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U.S. Blames Iran For Rocket Attack On Its Base In Iraq

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U.S. Blames Iran For Rocket Attack On Its Base In Iraq

A US soldier runs at a coalition forces forward base near West Mosul, Iraq June 21, 2017 (photo credit: REUTERS)

The US State Deparment has in fact blamed Iran for a recent rocket attack on a US military base in Iraq.

“Iran may have been behind Thursday’s attack on Iraq’s Balad air base, a senior U.S. State Department official said on Friday, but added that Washington was awaiting further evidence.

Iraqi military on Thursday said that two Katyusha rockets landed inside Balad air base, which hosts U.S. forces and contractors and is located about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

No casualties or damages were reported in the attack for which there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

“We’re waiting for full evidence, but if past is prologue then there’s a good chance that Iran was behind it,” David Schenker, Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, told reporters in a briefing.” Reuters reported.

The December 6 incident followed another one, which took place on December 4. Then, five rockets landed on Ain Al-Asad air base, which hosts U.S. forces in Anbar province in western Iraq. No casualties were reported.

Schenker claimed that increasing attacks something of “great concern”. He also accused Iran of becoming more aggressive over the past five to six months.

“The Iranians often times, or have certainly in the past, taken aggressive action when they feel under pressure,” he said.

Mainstream media outlets speculate that the recent rocket attacks on US facilities in Iraq were carried out by Kataib Hezbollah, the Iraqi paramilitary group that is believed to be backed by Iran. Kataib Hezbollah participated in the war on ISIS in Iraq and Syria and supported the Assad government in its fight against al-Qaeda.


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Just a small taste to let them know they are under the gun, maybe even just a test run or two. These places could be hit by hundreds of rockets before any response could even begin to be organized. Those bases are way out on a limb and the bottom line is, they are undefendable without incurring very serious losses.

Pave Way IV

That’s why CENTCOM sent out SF teams to discreetly rocket our own bases. It’s too dangerous to just sit around waiting for the PMUs or ISIS to do it first. And they might hit something.


True, as I said , plausible deniability


No surprise Iran gets the blame it just plays into the narrative.

Ashok Varma

The US and Zionist brutality is radicalizing young men in the region as the Saudi cadets attack in Pensacola clearly shows. The daily images of US and Zionist brutality in Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia etc is hardly making a lot of friends. The arrogant and ignorant Americans simply don’t understand the rising level of hatred against them in the wider world, especially the Muslim world. US is undermining its own puppet regimes like Saudis, UAE and Egypt where radicalization is taking place within the armed forces, like the Shah faced when his regime imploded in 1979. It is not Iran that is causing resistance in Iraq, but US has invaded, occupied and killed over a million civilians in Iraq and Syria, not to mention to Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan. Endless lost wars for Zionism will create a maelstrom of blowback which has nothing to do with either Iran or Russia..

Pave Way IV

“Iran may have been behind Thursday’s attack on Iraq’s Balad air base, a senior U.S. State Department official said on Friday, but added that Washington was awaiting further evidence… from either Bellingcat or the OPCW, whichever one coughs up the story with the best graphics and sound bites..

Yeah… Iran may have been behind the attack, because it’s obvious Iran has been itching for a fight with America for decades. Bibi said so. I’m sure the IRCG is in the final planning stages of a massive sea and land attack planned for the invasion of the continental US. Any day now – you’ll see. They could be sneaking up on us this very moment! Get the women and kids to the basement, for God’s sake!

In the mean time, Netanyahu is still livid that Trump and the US Congress have so far refused to genocide Iran despite Bibi’s direct orders to do so. Netanyahu’s nuclear option – a false flag that involves Iranian blame and the deaths of many American soldiers – is still on deck ready to launch. Israel will just have to be extra-super-sneaky about it, because Trump will really be pissed. Everything will have to point to Iran. Nobody in the MSM will even mention 1) Iran’s complete lack of rationale for provoking such a war, and 2) Israel’s rabid insistence that the US must genocide as many Iranians as possible and destroy the Iranian state in order to guarantee the security of Israel.


Of course, huh, whom else, right, Yankikes, and the rockets landed where they did no damage at all, yup, propably high on Kat, right, so we Have to belive this, huh, yeah, and timing is everything.

I dont belive an word of the Yankikes drivel, and this reaks of Doing an Joohoho self forfilling prophecys and like the Kazams witch are home made and always lands somewhere there are nothing, even inside the tiny shithole ISISrael, you have to be blind for not hitting something, but after years they have hit nothing, hehe, and of course, ISISrael have to retaliate, and this uh…. rocket attack have to be Iranians, right, and of course the HasbaRats will have an field day with pouring manure everywhere since this attack happened on an Yankike base. Phuleeease, give me an break. And since we are been hit hard by lousy and thruout idiotic videos of uh… Iranian weapons, sent to Yemens, witch of course if you are an shitforbrain Yankike would be credible, I am farly certain BellingCraut can charf up something equally CONvinisng, since we all know they never lies or fakes anything and uses credible sources, always, right Yankikes.

And one thing I am dead certain, this is done by Al-CIAeda with their helpers in the 5 eye movement wtich incl Mossad, and I dont belive anything anymore witch comes from whom ever since they are been exposed counteless times, sorry Yankikes, you have no credibility what so ever.

Its standard operation done for decades, and all to make the exuse the Impisses need to start an new war, some of us have said it several times, we just sat here and awaited something, anything, to provoce an reaction from the Orange Chimp in the WH, whom we all know is the sting puppet of King Bibi the Nuttcake.


Icarus Tanović

Oh yes, for the flock sake it was Iran, if CNN says so.

Ashok Varma

US in its hubris fails to understand the growing hatred and resentment it is creating in the region with its endless lost wars for Zionism. It was not Iran that invaded and destroyed 5 Muslim nations from Afghanistan to Libya and it was the CIA that cultivated the Wahhabi death cult, which is now boomeranging on itself even inside America. The young Saudi pilot cadet that killed US servicemen in Pensacola was hardly”Iranian”. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani according to FBI sources was angered by the US war on Arab states. He referred to U.S. wars in Muslim countries, writing that he hated the American people for “committing crimes not only against Muslims but also humanity,” and criticizing Washington’s support for Israel and the illegal occupation of Palestine. He also quoted bin Laden, the Saudi mastermind of the attacks on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, according to FBI statement. So the real issue is US and Zionist destructive and suicidal policies and nothing to do with the usual bogeyman Iran. If a Saudi ally hates the US so much, imagine how the people of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and Palestine feel?

cechas vodobenikov

projection–it is the barbaric amerikans that attempt to hegemonize vast numbers of nations

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

Time for the USAF to start flattening every single PMF/PMU, hezbollah, iranian militia base in Iraq!


the problem for the more than ever unhinged states of A is that there is no way they can have an air-supremacy in the ME and when that is not possible, they’re not interested and moreover pres trump is not all that interested in helping out the illegal settlers from the situation they’re in entirely of their own doing. and that is despite son in law, serious scumbag jared kushner, is advocating an open war against iran. this time israel is on its own and with the massive war-hardened neighbours in piss poor situation leading to the demise of israel and new wave of refugees.


lol, stick to reading scripture there buddy.

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

Israeli Airforce planning HUGE mass airstrikes against T4 Airbase in Syria! Recently the Mullah Regime deployed Bavar-373 air defense missiles there to limit IDF activity in the region. This will NEVER be tolerated!!!


it’s alright but the end result will be the total obliteration of the illegal settlement israel and its citizens on the run into their diaspora 2.0 hohoho. nothing to stop that termination, the iron dome will be the iron doooom kabooooom. hohoho

Wayne Nicholson

To be quite honest no one really gives a shit.

You talk about how powerful the USAF and IAF are yet the Russians were able to turn the Syrian war around using a handful of 1970’s vintage bombers supported by 4 air superiority fighters and 2 air defence regiments.

The IAF is limited to taking pot shots at Syria from the shelter of the Bekka Valley and the coalition is now guarding pipes in the desert and has to ask permission to fly in western Syria. The SDF has made security deals with Russia and the SAA and the latest “coalition strikes” are against US allied SDF smugglers selling oil to the Syrians.

So you claim that the IAF are going to attack the T4 airbase. The Iranians have been operating in Syria since Dec 2013 and the IAF have been attacking them constantly since that time yet they are still there and growing stronger ….. that’s longer than the entire second world war.

Either you are full of shit or the Iranians were kicked back to Iran in 2014 and you’re bombing ghosts ….. you can’t have it both ways.

Larry Rabinowitz, Ph.D

Israel has conducted over 1,000 airstrikes against Mullah Regime targets in Syria and only suffered 1 shot down F-16, which by the way, the Syrian air defense personnel responsible for that were liquidated by IDF secret services in a clandestine OP in Quneitra.

Iran will eventually be kicked out of Syria, it’s just a matter of time.

In the mean time, go support your Palestinian terrorists. Their time is coming to.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

and what if you find out it was not iran, will you apologize for the false accusation? hahahah


“Israel may have been behind…..” “USA may have been behind…….”

Mehmet Aslanak

I am not surprised the boomer generals in Pentagon blames Iran for the fake attacks. Bolton was working hard to force Trump attack Iran. Bolton was the mastermind of invading Iraq with fake WMD story back in 2003.


could be Iran….working on the premise of plausible deniability (taken from the Israeli playbook). The more the US sqeezes with sanctions, the more things go bump in the night (with hard to prove Iranian culpability) until the US is faced with a forced exit from the region, then realises that its Israel first policies were a mistake…..I say hit the yankees until they leave and take all of the Fake Khazar Jews with them.

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