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U.S. Announces Expulsion Of 60 Russian Diplomats, Over Dozen Of States Follows. What Is Behind?


U.S. Announces Expulsion Of 60 Russian Diplomats, Over Dozen Of States Follows. What Is Behind?

Joshua Roberts/Reuters

On March 26, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats and the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle.

“The United States takes this action in conjunction with our NATO allies and partners around the world in response to Russia’s use of a military-grade chemical weapon on the soil of the United Kingdom, the latest in its ongoing pattern of destabilizing activities around the world,” the White House’s Press Secretary said in a statement.

On the same time, 15 EU member states, Canada and Ukraine also announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats: Poland [4 diplomats], Lithuania [3 diplomats], Latvia [1 diplomat], Estonia [1 diplomat], Germany [4 diplomats], France [4 diplomats], Denmark [2 diplomats], Ukraine [13 diplomats], the Czech Republic [3 diplomats], the Netherlands [2 diplomats], France [4 diplomats], Italy [2 diplomats], Canada [4 diplomats], Romania [1 diplomat], Finland [1 diplomat], Croatia [1 diplomat] and Sweden [1 diplomat].

“Fourteen out of 28 EU member-states have decided to expel diplomats from the Russian Federation as a measure of solidarity with London on the Skripal case… Additional measures, including further sanctions within the common EU framework, cannot be excluded in the coming days and weeks,” European Council President Donald Tusk said commenting on the decision of the EU states.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats are publicly justified by the so-called Skripal case.

Hint: Former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were allegedly poisoned by a military-grade nerve-agent in the UK. The British government accuses Russia of being behind this incident, but provided no evidence to confirm this claim. Despite this, the US and other Western states also rushed to accuse Moscow.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas explained the decision saying that “the facts and evidence suggest that Russia is behind this attack.” This was the first time in the modern history after the World War 2 after such a decision was explained by a “suggestion”, without any investigation, arrests or production of evidence.

The Ukrainian regime used the Skripal case to further decrease the diplomatic relations with Russia.

“In response to the cynical chemical attack in Salisbury, Ukraine, in a spirit of solidarity with our British partners and trans-Atlantic allies, and in coordination with the EU countries, has decided to expel 13 Russian diplomats… Our diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation have been de-facto frozen, as you know,” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko wrote in his Facebook.

It is important to note that 12 of the 60 diplomats expelled from the US formed part of the Russian mission to the United Nations. This move is in contrary to the basic norms of the international law.

On the same time, more and more experts and media outlets point out multiple strange facts surrounding the Skripal case and question the alleged Russian involvement in it. Some of them go further drawing attention to a possible British trance behind the poisoning and describing the incident as a pre-planned provocation.

Some experts suggest that the observed events were a pre-planned move by the Euro-Atlantic establishment. It is aimed at isolating Russia and undermining the international relations system established in the second half of 20th century and the start of the 21th century.

Considering the scale of the diplomats’ expulsion, it can be observed that the national elites of the EU members states are not happy with the current situation. However, they are forced to obey to the Euro-Atlantic establishment, mostly represented by the US and the UK.

On the other hand, the global goal of this move is to increase pressure on the Western society and to shape the relations among Western states in order to strengthen the “new” global order. This will include a full dominance of the Euro-Atlantic establishment in the info sphere and will exploit the image of the foreign enemy to justify the total control over the society. In other words, the Euro-Atlantic establishment will attempt to expand a model of the society of fear tested in Ukraine during the past 4 years to the entire Euro-Atlantic world.

The Skirpal case is one of the steps en route to this global goal. SF forecasted a possible escalation caused by such events following the presidential election in Russia in its documentary released on March 17. [Russia’s Long Road Toward Resurgence] In the future, it will likely be possible to observe more steps in this direction made by the Euro-Atlantic establishment.



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