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U.K. To Expel Russian Diplomats Over Alleged Poisoning Of Former MI6 Double Agent


U.K. To Expel Russian Diplomats Over Alleged Poisoning Of Former MI6 Double Agent


On March 14, Prime Minister Theresa May announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats announced the alleged poisoning of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal.

Skripal, ex-GRU officer and MI6 double agent, and his daughter were hospitalized on March 4 following what the UK claims to have been an attempted poisoning by some alleged military nerve agent.

The prime minister accused Russia of the alleged poisoning and described the incident as an “unlawful use of force against the United Kingdom.” He went further saying that this crime was part of a well established pattern of “Russian state aggression” in Europe.

May claimed that 23 Russian diplomats had been “identified as undeclared intelligence officers” and they will be expelled and given one week to leave. The prime minister also threatened to freeze Russian assets in cases where they threaten UK citizens. Additionally, the UK will suspend all high level contacts with Russian diplomatic officials.

Russia has dismissed all accusations of involvment in the Skripal incident and requested access to the case. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has described the accusations as “propaganda”. He has added that Russia has not been provided with any evidence regarding the incident.

The UK accusations came amid the growing Russian-US tensions in Syria and reports about expected military provications in eastern Ukraine.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats from the UK and a new round of accusations against Moscow are aimed at destabilize the international situation ahead of the upcoming presidential election in Russia [March 18]. These accusations will also become an additionall tool in the ongoing anti-Putin campaign.

Apparently, no Russian diplomats or diplomats-intelligence officers were involved in the Skripal incident. He is an ex-GRU officer and has been of no interest for special services. Thus, the alleged poisoning of Skripal was used as a formal pretext for the anti-Russian actions.

It’s easy to assume that the Skripal incident was an operation of the UK intelligence, which had staged this incident to use it in the further political game on the international scene and to fuel the anti-Russian hysteria in the West.



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