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U.S. A Friend With Wheat Is A Friend Indeed

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The current state of affairs in northeastern Syria is bordering on the absurd.

In an unexpected twist, US-backed militants seized a shipment of US-made missiles that were en route to other militants also supported by America. The shipment included 2 TOW anti-tank guided missiles, 24 AK-type assault rifles, a designated marksman’s rifle, two gun tubes and ammo.

On March 28th, the Syrian Task Force, a joint force of the Turkish Police, Counterterrorism Unit and the National Syrian Army (SNA) took the weapons shipment.

Most SNA factions were once backed by the US, which supplied them with TOW ATGMs until late 2017. They are also currently and continually supported by Turkey.

Turkey said that the weapons consignment was seized because it was heading towards the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).  The SDF is the most important US ally in Syria, but it is comprised of the PKK and YPG, whom Ankara deems as terrorist organizations.

US forces in Syria need all the support they can get, and as such they are delivering supplies to its presumed allies.

On March 27th, in addition to smuggling oil, a large US convoy smuggled 38 trucks of Syrian wheat from the Hasaka governorate into northern Iraq. Just days earlier, on March 25th, 18 more trucks with wheat were taken out of Syria.

In Hasaka, the SDF is carrying out its expansionist work, displacing home-owners in the vicinity of a helipad. The positions are to be used to counter the attacks and movements of Turkish-backed militants coming from Ras al-Ayn and Afrin.

And sure enough, Turkish forces, as well as militants backed by Ankara, renewed shelling on the Hasaka countryside. They shelled the two villages of al-Khashma and al-Dardara to the north of the town Tal Tamer on March 27th.

In response to Turkey’s shelling and attacks, the SDF carried out an operation towards Raqqa. As a result, eight Turkish-backed militants were either killed or wounded. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, SDF fighters blew up a militant position near the town of Umm al-Manajir in the northern outskirts of the town of Ain Issa.

Still, even without the SDF attacking any positions, in Afrin the Turkish-backed militants continue fighting even amongst themselves. On March 27th, militants of the Hamza Division clashed with a group which recently defected from the division and joined the al-Sham Corps. At least 11 were either killed or injured.

Northern Syria appears to be in a perpetual state of chaos, with several sides attempting to steal away resources to forward their own interests. Turkey, the US, and the militants that they back are taking the chance to do so, since the Damascus government and Russian support are more focused on Greater Idlib, and the ISIS-infested central region.

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Jens Holm

Thats becaue You are not looking. It was the Russians which negosiated or made a trade with SDF. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38262550832200b3ffd34caa3862c01e6585fed5ac858c4f6f5fb40fc6083c7e.jpg


Jens.. Use the banana on yourself pls.

Jens Holm

The wheat was stored in the silos in the frontline between SDF and Tuukey for several years – None could get it out.

Thats what the Russians negosiated and its out or a lot of it.

By that NO AMERICANS are involved NO SDFs has stored it. NO SDFs has used it for own purpose.

I dont know where it went to, but it certainly wasnt as profit for USA as some dark living morons write here.

cechas vodobenikov

idiot night porter uses bad cheese for Covid vaccine; Russia now imports sputnik to nearly 30 nations and will obtain at least 1 trillion $ in 2021 from sputnik sales…SDF created and funded by American terrorist nation dimwit citizen of US colony can’t afford dildo–uses bananas

erwin vercauteren

Jens jesus poor chap you are becoming a real pathetic kind of troll you are clearly living in some kind of alternative reality because the facts you bring to table are worthless try harder or stfu

Jens Holm

It seemes You not even has a memorucard on Your little non updated win89 computer.

There are articles and pictures for the Russians made it possible to “release” it for bread.



Let’s not forget that it was the US, its terror coalition and SDF who started attacking oil shipments to the Syrian government on land and river. Syria and her allies have every right to stop the theft of Syrian resources by any and all means.

Depriving Syria of agriculture products is going since at least a year ago. First it started by setting fire on the fields and since the unburnt crops became ripe, the agenda turned from burning into theft. The only difference is that now we pay more attention to it thanks to reports in the media like South Front.

Since the wheat is stolen (and therefore dirt cheap) I wonder if it ends up at the same place the oil used to go, the occupied Palestine (The oil theft is still ongoing in the Iraq’s KAR). We know the serious situation of the water shortage and depletion of underground sources in the occupied lands, so anything -specially if stolen- is a great help.

The US and EU do their best to murder as much Syrians as they can by blocking food, medicine and fuel going to Syria while the UN is in hibernation mode. Thanks to Russia and Iran who deliver large quantities of fuel, food, medicine and repairing and maintaining utility network Syria won’t starve like Yemen but this theft will have its effect nonetheless. I hope the same arrangement be done for Yemen as soon as possible.

I’m sure it’s by mistake, like an unintended click or tap but you up-voted yourself. You might want to fix it.


It is a war crime pure and simple.


US loses control as Russia advances in electronic warfare (EW)

According to the Pentagon report, Russia has shown excellent efficiency in this area, as has China. Department of Defense analysts say the United States is at risk of losing control of the battlefield if it does not control the electromagnetic spectrum. https://bulgarianmilitary.com/2021/03/29/gao-us-loses-control-as-russia-advances-in-electronic-warfare-ew/

cechas vodobenikov

fortunately Russia produces and exports more wheat than all nations and provides enormous humanitarian assistance to Syria conversely barbarian anglos burn crops and attempt to starve civilized peoples via embargoes, sanctions etc their senile hair sniffer prez now keeping immigrant children in cages to satisfy his fetishes

erwin vercauteren

and some still wonder why Russia has now around 10ships in the east Mediterranean Sea and a large contingent of military and electronic warfare being delivered on almost daily basis and also Iranians the US and their hyenas know something is coming to them and they are looting as much they can because the end of this systematic looting oppressing and killing is coming for sure there is no way they can win this game and now China is also present in Syria and this freaks out the west and the Turks because China is going to take action and looking for the ( lost Chinese subjects ) 😁involved with Al Qaeda and Turkmenistan caliphate scum


So now they are blatantly stealing wheat. The globalists lie, they cheat, they steal, they murder and they are proud boys and girls because of it. Want to know what the globalists will do next? Just ask yourself what a sociopath would do.

Jens Holm

https://www.syriahr.com/en/205640/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/340c68e7e56bc5aa7621291732de0dbeb4e3153469f0ebb74f9cec2a10f529e6.jpg

Raptar Driver

Our overtly criminal government does not have any friends, only resources to exploit.

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