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U.K. Royal Navy Allegedly Hunted For Russian Submarines In The Mediterranean

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U.K. Royal Navy Allegedly Hunted For Russian Submarines In The Mediterranean

On June 27th, the UK’s Royal Navy allegedly evaded Russian submarine that were stalking the flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

It was just revealed that the UK Navy’s flagship was allegedly being tailed by Russian submarine, while it was sailing near Cyprus.

Upon realising that they were being followed, the Royal Navy scrambled two Merlin Mk2 helicopters to search for the submarine, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The helicopters then dropped sonobuoys into the water, which used sound waves to detect the location of the hidden submarines.

Along with the HMS Queen Elizabeth, two Type 45 destroyers, two Type 23 frigates and two support vessels were also stalked as she sailed off the coast of Cyprus in June.

The UK Ministry of Defense said the following:

“We do not comment on operational matters of this kind, but can confirm that robust measures are in place to protect HMS Queen Elizabeth and the ships of the UK Carrier Strike Group.”

Ryan Ramsey, a former Royal Navy submariner, told the Telegraph:

“Submarines aim not to be detected – it stops you completing your tasks.

“Evasion in a submarine is really difficult when you’re going up against something as capable as Merlin helicopters. The UK has always been really effective at anti-submarine warfare using ships, submarines and aviation.

“When I was teaching the submarine command course, Perisher, it was the Merlins that the student captains worried about the most. I’m sure the opposition are doing the same thing.”

The Russian Navy is believed to have diesel-electric submarines in the Mediterranean, which is close to their naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus.

The Merlin MK2 helicopters are regarded as ‘world’s most potent hunting helicopter’ by the Royal Navy. Which literally means nothing because they are simply advertising their own equipment.

The alleged “incident” took place days after Russia’s Black Sea Fleet fired warning shots at the HMS Defender, including dropping bombs from Su-24 warplanes, while the British warship was encroaching in Russian territorial waters.

The UK denied those claims, and is now making these counter claims saying that it hunted Russian submarines.

The only different here is that, unlike in the HMS Defender situation, this time there’s no footage of any sort to substantiate the claims.


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Bobby Twoshoes

Seems to me the Russians probably wanted them to know they were being shadowed given the context of the encounter. I’m sure Russia got plenty of data for developing countermeasures to those “sonobuoys” though, seems a bit silly to give your enemy that kind of info before hostilities even start.


Yeah. It is the second time. The first was during the “Trump attack” on Syria. A bunch of pedobrits vessels wanted to join in. They stopped after being “signaled” by 2 russian subs, on their way to hunt them.

Jim Allen

That was the brand new British nuclear submarine on it’s way to launch it’s 16 Thomas Hawk cruise missiles into Syria. So they too could fail to hit their targets same as the 119 that US Navy launched. (One malfunctioned during launch in the first salvo.
If I recall two frigates launched 60 apiece, one 59. 36 struck their target. Russian General Staff commented “US can’t aim for shit.”
The Russian subs kept the British sub down for two day’s, then got bored, and left. Her Majesty became anxious when Her brand new boat was out of contact during the hide, and seek.


It is time Russia sank one their rusting junk. They are born losers and even lost to Italy LOL

Jim Allen

Nyet. This is much more fun.


Clearly, the RN half-wits failed to detect any Russian subs, as otherwise they would say so.

Those silly carriers make a lovely fat target for Ruskie hypersonic missiles :-D

Donald Moore

It looks like the Russian technology is up to the West or even better in many things. Way to go Russia!


Given that Russia still invests in (much quieter than nuclear) diesel electric subs, and that the Improved Kilo Class are the world’s quietest diesel electric subs, that is obvious.

I am however extremely unimpressed by Western “anti submarine ” capabilities. Remember the alleged sinking of the South Korean anti submarine frigate Cheonan by, Amerikastan claims, a North Korean submarine? That North Korean submarine, if it existed, was an old midget sub that should have been detectable even in shallow water, but not only did it sink this dedicated anti submarine frigate with a single torpedo, it successfully got away afterwards. That’s of course if you believe the submarine sinking story in the first place.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly. Robust measures and leadership to secure our Queen Elizabeth against Polonium and Covidchock attacks from Putin’s aggressive attack submarines in the free and civilised area of the Mediterranean.

Putin is denying our boys access to International free waterways in the Black Nato Sea, and have NO shame when it comes to fooling around in our waters.

It also shows who is in charge of the world today. WE are in charge, not Russia nor China.


Glad to see one of the ‘old group’ here. So many ‘new faces’ (trolls) here now. I guess sarcasm is the only outlet here now, as I’ve been blocked from posting several times now. Still haven’t figured out what the offensive keywords are…hell, probably my handle. BTW, we STILL top the RN when it comes to the biggest, fattest, uhhhh, most robust targe…uhhh, capabilities on the seas today.


Brutish submarine hunting = shouting “ey up, squire, there’s a bleedin’ great submarine on the scope there! Can’t yer see it?”

Ashok Varma

Russian well intended efforts to get along with the western, especially Anglo warmongers has backfired and these provocative acts will get worse. History has shown that these imperialist thugs only understand force. Russia will have to toughen its stance.


The Russians are chess players. They aren’t going to rely on a single weapon and they aren’t going to reveal themselves unless there are in a position to attack on multiple vectors. Just like in chess if you try to mate with a single piece you’re not going to be successful and will likely lose it on the next turn.

If they are sailing near Crete they are in range of a vast number of air launched, surface launched anti-shipping missiles as well as land based Bastion missile launchers in Syria.

If the brits detected Russian subs tailing them then you can bet there’s a sub hiding in front of them laying a trap while they focus on what’s behind them.

Great workout for the Russian navy stalking a carrier group in the Mediterranian exactly in the position they would have to be in if NATO went to war in the Black Sea.

Last edited 15 days ago by HB_norica

Hilarious british bullshit. I suppose they are counting on the fact that the average person is unaware of the fact that the Russians have several classes of submarines and are under no threat regardless given their proximity to Syria.

Peter Jennings

The Russian admin doesn’t have to even use a sub to destroy the tubs Blighty is sending into their back yard.
Could there be another USS Maddox, or a USS liberty on the horizon?

Jim Allen

Probably detected their own sub.

Peter Jennings

The UK flgaship needs to be careful, it might find one.

Lance Ripplinger

First of all, it sounds like the Royal Navy is gaslighting people. On the other hand, they seem to believe their own propaganda. Second of all, Russia will never reveal if they have submarines operating in the area in question. No country would. It also seems like they don’t have very capable submarine detection or training. That is the impression they are giving. But, their navy as a whole seems to need a major kick in the pants. But hey, they are now infested with Culture Race Theory, and “wokeism”, so they are a joke as a fighting force.

Jim Allen

Yeah, sure they did.
The story simply is not credible, there’s no way in Hell the Brits were able to track a Russian submarine in it’s neighbors backyard pond. After that bit of Navagational goofiness in the Black Sea with the tin can, all locked, loaded, and two media crews aboard, head straight into Russian territorial water’s. What the Hell did they expect ? The patrol boat shooting across it’s bows, didn’t impress, the bombs across the bows by Su-24’s, put the fear of God in the damn fools.
Now they got a submarine story ?
British probably shouldn’t have made that baseless allegation. The next Russian submarine they see may be when it surfaces in the middle of their squadron. That would put a smirk on Putin’s face.


daily telegraph=fascists to the core,did britain not bexit? Whats the problem,no more anor sex?

Arch Bungle

Pssst, they’re in the Thames, I checked myself …


By the time they knew they were being followed, they had been blown out of the water several times!

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