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U.S. AFRICOM Nominee Comes With Plan To Counter China, Russia In Africa

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U.S. AFRICOM Nominee Comes With Plan To Counter China, Russia In Africa

Nigerien Armed Forces train with 20th Special Forces Group during Flintlock 18 in Niger, Africa on April 16, 2018. IMAGE: JEREMIAH RUNSER/U.S. ARMY

Gen. Stephen Townsend, tapped to head African Command, has come with a plan to coutner Chinese and Russian influence in Africa.

According Gen Townsend, the current commander of the Army Training and Doctrine Command, terrorist groups remain the most substantial immediate threat, but “Africa will be shaped by the increased presence of foreign actors … Russia and China.”

The general described China’s efforst to create telecommunications infrastructure on the continent are the most significant long-term security threat. At the same time, the US should also be concerned over the growing Russian influence in Sub-Sahariaj. He claimed that Chinese and Russian efforts in Africa are to the US “detriment”.

“China is choosing to compete in Africa and is competing hard there,” Townsend stressed  adressing the One Belt/One Road infrastructure investment initiative and Huawei telecommunication efforts, including the G5 network.

He also adressed Russian training pacts and arms sales in the region, especially pointing out the sitaution in the Central African Republic. He claimed  that China and Russia “are offering a whole lot of military assistance, a whole lot of economic assistance” but “with a lot of strings attached”. In other  words, the general said that the Chinese and Russian investements are ‘bad’ and ‘not democratic’, while the US influence is good and is contributing to the growth of ‘democracy’ in Africa.

Townsend’s remarks are another confirmation that the US is going to move further with its plan to openly challenge and oppose the Chinese and Russian actions in this part of the globe.


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china and russia invest in africa, i.e. infrastructure investments, schooling, health issues und zu weiter while moronistan (aka usa) limits itself to carry a large stick (lotsa weapons and uav:s und zu weiter) to beat the locals into submission so the raw materials will be free of charge to the multinationals from moronistan, uk and france and the only payment is the bribe to the local chief’s bank account in lichtenstein or some such place. a system that has been profitable for a long time and the morons in washington dc won’t accept to have the business plan interrupted with, particularly not by some jokels from the sticks.

Peter Moy

To sum it up: the business of China is business and the business of the evil, brain-damaged freaks who are running the USA off of a cliff is war. Since 2003, China alone (which is a poor country compared to the US, Canada and some countries in Europe) has invested or given financial assistance to African countries equivalent to $60 billion dollars (USD). Meanwhile the US empire of idiots has ~ 30 military bases in Africa. Tschuess.


No empire ever says that they are militarily present in another country for reasons of evil. Even the Nazi’s justified their invasions by saying they were for the good of the people of Europe, fighting DA JEWZ and the forces of Bolshevism and Capitalism. Even Hitler was on record saying before he killed himself that he at least could die with a good feeling knowing he had rid the world of DA JEWZ. In the end even the most cynical machiavellian rulers still think they are doing some common good. Usually for the betterment of the nation they are leading (and exploiting).

Promitheas Apollonious

and then they, had half a million+ jews in their armies and not only and many of them in very high positions, let alone they been financed by the double Rs among others in both england and US.


they never cease to want their asses kicked morons. personification of low level masochists comes to mind lately when I think UK/US. Since this two are the leaders of the moronic west. One does the 2 sec thinking span and the other moron is the executive arm of them, with the minions following suit.


“China’s efforst to create telecommunications infrastructure on the continent are the most significant long-term security threat.”
Controlling the narrative is imperative to their global domination.

As an example of how the US controls the flow of information, United Airlines 4390 had to make an emergency landing, because the computer went black?
Now you would think that this would be a major story in view of the 2 recent Boeing crashes, but you try and find the story, and see if you can find any mention of the type of plane?
If it was Airbus plane, the story would be on every front page in America.

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