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U.S.-Backed Militants Ambushed By Syrian Army Were Smuggling Weapons To ISIS – Reports

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U.S.-backed militants who were recently ambushed by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near al-Tanaf garrison in southeastern Syria were smuggling weapons to ISIS, Mzahem Alsaloum, the former spokesman for the defunct U.S.-backed New Syrian Army, revealed on July 8.

The militants were ambushed by the SAA outside the 55-km zone around al-Tanaf early on July 7. Three were killed and three others were captured alive by the army.

Alsaloum, who is known for having credible sources in al-Tanaf, said the six militants were on their way back from an arms deal with ISIS terrorists. The militants handed over weapons, which were brought from the 55 km deconfliction zone, to the terrorists.

“The regime had a tip about the smugglers group from collaborators into ISIS,” Alsaloum wrote on Twitter.

According to Alsaloum, the militants were working as smugglers for senior leaders in the U.S.-backed Revolutionary Commando Army, known as MaT. The activist didn’t reveal the identity of these leaders.

Russian journalist Oleg Blokhin identified the three captured militants as “Raed Hamad Ashrihi,” “Jassim Mohammed Al-Ali” and “Abdullah Hussam Al-Din Al-Mashout.”

Blokhin also revealed that the three militants are from the city of al-Bukamal in southern Deir Ezzor. All of them were former members of ISIS who enlisted in the ranks of MaT after having reached al-Tanaf.

ISIS terrorists in central Syria, who intensified their operations in the past few months, are apparently receiving supplies straight from U.S.-occupied al-Tanaf.

The U.S.-led coalition continues to train and arm MaT militants, despite their criminal activities and their close ties with ISIS. This indicates that the coalition itself may be involved in these activities or at least turning a blind eye to them.


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Lone Ranger


Lone Ranger

Who would have thought…

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…

Lone Ranger

Good job by the way :) CIAisis will cry and rage.

Black Waters

As always, the U.S aiding terrorists.

Jens Holm

Not according to this:



All of this for the oded yinon plan or greater israel project. If you have knowledge of these psychotic plans it’s all logical. Helping the kurds building a state and be a friendly neighbour of ISrahel. Occupying the west bank og the eufrate through paid mercenaries under the cover of islamic terrorists. Iraq is already weakened since 2003. When Assad falls, the war with Iran shall begin, because they would never allow the greater pissrahel project, hence they must be utterly destroyed.

Jens Holm

Hard to believe You belive this Your self. Its just the usual kind of de explanation trying to make an artifial fear factor.

No wonder none like You and so many fight You and they are not much better themselves.


I hate to disqussssss with brainless trolls, but in this case i’ll send you link of the plan in an official document of the jewish racist state of pisrael




mat also known as the worms of the desert are the scum of the ancient smugglers and kidnappers of the travel and trade routes. No one likes them since they could nto be moved into any of the other US occupied areas. Even the kurds consider them beyond low and thats saying a lot and the bicycle thieves of DZ dont like competition.

Jens Holm

People here forget those MaT leftovers never could be accepted by SDF and USA saw no use of them.

Even so people here connect them with ISIS and having been ISIS.


Bet you anything they are turks!


More blows from Kurds against Turks.

The liberation struggle continues both inside Turkey and in Iraq and Syria.

Ankara takes its “lesson” from Kurdish militants who kill Turks with Kalashnikovs and old weapons systems.

Just a few days after the embarrassment in Al Watiya, Libya, the Turks had other losses, as a Turkish helicopter crashed after a mission against the Kurds!

So what we are seeing is Turkey’s inability to defend itself against a generalized civil war declared by the Kurds, and it is the beginning of the end of the fragile pillars of Turkish society.

Erdogan’s tendency to externalize internal crises has turned Turkey into a military target for many peoples who have fallen victim to Turkish imperialism.


Jens Holm

Ar the SDF front I see Turks would have liked taking more then the agreement with the Russians(and Assads) and as minimum the motorway.

Thats stopped by SDFs well helped by Assad defence.

Parts of that is very complicated because USA is there and at least support parts of the SDF Kurds.

And yes. Erdogan is under pressure for many reasons. Too many coffins can make the glass more then full.


And this will continue as long as those US bases are there,i hope those three pieces of shit were executed.

Jens Holm

If Assads had retreated Al Tanf was not needed. Many here are experts in no analysing, but they are able to blame others for things happend 1000 year go and search for honor, respect and revenge.

Maybee there can be a Nobel Price for a kind of perpetual motion machine for contraseption.

Jens Holm

There are other versions about it – Fx:


Jens Holm

You too. Another source fx say so:


Icarus Tanović

Great job SAA. Let’s destroy Al Tanf.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Al Tanf must be liberated and the sooner the better, there is absolutely no justification of any sort that is a valid enough reason for the US to remain there, and Assad should be lobbying the UN to help have them removed, they aren’t protecting anyone so why are they there, they have to leave. But as to the US aiding Isis in any way anywhere in Syria, mmm, SF recently reported on just how hard the US has been cracking down on Isis in northern [US occupied] Deir ez Zor, they’ve also been bombing the hell out of them in Turkish occupied Idlib [Isis resort], so why would the US encourage Isis to grow stronger in the government held areas. Yes yes I know the obvious answer, ‘subvert the Syrian government so the US can take over’, yawn, but I’ll say what about resolution 2254 and Assad’s acceptance, what about the US’s most recent statement concerning Syria which says ‘go back to a pre 2011 situation in Syria with Russia retaining all recent asset/political gains’, and what about the Arab Leagues efforts in 2017 to help Assad reconcile with the Southern Front Alliance + 2 other Arab Militias [60,000 strong], and then Trump sacked the FSA and kicked them out of Al Tanf, then he sat back and watched the SAA and Russia [and Iran + Hezbollah even though they weren’t meant to fight in the 60 km exclusion zone, and they got busted cheating, smirk] beat the FSA, HTS, and Isis senseless a few months later [2018 in Daraa and Quinetra]. Then Trump took Putin’s advice over his own corrupt bureaucracies advice and tried to place the Muslim Brotherhood [Mujahideen,Taliban, Al Qaeda, Isis’s, political granddaddy] on the designated US terrorist list the same way Putin had already, but sadly Obama’s rainbow warriors won’t let Trump do it as easily, he’s still trying. So unlike most people I don’t think the US government is actually helping Isis in any way anymore, even in the Syrian government held areas, at least not in a direct sense, but they may be helping them just by having that 55 km exclusion zone around Al Tanf though, that area was used in 2017 to great effect by Isis and it may be again, and the mercenary group the US use at Al Tanf are just as bad as Isis if not worse, so Isis may be getting unsanctioned support from that group behind the US’s back. The US presence itself is enough to qualify as at least a causery effect which benefits Isis in the surrounding areas of Al Tanf, and it also hinders the Syrian government from effectively dealing with them in the exclusion zone, so even if the US isn’t directly helping Isis in any way, they’re still indirectly helping them anyway. So that’s something else Assad should be telling the UN, as he’s fulfilling his agreed to role in the implementation of resolution 2254, Assad should only agree to continue with the process if the Al Tanf issue is dealt with, the US have to leave, as I said they have no reason to be there, unless of course the Rukban refugee camp is actually full of ex Isis fighters and their families, maybe that’s one of the reasons they don’t want to leave Al Tanf [it is], but that’s easily fixed, the US can take them with them when they leave.

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