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U.S. And Turkish Military Officials Agree On Plan For Syria’s Manbij

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U.S. And Turkish Military Officials Agree On Plan For Syria's Manbij

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij

On June 14, the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) announced in an official statement that military officials of the U.S. and Turkey reached agreement on a plan for the northern Syrian city of Manbij following a series of meetings in the German city of Stuttgart. The EUCOM added that the plan will be recommended to senior U.S. and Turkish officials for further discussions.

The US and Turkey announced on June 4 that they had endorsed a roadmap for Manbij. As a part of the roadmap, the Kurdish People’s Protections Units (YPG) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) will be forced to withdraw from the city and their members will be removed from local governing organizations there.

The road map has a certain timeframe, that’s yet to be revealed by the U.S. or Turkey. Some reports suggested that the roadmap consists of three stages which will be fully implemented within 60days once the leaderships of the U.S. and Turkey approve it.

The YPG is complying with the U.S.-Turkish roadmap, despite that the plan represents a huge blow to its efforts in northern Syria. On June 5, the YPG even announced withdrawal of its “military advisers” from Manbij.

The U.S. and Turkey will likely reveal the timeframe of Manbij agreement in the upcoming days, especially that the agreement is now one step away from being finalized.

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So by this plan the US will stay in Manbij, or hand it over to the French ?
But at least Erdogan does not have an excuse to move forward.
Perhaps the Manbij Military Council will be allowed to take control.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The French and the Italians are already here ready to take up the mantle after the US leaves, the locals will be in really good hands now. The French have a lot of experience dealing with terrorism, and the Italians heaps of experience in political management.
The French were really good at blowing up the New Zealand nuclear protest ship the Rainbow Warrior and killing one of it’s crewmembers, and even better at getting their agents out of jail early after they were convicted of government sponsored terrorism.
And the Italians are the masters of financial mismanagement, political turmoil and ingrained corruption, the perfect Administrators for inspiring confidence in the new arrangement. They’re also well known world wide for their military prowess, at least they were 2000 years ago, now in modern times they’re only well known for their lack of it. [my mums Italian which means I’m half, so don’t call me racist].
Has anyone noticed what’s just happened in Dar Ta Izzah in western Aleppo, I think that means Putin’s unhappy that his new best friend Erdogan, and doesn’t like him making deals like this behind his back. Massive incendiary airstrikes by the Russian so close to one of Erdogan’s OB posts that the soldiers there could probably feel the earth shaking and the heat burning their skin. Hopefully a bushfire will start and burn that stinking OB post to the ground. “Sorry about that”, lol. MORE PUTIN MORE.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Last I read Manbij is in Syria, not the US or Turkey. Neither the US or Turkey get to decide.

Wise Gandalf

Maybe US and Turkey are influencers. :)

Richard M

Munich Betrayal II.Trump has gone Full Neville in kowtowing to the Ottoman Sultan.

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