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U.S. Adds Chinese, Russian Companies To MEU “Alternative Sanctions” List, Pushing Them Closer Together

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U.S. Adds Chinese, Russian Companies To MEU "Alternative Sanctions" List, Pushing Them Closer Together

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On December 21st, the US Department of Commerce published the names of 103 entities, which includes 58 Chinese and 45 Russian companies.

They are included in a new ‘Military End User’ (MEU) List, which is part of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

The U.S. Government has determined that these companies are ‘military end users’ for purposes of the ‘military end user’ control in the EAR that applies to specified items for exports, reexports, or transfers (in-country) to the China, Russia, and Venezuela when such items are destined for a prohibited ‘military end user.’

“This action establishes a new process to designate military end users on the MEU List to assist exporters in screening their customers for military end users,” said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.  “The Department recognizes the importance of leveraging its partnerships with U.S. and global companies to combat efforts by China and Russia to divert U.S. technology for their destabilizing military programs, including by highlighting red flag indicators such as those related to Communist Chinese military companies identified by the Department of Defense.”

This is essentially an alternative way to sanction Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran and others.

The MEU List informs exporters, reexporters, and transferors that a license will be required to export, reexport, or transfer (in-country) designated items to listed entities. The U.S. Government has determined that these entities represent an unacceptable risk of use in or diversion to a ‘military end use’ or ‘military end user’ in China, Russia, or Venezuela.

However, it is likely that this “alternative sanctioning” will also backfire and push Russia, China, Iran and others to cooperate even more economically and could potentially further isolate the US.

In relation to the new developments, Iran is making moves to further increase economic relations with Russia.

Iranian Oil Minister Bizhan Namdar Zangane said that Iran views Russia as a strategic partner and welcomes Russian investments in the country’s oil industry.

According to the minister, one of the topics discussed at the meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak was the topic of world oil markets.

The meeting was also attended by Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov. Given the serious cooperation in OPEC +, the views on this issue of the two countries turned out to be very close. Therefore, cooperation with Russian companies in the field of oil, gas and equipment production will continue.

Russia and Iran are currently working on a wide range of issues of trade and economic cooperation. In 2020, it became even more active and meaningful, Novak previously reported.

When it comes to drilling, the strategic alliance of Iran and Russia (two first places in gas reserves) is a real challenge for the mega-regulator of the planet’s energy and financial market. Gas is the future of world energy, the main product of the global market in the future.

If China and India are added to this alliance (in fact, this process is taking place within the SCO), then this will lead to the formation of the second center of world power terms of economic, political, demographic and military resources. It’s not even worth talking about its attractiveness for the countries of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America (Venezuela, at least).

Turning this into reality is quite simple, it just needs for China, Russia and Co. to develop their own system of intercountry mutual settlements and risk insurance. Simply put, create a sustainable enough monetary system.

The presence of Shulginov at the meeting is a positive thing. There is a soft transfer of powers within the framework of the existing structure. Shulginov’s functionality and scope of powers will only grow.

Iran, Turkey, and even India (despite its tensions with China) will also and very likely be happy to join such a system.

This is likely showing that there are already mechanisms that will pre-emptively nullify much of the United States’ attempt at unilateral economic pressure.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    U.S. is behaving exactly like the Soviet Union before it fell.
    I expect the same results also.
    Once you sanction enough countries and companies you aint sanctioning them but yourself shutting yourself out of Free trade and cooperation.

    1. Frank says:

      It will be worse as average American is armed, mean, evil and nasty. Russian people are stoic and can endure hardship. Look at the Cubans and Iranians, over half a century of total embargoes and still proudly giving the finger.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        You forget why so many emmigrated to America and still do and why they are armed to defend themself for good reasons for, what they came from. People are still emmigrating TO USA.

        Its pure stupidity people has to suffer and even being heroes, if thats not needed at all. More like victims runned by psycopats.

        1. Black Waters says:

          To some extent that was true, but not anymore. People has been avoiding the states for quite some time.

          1. Vox Populi says:

            The China of 2021 is a different beast than what the Anglo-Americans hooked on opium in the 19th century. China today is the primary world power and not shy about asserting its sovereignty in face of childish US provocations.

            China chases the US navy from its claimed territorial waters

            Chinese naval and air assets joined forces to ‘expel’ the destroyer USS
            John S. McCain from the disputed islands in the South China Sea, Beijing
            announced. The US Navy claimed it was on another ‘freedom of
            navigation’ cruise. The Chinese navy in a joint operation with low flying air assets, firing flares and using close quarter ramming tactics forced the US naval destroyer out of its claimed territorial waters. Chinese Southern Naval Command headquarters at Yulin on Hainan have warned the US that any further violations may bring an armed response.

      2. Vox Populi says:

        Iranian Amb. to China: Relationship Between Iran, China Is Heart to Heart – Not Just Official Basis


    2. Jens Holm says:

      Thats right. There are risks as well as improvements.

      You dont relate to the reasons for them at all. For China they can trade free here but we cant trade free in China as well as being owner of companies of our own. Thats not a free market at all.

      We can ad they also send us a lot of second class copy products, which not even keep the standards which is written on them copyed direct from Our products.

      Its all right to make a safe and cheeper product but getting electric equipment bursting in flames even it should not, is not. We see the same for medicine as well as Covid masks.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        What exactly cant you trade in China?
        They can buy Iphones and U.S. and EU made cars only to name two.
        Both locally produced in China.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Its almost anything and the Chinese state is 50% owners pr definition.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Almost anything according to you…
            So what?
            CIA/Soros owns 50% in most U.S. companies under pseudo names and state actors.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Take a nap Jens…
            I see the xanax has kicked in…

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        Most things you buy in retail stores are quality made.
        You shouldnt buy at blackmarkets…

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Thats not black market at all. Things comes in to normal stores being faked as normal products being classified as fine to the price, but they are not. We cant see the difference. 100% copies.

          And a lot here is import by direct buy by Internet and more and more is delieveed to the doorstep and paid by creditcard.

          We doi have a small black market here too. Mainly theproces are much lower and partly because things there are stolen as well.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Jens prefers wet markets, I think.

      3. John says:

        Second class products? Obviously you are not aware of the quality of US cars during the 1970s. :P

        You go Jens.

        1. Vox Populi says:

          US has been in irreversible decline since it lost the Vietnam war. Now its rot is too deep to fix.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            I agree in the deep fix part. I only think they can repair, I have some hope for that.

            But thay mainly has less unimployment then most ofthers.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          I thik the whole world know about parts of the – now rustbelt – Pensynvania didnt produce good products as well as they were relative expensive.

          As many others my parents changed to Toyota Corolla. Thats how the market should be.

          But the market is not working, if the products are second or third class and regular fakes. It also dont work, if the products are made protected low price and get in here as well as the Chinese market is protected as we see.

    3. occupybacon says:

      US was sanctioning half of the world before USSR fall. Let’s see how Russia companies get ‘closer’ to Chinese companies… Bellies =D

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        U.S. companies are more reliant on China than is Russia.
        Apple, Tesla, Lockheed Martin, Google, GE, shall I continuoe?
        It will bite them in the rear end soon.

        1. Putin Apologist says:

          America is schizophrenic, some American companies want access to Chinese labor and Chinese markets while the American military-industrial complex wants a new cold war adversary.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Good point.

          2. Ronald says:

            Don’t claim to ‘know’, but it is beginning to look like the elite who own US companies are throwing America under the bus via covid and vaccines.
            There are whole cities of empty condos waiting for them in China.

          3. Vox Populi says:

            Times have changed, China is a mighty economic power of 1.4 billion people, unlike the USSR which collapsed largely due to economic inefficiencies and inability in compete in the production of consumer goods. China on the other hand is rich and produces over 65% of all global manufactured and consumer goods. Go to any wooded shack in Africa or the poorest parts of India and you will find it stacked with cheap Chinese made goods and practically nothing from US or Europe.

        2. occupybacon says:

          Yes, continue. I want to laugh moarr :)

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Truth hurts try to handle it…

          2. occupybacon says:

            Russia :))

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            U.S./you* ?

          4. occupybacon says:


          5. Mary Woodward says:


          6. Manuel Alejandro Altamirano says:

            thank you my friend

          7. Mari says:

            thank you so much

          8. Luigi Bagalini says:


      2. Vox Populi says:

        You seem to be misreading the whole global situation. US is not the “superpower” it once claimed to be. We are now in a multi-polar world with many influential players, China being paramount. US economy is in tatters and its military has been worn down by endless lost wars. US faces a very dark future and any desperate attempts to target China and Russia further economically will have devastating effects on the dying US economy and will consolidate Sino-Russian and various other alliances that are afoot.

        1. occupybacon says:

          USSR was more powerful than China is today, we were always been in a multipolar world.

  2. Frank says:

    Franky, the Americans have gone mad as a hatter. Soon almost all of Chinese, Russian and Iran economies will be under sanctions, only to bring them together spelling the death knell for the US wounded snake as it loses it ugly head.

    1. Lcr34 says:

      You can soon add Turkey to the list.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      I dont think USA and EU is gone mad at all. Its unfair trade but USA and parts of EU also has to make internal changes themself.

      Russia and Iran are nothing in this. They dont produce money, so they can buy.

  3. Proud Hindu says:

    US should support uigyrs and tibetans.That would solve the Chinese issue. As far as russia is considered, it is very weak.USA should concentrate all its efforts on china.Internally china is very weak and will collapse rotally if America ,india ,japan and australia jointly strike it.Leave iran to israel.Israel can handle iran with the gcc countries and other allies.

  4. johnny rotten says:

    Sanctions are the equivalent of sildenafil for the militarily and politically powerless.

  5. Jesus says:

    American brain fog is preventing them to develop technologies to overtake Chinese and Russian creativity…..the best thing they can do is sanction.
    US has a consumption economy for goods and services, the edge they had 15-20 years ago in technologies has eroded and is being surpassed by its enemies.

  6. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Act of War.
    Probably time for Russia and China to coordinate an appropriate response.

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