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U.S. & Allies Are Pressuring South Sudan Through UN Security Council

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U.S. & Allies Are Pressuring South Sudan Through UN Security Council

South Sudanese government troops. FILE IMAGE: presstv.com

On July 13, the UN Security Council approved the US draft resolution introducing an arms embargo against South Sudan and personal sanctions on two military officials.

Former military chief Paul Malong and former deputy chief of general staff for logistics Malek Reuben Riak were added to to the UN sanctions blacklist thus becoming a target of the global visa ban and assets freeze.

The move was initiated by the US delegation and was passed by the mandatory minimum of nine votes with six abstention.

The approved resolution expressed “deep concern at the failures of South Sudan’s leaders to bring an end to the hostilities”. The document imposes the arms embargo until May 2019.

Ethiopian Ambassador Tekeda Alemu criticized the arms embargo saying that the move could undermine diplomatic efforts to impose peace in the country.

“Without prudence and patience whatever human rights violations there are today, they could be even worse. Averting the worse is our objective,” Alemu told the UNSC.

Ethiopia and the African Union in general are actively involved in a negotiation process in order to restore peace efforts in the country.

Later, the Russian Foreign Ministry also criticized the move saying that “this decision is capable not only of undermining the negotiating process but also of doing considerable damage to the United Nations’ relations with the mediating regional organisations, which runs counter to our Western colleagues’ repeated claims concerning the importance of strengthening the partnership with them.”

“It is highly gratifying that the majority of African members of the UN Security Council did not succumb to gross pressure and blackmail that was being brought to bear on them and acted in a responsible way in keeping with the African positions, refusing to support the sanctions initiatives promoted by the United States and a number of Western countries,” the ministry added in its statement.

South Sudan got independence from Sudan in 2011 in a move, which was aimed at putting an end to a series of bloody conflicts in the region.  However, the situation remained tense. In late 2013, South Sudan descended into civil war after President Salva Kiir Mayardit had accused former vice president Riek Machar of plotting a coup.

An idea of the South Sudan independence was actively backed by the US and Israel. Till now, the US has remained one of the biggest aid donor in the country. Since then, Tel Aviv and Washington as well as London have been one of the most influence foreign players in the country.

South Sudan has the third-largest oil reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, its oil export relies on pipelines, refineries and facilities of Port Sudan in Sudan. Oil revenues constitute a large part of the government of South Sudan’s budget. With the growing need of establishing a kind of “strong state”, the South Sudanese government has started attempts to implement a bit more independent policy.

This caused a dissatisfaction among the “key sponsors” of the South Sudanese that are concerned over defending its interests: investements, export duties for and regulations of the US-, Israeli- and the UK-affilated business as well as a de-facto privilege of extraterritoriality for them.

So, while the July 13 move may undermine the peace process in Southern Sudan, it goes clearly in the framework of the US-Israeli-led neocolonial policy in the country. Washington and its allies are pressuring the Southern Sudanese government to pressure own interests.

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SurfshackTito (TheSecular)

Question for you Guys. Was Breaking Up Sudan a good idea? or a Bad one? and BTW: InfoWars got banned from Most Social Media.


I don’t like the divisions of countries because it restricts freedom of movement. Union is strength and division is weakness. Division is a security and economic threat to the whole region.

SurfshackTito (TheSecular)

I’m not a fan of Al-Bashir (Muslim Brotherhood) but I do respect his efforts of Keeping Sudan stable.


Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabi promote “stable”. Problem is it means burning the Christians.


Once upon a time Sudan was mostly inhabited by Africans, but Arabs moved in, and started pushing the Africans out


No two sides of neighbors enjoy never ending hostilities and violence. They all will settle down eventually and make peace. Foreign interference mess everything up.


In the EU, there are many small countries but no restrictions of movement. Small countries have better governments and less corruption.




So the European Union is strong then? The world will work best when empires, EUs, NATOs, R2Ps are emasculated and power is devolved, devolved, and devolved. Dear Lord, spare me the blessings of “talented and strong leadership.”

viktor ziv

“Divide et impera”


It’s not. Secession as a whole will weakened national power of the original country and the future seceded country. This were of regime change operations. The principle is simple. Destroy and discredit any centrist, middle group, unifying personalities. Then block all further peaceful of settlement talks, dialog, any effort that can mend the two conflicting party without bloodshed. Last provide a conviction that they’ll be supported militarily.

Brother Ma

All correct but how to reconcile the two groups;head chopper Moslems and the rest including Christians? Same thing in Nigeria and Ethiopia. Wherever there are Takfiri Moslems (Sunni)there is trouble! That is how the partition was sold to the world. When the Moslems were slaughtering and raping in Darfur Sudan noone cared .


How many of these murderous regime were paid mercs promised to resettle in US or EU, how many were victims of early indoctrination of these paid mercs, and how many lethal violence were imported in form of weapons and secret training. And all of them to serve some greedy old farts aboard to claim these lands wealth.

Leave the lands to those who residing in it alone. Vietnam reconciles, Indonesia reconciles what about Korea ? Note that all other have better resources to stake such as Iran or Venezuela.

You buy into the television or MSM idea that the so called ‘third world’ is automatically murderous cannibals.


You ignore the point made by Brother Ma. There is no cooperation possible with Muslims. Look at the position of the Copts in Egypt. There is your template for Muslim-Christian relations. Only separation is the answer. Reconciliation is a laughable option.


Egypt were targets just as Iran, Iraq, Syria etc. If you leave it around there would be peaceful settlement eventually. Radical Islamist didn’t represents even 10% of the Muslims. Even in Saudi Arabia. Just as well the EU and US weren’t represented by murderous anglozionist cabal. Or would you like it to be viewed that way ? Syria has been a good example of how bad ‘English’ coverage of their issues can get. Learn Arabic and go straight to the locals if you really want to know what and why things happened.


I was not aware that US, NATO and Israel have taken half Sudan. I don’t know how many countries they have divided in the world.


Back then the islamist government from North were committing genocide against the christian sudanese from the South, most of UN was in hands to help the south oppressed population. Now probably Saudi tries to convince the N Sudan to send more mercenaries in Yemen projecting vengeful politics on the Sudanese Christians and the west don’t give a shit anymore since they strike good arms deals with the Saudis.


Two thing: A: Does Souh Sudan even still exist or has it joined the ranks of Somalia as a failed state? And B: If Russia is so critical of this resolution, why didn’t it use its veto?

Manuel Flores Escobar

because Russia has now close ties with North Sudan…


Sudan must not have got General Wesley Clark memo about the seven countries we were going to take out in 5 years they were one of them.


If we, the United States, are talking about sanctions on a country, you can almost guarantee that there are righteous group.


China invested heavily in Sudan, the US via Saudi Arabia started a civil war. North Sudan is now an Arab state and Wahhabism rules. The debt to China was repudiated. South Sudan is taking Chinese aid and investment, so is being ostracized and subjected to terror attacks.

David Pryce

Would it be possible its linked to Iran looking to Africa for Gold for cash, as the US slaps more hardship on Muslims. Democracy and Human rights the Americans way or you be placed on the highway of sanctions.

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