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U.S. Aircraft Carrier Deploys In Mediterranean As Damascus Prepares To Push On The Northwest

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The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier and its Carrier Strike Group have entered the Mediterranean Sea.

This makes it, currently, the closest aircraft carrier to the Middle East. It has been quite a while since the US hasn’t had one of its super warships deployed in or near the Persian Gulf.

Starting in the spring of 2019, the U.S. Navy has been publicly ordered to keep a near-constant presence in the region, as if this were something new.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that a global posture review is taking place, and it would be reconsidered whether a carrier was even needed in the region. Still, the Mediterranean Sea is quite nearby, and the removal of the Carrier Strike Group (CSG) from the Persian Gulf was a political move.

It’s Lloyd Austin’s dream to have a CSG in every hotspot in the world, but resources don’t allow for that.

Still, the US has the amphibious warship USS Makin Island (LHD-8) in the Persian Gulf with a detachment of F-35B fighter jets, so it still has a hefty presence. Further, it is without a doubt possible for the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and its CSG to operate without issue in the Middle East, be it Syria, Iraq or elsewhere, from its current place of deployment.

In Syria itself, as the primary US competitor, alongside Iran, Russian forces are preparing to set up a permanent military base near the city of Palmyra in the Badia Desert. This is not yet confirmed, but according to satellite photos it has a helipad as a runway.

This base is likely planned to support the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) further in their push against both ISIS and Turkish proxies.

On March 9th, the SAA carried out heavy shelling on the positions of Turkish proxies in the village of Jabal Al-Zawiya, in southern Idlib.

Separately, Pro-Turkey opposition factions reportedly thwarted an attempt by the SAA to advance on the Qalaat front in the northern countryside of Latakia. Attacks are frequently repelled in Twitter posts, but nowhere else, demonstrating that the propaganda wing of the Turkish proxies is quite active.

In the days leading up to this, the SAA has been preparing for a large push in the province of Aleppo.

This is likely an attempt to form a uniform front, which can exert equal pressure along the frontline and thin the enemy’s forces to provide opportunity for a breach.

Turkey and its proxies are sure to offer heavy resistance to any advance by the SAA, but so far it appears that this may not be enough.

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Servet-i Funun Literature

Biden’s first Tomahawk resital is loading.Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems three…two…one, approval of Situation A recognized. Commencing the Cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent.

Jim Allen

Or, until the “enemy” renders it silent. (Except for that sniffing sound)


I believe your mommy calling you. Time for bed.

johnny rotten

If they carry the lame duck around it means that they have no serious intentions, when the climate heats up they bring it back to base, in the end it is always public relations, they are not yet ready to see such an expensive piece sink.

Clarence Spangle



White people can now get fired for staring at black women.




Narrative Collapse: Only 36% Of Americans Think George Floyd’s Death Was ‘Murder’: http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=62085

(RT) BLM backfire? US public opinion shifts on George Floyd’s death, law & order, as racial divide widens after summer of riots – poll: https://www.rt.com/usa/517376-blm-public-opinion-poll/

George Floyd Bodycam, Finally the Truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1KMTa2eLXY&t=582s

Lawyer Claims George Floyd Killed Himself (Drug Overdose): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18Wvd4_Z5wM

Hasbara Hunter

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fbabc3215e25056359bd8a47b41026dd7ca3747ca4a560dc7a6115aca1da21ad.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/869737efbea002abca6f1fcbb57fdc55be404e297a8615d852312878d30cc5f1.jpg


I read president Biden forgot his name..?

Clarence Spangle


Clarence Spangle


Icarus Tanović

HAHAHHAHAHAHA, you rocks man. Idi Amin Dada, rather maybe his son.

Clarence Spangle

AIDS is a hybrid of bovine leukemia and visna virus from sheep… like ebola, it was developed in Uganda during the reign of Idi Amin… by a company that was also manufacturing hepatitis B vaccines for the World Health Organization and still maintains a facilty at Ft. Detrick.

Gives a new wrinkle to the infamous “Raid on Entebbe” by the Israelis rescuing their weapon makers?

(On the History tab of the Zika virus product page, it states, Source: Blood from experimental forest sentinel Rhesus monkey, Uganda, 1947. Name of Depositer: J Casals, Rockefeller Foundation)



Billy Jack Galt



One of my all time favs

Clarence Spangle



Unfortunately, they’re all gearing up for another major war, it looks like.

And that reminds me of a friend of mine who told me my ‘you not ever wearing a mask is trying to be some kind of hero’.

6 months later, he tells me he ‘never wears a mask’.

‘Except when I go to stores, restaurants, go to the gym, get food, go to the bank, and ‘for my girlfriends’ because they’re freaked out by this ‘Covid-thing’, so I wear it so they feel more comfortable’


You wear a mask. I don’t know what part of that he missed!?

And I’ll bet every single one of those guys went if they were ordered to. I’ve seen almost NO ONE stand on principal, save the one trucker the other day;


Clarence Spangle

white men are not going to fight an illegal war for this gimp president, but he can send the blacks, who are really lousy soldiers, and they are dumb enough

surgeons wear those breath masks to protect patient incisions from contamination, not to protect themselves

covid 19 came from a chinese military lab, your cum drunk friend is of no consequence


Wow. Here ya go…..Clarence…..

Watch just how many ‘White men’ “just follow orders”


Clarence Spangle


Ivan Freely

There are some places that would fine you or deny you from entry for not wearing a mask. It’s easy to say that one would shop elsewhere but that require one to live in a city. There are many people that need to travel long distances to get needed supplies.

Clarence Spangle

He is so full of shít, brown goo is dripping from his ears.

He has to switch profiles to upvote his inane comments.


True, but if everyone is afraid to make a stand, then ya gets what ya gots. I often pay considerably more, but I shop at a mom & pop store at the end of my street, who are never anything but happy and nice when I come in. I get strange looks from the idiots wearing a mask – one lady saw me and ran back out – but I, for the most part, simply ignore these people as if they don’t exist – and probably won’t for much longer.

Clarence Spangle

You are so full of shít, brown goo is dripping from your ears.

You switch profiles to upvote your inane comments.


Weiter versuchen

Clarence Spangle

You switch profiles (Billy Jack Galt) to upvote your inane comments.

Blacklisted News . . . pederast website . . . where you came from.


Keep tryin’!


Clarence Spangle



Sorry to burst your bubble, but your Khaki Heroes are helping with the theft of oil in Syria while ‘aiding and abetting’ ISIS and al Qaeda. And have been since this overthrow of a Rothschild-bankless country began

I call that ‘treason’.

But then, I’m just a Constitutional patriot. What do I know?

Meanwhile, back in Rancho Amerikana, the country is falling apart by the hour.

Clarence Spangle



Other than the fact these postings prove you’re losing it, what, exactly, are these pics supposed to signify?

Clarence Spangle

Gehen sie saugen eine Schrotflinte jude . . .



Halb französisch, halb norwegisch

Clarence Spangle

Schwanzlutscher . . .



Definitely off the Deep End

Clarence Spangle

vete a la mierda a ti y a tu dios judío



Lo siento mucho, pendejo, pero no soy Judia. Que lastimo para ti, no?

Clarence Spangle

callate puto



Oh! Dios Mio! Un hombre muy feroz – detras de una computadora!

Clarence Spangle



To be fair, Occams, anti-war protests, including those from American soldiers, are why several hundred American “advisors” are currently in Syria, largely acting like nuisances for the Syrians and Russians, instead what the corrupt oligarchs actually wanted: Tens of thousands of American troops in open combat, “officially” starting WW3.


No doubt. Why else does Israel keep illegally bombing targets they have no business crossing a sovereign border for; Start a major war, Amerika must step in.

Treason is still treason; Aiding and abetting


I was going to mention if you would focus on Major General Smedley Butler’s guilt after he stopped serving the “War is a Racket” conflicts and exposed them instead, but here is a more contemporary example: The Syrian government’s reconciliation deals. Should the military and police fight every single militant? Or is getting some of them to lay down arms, withdraw from the country, or even defect to the government’s side a superior option?

I know, Occams, that doing the Jesus thing and forgiving people so some might walk a better path is difficult, but it is more difficult to argue with results.


Since we’re witnessing paid-terrorists by the US/Israel, it would be hard for most any country to compete against the US and their ‘printing press’ of unlimited funds.

Syria might be able to pay off the ‘terrorists’ to leave, but the US would simply re-recruit them, or just go get ‘more where they came from’, since the ‘revolution’ or ‘Syrian civil war’ is a joke told and sold by the US and MSM to a stupid covid-gullible nation.

Some intrepid reporter actually interviewed a mess of these ‘devout Muslims’ and found virtually all weren’t even all that religious, and same number were not FROM Syria.

Hard to ‘argue with results’ – but since most Amerikans judge everything by intent – not results, well…………….


I agree that not all of the world elites’ fighters can be convinced, but the more obvious truth is, the more lazy, ignorant, criminal, desperate, or deranged people must be to not act appropriately on the truth. And all those qualities make for bad soldiers, bad scientists, bad engineers, etc. The “international clique” ran into the same problem during the previous world wars.

“The new Third Generation tactics developed by the Germans in World War I were the first non-linear tactics… It prized initiative over obedience and it depended on self-discipline rather than imposed discipline… American services remain almost wholly Second Generation, to the frustration of many junior officers.” ~ “The Four Generations of Modern War,” William S. Lind

This is why, for example, German military casualties were almost half of what the Allies suffered, and that was over 70 years ago. Now that warfare has become even more complicated and technologically advanced, can the elites’ cannon fodder-level subjects continue to prevail? The Maidanites in Ukraine or Wahhabists around the Middle East suggest what the answer to that question is…

“In spite of the relative calm at the front, the [Ukrainian Armed Forces] are continuing to suffer casualties at a steady pace. A Ukrainian draftee was shot at a checkpoint in Mariupol, apparently by a more senior-ranking contract soldier in the course of an argument. “Such ‘non-combat’ losses which are usually caused by carelessness, drunkenness, personal conflicts among soldiers, or fighting over profits from criminal activity represent at least a third of UAF’s casualties this year.” ~ “16.10.2015 Ukraine Military Report,” South Front https://southfront.org/16-10-2015-ukraine-military-report/

Clarence Spangle


Supreme Blyat

Kinda agree, Kamala will bomb ME not Biden.

Clarence Spangle



And die they will, never having learned. Watch. We’ll see who’s right

Clarence Spangle


cechas vodobenikov

amerikan insecurity—the paper tiger kitten wasting money—trangender LGBT navy looking for boyfriends


This article is quite scatter shot.

Main take always:

Russia supplementing forces near ISS infected areas.

SAA continues to prepare for main force advance into Idlib.

US has wisely moved its carriers out of Persian Gulf given accelerating deterioration of military confrontation between Iran and its proxies and Arab states, Israel and US. The carrier in the eastern Mediterranean can reach out and touch anyone needed and Iran and its proxies have greatly reduced threat access to that carrier.


If SAA moves into Idlib Russia and US will standby and let Turkey and Syria duke it out. Outcome: Turkey keeps Idlib. Down side risk: Russia gets involved against Turkey in which case USA gets involved against Russia. Neither Russia nor USA benefit from this.

Iran keeps escalating and Israel, SA, and UAE develop independent response which USA “allows”. Outcome: Iran and proxies deliver very damaging blows against SA and UAE, but stop short of hitting Haifa or Tel Aviv. If they do hit Haifa or Tel Aviv, Israel will obliterate Iran. Short of this Israel, SA and UAE will seek out and destroy military targets in Yemen and along Gulf coast in Iran. Down side risk: US and Russia get involved.

For those who entertain the mental illness paranoia that Jews run the world, why was Biden elected? Clearly Trump was better for Israel. Why do Democrats control the House and Senate? This disease of the mind must be cured. The Abraham Accords are a good first step. Unfortunately the virulence of this psychosis is so great that the anti Semitic trolls that infect this site will probably die a natural death still clinging to this hatred and illusion.


Goodbye hasbarat troll.

Clarence Spangle

Occams above is another one.


I have over 160 Hasbarats and others on my ‘ blocked list’!

Hasbara Hunter



“Turkey keeps Idlib. Down side risk: Russia gets involved against Turkey in which case USA gets involved against Russia.”

Turkey has a deal with Russia to leave Syria. If Erdogan fails to live up to that deal, Russia will strike Turkish-backed terrorists in Idlib, likely including some Turkish troops. The US will do nothing to Russia as long as they do not strike within Turkey’s borders.


“likely including some Turkish troops” If they’re mixed with the terrorists… While direct attack on Turkish troops and Turkey only possible if Turkey attacks Russian troops. In that case US -NATO will not get involved.

Kingstone Tyro

It is just plain truth that Turkish military personnel are married to HTS, period.


So, what the hell is your point ?!? How can Turk sex life with HTS change anything?! How does that change Russo-Turk agreement? That is ZERO change for Russo-Turk agreement ! Or ( if it is ) Russia will take good care of that problem annihilate HTS (one way or another) and put Turks in their place if they start to create the problems.


You must be dreaming playing violen with your Semitic pubes…..you got that?


Expert Tactical Assessment: The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier will absolutely crush Latakia and Tartus. Then they will activate their Sand Glider Engines and will swiftly glide on sand destroying any Russian or SAA military that dares to cross their conquest. Any ISIS they encounter there will be a Jubilant Joint effort toward Damascus.


You can see this one coming from a mile away. When the SAA push begins, there will be another fake chemical attack. US and Israel will strike the Syrians hard, with Turkey quite possibly joining in. At the same time, Ukraine will attack Donbass.

Kingstone Tyro

So you think Russia will just continue to whine without any physical response about some “partners” breaking internal law?


hi is an american, of course he does…


STFU you dumbass. I’m on the side of Russia and its partners, and always have been 100%. I’m hoping the Russians can figure out some incredibly clever, unconventional way of beating the US, Isreal and Turkey. Here’s to hoping the Russians can pull off some kind of miracle.


I would LOVE to see Russia slap the US down, but sadly they cannot take on the US, Turkey and Israel (and possibly Ukraine, too) in conventional war, certainly not at the same time. This is the sad reality.

Kill the turks

If America was a decent nation supporting peace and justice it would bomb turkey and azerbaijan until there is nothing left but a powdery mist of the pigs occupying our land.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Talk about downplaying the growing threat, as I said yesterday Syria and Iraq could potentially become meat in a US sandwich, Iraq more so than Syria because the amphibious task groups currently located off their coastline. The makin Island strike group suddenly moved from their location off the UAE coast and headed towards Iraq, is that just a coincidence, I don’t think so. And SF didn’t seem too concerned about the Makin Island strike group, just the Eisenhower carrier group, but they should’ve made a big deal about this group as well, maybe they’re not quite as big as the carrier group but they have 3,000+ marines they can put on the field, as well as nearly all the aircraft the carrier group can deploy, and they’ll have an escort of at least one missile cruiser, probably the Port Royal and another missile cruiser. So the makin strike group has a smaller aircraft carrier, 2 amphibious assault ships, at least 1 if not 2 guided missile cruisers, possibly more, and some logistic assets. Here’s the specs for the Makin Island carrier,

Displacement: 40,500 long tons (41,150 t) full load Length: 843 ft (257 m) Beam: 104 ft (31.8 m) Draft: 27 ft (8.1 m)

Aircraft carried: Actual mix depends on the mission Standard Complement: 6 AV-8B Harrier II attack aircraft or 6 F-35B Lightning II stealth strike-fighters 4 AH-1W/Z Super Cobra/Viper attack helicopter 12 MV-22B Osprey assault support tiltrotor 4 CH-53E Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopters 3–4 UH-1Y Venom utility helicopters Assault: 22+ MV-22B Osprey assault support tiltrotor Sea Control: 20 AV-8B Harrier II attack aircraft or 20 F-35B Lightning II stealth strike-fighters 6 SH-60F/HH-60H ASW helicopter

Boats & landing craft carried: 3 Landing Craft Air Cushion or 2 Landing Craft Utility[4] or 12 Landing Craft Mechanized Troops: 1,687 troops (plus 184 surge) Marine Detachment

Armament: Two RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile launchers Two RIM-7 Sea Sparrow missile launchers Two 20 mm Phalanx CIWS systems Three 25 mm Mk 38 chain guns Four .50 BMG machine guns


So it carries between 50 to 80 aircraft, not bad for a small carrier. 2 amphibious assault ships accompany the carrier,

The USS Somerset and San Diego are both San Antonio-class amphibious transport docks, ships Complement: 28 officers, 333 enlisted Amphibious Assault Capacity: 699 (66 officers, 633 enlisted); surge to 800 total,

And they’ll have at least 1 guided missile cruiser with them, probably the USS Port Royal, or maybe more,

USS Port Royal, Armament: 2 × 61 cell Mk 41 vertical launch systems containing 122 × mix of: RIM-66M-5 Standard SM-2MR Block IIIB RIM-156A SM-2ER Block IV RIM-161 SM-3 RIM-162A ESSM RIM-174A Standard ERAM BGM-109 Tomahawk RUM-139A VL-ASROC 8 × RGM-84 Harpoon missiles 2 × 5 in (127 mm)/62 caliber Mark 45 Mod 4 lightweight gun 2 × 25 mm (0.98 in) Mk 38 gun 2–4 × .50 in (12.7 mm) cal. machine gun 2 × Phalanx CIWS Block 1B 2 × Mk 32 12.75 in (324 mm) triple torpedo tubes Aircraft carried: 2 × Sikorsky SH-60B or MH-60R Seahawk LAMPS III helicopters.

So what do you think, are 50 to 80 aircraft, 3,000+ marines, and a missile cruiser a mentionable threat, I do. And I can’t see any evidence of a buildup of SAA forces in Aleppo, just around the Al Ghab plains, so I wonder what I’ve been missing, I had no idea the SAA was planning/preparing for a “large push in the province of Aleppo”.


There’s a lot of love in this room. Can you feel it?

Marinos Ritsoudis

Сегодня, 11 марта 2021 года, исполняется 15 лет со дня убийства президента Сербии и Югославии Слободана Милошевича в каземате Гаагского трибунала.

Он был убит Западными преступниками при содействии отечественных предателей во главе с немецкой марионеткой Зоран Джинджич, после первой цветной революции (Бульдозерной революции) в мире, которая произошла 5 октября 2.000 года в Сербии.

Вечная память – Слободан Милошевич

Marinos Ritsoudis


Marinos Ritsoudis

Данас, 11. марта 2021. године, обележава се 15 година од убиства председника Србије и Југославије Слободана Милошевића у казамату Хашког трибунала.

Убили су га западни злочинци уз помоћ домаћих издајника предвођених немачком марионетом Зораном Ђинђићем, после прве револуције у боји (Револуција булдожера) у свету, која се догодила 5. октобра 2000. у Србији.

Вечно сећање – Слободан Милошевић https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/12736a1882791d407ba825a4dc15089d6d11d4a7bde1c81e38708ba0b7eafd58.jpg

Cheryl Brandon

YEP, SAA re take idlib, deport the foreign terrorists back to their home countries. va va voom saa soldiers and Russian forces


Deport? – Hell no. They’ll just re-appear in Afghanistan. Slaughter them


Nice of the Americans to create such a target rich environment. Wonder if they’re still too scared to give their F35s a run out over Syria.


Austin Powers should stick to wearing silly 60’s dresses and delusions of grandeur.

Assad must stay

hopefully they get jammed, spoofed, neutralized if they try anything to stop saa

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