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U.S. Attempts To Retell The Story Of Iran’s Strike On Ain Al-Asad Base

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U.S. Attempts To Retell The Story Of Iran's Strike On Ain Al-Asad Base

Evidence that, clearly, there was no damage at ain al-Asad base. Click to see full-size image

More than a year after the fact, the United States decided to attempt and re-invent what happened on January 8th, at the Ain al-Asad base in Iraq.

The incident refers to an Iranian ballistic missile strike, in response to the drone strike assassination of Brigadier General Qassem Soleimani.

The Iranian attack is infamous, as in the span of several months it went from an attacked that caused minor damage, to one that destroyed helicopters, to one that razed buildings and then actually injured dozens of US soldiers.

The CBS released a video covering the incident, based entirely on the Pentagon’s timeline and how events turned out.

The American television channel CBS spoke about the Iranian shelling of the Ain al-Assad military base in Iraq on January 8, 2020 and the events that preceded it:

– American intelligence had information about the attacks planned by the Iranian General Soleimani on the US Armed Forces in Iraq in the “coming hours or days”;

– the head of the US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, gave a direct order to the operator of the UAV MQ-9 Reaper to strike at two vehicles where Qasem Suleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were located … “Hit when you are ready”;

– the American military at the Ain al-Assad base were warned of the threat and were able to take cover a few hours before the first missiles fell (some even managed to record video messages to their families);

– the military tracked the flight of the missiles; the update on the situation went to the headquarters of the Central Command;

– more than 50 aviation units and about 1000 people were evacuated from the base before the strike;

– 16 missiles were launched from 3 locations, five missed.

Then, an alleged UAV video was released, showing the missiles strike the base and the minor damage they did, showing the ballistic missile strike as quite insignificant.

Quite different from the initial photos, videos that were released more than a year ago.

The video below was released by US Central Command.

Ultimately, the Biden Administration carried out its first strike near the Syrian-Iraqi border on February 26th. It was a great success, according to Washington. It had casualties, it destroyed a weapon shipment, and more. It showed that the US still has “got it”.

On top of success, it needs to have an additional victory, to show that its enemies can’t hurt it. That is difficult, since IEDs keep wrecking their convoys, and rocket strikes hit their static positions.

They had to dig deep, and attempt to rewrite an Iranian success, as a movement of US brilliance.


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He who laughs last laughs best

Biden is making Trump haters miss Trump….

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

All I want in regards to the Soleimani case is the intel that the ‘hero of the middle east’ was planning to go against the US. I call bullshit on that matter, and am convinced it was an assassination just because Pompeo told Trump some stupid lie. If it was done to prevent nuclear arms, it clearly failed in it’s objective.

ISIL is not defeated, nukes are being built anyway, and that attack caused a change in power that authorized the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

We’re still wondering what the fuck really happened that night. Only the IRGC knows.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

ISIS 2 is being readied/stood up by America the antiChrist and Israel the abomination of desolation

The Objective

the assassination carried a lot messages. 1. No Iranian military leader, no matter their rank, is immune to U.S attack should Iran continue to compete with America abroad, particularly the IRGC and Qods forces. 2. America is not too keen on avoiding war with Iran 3. America will push back (destroy) against Iran’s terror regional forces, starting with their leader. 4. Iran should expect to pay a high and painful price for the actions of its militias abroad. 5. America will strike Iran directly if it crosses the nuclear threshold. I really miss Trump.


:))) Now please do elaborate what kind of messages was carried by the massive Iranian missile strike on USA military base..


The Iranians should have used some more rockets and write “fuck you” in dot matrix craters.

Arch Bungle

They practically did, if you watch the video:


Looks like morse code for “Death to the Joos”.

The Objective

Because Iran refrained from killing any Americans, the message to America was clear: THIS IS A FACE-SAVING STRIKE! The guy who ordered the drone operators to take out Soleimani is still walking scot-free today. His name is General Kenneth McKenzie. You know what would have happen to you if you had killed him or any America soldier for that matter.

Arch Bungle

You’re confused.

Because Iran refrained from killing any Americans,

The Iranians did not refrain from killing anyone.

The Iranians said:

If you want to live, make sure you’re not in that spot.

The Americans acknowledged Iran’s power and moved out of the way.

An Iran did exactly what it said: It put missiles right in the center of the Marine Bunk Beds!

Now, if the Americans had decided the Iranians were bluffing, if they thought Iran was weak. If they laughed in the face of Iran, they would have kept on as normal and Iran would have blown them all to hell where they belong.

The Americans ran and hid like cowards. Iran struck as it said it would strike.

The Objective

“The Iranians did not refrain from killing anyone. The Iranians said: If you want to live, make sure you’re not in that spot.”

To any objective reader, your comment is funny because of its self-contradictions. Have you ever heard of a war where one enemy informs the other where and when it was going to attack? If you really intend to kill your enemy, you’d want to get him by surprise.

Why did the Americans take cover after Iran’s warning? Because the U.S understood Iran was looking for a face-saving way out. And if Trump had refused to move troops to safety, Iran would have cried to the world that it warned America of the attack and never intended to kill any U.S soldiers. this way, Iran can derail domestic support for any war Trump decides to launch. And this would force Trump to stop short of launching a full-scale war. Iran’s calculation is complex. but I don’t think some of you supporters understand.

Arch Bungle

To any objective reader it’s clear you’re suffering from cognitive handicaps that lead you to see self-contradictions where there are none.

You certainly are not an objective reader, and cannot speak for one.

What you say is nonsense, because if an enemy could control your movements simply by “informing” you where he intends to strike, he could move your forces around at will to meet his requirements.

This is the purpose of military intelligence (if your military has any)

What the Iranians did was not warn the Americans as much as tell them “we will strike you, and we dare you to underestimate our resolve”.

In fact, nobody, not Russia, not China has ever been brave enough to literally tell the current Superpower it would strike it, and there would be nothing the Superpower can do except run away … and if they did not run away like cowards, then they would reap death.

The Americans had to acknowledge Iranian power, contrary to their constant suggestions that Iran is an insignificant power they could crush at will.

Their knees turned to water and they fled from their barracks.

The Objective

the question is whether Iran actually intended to kill any Americans. If it wanted to kill U.S soldiers, there are many targets that Iran could strike with ease. From Afghanistan to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia, Iran has a bounty of American targets to hit. but it choose to inform America of the exact location and time it’d strike. It surprises me how you fail to understand that this wasn’t an attack intended to kill anyone.

China and Russia have threatened to strike U.S assets countless of times in the past, but it was merely war of words. Unlike Iran, the U.S did not kill a Chinese or Russian military commander.

I gave you a clue before to know whether Iran has really avenged its losses. And the answer is that Iran’s leaders keep threatening revenge.

If you aren’t tired of denying the obvious, I won’t be tired of repeating it to you until ever one except you sees your subjective argument.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

They are not at war yet



Arch Bungle

Nice to know.

Frankly, the US covered the casualties up so well it will be their shameful secret forever.

However, even if not one died, the Empires’ balls were broken on that day.


:)) Just what i thought.. Another self confident bullshiter, full of bias, pretending to be expert – while being blind on both eyes..

Arch Bungle

That is a first class moron.

As the Bible says:

The beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness: and the end of his talk is mischievous madness.

14A fool also multiplieth words: yet man knoweth not what shall be; and that which shall be after him, who can tell him?

— Ecclesiastes 10

The Objective

So you are one of the Shiites pretending to be a Christian just to sway Christian readers.

The Objective

I’m not claiming to be an expert. You’re the one saying that. I only share my opinion the way I understand things. And no amount of defamatory comments from you or anyone will discourage me from enlightening the Sunnis visiting this forum about your lies and deceptions.

The Objective

By announcing to Americans the time and place of attack, the message from Iran was quite clear to the Americans: THIS IS A FACE-SAVING STRIKE!

J Ramirez

Your a Jew

The Objective

Why do you call me a Jew?


‘cos you suck Yankee C@ck like one

The Objective

Are Jews the only ones that such to Iranians?

Arch Bungle

Because you lie reflexively with no shame. And when your lies are debunked you smoothly move on to telling new lies. As if your earlier lies were nothing but air. This is the mark of the jew. Only Hindu Nationalists lie like the Jews.

The Objective

I guess the Sunnis are telling the truth about Iranians then? How about I link you to some Sunni comments about you guys?

Emad Irani

never seen such an US dick licker in my life. Nice to know you are following the path of your mummy

The Objective

Is that all you’ve got?

Arch Bungle

As usual, end-to-end bullshit from you from line one to the last line.


“”” 1. No Iranian military leader, no matter their rank, is immune to U.S attack should Iran continue to compete with America abroad, particularly the IRGC and Qods forces.”””

Soleimani was on a peace mission in a third country, only cowards take advantage of such situations to kill someone. I would like to see a high ranking American general on the ground in Iraq, Qatar or S. Arabia visiting and encouraging troops, or directing some military action.

“”” 2. America is not too keen on avoiding war with Iran”””

They had the chance to attack them after the missile strike. Iran had ready 400 ballistic missiles to respond if there was an American counter strike and 7000 ballistic missiles during the first 72 hours of continued conflict.

“”” 3. America will push back (destroy) against Iran’s terror regional forces, starting with their leader.”””

US does not have boots on the ground to fight the militias in Iraq and Syria, random occasional bombings is hardly a push back. Russia with their limited forces have the capability to clean up the US forces in Iraq and Syria.

“”” 4. Iran should expect to pay a high and painful price for the actions of its militias abroad.”””

LOL, the militias abroad with a coordinated attack would take over the US bases in Iraq and Syria, while Israel will be looking for x large diapers when they get into armed exchange with Hezzbolah.

“”” America will strike Iran directly if it crosses the nuclear redline”””

If they did not strike Iran last year, will they do it in the future when Iran will stronger and US weaker? So they drop some tactical weapons on Iran, and Iran will pulverize American, Saudi and Israeli bases with thousands of ballistic missiles.

Supreme Blyat

Hey Dolan Aipac said to kill a general.. Who dat Pompy? They say will help with the ellection Say no more!

johnny rotten

The only real success of the fucking Yankees is that of the narrative, but even there they are falling apart, what’s the point of going back to the facts a year later? well it’s all directed towards their own public opinion, a mass of idiots who do not even know which sex they belong to, outside “their” territory they have lost all credibility, even in the West it starts to be like this, outside the West the whole world is there he knows as the failed fools who are in reality, one step away from falling into the hole they dug.

Potato Man

LOL, why don’t they show us their war crimes…or when PMUs sending pigs in sky. We all saw crying pigs a day after and let’s be clear they got fuked hard and do anything to save face. Iran don’t spend 750+ billion each year or a super power country. If US don’t play it down….LMFAO image what China and Russia can do to US morons in a day.

Fun fact, I think PMUs said they going after pigs for now on…maybe US trying to sell BS to morons for support.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

Iran is considered by many to have the largest missile fleet in the world some estimates have been as high as 1 million missiles. Plus though they don’t have the fastest missiles . they do have loitering munitions and missiles that have stealth and missiles that make random small course movements to thwart ABM systems

Supreme Blyat

A zillion missiles? Wow!

Supreme Blyat

Anyone can imagine, but very few have balls to act. China and Russia are not in the same league with Iran, in heavy weight balls.

Hasbara Hunter

Bwahahahaha….LGBTQI-Muricans Cried for their Mommies & shat their Panties….


Icarus Tanović

This was in Iraq, but not sure was it in the green zone. What I know is that Hezbos sniper took them in the scope and hold them hostages for hours.

Supreme Blyat

There was not green zone when this was made. Saddam was not captured yet.


I crack every time he calls for “Allah”!!!

Supreme Blyat

This is from the first days of Iraq invasion.

The Objective

Insignificant IED and rocket attacks. Iran has been deterred by last year’s drone strike. the continued petty attacks are just a way of keeping up a show of some struggle to appease Iran’s support base. No strategic advantage can come of these cowardly hit and run IED attacks. Which brave army strikes and then runs away abandoning its launch vehicles in the process? Despite their large numbers in Iraq, Shiite fighters cannot muster the courage to actually get serious about throwing the U.S out. These cowards outnumber the Taliban by 5 to 1, but are not half as effective as the Taliban in dealing with U.S forces. They are also better armed, with missiles, guided rockets, and ATGMs and drones. The Taliban only use guns, IEDs, and unguided rockets in Afghanistan, but has managed to fight America and the Afghan government to a draw. Both the Taliban and PMU are insurgents, but one has the respect of America and the other is treated like trash. The U.S is negotiating with the Taliban, but never hinted at negotiating with the PMU. Because they know that the heavily armed PMU, for all its rhetoric, is a way easier foe to defeat on the battlefield than a moderately armed and outnumbered Taliban. All the PMU thugs know to do is threaten civilians and shoot off with their mouth. Hand those weapons to groups who can actually fight. Ship those missiles, ATGMs, guided rockets, and drones to the Taliban, and see how real heroes fight. they fight not with their mouth, but with action. May your thousands of fallen Shiite terrors rest in pieces.

Arch Bungle

Your first sentence is a lie.

There was nothing insignificant about these attacks.

These were the first time since WW2 a foreign country had directly and openly attacked American forces abroad.

Watch this video to see exactly how screwed the US marines were:


The Objective

I wasn’t referring to the missile strike. But even if I was, what Iran did was laughably under proportion to what Trump did to Iran. I was referring to the IED attacks on convoys. LOL

Arch Bungle

Let’s look at your sentence and compare it to what I said:

Insignificant IED and rocket attacks. Iran has been deterred by last year’s drone strike.

Three lies in once sentence. You must be a jew.

1. Those rocket attacks are not insignificant. Your occupation forces are dying in the very place their government promised they would be safe. They live in quiet terror and daily ask themselves “what for?” … As it was in Vietnam, your occupation forces will lose all belief in their country’s actions. That is the path to defeat.

2. The IED attacks on convoys are bankrupting the US. You are being bled dry of men, resources … all sunk into a black hole for the price of a few dollars of ied material.

3. Are you stupid? If Iran had been deterred by last years strikes how is it that you’re being bombed multiple times throughout the year up until today. Even your jewboat had two holes put into it the other day … You call that “deterrence”?

The Objective

Compare the losses on both sides since 2011 and you’ll realize Iran has done nothing. All the Mullahs do is talk. If you did kill Americans in the missile attack; If it was indeed a proportionate response; if it was indeed revenge, WHY DO YOUR LEADERS KEEP THREATENING REVENGE?

Arch Bungle

What numbers?

Show them to me?

The Objective

I said losses, but you say numbers. Anyway, I’ll give you numbers and then losses: 1. “Between November 2012 and 2017 Iran lost over 2,100 men, including 418 ranking officers while more than 7,000 Iranian “defenders of the shrines” were also wounded. Unofficial estimates for the losses of non-Iranian fighters, mostly Lebanese, Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani, recruited and led by Iran, show several thousand casualties” https://english.aawsat.com/home/article/1204601/exclusive-why-iran%E2%80%99s-intervention-syria-proved-so-costly#:~:text=The%20first%20factor%20was%20official,the%20shrines%E2%80%9D%20were%20also%20wounded. 2. “According to estimates by Iranian researchers using a survey of “funeral notices” published by the Lebanese branch of “Hezbollah,” the Iran-controlled militia led by Hassan Nasrallah has lost at least 1,400 men in combat in Syria. That is more than twice the number of men that “Hezbollah” lost in the 2006 war with Israel.” https://english.aawsat.com/home/article/1204601/exclusive-why-iran%E2%80%99s-intervention-syria-proved-so-costly#:~:text=The%20first%20factor%20was%20official,the%20shrines%E2%80%9D%20were%20also%20wounded. 3. “Western intelligence sources put the number of Iranian and Iran-led fighters in Syria at over 25,000. Thus, the losses they have sustained are far bigger than the classical military measure of “decimation” used to indicate the worst possible military performance” 4. “An Iranian General Is Killed in Syria. Commander Hossein Hamedani died at Islamic State hands” https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/10/an-iranian-general-killed-in-syria/409963/ 5. “10 Iran-backed fighters killed in Syria attack” https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/9/17/10-iran-backed-fighters-killed-in-syria-attack-report 6. Iran’s General Qassem Suleimani wounded in Syria https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/iran-s-general-qassem-suleimani-wounded-in-syria-1.610954 7. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh: Iran scientist ‘killed by remote-controlled weapon’ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-55128970 8. “US kills top Iranian general in Baghdad air strike. 8 others died alongside Soleimani” https://www.voanews.com/extremism-watch/look-key-figures-killed-qassem-soleimani-us-strike 9. Economic losses due to “terrorist sanctions”: According to Javad Zarif, US sanctions inflicted $1 trillion damage on Iran’s economy” That could be an exaggeration, by it symbolizes the level of economic damage Iran incurred despite fulfilling its commitment under the JCPOA. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/2/21/us-sanctions-inflicted-1-trillion-damage-on-irans-economy-fm

There are so many other losses on Iran, but I guess the few I’ve listed will help you do the math. Now, you give me the losses on America’s side.

Arch Bungle

I said losses, but you say numbers.

You really are a numbskull.

How do you compare losses?

Numbers, right?


You aren’t even capable of basic reasoning.

Since you can’t even get the first sentence right, the rest of your shit isn’t worth reading either.

The Objective

Is that all you’ve got left? I thought you wanted to brag to me about how Iran is winning? that was a poor excuse to back out of an argument. Anyway, “losses” cannot be the same as “numbers”. For example, there are psychological losses in a war. How can you quantify psychological losses in war? By killing Soleimani (and calling Iran’s bluff on regional war), the U.S really damaged Iran’s prestige in the eyes of those who thought them untouchable. I want you to quantify the magnitude of that loss in dignity, using numbers.

Servet-i Funun Literature

All these numbers approximately correct but its impossible to reason with these spineless animals.Good luck with that.

The Objective

Yeah, it’s almost futile reasoning with Iranians. After encountering them online, I can’t imagine just how nasty most of them are. They are a very arrogant and mouthy people, and try very hard to hide their evil intentions towards Sunnis. But it’s good to confront their lies so that more and more people are aware of the truth. They can only argue so far. If we let their narratives go unchallenged, many Sunnis will be misled into supporting them, like I was misled until a year ago. I discovered that their heroic Soleiman fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Americans in Afghanistan – a war than killed over 300,000 people (never mind the false stats). Most of the dead and wounded were civilians, men, women, and children. Just what makes Iran think that it’s doing Allah’s work by helping an enemy devastate a Muslim country. They even side with Armenia against Shiite Azerbaijan. There’s nothing Godly about the Iranian regime. they are only foolishly headed to doom, but think they are winning.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

the IED’s are from Iraq. it is death by a thousand cuts. repeatedly hitting convoys, punishing traitors whether soldiers, civilians or politicians for anyone who are dealing with the forces of Satan of Israel and America the antichrist or its vassals Arabs, UK etc. It is Iraq, not Iran, that will expel Satan’s forces out of Iraq and help the Resistance force them out of the region. It is Imam Mahdi, Jesus, Moses, Elijah and the 313 prophets, peace on them, who will destroy the satanic forces, incl. the zionists armies, not just in the region but the entire world and will bring peace and justice to the earth, where everyone will have the same share of the resources, in a sustainable holy way.

The Objective

It was the same IED and rocket attacks that led to the assassination of Soleimani, and yet, the Americans are still in Iraq. In fact, NATO is deploying a further 3500 troops to Iraq. Death by a thousand cuts indeed.

Arch Bungle

May your thousands of fallen Shiite terrors rest in pieces. America will leave Iraq only when the terrorist Shiite forces are destroyed totally

Tell whose resting in pieces, in their hundreds at least:


Beirut, 1983.

The Objective

You make me laugh. When will you stop basking in your past victory (if it could be called a victory)? Face the present and future instead of living in the past. How many of you dogs died since 1983?

Arch Bungle

Laugh all you want but you’re still pathetic.

Your ISIS proxies are getting smashed to bits in their tens of thousands.

Your Saudi proxies in Yemen are dying in their thousands at the Hands of the Houthi.

Your redneck hillbillies are getting trickle killed and bled to death in Afghanistan.

They’re getting their balls blown off in convoys in Iraq.

Iranians themselves are seeing few casualties.

All we hear is “Iran backed” this and “Iran Supported” that … but not much of “This actual iranian was struck and died”

More of you are getting smashed than there are Iranian or Syrian or Lebanese (Hezbollah) casualties.

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

for the believers death in service of God is martyrdom. For the soldiers of Satan: the antiChrist America and Israel, the abominatio of desolation, their dead soldiers are cold and tasting the Punishment from God, heading for hell together with their religious and political rulers.

The Objective

Are you a believer?

Oliver Eitel

thats utter nonsens coming out of your mouth, ask GIs how they feel on the streets and the ground….by the way you forgot to mention how the so incompetent Iran, shot down your CIA leading Officer over Afghanistan…. with just one missile….and stop dreaming, your Army can’t invade nor win a war with Iran, Paul Van Riper showed cleary that when he played Iran in the War game simulation….you live in a delusional dream world by Hollywood far from reality….the only reason Iraqis and Iranians as well as Syrians aren’t pushing you out there is as they know exactly how many millions more of civilians you butchers would kill again….as this is how you do killing civilians in masses and still not winning anything….just except PTSD amok runs by ex military personal and sucidies….

The Objective

All you Iranians do is talk. You’re really good at talking, and talking and talking. You guys can talk your way out of a coffin. If wars were won by words, Iran would surely be a super power. You still have one big score to settle with America. And until you settle that score, do not expect to be taken seriously by anyone, including your Russian allies on this forum. Don’t you think it’s time to shut and go lick your wounds at home? I’m tired of reading the same nonsense over and over again, when I can clearly see cowardice.

Arch Bungle

All you Iranians do is talk.

Are you stupid?

You call this “talk” ?


How about this?


That’s not talk, idiot. That is action.

You Zio-Americans talk all day too. Yet in 41 years you have never dared to try and invade Iran.

Let me not speak about Iranian actions in Lebanon, Iraq, etc …

The Objective

That strike was symbolic. Simply because Iran told the Americans where and when to expect an attack. How can you tell your enemy where and when you will attack? that means you don’t intend to get him. Anyway, talking about invading Iran, there is no need to invade Iran. All the U.S would do is drop thousands of bombs and missiles on Iran. Opposition forces will take care of the rest. Hundreds of police stations, fuel stations, and other critical infrastructure were burnt down in the 2019 protest throughout the country. If such an event can happen now that Iran’s forces are not distracted by a war, think of what will happen when most of those police stations, army barracks, courts, electricity, bridges, transport and communication infrastructure, and other sensitive facilities lay in the ruin of bombs and missiles. Much of the IRGC will go underground to avoid U.S and Israeli airstrikes. Can they control the opposition from underground? certainly not. the Basij will try, but they too will find no shelter above-ground from U.S, Israeli, and Saudi planes. The Mullahs know why they didn’t really avenge the assassination.

Arch Bungle

That strike was symbolic.

Again: Are you stupid?

A strike that smashes a US base and causes injuries and global political humiliation to a superpower is symbolic?

I suppose you think a bullet to the head and kick in the arse are symbolic too?

You flaming idiot.

Servet-i Funun Literature

Correct.Iran’s(Most of İranis here in this venue as well) proxies rely disproportionately on symbolism & narrative building.

The Objective

You only retaliated against the street and the ground, not the GIs? I bet you notified them to give way because you are going to pound the ground and streets. but what did the “ground” and “streets” do to you? the PMU is walking a thin line in Iraq to survive – not to protect Iraqi civilians.

Arch Bungle

See these bunkers?


Iran blew the entire row of army bunk-beds out.

So now you know if Iran wants it can put a missile up your ass with pinpoint accuracy.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide …

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

we will know soon enough. these are the end times, all the evil of humanity is returned and all the good of humanity is returned. Iraq and israel play big roles in end times. May Lord God hasten the downfall of Satan and his agents America and Israel, Amen

Faisal Al Al Mahdi

also many falsehoods and lies in your statements. The PMU are Hashd al Shaabi and are volunteers from the population and are part of the military structure much like the national guard in america. They are Iraq, more so than the national army for example. May God strengthen their hand and give them wisdom and truth and lead them to Imam Mahdi (as), Amen.

The Objective

If they represent Iraq, why are they 95% Shiite? Why do Iraqi Sunni population want America to stay? Your Shiite militias are as much a destabilizing force as ISIS. Your attempts to whitewash them has failed because they betray their terrorist tendencies by the policies they pursue. Iraq will not be another Lebanon. This, I promise you.


Because Iraq is a majority Shi’a country, stupid!

The only one who was killed in the recent US attack on BuKamal-AlQaim was a Sunni member of Hashd, god rest his soul. Look it up and you shall find. Hashd is not a Shi’a exclusive club, just like Hezbollah and IRGC and Basij it has Sunni, Christian, Yezidi and Jewish (in case of IRGC and Basij) members.

The Objective

You mean Iraq is 95% Shiite? There are just a few Sunnis in the PMU. They don’t even make up 5%. I’ve read a detailed and lengthy document of interviews on Iraqis, and I have a pretty good knowledge of what’s going on there. The same applies to Hezbollah. Shiites are 60% in Iraq and 30% in Lebanon.

the IRGC is even worse with regard to Sunnis. Did you know that the Iranian regime prohibits the construction of Sunni mosques in Tehran and other Iranian cities? Iranian authorities even demolish Sunni mosques. There is no single Sunni mosque in Tehran despite the city having some 2 million Sunnis. These guys are devils, and will meet their end, just like the Persian Zoroastrians perished at the hands of Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (R.A).


Tell me, is this for you acceptable and how much deviation are we talking about: Iraq’s Shia percentage —- ~%70 representing in PMU —— %95 (according to you)

US Jews percentage —– %2 Representation in government (congress+cabinet) —— >%60 (according to me)

That is a shameless lie. We have more than 10 active Sunni mosques in Tehran (with its very few Sunni population). In fact number of Sunni mosques per Sunni population in Iran is much more than number of Shi’a mosques per Shia population, from about 75,000 mosques, about 13,000 belong to Sunnis (There is no difference between the two, only the mosque’s Imam is a Shi’a or a Sunni – for readers who don’t know), Fella, Tehran has about 8mn population at night and about 12 at day, where did you pull out 2mn Sunnis in Tehran alone?

NOW tell many how many Shi’a mosques are there in Riyadh? In whole Persian Gulf countries? Iran is a safe haven for its Sunni population. By god we will cure the Wahhabi plaque from this planet. Omar was the second Calif after the prophet and his trustee and Sunnis respect him, so do we.

The Objective

“No Sunni mosque in Tehran?”. Yes, there is NO Sunni mosque in Tehran. If there is any, give me a NAME! I have researched, and could find names of Christian churches and Shiite mosques. But not a SINGLE Sunni mosque. In fact, one Iranian parliamentarian asked the government to let Sunnis construct a mosque instead of praying behind buildings and in secret residential areas. I challenge you to name ONE Sunni mosque in Tehran. I will also provide links to proof my facts. You can’t hide such things from today’s digitally connected society. Go on. Tell me.

“We have more than 10 active Sunni mosques and about 90 monasteries in Tehran (with its very few Sunni population)” Please name just one of these mosques! “Ahwazi: Iranian Government Bans Sunnis from Praying in State Universities” https://unpo.org/article/11084

In one article, the old liar, Khameini, said that there are 9 Sunni mosques in Tehran and linked to an Iranian sources that shows a picture (deceptive picture) to represent a Sunni mosques. Every mosque that holds Friday prayers usually has a name, especially in today’s divided Muslim society. Not surprisingly, Khameini’s source didn’t mention a SINGLE Sunni mosque by name. Read Khameini’s deceptive article here: https://english.khamenei.ir/news/5327/Does-the-Iranian-constitution-prohibit-building-Sunni-mosques On the contrary, there are many sources proving Khameini a liar on this issue. Below are a few: “Sunni Muslims banned from holding own Eid prayers in Tehran” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/aug/31/iran-forbids-sunni-eid-prayers “Tehran’s authorities destroy Sunni worship space” They claim it’s on a building permit problem, but the underlying problem surpasses that. https://observers.france24.com/en/20150806-iran-islam-mosque-shia-sunni-religion “Tehran’s Sunnis still waiting for their own mosque” https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/09/iran-tehran-sunni-mosque-prayer-space-pounak.html

The Shiite Iranian parliamentarian, Mahmoud Sadeghi, addressed Rouhani on Twitter, urging him to allow the construction of a Sunni mosque in Tehran. https://twitter.com/mah_sadeghi/status/903696133255565316

Look, there are many more sources to prove beyond any doubt just what a liar Khameini is. Not only on the issue of a mosque, but on other very important matters too. If you want more proofs, just ask and I’ll give you all the proof you want.

On the other hand, here are some names of Christian churches in Tehran: German Speaking Evangelical Congregation in Iran, Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Mary, Saint Abraham’s Church, St. Nicholas Church, Saint Peter Church.

Here are even Fire-worshiping temples in Tehran! A good example is Tehran Fire Temple, with an address and phone number. Imagine a house of Kufr in the capital of a a so-called “ISLAMIC REPUBLIC” which aspires to lead the Muslim world. Did you even know something like this exist?

There are some 2 million Sunni Muslims in Tehran. Do you dispute this claim?


Here are some “Sunni mosques” with address which deceptive “Khamenei” deprived you from:

1- Masjed-e-Sadeqiyeh (Sadeqiyeh, 2nd sq) 2- Masjed-e-Tehran Pars (Delavaran blvd) 3-Masjed-e-Shahr-e-Qods (km20, old Karaj road) 4- Masjed-e-Khalij-e-Fars (Fat’h highway) 5-Masjed- Al-Nabi (Danesh town) 6- Masjed-e-Haft-Choob (Malard road) 7- Masjed-e-Vahidiyeh (Shahriyar) 8- Masjed-e-Nasim Shahr (Akbar Abad) 9- Masjed-e-Razi Abad (Shahriyar 3way) They are all big mosques but the population of Sunnis who participate in Friday prayers in all Tehran are about 2000 in total. Eid al Fitr prayers last Ramadhan about 5.000 participated, men, women and children.

Here mosques belong to everyone, but >13,000 mosques exclusively have a Sunni Imam all over Iran, of which 10 are in Tehran with it’s next to zero Sunni population. Most of Sunni population are in border provinces, naturally most of mosques with a Sunni Imam are located there. As I said before, unfortunately per capita there are more “Sunni mosques” than Shi’a ones in Iran. But do not let this little fact gets in the way of a good propaganda.

I didn’t list the monasteries (the places which architecturally can’t be called a mosque, because they lack a dome and minarets).

Making a fool of yourself happens when your sole source of information is social networks. Again, nobody worships fire in Iran. Do we worship black cubes or black stones? Fire is the same for them.

I answered you fully with names and addresses, now your turn: How many “Shi’a” mosques are there in capitals of the Persian Gulf states? With name and address please.

The Objective

You haven’t said anything that makes sense. You provided the names of mosques without addresses or links to where you got that information from. You are instead mentioning other provinces in Iran. I didn’t say there are no Sunnis mosques in IRAN, but TEHRAN. You also conveniently failed to address the issue of Iran banning Sunnis from praying in Universities. Also, you didn’t mention one prayer ground or masjid where Sunnis go for Eid prayers at the end of Ramadan (something the Iranian government also forbade). All you did was provide some vague numbers without any source to back up your false claims. That’s because no such sources exist. Pleas provide sources to the information you presented about Sunni mosques, number of Sunnis in Tehran who pray on Fridays, and other such claims. And mind you, I’m not speaking for the gulf Arab countries, most of whose leaders are hypocrites. I’m singling out Iran because of your mouthiness concerning your religious devotion. I focus on Iran because it claims to want to lead Islam in the struggle against the West. You also conveniently avoided the Twitter post of one of your parliamentarians urging your president to Allow a Sunni mosque in Tehran. You also failed to see that there is a FIRE TEMPLE in Tehran, with address and phone number. A simple google search would have convinced you otherwise. I guess you did search, but just decided to lie. Your “ISLAMIC” government can live with a Fire worshipers’ temple, but not with a Sunni mosque. And your deceiver of a supreme leader always preaches Muslim solidarity. Your leaders even condemned the conversion of Hagia Sofia to a mosque. Just what the hell is wrong with you Shiites?


Dear Wahhabi Troll, You asked for the name of ONE Sunni mosque in Tehran, I gave you NINE names with street addresses out of 10 which I claimed. You have your complete answer and all the information needed but you deflected my question in return. No wonder because this is what trolls do.

I know what really burns you and your employer and that is British-made Wahhabism has no place in Iran and it will remain so in the future. We will also cleans the region and the world of this plague.

That being said, I should thank you because this little chat made me to dig a little deeper and find some interesting facts about the population break up of Sunni vs Shi’a in border provinces of Iran, specially in the south-east.

Suffice to say, what I have found (and we will continue to work on it to come up with a solution) you will notice in my country’s planning for the next 5 years and we will deal with this threat. You did a great service to my country without even knowing.

شُکراً جَزیلاً

The Objective

What you wrote was not an address. They are just names of provinces and towns that I’m sure are not in Tehran. You haven’t provided a single address. What’s my business with your country’s planning. You can do all you please to the Sunnis of Iran, but remember there’ll be a judgement day. Allah kept those Sunnis there, and he’ll watch over them. Threatening civilians is all you cowards are capable of doing. You have a worthy opponent in America, which you constantly run away from, even after the cause you so much death and destruction. Has it ever occurred to you that your current crisis with America could be Allah’s punishment? Your regime is the most threatened today. Your country faces an existential threat, and it’s surrounded by enemy bases. Both Iran and its enemies are the enemies of Allah and Muslims. Hence, Allah has set you up to collectively destroy one another. This war would have happened since if not because Iran keeps dodging it. But no matter how much you dodge it, I’m pretty sure it’ll happen at some point. The Arab monarchies and dictators can burn to hell for all I care. Same goes for Iran, America and Israel. I have no dogs in this fight, and I don’t care who wins or losses. You’ll certainly reap the fruits your leaders have been sowing for the past decades. This will not be the first time that a Shiite empire is brought down. And Iran is not even yet an empire. The horror of the Iran-Iraq war would be child-play compared to what’s coming. The only ones I feel sorry for and pray that Allah would help are the innocent civilians like children, women, the old, and the young. All regime elements on all sides can bomb one another as much as you please. And that’ll be a befitting punishment from Allah to those who suppress his religion (Pure Islam as practiced by the Sunnis).

Arch Bungle

Why do Iraqi Sunni population want America to stay?

Because they love their Yanqui masters.

They are born colonial slaves to the Yanqui.

From birth to death they live to serve the Yanqui.

Apparently, the Shia do not accept life under the Gringo boot.

The Objective

No. Because the rightly understand the Shiite terrorist PMU is a much bigger threat than America or Israel.

Arch Bungle


As usual, multiple lies in a single tiny statement.

You are a born liar.

They neither ‘rightly understand’ as you claim nor are the Shiite PMUs terrorist nor are the Shiites a threat nor a much bigger threat than the Americans or ‘israel’.

It was Zionist Controlled America and it’s Zionist Controlled European lackeys who murdered 500 000 Iraqi (Including Sunni) children and called it ‘worth it’.

Not the Shia.

It was Zionist Controlled America and it’s Zionist Controlled European lackeys who murdered more than 1 million Iraqis (Sunni and Shia) and called it ‘Freedom’.

Not the Shia.

It was the Sunni themselves, under Saddam, who dominated and oppressed majority Shia Iraq for decades.

Not the Shia.

Lastly, it was the Americans themselves who tried to incite the Shia of Iraq to revolt against Saddam – then ditched them at the last minute.

Not the Shia.

You are a moron who knows nothing. Really.

Or, a deliberate liar who works hard to ensure not even a kernel of truth remains in any of your statements.


IED attacks are choking off US re-supplies to their troops and assorted Head choppers – THATS what it about. Iranians have Yankees at the balls.

Arch Bungle

RT published an awesome perspective of the missiles hitting the yanqui base:


Pure Awesomeness!

It’ clear that Iran can hit the US wherever and whenever it wants in the Middle East, as well as with whatever power it chooses.

chris chuba

These guys even go farther in summarizing the 60 minutes story. I thought I read that Iran had notified both the Iranian PM and the Swiss consulate hours before the attack not only that an attack was imminent but also the target.

The Warzone: The 2020 Iranian Missile Attack “He [McKenzie] added that it’s reasonable to believe that 20 to 30 aircraft might have been lost and 100 to 150 U.S. personnel might have died if not for the intelligence and other early-warning alerts ahead of the strikes. [referring to U.S. satellites detecting IRGC deployments and monitoring Iranian commercial purchases of satellite imagery of Al Assad air base”

I do NOT believe that Iran tried to launch a surprise attack a U.S. base to kill U.S. troops because they know that this would lead to war. If Iran wanted a war, they would be able to kill troops. I always thought that the Iranians gave us advanced warning so that we would evacuate the base in time for the attack.


According to the IRGC’s aerospace commander, Genral Hajizadeh they informed Iraq that Iran will attack Americans on their soil one hour before the launch but didn’t say which base will be attacked, knowing Iraqis will transfer the message which they did There was just enough time to send some of the troops to bunkers in ALL American bases in the entire region, not just Iraq because they didn’t know which one will be attacked. Some troops remained on their posts (UAV operators, gate guards and such).

Informing Swiss embassy is fairy tail. It is in regard to the USG message to perform a show and subsequent threats that we’ll do this and that if you don’t accept, which Iran didn’t accept. The only thing Swiss embassy knew was that Iran will attack, where and when they didn’t know.

Edit: General Hajizadeh said they prepared 400 missiles on standby to fire at once in case US retaliated and 7,000 more in preparation to continue for the next 3 days. But US said everything’s cool and nobody got hurt, otherwise they had to do something.

Blue In Green


The General is lying through his teeth Garga…


Wasn’t Iran’s satellite supposed to be a “webcam stumbling in space”? اینا با خودشون چند چندن؟


what ever works…

Blue In Green

Sorry for late response bro lol, but nothing much can really said about American anti-Iranian propaganda other than their vision of a ‘weak’ Iran and a “unbeatable” U.S. Armed Forces is slowly eroding (imo).

Daily IED attacks, weekly attacks on their bases and embassies, Iran’s seminal strike against Ayn Al-Assad (with no reprisal despite heavy losses they’ve outright covered up), etc.,


Don’t worry about it. I use a PC and see upvotes, so I interpreted yours as an answer, the way I do myself, sometimes ending a discussion with an upvote meaning I agree.


If you assasinate an Iranian general who was on a peace mission, US has a lot of nerve to threaten war on Iran if any US military is killed. Maybe US should have attacked Iran and found out it’s ass delivered on a platter.

Blue In Green



Wait for the Hollywood movie. Remember Black hawk Down anyone? US’s classic retelling of how their marines got served by barefooted Somali tribesmen.


Arch Bungle

These are my favourite pictures from that era:



The Somalis know how to celebrate in style …

Blue In Green

I’ll just leave this here and allow you all to reach your own conclusions on the matter.


erwin vercauteren

desperation is the new hype in Americuntsky they shoot on a public transport cabin destroy a caravan of construction wharf and kill the all of them ?? hahaha really Biden the senile dinosaur ruling yankeestan is just as big of a lie as their tomahawks laying on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea after being joy ride by the Russian electronic warfare same for the zionists its clear for them the days of arrogance and attacks on Syria are over

Rodney Loder

Thank God (swt) for Hong Kong, Taiwan, South China Sea and General Soleimani these creeps aren’t going to do what is presumed and expected by Jew maggots, if they go it alone instead of going home then heaven has really come down.

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