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U.S. Army Central Command Reveals Details Of Manbij Attack

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U.S. Army Central Command Reveals Details Of Manbij Attack

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbija

Two U.S. service members, one Department of Defense (DoD) civilian and one contractor supporting DoD were killed and three service members were injured in the recent attack in the northern Syrian city of Manbij, the U.S. Army Central Command (CENTCOM) announced at the late hours of January 16.

“Initial reports indicate an explosion caused the casualties, and the incident is under investigation,” CENCTOM said in a short press release.

Earlier, ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and revealed that it was carried out by a suicide bomber named “Abu Yasin al-Shami.” According to local sources, al-Shami blew himself up in a patrol of the US-led coalition in front of the Prince Restaurant in the center of Manbij.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that the attack could be meant to dissuade the U.S. from leaving Syria. However, he stressed that he believes in President Donald Trump’s determination to withdraw troops from Syria.

This was the bloodiest attack against US-led coalition troops in Syria since the beginning of the war on ISIS in 2014. Prior to it, the terrorist group’s cells targeted Kurdish fighters and prominent local figures mostly.

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Zionism = EVIL

Actually 3 Americunt warmongering lardass idiots and 2 CIA “contractors” were blown to hell and this won’t be the last time as these scum are now hated by all and have outlived their usefulness even to the turds. The Zionist scum in South Lebanon wanted to play the same warlord fantasy and we all know how well that ended :)


No just 2 Americans. Brave Americans.

Zionism = EVIL

3 dead confirmed soldiers and 2 CIA idiots and the worst cowards on earth. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq to Syria now :) soon to run away as usual as the cost of occupation gets too high and it will. Stay tuned kiddo :)

Washington, DC — Five Americans were killed in a suicide attack in Syria on Wednesday, the largest loss of life in the Pentagon’s war against Islamic State militants there and a sign of the potent threat that remains as the Trump administration begins to withdraw.

The attack occurred in the northern city of Manbij, where American forces have conducted patrols after militants were flushed from the area. In coming months, those troops are expected to depart in keeping with President Trump’s announcement last month that the Islamic State had been defeated and troops would be coming home.

U.S. Central Command said those killed in the suicide blast included three American troops, a Pentagon civilian employee and two U.S. contractors conducting a “local engagement.” Three additional U.S. service members were wounded, officials said in a statement.


just 2. Learn to read.

Zionism = EVIL

No moron, learn basic English and FACTS!


2 dead. Confirmed by CENTCOM

Zionism = EVIL

Turkish media and even VOA reports rising death toll. The Americunt losers are born liars and cowards.


ah right…

Ricky Miller

Yep. He is right. Ask yourself about the average sizes of countries the U.S. has attacked since the end of the cold war. Something like 1/16th the U.S. geographical size, one ninth the American population and 1/22 of the U.S. economy. In addition to being a violation of treaties pledging to respect other’s territory and sovereignty it’s been neither brave or very successful. The U.S. does succeed in killing a lot of mostly poor people though.

Ashok Varma

US is smart enough and bully enough, not to attack countries that can shoot back, China, India, Russia and Iran are case in point.

Jens Holm

Great memorylack unless You are born yesterday. If You are born yesterday, Im impressed.

Jimmy Jim

You speakie Mercan? fucktard.


all in all 4 Americans
2 from troops
1 mercenary
1 civilian from DoD

Turks claim 5 Americans is dead

the truth is I didn’t check those info’s later on….


Real death toll is higher considering the massive blast. Kurds have probably done it. Good job anyway.


those were the 1st reports…
dead found immediately after the blast…
but with 20 wounded there is good chance few others die in the mean time


WASHINGTON — Four Americans were among19 people killed on Wednesday in a suicide bombing in northern Syria that was claimed by the Islamic State, just weeks after President Trump ordered the withdrawal of United States forces and declared that the extremist group had been defeated.

The attack targeted a restaurant in the northern city of Manbij where
American soldiers and CIA agents would sometimes stop to eat during their patrols of the area, residents said. After the blast, a number of Americans were
evacuated by helicopter to bases in Turkey, they said. It was not immediately clear how many Americans had been in the area at the time of the blast and the death toll is expected to rise.

Jens Holm

Its a cafe and ISIS – Your good allied and friend ISIS – as usual dont care if those all are civilians. I ahve heard about 10 dead and many wounded, but we dont have the total addictive.


Yes but who would believe CENTCOM?
I’ll wait until a reliable source like the BBC invents a story.

Jens Holm

Normal people believe Centcom 95%.


Normal Sheeple believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, 100%. So, centcom are 5% less believable.


I will also wait for a reliable Russian source.

Jens Holm

He says only 2 are real soldiers. Those are the facts.

If any blur things its You putting in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.

You must go to the doctor. You forgot jewish zionists, nazies and a few more.

Ashok Varma

Americans are far from brave, they have a hyena pack mentality of ganging up with their NATO vassal regimes and attacking small defenceless nations that pose no threat. Even in these one sided conflicts they have not fared well.


ur pitching shit EVIL the kurds r fighting for their lives and helping to secure syria as allies not fckn enemies quit spreading fckn lies if u all continue to lie about these warriors who r a spitting imagine of my personal kin i shall make them even greater warriors out there but this time mystical true holy warriors then none may beat em!!


i am also working on pulling them away from the SINiGOG of satans claws i assure u i know they tried to make em on their side under the obama’s but i assure i will free em from their evil grasps i promise


The US Central Command denied the US bombed a hospital in Afghanistan, then ordered bulldozers to bury the remains of the hospital.

You cannot trust a single word that any US Government organization utters.

Zionism = EVIL

The fuckers have lost a lot of men, local media is showing dozens of helicopters from bases in Occupied Turkey removing the dead scum and wounded. Even Reuters has videos of a 50 meter crater and a whole building collapse where the CIA “contractors” were paying off the turds. A video is also posted on Washington Post site showing the sheer force of the blast and dozens of vehicles destroyed.

Ashok Varma

US has a history of telling lies going back to Iraq WMD fabrications. In any case US has no business being in Syria and prolonging a terror campaign against a small state that poses no threat.


Maybe they consider bulldozing living wounded and ill together with their beds is less cruel than picture of killed and messy body parts and blood all over the place…
Too messy those bombs for the U.S. public who still don’t know where the Afghanistan is anyways…
More orderly and hygienic is bulldozing them…. maybe….

Bulldozing in general is also good PR for illusion of US “rebuilding” efforts in Afghanistan though…
Good idea would be to build huge rehab center for millions of Hollywood and other US drug addicts in the prairie of the Afghan poppy fields….
There heroin is for free so what could go wrong?
At worst they can get is to be bombed by US air force or bulldozed to death into collective narco grave….while totally stoned…


its a zionist operation! They want the US to stay in Syria!

Ashok Varma

Isreal’s policy is one dimensional, endless wars, chaos and terrorism using US money and cannon fodder.

Zionism = EVIL

It is not Zionists alone that want the Americunts to spread terrorism in Syria, the cowardly Turkeys are also hiding behind their Americunt masters. Indeed, Americunts have no real interests in Syria but are still deeply entangled in creating terrorist grouyps.
Operating from a half-dozen bases in the northeast part of the country,
Americunt advisers have steadily built up the Salafist militias by training
and arming them.


you are right, but this is old news!
What u have just said, everyone has said for the last 5 years!
But do u think nothing has changed since Trump’s arrival?

Zionism = EVIL

Trump is a loudmouth moron for the Zionists. Mark my words, the Americunts have no interest in leaving the region. Infact, they will escalate the conflict for their Zionist masters.


So why the False Flags killing americans?
Who not just use Chem Weapons against the Civilians near the FSA areas like they have done before?

Killing civs isnt enough anyore! they need to kill americans!
Thats how they stop Trump leaving!

But yes i agree they are leaving Syria but not the middle east!
However its still significant because it means they are not going to oppose Russia there!

He doesnt work for the Zios!
Just look at the 2 missile attacks they did!
People think that America was foiled by Russians because they missile attacks did fuck all YET…. Israel’s attacks usually cause quite a lot of damage!

Ask urself this, If Israel can succeed in missile attacks but the USA cant with a volley of 59 for the first batch and then a volley of 300 for the second, then does it make u start to think something fishy is going on??

Why is Israel able to succeed yet the USA is not?

People on this site are blind to their own beliefs!
This is not Obama!
This is Trump!
Even General mattis said that the last chem attack in Damascus was a false flag!

He said that on camera!

Take ur hate and focus it on logic!
What damage was caused in those 2 missile attacks compared to the missiles fired?

u have 2 conclusions here:
1. USA are dumb and stupid and make inferiror weapons that Russia and Syria can easily counter!
2. Co-operation has occurred between the US mil and Russian mil

and remember to add to these notes that somehow Israel is able to succeed with much smaller attacks!

u cannot come back to me with a good explanation to this!
u hate the USA so much that u want to say “the USA is shit and make bad weapons”!

Why would they even dare announce leaving Syria? Why? doesnt that open the door for Iran? Why fire missiles that attack almost nothing and effect almost nothing? Why a FF attack on AMERICANS? Why not just on civilians? Someone wants to keep them there! No need for a FF attack on American soldiers IF U DIDNT ANNOUNCE U WERE LEAVING!

First they were going to stay forever!
Then Mattis was fired!
Then they announce leaving!

There is more to this than u know!
Which is why im trying to get this site to THINK!

i am also a huge long time supporter of Russia and Syria! but since Trump came in, its a different story! hard to wake up people who have a one track mind!

USA bad!
Russia good
Syria good

Wake up!
Why are they trying so hard to keep Putin and Trump meeting each other?
Why does Putin and Trump need a private 2 hour meeting in helsinki!
why are they trying to get info from the translator?

Why is john McCain dead! Why is he really dead?
How was his death predicted to the day and to the exact minute?
Why would a YOUNG speaker of the house republican leader quit politics forever?

Do people even ask these questions on this site?
Why would 3 people be wearing ankle bracelets at the same time?
Doo people ask themselves this question?

You know what they say? They say “oh its a PsyOp”!
So Hillary, John McCain and hillary’s daughter just all start wearing foot braces in October 2017 at the same time? John McCain said he tore his achillies heal yet swapped the foot brace to the other foot and ADMITTED he did!

Is this a trick?
A coincidence?
its a PsyOp?
or is it real!

u literally have to choose one of these!
People from this site will always choose “PsyOp”!
Because they cant admit how fucking brainwashed they are into HATING the USA so much that they cannot see any kind of justice occurring!

i think people are asleep on this site! NOT AWAKE!


Explain this:

Wearing Ankle Bracelets between August and October 2017 (all of them)!
comment image

McCain swaps the foot brace to the other foot! (not a mirror image! note buttns on shirt and jacket pocket etc)comment image

Why did he swap the boot to the other foot if it was a rupture of his Achilles Tendon?comment image comment image

Why is he REALLY dead?
(Cancer was a cover)
His last interview on Camera(day before he died) he looked super healthy!


Ask yourself, why would the LEADER of the Republican Party who wanted to be President suddenly retire from Politics?
comment image

And here is how the MSM treat Trump!

comment image



Zionist Jews are forcing Globalism upon the world!
Taking our industries and putting them in China!
China is the love child on the UN!
President for Life, Digital Communist Dystopianism, no voting, legally can spy on u, everyone spies on each other!

SinBad2 Supports China!
Therefore SinBad 2 supports Zionist Jews!
Therefore SinBad2 IS A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!
Watch him block me!!
Because he is a coward who cant answer for his beliefs!

comment image
comment image

You can love Russia!
Yiu can love syria,
You can hate USA
You can hate Saudi Arabia
You can hate Israel



Ashok Varma

Almost all casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq have been civilians. US also killed and maimed six million Vietnamese civilians. In Afghanistan and Iraq the victims of indiscriminate US bombing on civilians, numbers in millions.

Zionism = EVIL

German intelligence BND warned in a recent report: “what’s going on in northeast Syria with growing US involvement and increasing local dissatisfaction. This is the beginning of what happened in Iraq.”


ya but that was under the demoncrates and they were true evil out there i assure u

Zionism = EVIL

Not playing with a full deck eh.


You should not believe anything ANY government organization says. ;-)


Payback is a bitch! hopefully more will perish in Syria.

Jens Holm

Not even a single of You care aboiut the many killed locals even they probatly are arabs.

Thats how You are.

And some BIIIIIIG trophy 4 americans are being killled by – ISIS.

Your certainly are small heroes in high heals, heads in the dark clouds and not reaching the ground.

Well – Well those dead non soldiers after all probatly was MMC and YPG kurds – wasnt they.

ISIS almost took the whole town back, so now Turks dont need to take it. Yellow ISIS has no chance. hahaha

J Roderet

Who controls Manbij? The so-called “SDF.” Who desperately wants the US to continue occupying northern Syria? The so-called “SDF.” It is now very obvious who carried out this attack.

Jimmy Jim

y’all pooten done it, nuke ruskies.

Kelli Hernandez

This has the stench of Bolton and Bibi all over it. Israhell’s fave form of attack is suicide bombers.
US, Israhell & Saudis arm and fund ISIS…
Erdogan is full of shit. This was done to keep US in Syria illegally.
Why Manjib???? A little outta the way for ISIS don’t ya think? And why CCTV cam swivel immediately to attack?.
Neocunt psychopaths will do ANYTHING to keep the Yinon plan alive.
Oh and why were the Kurds leaders there talking with US and now Kurds want to make nice with Turkey?
What the hell is going on here other than the obvious?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

A false flag attack killing your own citizens to achieve the result you want, no the US deep state wouldn’t do that would they Kelli, that would make them the most evil people in the world, surely you don’t want me to believe that do you. On second thought you do look quite sweet in your photo [and pretty if I’m allowed to say that], and I’m very easily swayed, I’ve changed my mind already, I do agree with you, it is exactly the sort of thing I would expect from them. But to be honest, even if your name was Bob, and your avatar was a picture of a big fat ugly bloke kicking a little kitten, I’d still agree with you.
You’d think with the sordid history the US has with this sort of behaviour it would be the first thing most of us would suspecting, some of us must be too young to remember or not very good with history, but you must be good at history, because you don’t look old enough in your photo to know from experience, I wish a few more people would brush up on their US history too, maybe then they’d be coming to the the most obvious conclusion as well.
I hope I wasn’t politically incorrect and if I was sorry, a picture of a pretty girl kissing a cute puppy makes me say politically incorrect things sometimes.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Only 3 dead, I was hoping the high estimate of 5 was wrong, I’m thoroughly disappointed, I’d hoped it’d be much higher.

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