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‘Tycoonsfall’: Richest Man In Czech Republic Died In Helicopter Crash

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'Tycoonsfall': Richest Man In Czech Republic Died In Helicopter Crash

Source: Roman Vondrous / CTK / Global Look Press

The richest man in the Czech Republic, Petr Kellner, founder and owner of the PPF Group, died in a helicopter crash.

According to the PPF Group, took place on March 27th in Alaska. The accident claimed lives of five passengers, including Kellner. One passenger survived and found by rescuers. Petr Kellner was known to be fond of heli-skiing.

PPF Group N.V. is an international financial and investment group founded in 1991 in Czechoslovakia. PPF Group controls businesses in 25 countries, it participates in projects in financial services, telecommunications, media, biotechnology, real estate and development, insurance, mechanical engineering, agriculture. Its main financial business is consumer-lending group Home Credit NV, with the largest market in China.

According to PPF, its assets totaled 44 billion euros ($52 billion) as of June 2020. Forbes estimates Kellner’s personal fortune at $ 17.5 billion.

Petr Kellner is not the first billionaire to die in an aircraft crash this month. On March 7th, French politician and billionaire Olivier Dassault has died in a crash of his private helicopter in northwestern France.

Previously, in 2019, the famous Russian businessman and philanthropist Mikhail Abramov was killed in a private helicopter crash off the coast of Greece. The same year, American billionaire Chris Kline, whose fortune is estimated at nearly $ 2 billion, was killed in a private helicopter crash on Bahamas.


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Most likely not an accident.. Man started to meddle with media sphere in Czech Republic – Slovak Republic with increasing frequency.. Just recently bought 2 big televisions – one in CR, one in SR – from an American company.. He was also being accused of making too much business with Chinese..

Supreme Blyat

It’s all clear.

Lone Ranger

Second such incindent in a month…
CIA is very busy it seems…


Let’s not forget Kobe Bryant – a very rich and famous basketballer and sex offender.

Tommy Jensen

He claimed Covid was a fake and that he had proof.


Likewise, recently, French billionaire and state Parliamentarian Dassault abruptly died in a helicopter crash. Now sure, his second generation family business concern was international military hardware-manufacturer and sales, but he was also a traditional French Conservative – basically an old-school economic and social conservative – the antithesis of the current, and dominant, neo-liberal banker-school of globalism. Seems that suddenly those that are very rich, but very contrarian to globalist agenda, need to stop using their helo’s – as they are suddenly falling out of the sky. Note: mafioso organizations have traditionally left a calling card, by either a signifier or methodology, for their more public executions, intended as warning to others.

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