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U.S. Ambassador To Germany At It Again: Germany Must Not Remove Nuclear Weapons


U.S. Ambassador To Germany At It Again: Germany Must Not Remove Nuclear Weapons

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On May 14th, US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell claimed that Germany was “undermining” NATO’s nuclear.

“Allies expect Germany to remain a “power for peace,” as Foreign Minister Maas recently said. Rather than eroding the solidarity that undergirds NATO’s nuclear deterrent, now is the time for Germany to maintain its commitments to its allies through continued investments in NATO’s nuclear share.”

He specifically pointed the finger at the Social Democrats (SPD), the junior coalition partners of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), for their support of nuclear disarmament.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s deployment of new nuclear missiles on the periphery of Europe, and new capabilities of China, North Korea and other countries make it clear that the threat is all too present,” Grenell wrote.

He also said that Germany’s participation in nuclear share ensures that it’s voice can be heard, and it would have a right to one, otherwise it would be able to say anything, and it would, in a way, betray its allies.

“The purpose of NATO’s nuclear share is to keep non-nuclear member states involved in the planning of NATO’s deterrence policy.

Germany’s participation in nuclear share ensures that its voice matters.

If Germany seeks to be a true power for peace, now is the time for solidarity. Will Germany bear this responsibility, or will it sit back and simply enjoy the economic benefits of security provided by its other Allies?”

Grenell said that the US, including President Trump, support nuclear disarmament but see the possession of atomic weapons as a necessary deterrent to Russia and North Korea.

However, the past year, not only have the US taxpayers had to pay $5.9 billion more than the previous year for the country’s nuclear arsenal, the president also walked away from the country’s 32-year disarmament treaty with Russia, and vowed to upgrade the US’ stockpile of weapons being housed in Germany.

The ambassador’s comments were in response to a statement by Rolf Mützenich, the leader of the SPD in parliament, who called for the government to force the US military to remove its nuclear weapons from German territory.

Mützenich’s comment came after Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that she would approve a deal with the US for new fighter jets to replace Germany’s outdated aircraft.

The US Ambassador Richard Grenell has a habit of earning condemnation from German politicians for attempting to meddle in the country’s internal affairs. He was recently elevated to being acting Director of National Intelligence, bringing him even closer into Trump’s inner circle.

This time Grenell says it’s unacceptable and it would have negative repercussions that Germany wouldn’t host nuclear weapons on its soil, and this would actually help defuse tensions with Russia, and make the entire European continent safer.




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