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U.S. Air Force’s A-10 Warthogs Aerial Refueling Over Syria (Video)


The U.S. Air Force’s A-10 Warthogs are conducting an aerial refueling over Syria.

U.S. Air Force's A-10 Warthogs Aerial Refueling Over Syria (Video)

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  • John Mason

    Bet the US didn’t get Syrian permission….benefits of being the ‘exceptional’. About due time that Syria puts an end to this blatant violation of Syrian sovereignty and International Law.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    According to UN silence and ignorance only USA/NATO and Israel have rights to do as their please.Threatening and violating sovereign countries airspaces. Having always problems with other countries internal affairs because of oil and gas and natural resources.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    thi is really good plane

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      Really good plane of the ISIS air force!…2 of them killed more than 50 SAA soldiers during that Deir Ezzor “incident” or that air support incident!

      • Solomon Krupacek


        i commented the quality of plane. not politiians, who decided about its use.