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U.S. And Turkey Agreed On 120 Hours Ceasefire In Northeastern Syria To Allow YPG Withdrawal


U.S. And Turkey Agreed On 120 Hours Ceasefire In Northeastern Syria To Allow YPG Withdrawal

Turkish army vehicles and military personnel are seen near the Turkish-Syrian border on October 12, 2019. IMAGE: Reuters / Murad Sezer

The US and Turkey have agreed on a temporarily easefire in northeastern Syria to allow the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to withdraw from a 32km-deep ‘security zone’, US Vice President Mike Pence said after talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara on October 17.

“Today the United States and Turkey have agreed to a ceasefire in Syria,” Pence announced during a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Turkey is halting its Operation Peace Spring for 120 hours to allow YPG units to withdraw from the designated area. If this is done, the Turkish military operation will not be resumed.

Vice President Pence claimed that the process of the YPG withdrawal will be “facilitated”. However, no details were provided how these would be done.

President Donald Trump already said that his wise actions becamse the only reason that made the ‘ceasefire’ possible.

The YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces already announced that they are acceping the ceasefire. However, their withdrawal from the ‘security zone’ still remains under the question.




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  • BMWA1

    It would be no mean exaggeration to declare this the deal of the century even, almost impossible to resist really!

    • Snowglobe

      The rumors over here are for a possible assassination attempt, or something dramatic in Dallas tonight.

      It seems that the Globalists/Deep State/MIC are not happy about these things.

      • BMWA1

        Donald should stay far away from any grassy knolls!!!!

        • Snowglobe

          Exactly! ;-)

          I was just looking at the location. It could be named sniper alley. The rally starts between 2-3 hours from now.

          • BMWA1

            Is it at the American Airlines Centre?

          • Snowglobe


        • Tommy Jensen

          Trump is driving in an open car cortege together with Melanie with the crowd on each side, protected by CIA and FBI.
          What could possibly go wrong?

  • If this Is true the Syrian military must move in quick under the cover of darkness or early dawn to take the YPG position.

    • John Wallace

      Well it is their right to do so and not the right of either Turkey or the US to decide otherwise.

  • Toronto Tonto

    None of this would have ever happened if the killer diktater assad family was taken out years ago .

    • Lena Jones

      None of this would have happened if terrorist israel didn’t exist.

      • verner

        exactly – israel is going for a one state solution and so should the rest of the world with the difference that the world wish israel gone and palestine as the one state.

        if you have a rotten tooth in your mouth, you don’t take out the healthy ones next to the rotten one – you take out the rotten one saving the healthy ones and all is fine and dandy. israel is the rotten tooth that needs to be taken out in order to save the rest of the middle east from the decay israel is spreading like a pestilence.

        to start somewhere, the world should unite around a anti-zionist day and prepare the demise of israel and the squatters on the run!

    • Neurasth

      what a fucking dumbass

  • Vitex

    Sounds like some Israeli-orchestrated BS to me

  • Tommy Jensen

    Two National Security Advisors couldn’t do it, so Trump had to do by himself.
    Why is it always like that?

  • smertzakrov

    AMERIKANS PLAY CHECKERS—everyone else plays chess or go