U.S. ‘Applauds’ Malta For Refusing Russian Planes To Use Its Airspace To Supply ‘Brutal Regime’ In Venezuela


On April 19, US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus came with a statement supporting the decision of the government of Malta that had refused “to allow Russian planes to use its airspace to supply the brutal former regime in Venezuela.”

We call on all countries to follow Malta’s example to stop the Kremlin’s support for the dictator Maduro,” she added.

On April 18, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that Malta refused a Russian request to use its airspace to fly military aircraft from Syria to Venezuela on April 4. The diplomat said that Malta did not provide a reason for their decision.

Additionally, the Foreign Ministry  answered to Ortagus remarks in Twitter saying that clapping is at least harmless and keeps the trigger-happy US hands.

It’s also interesting to note the type of rhetorics used by the US to describe government that it does not like. Washington has blaimed and shamed “bloody regimes” and “tirans” in Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Iraq and multiple other states. However, so far, all “successes of democracy” has led to further deaths and destruction, like in Libya and Iraq. So, if there is some “bloody regime” in the modern world, the US regime should be first to be described this way.



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  • You can call me Al

    Man whore Malta sucks the **** of the unstable USA…… pathetic, immature, childish and very foolish.

  • verner

    malta, what’s that a speck in the ocean and about as vital as a dead snail. and true to form moronistan (aka usa – home of morons) cheers the speck while it really tells you how much command the white house moron exercises – it’s disappearing rapidly, like going gone gone and once gone will never ever come back.

    • FreePalestine_BDS

      Which ocean is Malta located in?

      • Jakke1899

        The Artic Ocean…

  • Jesus


    Lol, airspace over a little archipelago of 316 square kms, US banality and sheer BS is amazing.

  • Pave Way IV

    Yet Malta allows UK/French jets and drones overflight rights on their way to kill whatever Libyan militia won’t obey them today. That’s some damn fine humanitarianism right there, Malta!

    • PZIVJ

      I guess Russia will just have to fly around the damn island. :)

      • FreePalestine_BDS

        And that is a major obstacles having to clock up all those extra miles to go around Malta’s airspace.

  • Pemba Sherpa

    This is the shitty little island where female journalists exposing the truth getting blown to pieces by car bombs. Of course you are applauding. Some influence, White House!! lol

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    Malta..the island of he pirates…what did you expect…?
    The English and the Yanks control that lame a$$ rock.

  • goingbrokes

    The mind control words about Venezuela are proliferating – “Former regime”, “brutal”, “dictator”. Maduro is the legitimately elected President of Venezuela by its people in elections that would pass any scrutiny. They don’t like the sound of that.

  • Sinbad2

    Malta like Bulgaria gets a visit from an American Government hit man who says do exactly what we tell you to do, or we kill you all.

    Can you really blame them for submitting to American threats.
    Just look at what America has done to Afghanistan Iraq Syria and Yemen. The Americans take no prisoners, they destroy everything.

  • Justin

    Malta is ruled by the UK!
    nobody would dare shoot down a Russian military plane! So just keep flying over and give them the finger!

    • Toronto Tonto

      Israel did dufus and nothing happened .

      • Justin

        dufus? whats that?

  • Luke Hemmming

    Why do seagulls fly upside over Malta? Cause it ain’t worth shitting on…BWAHAHAHAHA!

  • JustPassingThrough

    malta is not much.
    mostly huge garbage dumps.

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    Two can play this game. How about those nations that do not recognise the Guido Guano as VZ president closing their airspace to those nations who do? That would be about 150 nations including RF, China, India, African Union.
    There are many free nations who do not like the regime change farts of the US Evil Empire and its collection of slave states.

  • gifteconomy

    USA & NATO are the worst world’s terrorists! My beautiful Yugoslavia was destroyed; my living space poisoned by uranium; our gold mines have been stolen and given to Albanian mafia; our churches have been burned down : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn5SkGpIKDs

  • Ford Fairlane

    Malta is a corrupt dump. They even execute journalists reporting on the corruption there.

    • Toronto Tonto

      like Russia does .

      • Ford Fairlane

        Canada commited genocide on its natives.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Boycott everything Russian .

    • Ford Fairlane

      Russia is the greatest country on earth.