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U.S. Accuses Iran Of Developing Missiles Capable Of Reaching European Capitals


On November 29, U.S. Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, said that Iran boosted its ballistic missile program in the last few years and tested a new missile that’s capable of reaching some European capitals in January of 2017.

“The regime’s pace of missile launches did not diminish after implementation of the Iran nuclear deal in January of 2016. Iran has conducted numerous ballistic missile launches and space launches since this time as it continues to prioritize missile development as a tool of revolution,” Hook said during a press conference.

The new missile, which Hook referred to, is Khorramshahr that has a range between 1,000 and 2,000 km. While Hook attempted to promote what he said as new information, Iran officially presented Khorramshahr missile to the public and announced its test a year ago.

U.S. Accuses Iran Of Developing Missiles Capable Of Reaching European Capitals

A photo of Khorramshahr missile during a military parada in Iran in early 2017, By Tasnim News Agency

Hook went on to claim that Iran is “the largest ballistic missile force” in the Middle East. According to the U.S. diplomat claims, the Islamic republic has more than 10 ballistic missile systems either in its inventory or under development currently.

“Any environment where Iran is able to operate freely can become a forward-deployed missile base for such systems and for many other kinds of weapons that you see here today. This threatens Israel and other partners, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” Hood added.

Hook’s claims are likely an attempt by Washington to pressure its allies in the European Union, who refused to follow its footsteps and pull out of the nuclear deal with Iran. Earlier this month, the U.S. made a similar attempt and accused Iran of “hiding chemical weapons” without providing any evidence.

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  • Which capitals, Bucharest or Athens on a good day? It should be obvious that Iran isn’t targeting Europe.
    Iran is building a force to retaliate against Israel, the Saudis, and U.S. forces so that they don’t become another Yemen.

    • Jens Holm

      Iran has done that threats many times. So far the distance of at least one missile can hit Israel but so far is very inaccurate, so it might hit the Westbank or even Gaza.

      So the “lowfacts” are, they do improve. True, its no important news.

      • Concrete Mike

        So far very inaccurate eh? How about the missile strikes on”isis” in late september, they were so inaccurate they hit isis instead of us forces…whoops sorry lads we missed.


        • Jens Holm

          I only refer…

          • Concrete Mike

            Its ok man, do you job…lll chug a tuborg in your honor tonight!!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      In Ukraine,
      Israel and US/NATO/ are Warmongers too…


      Confirmation of our version of the incident at Kertch

      Russia has made public three interrogations of Ukrainian marines taken prisoner during the Kertch incident on 25 November 2018 and a document (photo) seized on board one of the ships.

      According to this document and these videos, the incident had been planned by Ukraine collaborating with foreign powers. Two officers from Ukraine’s military intelligence service were on board the ships to coordinate operations. They were the ones that forbade the marines from responding to messages from the Russians when the war ships entered Russian territorial waters, waters that Ukraine was claiming to belong to it.

      Our collaborator Valentin Vasilescu thinks that prior to the incident, some US and Israeli electromagnetic reconnaissance planes flew over the area to detect Russian defences [1].

      While Israel is still not a member of Nato, it does have a bureau of liaison within Nato headquarters in Brussels. During the coup d’etat in Kiev, in the context of Nato’s stay behind secret service, thirty Israeli officers and thirty one Israeli soldiers participated in the fighting that broke out in Maidan Square… yet they were fighting on the side of the former Nazi party Svoboda.

      The operation at Kertch seems to have been sponsored by Nato. Any why? To create a “Russian threat” which would serve to justify Ukraine becoming a member of the Alliance. This operation was supervised by Ambassador Kurt Volker. The CIA recruited him when he was still a student at Georgetown University. After working at the Agency’s headquarters in Langley, he entered the diplomatic service and became “adviser” to Richard Hoolbroke during the wars in Yugoslavia. He became Victoria Nuland’s assistant when she was the ambassador to Nato and following her departure, stepped into this post. Today he is the ambassador to Kiev.


      • Nod

        So the Bandera Nazis running the Ukraine, and doing mass murder in the Ukraine, will be a part of the murdering cabal called NATO?

        Will wonders never cease :P

        • AlexanderAmproz

          The Banderists is a Soros fashion in Ukraine…

  • Tommy Jensen

    Iran has developed WMD´s which can reach Brussel and wipe Belgium off the landmap and send Europe out in complete chaos and you read my lips: Iran will do it, if we dont do something now!

    Europe must prepare itself on missile bombing of Paris, Madrid, Bonn and even London as targets.

    • potcracker2588

      hey little jew tommy…..back in bs town r u……..u jews r really filthy individuals…warmongering backstabbing talking walking stinking pricks

      • FlorianGeyer

        Tommy is being sarcastic :)

        • PZIVJ

          Potcracker does not understand many things, nor does he care to.
          Sort of like a hair pull trigger :)

          • FlorianGeyer

            I have met many genuine patriots with good intent who struggle with language that is not Black and White :)

          • Nod

            patriotism is a mental disorder.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Please define Patriotism as you see it .

          • Nod


          • FlorianGeyer

            It is a serious question Nod.

          • Nod

            patriotism is a mental disorder.

            It is based in belief. Belief in a construct that doesn’t really exist. ( what exactly does America or Canada mean, except both are owned with debt by the same dudes. Driven like the rest of the planet, by cyclical planet destroying consumerism and pandering to greed and envy. It is a false canard. ) Belief in ideals that do not really exist. Belief in politics that do not really exist. Belief in fellowship that certainly does not exist, fellowship cannot exist with inequality.

            “Patriotism is in political life what faith is in religion.
            Lord Acton, “Nationality”, The Home and Foreign Review (July 1862).

            “All of this points to the need to recognize that “instilling patriotism” is a political euphemism for manipulating public opinion, solidifying the authority of those in charge, and creating an environment that nurtures militarism and maximizes corporate profits, with little consideration of the resulting harm and destruction. “

          • FlorianGeyer

            I do think that there is a fundamental need for animals and human animals to ‘belong’.

            The problem comes when ‘belonging’ is hijacked by the ‘strongest’ who have venal intent.
            The ‘problem’ will never be solved and will always ebb and flow.

            Thankyou for your answer anyway and I agree with most of it. :)

          • Concrete Mike

            Were fascist….its ok we know.

        • Nod

          how do you know that?

          • FlorianGeyer

            Because I have studied his posts for months. He likes to tease and has some success with that but in my opinion he is NOT a Hasbara troll.

          • Nod

            SO its an opinion. I see nothing to indicate sarcasm. I only see words telling a story….SO now I will watch. Sarcasm cannot be sarcasm if it is so well disguised people cannot see it.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Sarcasm is an art Nod :)

            Some can see it, some cannot.

            “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence “.
            wrote Oscar Wilde.

          • Nod

            Except, when you imagine something that doesnt exist and call it fact, or beLIEve something that isn’t there, , then that is not intelligence….Clearly, the sarcasm MUST contain an indication of such. Otherwise, it is not.

            He should try harder to say what he means. Or maybe you should try harder not to imagine things.

          • Concrete Mike

            Hes dancing on the absurdity line constantly. Ive seen it all summer

          • Concrete Mike

            Yep your correct…he slips up time to time… he likes to point out how absurd the us establishment is.

    • potcracker2588

      hey how is the weather in israel??? lol i´m cracking up with you jews..lol…seriously dude, do u jews thi nk that through such bs stories of yours and obvious fake bs… u jews can change anything???
      i´ll give u some truth…
      sooner or later, be it today or tomorrow or next year or in 50 years…all non jews will unite and kill each and every dirty satanic jew living on OUR planet……the day will come…..and the funny thing is, that jews know that…thats the reason for their and their slaves ever more erratic behaviour…so sleep good tonight little jew, u never know, might be your last.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Frankly , whether or not Iran develops missiles that can encompass the globe is irrelevant when one considers that FUKUS missiles can reach Iran.

      The days of FUKUS and Israel intimidating the world are ending

      FUKUS wants to plunder Iranian oil and gas bu I can assure FUKUS that Iran has no wish to dominate FUKUS countries that are fast destroying themselves with the use of zio marxist identity politics:)

    • Nod

      you want to murder more people because they are much more intelligent than the american fluoride eaters huh..Or because they reject your Orwellian concept of freedum….

      Americans are the only nation to do mass murder with nuclear WMD. Americans use gas, phosphorus, depleted uranium. Americans are terrorists and invaders. They are slaves to debt, and much to stupid to see it.


      • Hisham Saber

        The U.S. is the Idiot Savant of the Israeli’s and organized international Jewry.

        • Nod

          That is irrelevant distracting opinionated bunk.

          Money power rules. Science says. If you want to put a stop to the fraud of faux politics, and globalist imperialism, then you must fix the corrupt socio economic paradigm we call modern banking.

          Blaming Jews is just as stupid as blaming Americans, or any other person. They are all TOOLS owned by inequality.

          fix the inequality.. Don’t hate on each other. That just plays into the hands of those who would divide and conquer.

          Truth is, those who hate on each other, rather than the real problem? Are those who want to be part of the good side of inequality and dont want to change a damn thing.

          • Concrete Mike

            Yesss we think alike. Thats why i say its salafism…status quo must be maintained at all costs..
            Keep the monarchies keep the “liberal democracies”( a fraud ).

          • Hisham Saber
          • Nod

            links didn’t work. But I don’t need them to work.

            I can explain though .

            Irrelevant, distracting bullshit.

            “Jews, however, have been at it for thousands of years. They are organized, and 95% of Jews support Israel, and its crimes against humanity.”

            So are Muslims, so have Muslims, and so do Muslims support Islam.

            When I use a dog treat to trick or teach my dog to do something, I don’t credit the dogs intelligence as much as I do credit the treat…

            Religion is for desperate , fearful, and oft times stupid people. You are all fucked up. Christians are likely the worst.

            Money power rules. while the religious are taught to expect true equality and happiness AFTER they are dead. And like lemmings, they beLIEve it.

            “The world’s richest 1 percent, those with more than $1 million, own 45 percent of the world’s wealth. Adults with less than $10,000 in wealth make up 64 percent of the world’s population but hold less than 2 percent of global wealth. The world’s wealthiest individuals, those owning over $100,000 in assets, total less than 10 percent of the global population but own 84 percent of global wealth”

            Keep babbling about jews, while we do murder on poor people and extract their resources for our cars and our toys.

          • Hisham Saber

            Did you know that there are royal families in the Arab Gulf that are worth trillions? But what real power do they have? Same for the House fo Al Saud. Easily put Jeff Bezos to shame. What power do they exert on world affairs ?

            Look, the global financial monetary scheme was built, nursed and cultivated by Jews for hundreds of years now. It is a very unfair, unjust, cold hearted, mean spirited system, which has, and will continue to bring about human suffering on grand scales and war.

            The Jew (Dollar/Petro Dollar) is a scam, and the worlds Central Banks buy it up by threat of sanctions, coups and threats of military action if they don’t. Wall Street is a shell-game rigged by Jewish bankers and elites in the U.S.A.

            Some Jewish wealthy families bought the Dollar in 1913, from a naïve president, and the Warburgs, Schiffs and co. have run the policies of the U.S. since. They have sought their Talmudic dream of world hegemony, belligerence and control using the Dollar.

            Look at at it. The U.S. has engaged in 54 military conflicts since the end of WW2 alone. And the U.S. continues to warmonger. The western Jewish run and owned press are attacking Russia and China, who threaten to usurp the Jewish world monetary scheme.

          • Nod

            The real power is money creation, not the hoarders.

            And you keep prattling about jews, blaming them for everything. For the petro dollar, for the US actions, for NATO actions, for the bought and paid for media that which is owned by many billionaires, including BEzos who owns the primiere propaganda flagship called the Washington post.

            You are messed up in the head.

            Our Fascism is a convergence of interests, and money power rules. And money power rules because of a system of inequality we all adulate.

            Keep hating dimwit.

          • Hisham Saber


            At least I am among great company. The smartest men to grace humanity had to say this :

          • Nod

            cultural programming. ignorance, fear.

          • Hisham Saber

            get your head out of the sand. Think outside the box.

        • Concrete Mike

          Blaming it solely on jews is intellectually dishomest. Its salafist imperialism, some are jews some arent.

          Mind you, i agree usa is beholden to Israel. And I agree israel is a fascist racist country…but painting everyone with same brush is….lazy.

          • Nod

            So is the USA also a fascist country. Much more so than Israel. We now hold the right to assassinate, do rendition upon, incarcerate without due process, our citizens.

            Israel, is a genocidal racist apartheid based nation, and for this we should hold every person in Israel accountable.

            Israel and USA are brothers and sisters in arms, alongside Canada, Israel UK, France, Italy…pretty much anyone in NATO I guess.

          • Concrete Mike

            Slippery slope brother….leadership of a country does not equate to all the population.

            Is far as canada goes…i find anglophones more fascists than francophones.

            But my parents generation…thete all fscists…its sad.

          • Nod

            actions speak louder than words…we pretend to be a democracy, so we must accept the actions of our democracies.

          • Hisham Saber

            Salafism/Wahhabism came around in the 1800’s. A very, very fringe group of people out of the 1.6 billion Muslims world wide.

            Jews, however, have been at it for thousands of years. They are organized, and 95% of Jews support Israel, and its crimes against humanity.

            Lazy? Here, check this out and explain to me whats up with this phenomenon. –


            and this :


    • Sinbad2

      “and wipe Belgium off the landmap”
      Really, oh that would be so cool.

  • potcracker2588

    hahahaha bs jew/us news…..here is the truth once again for all

    Khorramshahr missile….first flight January 29 , 2017
    operational range 2000km
    North korea sold iran several Hwasong 10…………..Khorramshahr is a copy of it.

    This missile was operational since september 2017!!!
    and NOW the jews and their slaves have a problem with it…lol….hilarious those pricks

    and now to my little prick jew tommy…….take geography lessons u jew moron…..Belgium???
    if the missile is fired off at the borders to turkey, it can maximum reach romania,greece and bulgaria-2000km…

    • PZIVJ

      “Iran has developed WMD´s which can reach Brussel and wipe Belgium off the landmap and send Europe out in complete chaos”
      Perhaps you do not understand sarcasm, crackpot ???

    • Brother Ma

      Yep . Those Yanquis dust off old announcemnets and trot them out when needed. Oh no!! Iran can hit Europe? So what ? So can Us,Turkey and Israel! Also greece ,bulgaria and Romania are not particularly anti-Iranian anyway. Iran would shoot itself in the foot and lose all goodwill amongst their populations if it was to bomb them in any case short of them declaring war first.

    • Hisham Saber

      The Khorramshahr Ballistic Missiles have very sophisticated Chinese supplied precision guidance systems. Anything within a 2000 Km range of these missiles can be bombarded, specifically , Israel.

      Iran could produce dual stage, or three stage ballistic missiles that have even farther range, but Ayatollah Khamenei has placed the limit at 2000 Km. This can be changed at anytime, just like Iran’s Fatwa/Religious edict against nuclear weapons. Fatwa’s can be annulled, reversed or overturned.

      The Israeli’s and U.S. officials know this.

  • Smaug

    Actually, I think that Iran has Israeli and Arab capitals in mind…

    • Hisham Saber

      Gulf Arab capitals. Precisely Saudi Arabia’s and the UAE capitals, maybe Bahrain too. The other 19 Arab capitals Iran is not interested in. However, Tel Aviv and Haifa, both in Israel, are slated for total destruction in the case of attck on Iran.

    • Antikapitalista

      Actually, Israel has already such missiles which threaten all of Europe including such faraway countries as Finland, etc.

      • Smaug

        Israel has a spy satellite and two missile carrying diesel subs, while their exact missile capabilities are secret we can all be sure they are extensive.
        And I don’t like your avatar/screen name.

        • Mike

          And I don’t like zionist supporting whabis either you sack of shit.

      • gustavo

        good remark.

    • Mike

      Your two shitstain benefactors, scumbag.

  • verner

    good, although they hardly need to be able to fly further than tel aviv/haifa and also jeddah. eventually they might be wise to build one for´london and paris, should the foul europeans get some nasty ideas in their heads.

  • gustavo

    Brain Hook is wrong, Iran do not intent to build missile to reach Europe. Iran is building missiles to reach USA, and they will get them very soon.

    • Nod

      Iranians are not as stupid as you think they are….they are also not aggressive. They have attacked no nations, in 300 years…

      where u from ?

      • gustavo

        For the same reason you are mentioning it. Iran knows that the next country in Israel-USA-NATO mind is itself, yes, they are planning to destroy now Iran (after their success with Syria), and Iran is designing and constructing the best defense and attack as possible.

        • Nod

          Anyone with a 3 digit IQ knows full well the globalist agenda and the reason for middle east imperialism.

          But, you do realize that the precedence of

          “Iran not attacking anyone in over 300 years”

          beats your OPINION that Iran is making attack plans. right ?

          They don’t need to attack anyone, and if they did, world would have no choice but to support an invasion. It is much easier to defend, as the Americans have learned the hard way.

  • Robert Miller

    Of course. All they had to do was get the missiles that Saddam had back in 2001. If I recall, a British Prime Minister said that they could deliver a nuclear bomb to London in 45 minutes. Right, Tony? (snark)

    This, you may recall, was part of the western propaganda wave that preceded the invasion of Iraq a couple decades ago. What is amazing is that they haven’t come up with new threats to circulate. Maybe Iran, using radiation, has developed flying lizards that can fly below radar and drop bombs on European capitals. I’m sure we could bring in Colin Powell for a briefing about how aluminum tubes are easily carried by flying lizards. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ab9b485ffa621b350fd3641a9581e2ecc8b6ef06c73b3715773633bd7b17bb2.jpg

  • Bcyborg Qos Sharon

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  • AlexanderAmproz

    Iran isn’t US/UK/Israeli Warmongers and Genocides obsessed Malthusians.

    Only the US/Ashkenazy have such a monstrous sickness records !

    Gengis Khan, Attila and Assyrian behavior belongs to the History Dustbin,
    excepted for the US/Israelis
    To accuse others of what they are doing to hide it good for simpletons,
    but , it deserve a Boomerang and is tiring !

    From 1945 until today – 20 to 30 million people killed by the USA

    by Manlio Dinucci

    It’s a fact, not an analysis, not even an opinion – the « free and open international order» promoted since 1945 by the United States has cost the lives of 20 to 30 million people throughout the world. No President, whoever he may be, has managed to slow the rhythm of this killing machine.

    In the summary of its last strategic document – 2018 National Defense Strategy of the United States of America (of which the entire text is classified) – the Pentagon claims that « after the Second World War, the United States and their allies installed a « free and open international order in order to safeguard the freedom of the people from aggression and coercion », but that « this order is presently undermined by Russia and China, who are violating the principles and rules of international relations ». This is a total reversal of historical reality.

    Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization, reminds us that these two countries, listed today as enemies, are those which, when they were allied with the United States during the Second World War, paid the victory over the Nazi-fascist Axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo with the greatest price in human lives – approximately 26 million from the Soviet Union and 20 million from China, compared with a little more than 400,000 from the United States.

    With this preliminary, Chossudovsky introduces to Global Research a documented study by James A. Lucas on the number of people killed by the uninterrupted series of wars, coups d’État and other subversive operations executed by the United States from the end of the War in 1945 until now – a number estimated at 20 to 30 million victims [1]. Approximately twice the number of deaths from the First World War, the centenary of the end of which has just been celebrated in Paris with a Peace Forum.

    Apart from the deaths, there are the wounded, who very often find themselves crippled for life – some experts calculate that for every person killed in war, ten others are wounded. This means that the number of people wounded by US wars should be counted in the hundreds of millions.

    To this estimation in the study we must add a non-quantified number of dead, probably hundreds of millions, which have been caused, from 1945 until today, by the indirect effects of wars – famine, epidemics, forced migrations, slavery and exploitation, environmental damage, subtraction of resources from vital needs in order to cover military expenditure.

    The study documents the wars and coups d’État executed by the United States in 30 Asian, African, European and Latin-American countries. It reveals that US military forces are directly responsible for between 10 and 15 million deaths, caused by the major wars – those against Korea and Vietnam and the two wars against Iraq. Between 10 and 14 million other deaths have been caused by the proxy wars waged by the allied armed forces trained and commanded by the USA in Afghanistan, Angola, Congo, Sudan, Guatemala and other countries.

    The Vietnam War, which spread to Cambodia and Laos, caused a number of deaths estimated at 7.8 million (plus a huge number of wounded, and genetic damage affecting generations due to the dioxin sprayed by US aircraft).

    The proxy war of the 1980’s in Afghanistan was organised by the CIA, which trained and armed – with the collaboration of Oussama ben Laden and Pakistan – more than 100,000 mujahideen to fight the Soviet troops who had fallen into the « Afghan trap » (as it was later described by Zbigniew Brzezinski, specifying that the training of the mujahideen had begun in July 1979, five months before the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan).

    The bloodiest coup d’État was organised in 1965 in Indonesia by the CIA – it handed over the list of the first 5,000 Communists and others marked for death to the Indonesian murder squads. The number of people assassinated is estimated at between 500,000 and 3 million.

    That is the « free and open international order » that the United States, independently of the White House, persist in pursuing in order to « safeguard the people from aggression and coercion ».

  • Nod

    Funny how the USA accuses others of being just like the USA is, then invades and does mass murder even when the accused is nowhere near close to being like we in America are.

    Disgusting how the fluoridated stupids just eat that crap up.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Gangster is an American word !

    Crooks politicians always accusing others of what they are doing themselves !