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U.K. Foreign Secretary Flounders In Its Claims Accusing Russia Of Being Behind Skripal Poisoning

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U.K. Foreign Secretary Flounders In Its Claims Accusing Russia Of Being Behind Skripal Poisoning

I-Images / Global Look Press

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson directly lied that Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down was “categorical” about the Russian origin of the substance used in the alleged poisoning of Sergey Scripal.

During the interview with Deutsche Welle, Foreign Secretary claimed that the Salisbury nerve agent had been attributed to be made in Russia.

The German TV interviewer asked Johnson: “How did you manage to find it out so quickly? Does Britain possess samples of it?”

Foreign Secretary replied: “They do. And they were absolutely categorical and I asked the guy myself, I said, “Are you sure?” And he said there’s no doubt.”

However, his statement, widely shared in the media, contradicts to expert’s conclusion of “Novichok” origin.

On April 3, Gary Aitkenhead, the chief executive of the DSTL at Porton Down told Sky News that they were unable to link samples of the substance, allegedly used to attack Sergei and Yulia Skripal, to Russia. The only issue the laboratory cleared up that they identified it was military-grade nerve agent. The chief insisted that, while the experts had identified the agent as A-234 [also known as “Novichok”] they had “not identified the precise source”.

Additionally, Mr Aitkenhead stated:

“It is our job to provide the scientific evidence of what this particular nerve agent is, we identified that it is from this particular family and that it is a military grade, but it is not our job to say where it was manufactured”.

Supporting their chef, the laboratory workers twitted:

“It is not, and has never been, our responsibility to confirm the source of the agent”.

Then, the UK Foreign Office responded that they still affirmed Russia was behind the attack because of the wider “intelligence picture”. This case will be discussed at the special meeting on April 4.

In a letter, Russia’s ambassador to the OPCW, Alexander Shulgin, asked the meeting to discuss Britain’s allegations “in a confidential sitting”.

On April 3, at a joint press conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, Vladimir Putin stated that he hoped the future UN chemical watchdog meeting would put an end to the UK’s accusations against Russia in the Skripal poisoning case. Russian president underlined that 20 other countries could produce the nerve agent.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told media he expected London to apologize for its “insane accusations” after the reveal of Porton Down’s laboratory results.

On April 4, it appeared that the UK Foreign Office now denies claiming the nerve agent used in the Salisbury incident came directly from Russia. The UK Foreign Office cannot delete an interview with Johnson available online but it already deleted the tweet stating so.

The UK’s ambassador to Russia, Laurie Bristow, also claimed in an official statement that the nerve agent had been produced in Russia. So far, this tweet has remained online.

The UK stance towards the situation clearly shows that the British government needs no facts that may contradict to its political agenda.

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Bumbling Boris now theres a surprise!

Claire Langoulant

Boris : your kippa, you want to eat it with how much salt ?


the russia will be couped diplomatics relations with great brittain!!point

jerry hamilton

We know it was Russian because Putin’s passport was found by the sample.

Konan Igan

UK stunk this one up…Satanic Fre emasons et.al. now outed worldwide. There is no place for the Fre emasons to hide for much longer. World tired of Fre emasonic/Jes uit wars and lies.


konan_igan but

Claire Langoulant

Well lying is a common language to the elites of UK (but I reassure you we are not better in France in this jewish-masonic republic) that brought always tensions between the people, especially with us french in the past centuries. But it’s time to stand together in front of the kleptocracy ! Elites are fakes PEOPLE WE ARE REAL AND DESERVE TO LIVE !!!

jerry hamilton

Well said.


Hey wait a sec, ‘Mericans can lie as good as anyone…

William Carrington

But not in correct and proper English .


Ya ??? How should I have written it?


Une Révolution Française part Deux sounds very tempting…..always wanted to see a Guillotine in action…. after a fair trial ofcourse… otherwise we wouldn’t be civilised….can I pull the handle one time perhaps if it’s possible..?


The British Gov. is liying to her own population why shouldn’t they lie to foreigners ?


The stunningly stupid witch TheArse May, the clown prince liar Boris BumbleButt & the pathetic schoolboy Gavin Williamson: “Russia should shut up & go away” WTF WTF WTF !!!

These dregs are not fit to run a pig farm & I apologise in advance to all pig farmers.

John Doran.

Claire Langoulant


jerry hamilton

Royalty is not a big thing over here. It’s a drain of resources and the royal family are historically murderers thieves and all round naughty people. Sheep like them.


That event could have been used to get May removed and then brexit canceled, they are saying elections have been rigged with cambridge analytica and now the government looks stupid, it could be the best way to get the people to reconsider its vote.

jerry hamilton

It could have been with honest reporting. The MSM still control the sheep though.




Yeah, the idiot saga of what the insane wankikes are capable to uh…… think, and right now I read something so spectacular stupid I did in fact have my jaw dropping, the use of words and the build up of sentences, and one of their “profs” of course, is the word, THE, do notice wankikes, I use THE correctly, but since I am dyslectic, I write equally horrible on my native tung, so in that sense, I am more familiar with Wankike yapping than my own language, and of course, since we miss on some, ugh, syllables etc, and text, I must be an Russian Troll, you cant be more f…. up that what this insane Tanked Thinkers in or down at the bottom of the foggy bottom dump called American intelligentsia are capable of feeding their own morns with, witch are so brain-dead they aren’t an challenge anymore, I rather debate with my Cats, than listen to an Wankike in the American Consul.

And now, the Porton Downsyndowm is dying as we speak, what an freak show, and of course Bozo the Clown will never back, they never do, in Norway the hate propaganda is ramped up into warp speed, and Russians is crawling everywhere, what is it that makes them so bloody stupid, I can only guess, but one day, Lady’s and gentlemen, we have to burn down the western MSM before they burn us all down.

And I am having an ball, wankikes, fund any Russian ugh…….. Russian Troll profs in this rant. Dunka, dunka, (the sound of my head into the table) But hey, thanks to them I dont have to watch comedy’s anymore, any wankike official is much better, and can make my day, anytime, an never ending gift of utter stupidity and brilliant idiocy. Thanks. from the bottom of my hart.



Yeah burning down MSM…..that sounds like a very pretty plan…..haven’t thought of it that way…..I’m going to start with the weatherman….he’s always lying….the sun ain’t shinin’…. it’s bloody rainin’….

jerry hamilton

Ha ha ha ha


In a country with functioning “4th estate” BoJo would’ve been gang raped by the media and the opposition over telling a LIE in the parliament and in 2 dozen subsequent interviews trying even to implicate government institution and it’s officials (i.e Porton Down and it’s director) in his moronic lie. But as West in general and UK in particular doesn’t have independent journalists no more and Labour party is ready to decapitate it’s leader for questioning inconsistencies of the Scripal narrative in the first place – BoJo and Teresa will just walk from this clusterfuck unscathed, just like Blair did after Iraq lie and Cameron after Libya lie and the attempted murder of Syria in 2013. Even worst, BoJo’s chances of becoming the next PM just went up. He’s now the great ant-Putin warrior, savior of the “western democracy” and “Churchill of our time” – to be fair he does mumble a lot, likes his whiskey and can’t seem to keep his pecker in his britches – but other than that God help us…


There are around 893 million peoples in the West. This includes the European Union, Northern America and the larger Oceanic states. At its most inclusive (tack on East Asia, South Africa and basically all European countries that are part of either the EU or NATO), you’re looking at around 1.214.341.947 peoples… 7.613.069.873 peoples in total on this planet….so if 6.398.727.926 people starts to ignore those 1.2 billion what would happen? Because we don’t have to listen to their bullshit…..

Eskandar Black

Russia should continue shaming the UK over the incident. It should be made famous like the Colin Powell moment. Any time a British official speaks with moral authority on any topic without evidence they should not be believed.

AM Hants

Why are the Foreign Office erasing so many of these tweets and videos, believing that nobody else would have copies? Not a good look, when you are being accused of lying.


“For the wise man delights in establishing his merit, the brave man likes to show his courage in action, the covetous man is quick at seizing advantages, and the stupid man has no fear of death.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


We All Know by now what a Lying Bastard & and a Paedophile Boris Johnson is…when are you going to prove your innocence mr. New Prime Minister?

jerry hamilton

Yoko Ono tries to explain what Boris Johnson actually meant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdZ9weP5i68


This is the second time, recently, that the Foreign Secretary has really pulled a dumb move. The first was letting the cat out of the bag that a reporter from Reuters, being held in Iran on sedition related charges, was actually there fomenting unrest, in addition to her other activities. I am sure he will make more errors and it seems that he is only in his position to cause trouble for Russia, as though he was the UK’s bonafide Russian insider on their team. It all could really unravel on the UK. About 20 years down the road from now, this is going to look like some incredibly goofball stuff played by the UK government. It is not 1870, it’s 2018 Britannia. A good day to all.


“Then, the UK Foreign Office responded that they still affirmed Russia was behind the attack because of the wider “intelligence picture”.” Or perhaps their lack thereof?

jerry hamilton

Yes. It’s only Porton Down that don’t know anything about it.

John Whitehot

is there any chance Bozo is going to resign?

jerry hamilton

No. Never. He wants to be PM. He wants to lick Trumps a$$ on an equal footing.

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