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U.S. Already Made Decision To Use Force In Venezuela: Russian Foreign Ministry

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U.S. Already Made Decision To Use Force In Venezuela: Russian Foreign Ministry

An 83rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron airman observes a U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan. IMAGE: US Air Force

The US is working on regime change scenarios in Venezuela, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated during a weekly briefing in Moscow on February 7.

There are still signs coming from Washington about the possibility of using force in order to overthrow the legal authorities, including through direct military invasion. This is actually being spoken about openly in the White House. I would like to recall that this kind of statement from the mouth of American officials is a direct violation of Article 2 Par. 4 of the UN Charter, ordering all UN members to refrain from the threat or use of force in international relations”, Zakharova she stressed.

Zakharova said that the decision on the use of force had already been made by Washington, “everything else is nothing more than a covering operation”.

“Washington has turned to direct threats of sanctions to the Venezuelan military, who remain loyal to the legitimate government. That is just a different, new reading of the ‘carrot and stick’ approach. On the one hand, they threaten a potential punishment. On the other hand, they promise a potential reward”, the diplomat said.

She pointed out that Washington has incited Venezuela’s military to commit crimes, promising them amnesty for betraying the country’s authorities.

Earlier, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said that the US was ready to waive sanctions on senior Venezuelan military officers if they pledge allegiance to US-proclaimed Venezuelan interim president Juan Guaido.


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  1. Ma_Laoshi says:

    I somewhat doubt that this is literally true. If Uncle Sam can get what he wants (hint: it’s back and sticky) with just sanctions and psy-ops, i.e. for free, then sure why not. But if the Venezuelans are going to be jerks about it, then of course some tough love for those ingrates may be in order. Always the same question: what are Venezuela’s allies planning to do about it?

    1. Patriotic_White_American says:

      Nothing, they’re not going to do shit about it.

      1. LR captain says:

        just leave man you are only pissing people off. Besides why even try talking to a group of people who have already made up their minds are pro-Russians. You will meet them on the battle field soon enough, (because ww3 gonna start soon)
        besides no one is right and no one is wrong history is made by victor and victors are chosen by the professionalism of the commander and his officers.

    2. roger temple says:

      Dump the dollar as worthless paper in the hands of crooks. Refuse to accept payment for goods and services except in Euro, Yuan, Rupees, Rubles, oil or gold. Result: America bankrupt. You have no gold, no industry; nobody wants your absurdly expensive shale stuff (running out already anyway). If nobody takes your Fed. bonds anymore you’re bust. And a good job too.

    3. badgery says:

      If Syria is any guide, then Venezuela’s allies will provide intelligence, munitions, and logistical support. And they’ll be willing to accept casualties to do that.

      Unlike most of the arid Syrian countryside, Venezuela’s terrain heavily favors the home team. Also, Cuba straddles the most direct US supply line.

      1. Bill Wilson says:

        Maduro doesn’t have any allies nor the support of the military. The generals and high officers are more concerned about safekeeping their ill-gotten gains while the enlisted ranks have decided to do nothing since their pay is worth nothing and they get fed nothing. They could out in the jungles and shoot monkeys to eat but gotta do that on foot since their vehicles lack fuel. Cuba could care less about the dumbass Maduro since his mismanagement has affected them, too.

  2. Patriotic_White_American says:

    Russians are the best cucks ever!

    1. Sukhoi-35 says:

      funny that you say since you’re cucked on a daily basis

  3. RichardD says:

    This whole regime change fiasco has degenerated into a theater of the absurd. Someone who is probably a CIA employee from an evidently defunct legislative body. Has declared them self head of state. And Jewmerica and it’s Jew world order cronies has rushed to recognize this usurper who didn’t even run in the presidential election. Because the ziocons covet the nation’s petroleum reserves and want control of them.

    So they trot out some guy who is probably guilty of multiple felonies and a paid agent of foreign subversion to recognize him as head of state to lead the regime change crime.

  4. cliff says:

    The General and the officers don’t want to betrayed Maduro cause they understand if they were to betray Madura they will be puppet.They prefer to be independent than a tools to be use for Washington benefits and not they nations. They have history on they side and they independence is base on getting rid colonialism and they will not return to it and to deframe they history is as worse.

    1. S Melanson says:

      The officers also know some history about US promises and what happens once you are no longer needed…

      1. cliff says:

        You got that righr!!! Our politican in the US are morron prostitutes,they don’t understand the use of hammer and nail don’t continued working for-Ever.When you on top you have to try experience a more moderate trust and equal terms with former adversaries to prove to eliminate the fire for revenge.

  5. Bigaess Wangmane says:

    Go ahead, Venezuela has the S-300VM & Buk M2E systems. However they plan to invade, an air campaign is probably out of the question.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      They will handle the AA by sending in special forces(probably UK/Aus SAS) to destroy the AA before they start bombing.
      Or if Venezuela has old style radar and cannot target stealthy planes, they will use B2 bombers.

      1. Sukhoi-35 says:

        basic S-300 radars can detect B2 from 50km away. S-300VM upgraded radars can detect B2 and stealth at up to 100km away.

  6. RichardD says:

    This guy is claiming to be president so that he can impeach the elected president. That isn’t normally isn’t the way that things work.

    “Article 233 of the Constitution of Venezuela provides that, “when the president-elect is absolutely absent before taking office, a new election shall take place […] and until the president is elected and takes office, the interim president shall be the president of the National Assembly”.[48]

    After what he and others described as the “illegitimate” inauguration of Maduro on 10 January 2019, Guaidó said that he would challenge Maduro’s claim to the presidency.[49] The National Assembly announced Guaidó had assumed the powers and duties of president, and they would continue to plan to remove Maduro.”

    – Juan Guaidó –


  7. Xoli Xoli says:

    Nice intelligent information no Russia stop your favourite western partners.

  8. Dušan Mirić says:

    If the RuFM is right then Russia’s duty is to protect the weak and send to Venezuela and Cuba nuclear armed missiles

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      No not Russia’s duty, your duty, get there and put your life on the line, it’s your duty.

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        The problem is we would probably do more harm than good fooling around in Venezuela.

        Dusan is right, the easiest and most secure solution would be supply of nukes able to reach Washington. “The Kim solution”. If not, 100 000´s will die again.

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          Yes I wasn’t serious about him going, but I get annoyed the way some people think that they should decide if others should fight or not, whilst they sit safely at home.

          There are literally dozens of countries under the American jackboot, if the people of those countries had the moral rectitude of Russians, they could also be free like Russia.
          The US could not start a war in Venezuela if the people of Venezuela had stood firm against American aggression, and killed any American, or supporter of America.

          In South Africa, traitors like Gaido got the flaming necklace treatment, freedom does not come easy, when your oppressor is the USA.

      2. Dušan Mirić says:

        I’ll volunteer to press the button on the control panel and launch a missile. Once I attempted to hit a F-16 with my AK and failed. Only if Caliber or Club missiles are on the menu.

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          Yeah you need something with a bit more grunt, a 50 cal machine gun or bigger.

          1. Dušan Mirić says:

            It was, in fact, symbolic act of anger. Pair of F-16 was flying on distance I was not able to determine and releasing flares after air raid on Udbina airport and nobody else was shooting at them. By the road it is about 20 kilometers in distance.

          2. Dušan Mirić says:

            …to far for Browning HMG and too far for Strela manpad

          3. Sinbad2 says:

            Yes they tend to keep out of range, most of the Americun pilots are on amphetamines ICE, they shoot/bomb anything even their own guys.

      3. Dušan Mirić says:

        By the way, I did’t say Russia should send soldiers, Venezuelans are motivated and capable of handling military hardware against hyenas scrambling for rampage. All they need is a little help from friends, moral support, materialized in nuclear warheads (because the bully deserves it because of its too long history of war crimes).

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          Sorry I misunderstood.

  9. Smaug says:

    Hmm… the Russian Foreign Ministry seems to know more about this than Putin.
    Seriously, there is no way to know that. And even if there was, we as Americans do not care for any elaborate “cover operation,” we’d just land in the capital and blow their brains out.

    1. Joe Kerr says:

      Like you did in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria? Not to mention handing Iraq to Iran.

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        No, more like they did in Vietnam nd Cuba.

    2. Bill Wilson says:

      Nah. We’ll show up after the natives started blowing each other’s brains out. This time I suspect we’ll see the enlisted ranks going after the criminal gangs while the military brass and their crooked cronies try to fight their way past patriotic officers to get out of the country with their loot in hand.

      1. Smaug says:

        shut up Carl

  10. Promitheas Apollonious says:

    if they decided what is stopping them? I think the venezuelans wait for them with open arms. They already fighting among them, how they split all the goodies americans and allies, will be carry with them coming in. new uniforms, new boots all the electronic coms they have on them and lets not forget guns and ammo.

    1. Joe Kerr says:

      So says Fox “news”. If it were that easy, it’d already have been done… even Bloomberg reported that the size of the recent pro-Maduro demo was bigger than expected, so regime change in Venezuela won’t come easy, if at all.

  11. Nowruz says:

    Protect the oil fields at all costs.

  12. Sukhoi-35 says:

    Venezuelan air defense better get their BUKM2 and S-300VM prepared and shoot and scoot tactics ready.

    1. Bill Wilson says:

      How? Their batteries are dead, replacements are missing and the vehicles lack fuel.

      1. Sukhoi-35 says:

        and you know this, how? venezuela’s got plenty of oil, so fuel is no problem rest assured.

  13. Joe Kerr says:

    After losing in Syria and Afghanistan, Trump will blow away any chance of re-election should he lose another military showdown in Venezuela, and he knows it. Hot air is all he will offer to Gweedo, who already mis-read the support he expected from Venezuela’s military.

  14. goingbrokes says:

    So, the decision has been made to use force (technically this is of course the elites deciding to use US military [and probably a combination of proxies] for their own ends). The question is now – how are exactly they going to do it? Let’s speculate!

    1. Bill Wilson says:

      Force? The US may supply heavy-lift helicopters to remove the shipping containers and empty tankers blocking the roads into Venezuela so relief convoys can enter with civilian aid. The US Navy and Coast Guard may intercept small vessels that left Venezuela before they reach neighboring islands and the high seas to see what they have on board, such as bars of gold, drugs and bundles of cash, securities and bonds that belong to Venezuela’s bank. The USAF may crater the airport and air bases’ runways to prevent their use by anyone.

  15. Eskandar Black says:

    Whether American do or do not want to overthrow Maduro is irrelevant, what is relevant is that in large majority the Venezuelans want to overthrow Maduro. This is because Venezuela is unlivable. less than a quarter century ago, Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America, today it resembles the scenery from the walking dead. US will no doubt get involved in the fray, trying to install a friendly government. Russia is making a mistake, along with china, clinging on to a sinking ship, because they believe that Maduro is some sort of an ethical leader. This former bus driver is a dummy, and the policies he supports, a relic of Chavez era of redistribution will only continue the catastrophe and speed Venezuela to a civil war, that Maduro will lose. Russia would be wise to look to the future of Venezuela as means of establishing a beachhead in Latin America. Like it or not, the reason Venezulan military will turn on him is his ridiculous devotion to failed, socialist policies.

    1. Joe Kerr says:

      And you know this how… from Fox “news” or CNN? Bloomberg has already reported on the “bigger than expected” size of the demo in support of Maduro, and waiting for Venezuela’s military to flip their support for Maduro is a lost cause… to go along with your other lost causes.

      1. Eskandar Black says:

        Its a matter of time, everyone can see the end of the movie except you, maybe you are genius. Lets see.

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      Any alternative will be even worse. The socialist green clima maniac Ocasio-Cortez?? Republican hitman Marco Rubio??
      There is only Nasrallah left on the world scene.

      1. Bill Wilson says:

        How about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney? Both are familiar with local, state and national politicians, the oil business and getting Haliburton to fix a slew of things fast to get infrastructure and economies up and running again. Bush is also fluent in Spanish and savvy about baseball, which is big in Venezuela.

      2. Eskandar Black says:

        Worse than Maduro? A property confiscating socialist who is feeding Venezuelan wealth to china and cuba for scraps? I dont see how. Things could always be worse theoretically, but its unlikely, and in this scenario, i am willing to gamble you are wrong.

    3. verner says:

      how the heck do you know anything about what goes on in venezuela since the msm carefully blots out any information that isn’t pro-guiado and pro-intervention by the morons from moronistan’s capital, washington dc. you should be sufficiently clear-brained to see that the morons of the destitute states of morons (aka usa) desperately need something to write home about and after the snafu in the middle east to the tune of trillions of $$, venezuela just fits that need – but rest assured the morons of moronistan will feck up again and the world will have a good larf at the morons expense – again.

      and I suppose you are aware that 90% of venezuela’s troubles today stem from the sanctions imposed unilaterally by moronistan and the subversion of law and order, again by moronistan.

      1. Eskandar Black says:

        I lived in Venezuela, i have family and friends there. Your notion that venezuela is only suffering due to some US plot misses the fact that socialism has failed Venezuela for almost twenty years. The people who live there know exactly what is going on. Why wouldn’t Maduro arm all his citizens if he has popular support? Because you know how that would end, he would be hung by the end of the weekend. You are an antiamerican truther, thats fine. SOmetimes america does bad thing, like Syria, Iraq, Libya, but sometimes Russia supports fools like Venezuela, Cuba, NK. The world isnt bipolar.

    4. Sinbad2 says:

      “Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America”

      Got a link to prove that claim?

      This is what the USA does to Venezuela

      In 1989, centrist Carlos Andrés Pérez (1922–2010) was elected President, and though he had promised to oppose the United States government’s Washington Consensus and the International Monetary Fund’s policies, he opposed neither once he got into office, following instead neoliberal economic policies supported by the United States and the IMF, angering the public. In an attempt to stop widespread protests and looting that followed his social spending cuts, Pérez initiated Plan Ávila and an outbreak of looting and violent repression of protesters, known as El Caracazo unfolded.

      You evil cu**s should be burned alive for the crimes you commit against the poor and weak.

    5. Rancho Kareem says:

      Dude… this is a propaganda free zone. Fuck off with your lies

      1. Eskandar Black says:

        Thank for your comment, my idiot propaganda fueled friend

    6. Joao Paulo Calife says:

      venezuelans had to cross the border to Brazil to escape from socialism and its results: hyperinflation, food shortage, lack of medicine and even basic items as shampoo, toilet paper and so on.
      It dosn´t mean that USA policies are correct regarding Venezuela, but don´t be blind to the catastrophic consequences of Chavez/Maduro socialism

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