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U.S. Ambassador To Germany At It Again: Germany Must Not Remove Nuclear Weapons

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U.S. Ambassador To Germany At It Again: Germany Must Not Remove Nuclear Weapons

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On May 14th, US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell claimed that Germany was “undermining” NATO’s nuclear.

“Allies expect Germany to remain a “power for peace,” as Foreign Minister Maas recently said. Rather than eroding the solidarity that undergirds NATO’s nuclear deterrent, now is the time for Germany to maintain its commitments to its allies through continued investments in NATO’s nuclear share.”

He specifically pointed the finger at the Social Democrats (SPD), the junior coalition partners of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), for their support of nuclear disarmament.

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s deployment of new nuclear missiles on the periphery of Europe, and new capabilities of China, North Korea and other countries make it clear that the threat is all too present,” Grenell wrote.

He also said that Germany’s participation in nuclear share ensures that it’s voice can be heard, and it would have a right to one, otherwise it would be able to say anything, and it would, in a way, betray its allies.

“The purpose of NATO’s nuclear share is to keep non-nuclear member states involved in the planning of NATO’s deterrence policy.

Germany’s participation in nuclear share ensures that its voice matters.

If Germany seeks to be a true power for peace, now is the time for solidarity. Will Germany bear this responsibility, or will it sit back and simply enjoy the economic benefits of security provided by its other Allies?”

Grenell said that the US, including President Trump, support nuclear disarmament but see the possession of atomic weapons as a necessary deterrent to Russia and North Korea.

However, the past year, not only have the US taxpayers had to pay $5.9 billion more than the previous year for the country’s nuclear arsenal, the president also walked away from the country’s 32-year disarmament treaty with Russia, and vowed to upgrade the US’ stockpile of weapons being housed in Germany.

The ambassador’s comments were in response to a statement by Rolf Mützenich, the leader of the SPD in parliament, who called for the government to force the US military to remove its nuclear weapons from German territory.

Mützenich’s comment came after Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that she would approve a deal with the US for new fighter jets to replace Germany’s outdated aircraft.

The US Ambassador Richard Grenell has a habit of earning condemnation from German politicians for attempting to meddle in the country’s internal affairs. He was recently elevated to being acting Director of National Intelligence, bringing him even closer into Trump’s inner circle.

This time Grenell says it’s unacceptable and it would have negative repercussions that Germany wouldn’t host nuclear weapons on its soil, and this would actually help defuse tensions with Russia, and make the entire European continent safer.


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This coward just forget why US soldiers died for during the WWII. Hope Germany will not accept this idiot “deal” of perempted weaponery. EU must not pay for Trump, never.

Jens Holm

I agree, but I also see EU/Nato not being able to step up and not only about USA.

It do make sense to me, we should pay more to our own local defence then we do. EU + GB has an economy just as good as USA.

Concrete Mike

Defense against whom? The swedes??

There is no one to defend against, russia.doesnt care about europe, it has enough.problems already dont it?

I think we in the west should spend even less on defense and more on infrastructure. It makes the economy so much more productive. Thats the best kind of profit, because productivity trickles down to the workers, instead we have defense rackets that do not increase overall.productivity, to enrich the oligarchs for no gain to public.

I know for what i stand, do you?

Ashok Varma

USSR liberated Germany and Europe. US joined the war when it was over.


Thank Russia for liberating Europa.

Jens Holm

Its none of his business. If he need a real job, he can be influenxza expert for Trump.

Foot Ball

And he is now has become that demorat influenza expert in the Trump administration, and doing a good job fighting the swamp. Too bad he is beholden to this neocon drek of nuclear arming of the Europeans. I wish the Germans discovered a mind of their own and stopped being a fodder meat for the US imperialist machine. If only Germans really stood up and fought for their independence, they would be surprised to get an eventual support from the Trump administration, in second term. In an election year Trump is pulled in antagonistic directions by the deep military-digital state power players. Trust me, Biden would not let Germany get away with any inkling of independent military and foreign policy. Was Obama that helpful?! Nothing has changed, except the above and below readers’ anti-Trump’s contingent’s mindset, acting if the Grenell’s demands are new Trump policy and not the continuation of the decades old American establishment policy, democrats’ and republicans alike.

Jens Holm

I know the guy. Obvious You believe Trumps more then most and even use those people as facts for USA and the rest of the world.


As a German, and on this topic speaking for the huge majority of my countrymen i say:
Fuck you. Again.
The Majority of us sees the US as bigger threat than Russia, and we also don’t want nuclear bombs here, misusing our country as possible theater of war for US neocons.
With most politicians and parties in the hands of Atlantic council and other US controlled NGOs, our democracy seems to end where US interests start.
Just like in Cold War. Nothing has changed. Only now there is no communist threat. Only Neocon madness and political fools betraying the interests of their own people.

Icarus Tanović

I applaude you.

Zionism = EVIL

You need to the end the rapacious Americunt occupation of Deutschland. The lardass Americunts are going down the tubes anyway, Germany would be free and prosper if it joins the Chinese One Belt, like Italy and Greece are doing.

Jens Holm

There we go again. I see no reasons for Your predictions shoud come true and its better at all unless You are an enemy of Germany and western being in EU as well as Nato and other well organized organisations.

ME will be the same. You just will blame the Chinese and not Westerns and Zionists for keeping Your self out of line of copmmon sense and needed changes.

Maybee You then can be excused blindfolding Yourself with chopstickers. That about it for You.

The only hope for some light in the ME probatly are the beekeepers.

Peter Moy

German politicians need to unite and stand up for Germany. You are absolutely correct – the only threat to peace in Europe are the chicken hawk, cowardly, insane freaks who implement US foreign policy. The only threats are totally delusional and imaginary coming from Trump and the diabolical bastards surrounding him like that Elephant Boy Pompeo. Es ist tragische aber wahr.

Jens Holm

He dont represent most of the Germans. Is it so bad if people EMMIGRATE TO….

I look around and see, where they come from.

You are virtual or for real FROM and among the remainers emmigrating TO.

The only threats also are not comming from Russia. You also forget the good things and only see the bad ones, which are very visible.

Affen wie Du soll in Zoo sein wie Tiergaten am erste classe und bananen.

Stinky Man

You Pussys should have fought harder during WW2.
Instead do as your told and STFU.

Jens Holm

Typical stupid remark. Germany has one of the stronghest economies in the world as they do now and the loosers became winners being helped up by Marshall help, themselves and others.

Some like for something better.

Far out to blame people, which not even was born when WW2 happend.

I am not from there but should I blame my fater and mother being 10 years old in 1939.

So what did You do Yourself apart from diaperchanges ?

Peter Moy

Hey genius, Germany’s economy is now in an economic recession.

Jens Holm

We all are in that “small recession” boat, so it made no sense to take out Germany or others and compare fx level, what it is and the possibilities for declining more or up again.

We also all are hit more or less of the stupid Putin version of oilcrises as well as corona. Both hit different for different countries.

The good thing for Germany and my country are we follow the Laws of Kapitalisme well and after some or many collapses has tools to regain and do.

Going down to a 2010 or 2005 level is fine with me. Less cars in the streets too:)

Ashok Varma

Hitler was crazy who attacked the USSR and lost. US is an opportunist. Russia liberated Germany and Europe.

Séamus Ó Néill

…..And you should concentrate more on your English, instead of trolling here…. it’s you’re, not your !

Jens Holm

Thats worse then higly biased even some is partly is true.

An important factor is Trump as President.

Jens Holm

There we go again. Two illiterate sheep has commented. You win a bag of dand from Al Tanf and maybee some water, so You can stay and play there as long as You wish.

You assume Trump is Leader of the USA production, but its mainly owned by stocholders as well as being outside the country.

Here a Trump can help or the opposite.

Ashok Varma

Germans need to be liberated from the corrupting US occupation that pushes conflicts and bogeyman like Russia, which liberated Germany and Europe from Nazis. US occupation is far worse than Nazism.


deutschland ist undankbar. Soviets liberated Europa. Amerikaner sind Schweine.

Séamus Ó Néill

I fully understand and share your sentiments, the whole sane world does. America and its overlord, Israel, represent the scourge of pure satanic evil that ihas swept over our beautiful planet. They must be stopped now, violently, if that is what is required, but their mass unwanton and wholesale slaughter of every type of life must stop now ! If they cannot be persuaded to amend their ways, then they must be removed…permanently

Concrete Mike

Dont the americans know that every nuclear weapon stockpile in europe is a target to be destroyed by russia should NATO attack it?

I would argue that it makes europe less safe to have nukes, as now they just become targets in a rataliatory strike.

Mr Ambassador, please shut the fuck up and mind your own business. Do we all remember what happened last time the german nation was really pissed off?

Jens Holm

Thats a typical Russian point of view. As Europeans we almost anytime prefare USA for Russia and for very good reasons and only a few small ones.

Last time cant be repeated. Russia never will loose its European Colonies, because we defend Ourself.

First the Zars and the upperclass was a fiasco. Next USSR was a fiasco and collapsed and again lost stolen countries, which never wanted them oin the first place.

The main mistake is You take th agenda about nukes as You do.

Being dominated by Russia and their next collapses is no option.

Concrete Mike

Ah yes mr guardian of the status quo.

Dont you ever ask yourself how can we do better?
There are.other alternatives to militarism. Open your mind you fool!

Jens Holm

Denmark use less then 3% for our military forces. That not militarisme.

I see no status quo. I see we use a lot of money for civile devellopments in Eastern Europe. People from there also comes here working in low paid jobs as well as we educate many for free to improve their own misguided economies forced to collapse by Russia and Engels in cartoon version.

So yes, we can do better, but we do a lot in the civile sector and for ourselves too.

The main problem are the same. Because Russia are so low productive based on stupid ideas or none and not supported by educated being a big middlclass spend a lot more money in % then we.

As long as they are not even able to try what we do, it will be same thing. Russians are kept in low and even lowered strandards and seemes to prefare to live 10 years less then us too.

We never decided that for Russia or anybosy else. Its the same for parts of ME. If You have a culture, a religion and an etnicity which insist keeping Yourself low. Then be it.

But dont blame us for not following the big mouths from Trump as well as Putin and Putins keeping the Russians poor or having a big military force.

Whats worth anything in Russia we not have or can buy from them.

The Russian main problem is, they do have a lot of minerals and also are able to produce a lot of food – But they are not able to upgrade and produce expensive things for own use and export.

There is no militarisme in Europe in our part. And dont be stupid telling me, we are supporting fascisme in Ukraine. You supportsame kind of old stuff by outdated not antique communisme.


Yep, they are trying to hide the fact that a nuclear weapons make that country an automatic 100% certain target!


first – russia won’t ever attack anyone in europe (or elsewhere) but if push comes to shove will defend itself vigorously. and european countries are loath to partake in any actions against russia which will make it hard for the disjointed moronic states of A to get things started.

however my guess is that Russia and China are anticipating warlike actions by the disjointed idiots in the white house and that they, russia and china, thus are preparing for such an event. the fact behind such an idea is that the quagmire that the disjointed moronic states of A’s economy is in is beyond salvage and the most likely way out of it is by going full tilt and blazing guns against the threats dunny the dunce will present to the under-educated and obese masses, who are just too stupid to realize what is going on.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Biggest nuclear threat to Europe is America.

Jens Holm

We have Russia in Our backyards. Thank You.

You should ask the Russian Dicatatorship to remove theirs.


Oy, Russians!
Go to Jens’s backyard, remove your trousers and show Jens what you’ve got!

There, I asked them. Thank me later.

Jens Holm

My backyard fx are newly deployed missiles, so therefore we buy 4 Scud systems to Our ships and and bunches of smaller missiles.

My backyard also was USSR took Our Island Bornholm in the the part of WW2 and tryed very hard to keep it.

My backyard also was very visible on my vacations to Germany meeting a wall dividing europeans and not only a wall but landmines, barbed wire, automatic machineguns and guards in big towers looking at us from their selfmade KZ camp.

It was the same in Berlin and the way by train by Gedser Rostock. When the train sometimes was slow the people working in the fields nearbye was taken away from us and at Bahnhof Zoo it was crawling with police soldiers armed with machineguns.

And all that was meant to make Honecker not being last inhabitant in the whole DDR.

Only the light beer in East Berlin was good. Well it was added Humbolt museum. I have never seen so many killed insects before and after.

I have seen what You have. Thats why so many emmigrate to here.

Most of You also are like my potatos in my old garden. There was no light and hardly no water. So I had to boil everything extra time and could not have salat from spring. It always was bitter.

Ashok Varma

US is a threat to world peace and humanity and its poor people are paying the price for the militarization while it can provide basic health care to its people who die in the streets.

Icarus Tanović

Good one Germany.

Tommy Jensen

As I said it decades ago: “If you want peace, prepare yourself for war!” I have said that many times, and many people took it up and have repeated what I have been saying.

Therefore Germany should listen to a wise mans advises and carpet stockpile the “Minute Man” and “MOAB” all over Germany and make them ready to be fired in a split-second at the Sovjet Union……………..for freedom for Germany!

Jens Holm

You did not prevent that phrase.

But if true Germans and Danes should buy or borrow some. Maybee we can get them from Iran, if they are not testen them in Teheran Airport.


germany will have OWN nuclear weapons


a new generation of politicians in germany (and italy and belgium) will sooner or later arrive at the crux of nukes on their respective territories and will demand that they are withdrawn. similarly, erdogan can blackmail the yankee-twats demanding that the incirlik stored nukes must be removed or allow the use of the russian missile system or better yet actually hijack the stuff (the latter will come in handy when the middle east decides to kick the jews in palestine all the way to hell) for its own use. the oven prone jews should foul their pants

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