Wow hey~!
      Not one even sneaky little tear for the MILLION+ YOU HAVE KILLED just over the last 16 years. For the homes, communities, livelihoods, families, children, WHOLE DAMN COUNTRIES you have DESTROYED. So GAFYWAC.

      AMERICA is sickening. AMERICA is revolting. AMERICA is disgusting.
      AMERICA is the scourge upon this Earth! Everyone of you. Down to the last one.

      • John

        Hello Shahna. You missed my point. A good day to you.

        • No, I didn’t miss your point.
          I just don’t buy this shìt that it’s the American govt not the nice decent moral good at heart American people. Support all our wonderful troops who are protecting us! Our leaders are doing wrong by our wonderful troops. That shìt. Here’s why:

          Americans protest at the drop of a hat. FFS – you even protest orange hair and had cry-ins when Trump was elected. Remember?
          But not a single protest – NOT ONE – for your murdering people overseas or destroying the countries of people who never ever did a damn thing to you every single day for 16 years. NOT ONE.

          Not a single protest for your DRONE-BOMBING CIVILIANS IN EIGHT COUNTRIES!. Not even one. For how many years now? Bush – Obama – now Trump… each escalating the number??

          You wonderful troops are not protecting the folks back home. You are not protecting them because no-one is attacking (ie. BOMBING) America.

          You wonder boys and girls in uniform are MURDERING for your nice folk back home. And you are doing it for money – because you are a purely war-based economy. (And how sick is that?)

          • John

            Missed it by miles. Sorry.

  • chris chuba

    Turkey is slaughtering the Kurds who are the poster boy for ‘moderate rebels’ and the General can’t bring himself to criticize Turkey yet he vents against Iran and Russia for helping the Syrians secure the area around their capital against Al Qaeda. He is a turd.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Is this clown in a uniform a comedian?? or what is he?How can any sane person listen to this creep,or even believe a single word he said?,,its totally mind boggling.We are in very satanic ,evil times.

  • Oscar Silva Martinez

    What is this idiot saying???

    • Bruno

      That they failed to pull the regime change in Syria through proxies

  • Hide Behind

    Let others play, my rant versus my rant, and instead look at reality, the US nations populace, as do most European peoples live in a F’n state of self induced ignorance and denial herd mentality of: ” Me Happy, Why Worry La La Land” and as far as they care every f’n Arab is just a dead Arab.
    You do not change the mentality cultural and economic mindset of nations and people’s whose core belief system of centuries is that of Devine Right and Blessing has been given to they of white skins to Rule the world.
    To any, especially of mid-east decent, you are just as F’n out of real world by thinking you have any worth to anyone other than yourselves, after kissing some piss pot leaders butts, who themselves have for centuries been kissing white mans butts.
    Today you whine about Euro conceived ideas of War Crimes Court, Human Rights, and, international Courts and U.N. while where the f have you been or where were your concerns about those ideals in past?
    You think US and their allies are gonna continue to play patty cake patty cake with your third world , military and see their plans for ME thrashed?
    Think again!
    And the herd animals of those nations will not give a Fly’n pigs butt over how many die, as long as it is ME dying, and not them.

  • I notice hos the semantic tactics and cheesy, blatant lying, specifically accusing the other side of doing exactly what you are doing, has infected the U.S.A. from their masters standards; it is now difficult to tell the host from the parasite.

  • What a moron he is. His first biggest lie: “Our mission in Syria is strictly focused on defeating ISIS”. Terrorist SHITMERICA has no goal to defeat ISIS and the world has already seen it. Russia did much more in lesser time than what TERRORIST SHITMERICA couldn’t.
    Go to hell Pathetic TERRORIST SHITMERICA and leave Syria. You are not invited formally by Asad. You are the intruder and aggressor.

  • JPH

    America is heading for the graveyard of empires. It is broke beyond belief. It has no diplomacy but only military force. America ignores any international law, but tries to extend its own (broken) law system over the world. America has a dysfunctional political system. Systematic human rights abuse is to become the norm with the new head of the CIA. America is massively overextended. US$ is steadily losing its role as reserve currency as the petrodollar vanishes. Its social framework is collapsing. The GINI index is extreme at the level of other third world countries. One can only hope the US will accept this gracefully and at least start to get its own house in order. However it definitely doesn’t look that way. Expect the idiots to start another war.

  • palebluedot

    Votel: “Turkey has been a key partner in the fight against ISIS here for a long period of time.”


  • slayern2

    This PoS general is just another criminal with no shame at all.

  • Paul

    Where did he announce this propaganda, the ministry of love?