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U.S. And Its Allies At Final Stage Of Preparing Attack On Russia

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U.S. And Its Allies At Final Stage Of Preparing Attack On Russia

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It seemed that the threat of an escalation of the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine had recently subsided amid attempts to establish a negotiation process between Russia and the West. However, Ukraine and its partners have struck a new blow, significantly increasing the threat of new wave of hostilities.

On January 4th, YouTube and Facebook blocked all information platforms of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republic (LPR and DPR).

The official channels of the the DPR Ministry of Information, the DPR and LNR People’s Militia Departments, the LPR State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, the Luhansk Information Center were blocked.

Such measures are an important sign of the clearing of the information field before the upcoming UAF offensive in Donbass.

According to the LPR intelligence, the preparation of the Ukrainian security forces for the offensive in the Donbass has entered the final phase.

The Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon arrive in Donbass to assess the troops readiness for the offensive, said the official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR Ivan Filiponenko on January 4.

“According to the People’s Militia intelligence agency, a commission of the Ukrainian General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine headed by Commander-in-Chief General Zaluzhny will arrive at the location of the task force “North” in the near future. The visit is aimed to assess the combat readiness of the military units of the group North to conduct offensive operations,” Filiponenko said.

Most of the Javelin, TOW and NLAW anti-tank missile systems from the U.S. and U.K. were delivered to the Donbass front lines. The UAF Command is deploying personnel trained in the use of these foreign-made anti-tank missile systems in the area of the Joint Forces Operation.

At the same time, the situation remains tense on the Ukrainian-Belorussian border. On January 3, the Belarusian military shot down a Ukrainian drone that went 40 km deep into the territory of their country.

The warning news from Ukraine came as soon as Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing in his first visit to China since the COVID pandemic broke out.

During his one-day visit, Putin held talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that were devoted to key issues on the bilateral, regional and global agenda. A solid package of about 15 intergovernmental, interdepartmental and commercial documents is expected to be signed between the two countries.

U.S. And Its Allies At Final Stage Of Preparing Attack On Russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that relations between Moscow and Beijing have acquired an unprecedented character.

The Chinese leader assessed relations with Russia in a positive manner. Xi Jinping stressed that the political and strategic mutual trust between Moscow and Beijing is strengthening, and the parties support efforts to protect their fundamental interests. “The parties remain committed to the original goals, making tireless efforts for the sustainable development of bilateral relations,” he concluded.

While, Moscow is actively strengthening cooperation with Beijing, it faces new challenges in diplomatic process with the West.

Washington has recently claimed that Russia may use actors to create a fake video of the alleged UAF attack in Donbass.

In response, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the statement nonsense.

The State Department refused to provide any evidence to support such claims. The spokesman Net Price, said that the information was received from the U.S. intelligence, but refused to disclose the details. He concluded that it is stupid to question the statements of the State Department.

All the information campaigns that the West is carrying out against the DPR/LPR and Russia are signals that the United States and its allies have moved to the final phase of preparing an armed attack on Russia and Belarus.


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L du Plessis

Praise God!! let Godless Nato feel the Wrath of Russia!!!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

It wasn’t nice to know you Ukropisstan. Bye bye 👋


These USA and Euro retards messing with Russia and Putin. What a dumb idea. He outclasses them all in intelligence by leaps and bounds. Not going to work out for them well.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and ukropnazis will cry and rage, soon.


If they are stupid enough the Ukrainian army will be totally annihilated,Russia wouldn’t even need to leave its own land to do that,the DPR/LPR if Ukraine attacks should break out this time and take the fight to those bastards.

Last edited 1 year ago by Cromwell

Every fool soldier armed and trained by America and England will on entering the areas known as Donbas will not leave alive. You will be the lesson to be taught to foreign nations interfering in Russia’s back garden.


I hope some of those Nato bitches are with them.

the end

Did I just mistakenly read “some” as “all”?


The US and its obedient whores and whore-ettes (NATO and the EU) are using the even stupider Ukro to do the bleeding and dying. After all, American blood is much more valuable – they can always leave on the next plane and go back to that violent, murderous, crime-infested, mentally sick, physically sick, degenerate, dysfunctional paradise called the US of A.


If ukrop attack first then north wind will came with lot of help from europe volunteer that fight for DPR and LPR which make dabaltsevo 2.0 repeated again


Does anybody with even a miniscule amount of critical thought, logic or reason believe anything that comes out of the propaganda/NASA (never a straight answer) section of the US State department or the War Department? Only uninformed, misinformed, naive, gullible, easily brainwashed, pathetic, non-thinking, ignorant, too lazy to think for themselves dupes would. That is the majority of the US population today. Poor stupid bastards. It is no wonder that the majority of the population doesn’t question these rotten, corrupt, self-serving, 4th and 5th rate scumbag politicians. Meanwhile the US national debt just increased to more than $30 TRILLION (USD). Enjoy the next war you chumps.


Sorry buddy but that is the majority of the world.


In all fairness, I have seen no specific evidence that Ukraine is about to attack either. Just saying.

But I will say this, if there is a war then Russia needs to make it a BIG war. Not just some little scirmish. The U.S. will fall from the inside if there is.


Yes, escalation is the key for Russia to win. Russia must use its military to remove all JNATO military infrastructure put in place since 1997. Russia has to be ready for global l nuclear war as playing nice with Hitler and his Rothchild masters / led to the deaths of 30 million Russians. If Russia plays nice with Soros and the Rothchild’s again with their Nazi Azov allies a replay of World War 2, Russia can expect to lose at least another 30 million at the minimum.

Chris Gr

Azov Battalion is against Soros though.


No they are allies as were Hitler and Zio Jews were. They are making movies about it in Israel.

Read Rothchild Hitler (the father of Israel) Havara pact. Hitler (See Jewish virtual library) was assigned by his Zio masters to chase Jews to Palestine so Israel could be created.If They went to Palestine all expense paid by the Reich bank. over 90% went. The rest went to slave labor camps predominantly run by Hitlers Jewish solders called Kapos by their fellow Jews. Jews also served in the Nazi police and security forces as ghetto police (Ordmmngdienst) AND CONCENTRATION CAMP GUARDS (kapos). Thousands of men of Jewish descent and hundreds of what the Nazis called “full Jews” SERVED IN THE GERMAN MILITARY WITH ADOLF HITLER’S KNOWLEDGE AND APPROVAL Werner Goldberg a Jew, for example was held up by Hitler as the ideal Nazi there was a picture of Goldberg in uniform appeared in a Nazi recruitment advertisement in 1939 depicting “The Ideal German Soldier.” was and is a Jew You see the same thing in Ukraine today. A Jewish government with a Nazi Zio army against Russia exactly as it was in world war 2 . So are the Times of Israel and Haretz lying about this? Are they anti Jewish? Don’t take my word for it as nothing beats the voluntary confession. Who tells the truth on this board??? google this times of israel com Jewish comedienne faces grandpas nazi past. Chelsea Handler Rigg’s research also shed light on stories surrounding the rescue by German soldiers of the Lubavitcher grand rabbi of that time, who was in Warsaw when the war broke out in 1939. Joseph Isaac Schneerson was spirited to safety after an appeal to Germany from the United States. Schneerson was assisted by a German officer Rigg has identified as the highly decorated Maj. Ernst Bloch, whose father was a Jew.

Two field marshals, (God knows how many Jews they killed) Fifteen generals, (God knows how many Jews they killed) Two full generals, (God knows how many Jews they killed) Eight lieutenant generals, (God knows how many Jews they killed) Five major generals, “commanding up to 100,000 troops In approximately 20 cases, Jewish soldiers in the Nazi army were awarded Germany’s highest military honor, the Knight’s Cross. One of these Jewish veterans is today an 82 year old resident of northern Germany, an observant Jew who served as a captain and practiced his religion within the Wehrmacht throughout the war. One of the Jewish field marshals was Erhard Milch, deputy to Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Goering. Rumors of Milch’s Jewish identity circulated widely in Germany in the 1930s. To put the size of Hitlers massive, huge, Jewish Nazi army in context, the size of the entire British Armed Forces – by numbers today is around 144,000 trained active personnel. Comprising British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the Royal Air Force – the Armed Forces is a huge operation, So Hitlers massive, huge, gigantic Jewish Nazi army which ran the holocaust was bigger then the entire UK armed forces which are ranked as the 5th most powerful armed forces on the planet and the Jewish Nazi army was bigger then that 150 k to 144 k for the UK . A German soldier in Nazi uniform strolls in the park hand-in-hand with his Jewish grandmother, the yellow “Jude” star on her coat. A Nazi officer is dispatched by the German high command to rescue the Lubavitchrebbe. These are two of the surrealistic examples Larry Price cites to illustrate the complex reality in Nazi Germany for Mischlinge – the Nazi term (literally, “mongrels”) for Germans of partial Jewish ancestry. Price, a Jerusalem-based filmmaker, is the director and producer of “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers,” a documentary film featuring interviews with five Mischlinge who served in the German armed forces during World War II. The film will premiere on April 24 as part of Israel TV Channel 1’s special programming for Holocaust Day.

Chris Gr

This is far fetched.


Oracle is right. I went back to uni as an adult just after 9/11. I studied a subject on Germany 1933 – 1942. By this stage in the West, Muslims were being scapegoated. I wanted to learn how and why this happens from what happened to the Jews.

What I learned was the Nazis and the Zionists were in league with each other. Both were worried that the Jewish people were becoming German and would disappear as a separate people; both sides for different reasons. The ‘good’ Zionist Tribe Jews got out, the rest had to go.

People may forget WW1 was a war of Empires, WW2 a war of Nations. After the first one, most of the empires broke up, and nations scrambled to form. The ethno-centric nation was a very new construct historically. In an empire you can live anywhere within, like the EU. All of a sudden ethnic groups lived on the wrong side of imaginary borders. Through the 20’s and 30, mass repression and forced migration happened all over Europe as populations tried to homogenise.

The ‘Holocaust’ was not the extermination of the Jews. The rich Tribal Jews left, the rest were forcibly transferred East back where they came from, their homeland in the Ukraine. The ‘extermination’ camps were labour camps, making munitions for the war effort. ‘Work will set you free’.

I always apply Qui Bono when assessing geo-politics. When you look at the creation of Israel, the ‘Holocaust’ is the main reason. Working back from there changes your whole opinion of the ‘good war’.

Last edited 1 year ago by Earthrise
Chris Gr

Hitler wanted to put Jews in Palestine but Husseini didn’t want it. The first war was a war of empires. The second war was a war of nations. The cold war was a war of ideologies.

Ma Laoshi

Look closer, and all the “news” in this article are statements which are already a MONTH old. Politics is not geology, everyone has moved on since then–everyone except SouthFront apparently.


Message to all the arm-chair warmongers here: La guerre contra la Russie n’aura pas lieu. There will be not war against Russia. At least not a convential, direct one.


Do not bother with scenarios about the conventional war yet to be fought on the vast plains of Ukraine. I assume that the hardest fights will take place in the mountains of Wyoming and Idaho, where the last pockets of resistance will survive after the initial spree of nuclear and thermobaric bombs hitting the U.S. Despite their courage and stubbornness, brave farmers will hold on for a while until the special groups of Sino-Russian airborne attackers eventually prevail over them. Better get going to a nearest mall in your neighbourhood to do some groceries.




Great movie


The US will relocate all their Jihadi mercenaries to Ukraine and build up a private army of about 100,000 to pester Donbas, Russia essentially. As an optimist I’d say that the destruction of this hornet’s nest is a coordinated effort but it is more likely canon fodder for a greater war against Russia.


Good call, the ISIS prison breakout in eastern Syria, the US SF raid to pick up a high-level leader. These mercs turned the tide in Libya and Armenia, not so much in Afghanistan. Bring them closer to the Russian maw so they can be chewed up and spat out.


Is the wrong month posted? Should be February?




actually yes.

Putin huylo

What an idiotic title of the article. In complete opposition with the reality. You Kremlin mouthpieces are a joke.


Is your true name Biden´s dick ?


Nobody, including Biden himself, has seen his dick in decades.


Down with putin . He is stupid clueless nutcase.. everyone should live Ukraine alone.. Russia will fall apart… Get ready for party


Putin is the leader of the free world. And Russia is the last line of defence for European civilisation.


The moral of this story is you avoid like the plague allowing populations of foreign cultural enclaves inside your borders. Russians in Ukraine support the potential invader. That’s how the Crimes went. a lesson for the wise.


Better to jaw jaw than war war. I sense a little to much glee about the possibility of the pending conflict, from some of the comments that I have been reading for the past few days. I didn’t hear any of that in the statements from either Putin or Xi. I wonder if any of these posters have ever been in combat. Ever killed anyone? Observed the aftermath of a mass casualty strike? Watched a man shiver and cry, and choke down his final breath? Blood and flesh all over the place? I would like to see people in the US just go on strike. Refuse to go to work. Shut it down. That is a message that might resonate. War is a matter for somber contemplation. Not an excuse to scream at one another, take cheap shots, and come up with clever insults. I wish you well. I wish you peace with honor. Justice is elusive. War is easily avoidable. But, not through bluster and insults. Empathy and reflection should be the order of the day.

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