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Two Weeks Of Armenian-Azerbaijani War: No Peace For Karabakh

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The Armenian-Azerbaijani war is nearing the end of its second week with no prospects of de-escalation through diplomatic channels in the near future. The Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc still aims to deal with the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh question by military measures. At the same time, Armenia is not going to accept the Azerbaijani demands and surrender the contested region.

The Armenian military reported that its forces had repelled two powerful Azerbaijani attacks in the southern part of Karabakh killing multiple Azerbaijani soldiers and destroying nine armored vehicles. It also claimed that a large grouping of Azerbaijani forces was defeated near Horadiz. These claims were rejected by Azerbaijan that released multiple videos confirming the recent advances in the area of Jabrayil and gains in the region.

In recent videos only, Azerbaijan showcased five to ten Armenian T-72 battle tanks, most of them heavily damaged, two BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles and a BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. Azerbaijani media also announced that Azerbaijan pushed Armenian forces away from the key town of Fuzuli inflicting ‘heavy casualties’ to the enemy. However, the town most likely remains in the contested zone. Meanwhile, Azerbaijani forces reportedly secured the area of the Magadiz dam and flooded the Tartar river.

Both sides continue arguing that the war is raging not only in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region, but also in the border areas of Azerbaijan and Armenia. In particular, the Azerbaijani military reported that Armenian forces delivered a series of strikes on Barda city as well as multiple villages in the districts of Barda and Aghjabedi. The Armenian Defense Ministry also reports Azerbaijani artillery and even air strikes on border villages. For example, Armenia allegedly shot down 8 Azerbaijani combat drones in its airspace on just the evening of October 8.

Meanwhile, pro-Turkish sources reacted to the satellite images showing Turkish F-16 fighter jets at the Ganja airbase in Azerbaijan after the start of the war. According to them, Turkish warplanes were there to deter Armenia from attacks on “civilian populations and military installations within Azerbaijan”. Apparently it did not help as the Azerbaijani leadership regularly reports such attacks. Turkish special forces, military advisers, electronic warfare and psychological operations units, heavily supported by a large number of members of Syrian militant groups, appeared to be more effective. As it was expected slowly but steadily Azerbaijan is been taking an upper hand in the conflict.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan already started searching for ‘traitors’ among its forces and residents as more and more voices raise concerns regarding the actions of the government in the previous years that undermined Armenia’s regional positions and alliances and made it vulnerable to the Azerbaijani-Turkish attack.

In the comings weeks, Azerbaijani forces using help from Turkey with the advantage in air power, artillery and manpower, will develop their offensive in the southern part of the Nagorno-Karabakh region aiming to seize full control over the areas of Fuzuli, Hartut and nearby villages in order to besiege the city of Stepanakert from the southern direction. If this happens, the capital of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic will be put in grave danger, including the increasing chances of a direct Azerbaijani attack on the city.

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Russia has allowed this to go on since 1989 when both Baku and Erevan were still under direct Moscow control, opening its southern flank (Chechnya, etc.) by the global Ziocorporate terrorists’, that Putin is so hellbent on doing business with, destabilization operations. Today, Erevan has a pro-EU regime, not unlike Putin’s Kremlin, and Baku is fully weaponised by ISISrael and Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman Turkey.

The Kremlin move to host Azeri and Armenian FMs for talks may achieve a fake temporary peace like in Syria and Lybia, but in the end, given the Putin plan to be accepted as an equal and peer partner to the Zioterrorist globalists without challenging them too much, nothing can be done to settle this conflict for good.


UK/US succeed to destroy their main competitors handling WW1,
Russian “Revolution”with Ashkenazis Bolsheviks out numbering “Genocides”,
Ottoman Empire thanks Dönmeh worms, WW2 outnumbers massacres &
destructions, dividing Germany and Europe to rule, Neo colonising the EC and Turkey

Finally Germany was reunited, sooner or later Europe too, joined by Asia….
Turkey and Iran….(Erdogan (Dönmeh ?) profiled by CIA/Mossad….
sooner or later Israel would be a lonely Ashkenazi/US enclaved Colony…

Eurasia is on the way thanks the B R I
Germany, France, and Italy are getting tired to be occupied by the US/NATO

What’s Wrong with Development? The Geopolitics of The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part I)

Fog of War

” Germany, France, and Italy are getting tired to be occupied
by the US/NATO ”

Except now they’re occupied by millions of male ” migrants ” most of military age . What a trade !


NATO and EC Presidents are US/Ashkenazis Proxies
bombing like Hell middle East to please Israel, steal OIL,
and to provoke a tidal wave on EC to destabilise to rule
the EC Colony run by Ashkenazis….

Fog of War

I agree. I just like to point out the insanity of whats going on.



Thanks, you are welcome !

Hind Abyad

My discus is not working
Non-Aligned Movement demands Israel withdraw to 1967 borders.


A leur place j’irais me cacher a Birobidzhan dans l’Oblast Juif
a la frontière Chinoise en Sibérie,
pour tater du tigre sur les bords du fleuve Amour !
Ca vaut toujours mieux que l’ irradiation nucléaire….


That’s what they get, for driving those men out of their own countries with their bombs, bullets, and silent implicitness in the imperialism they profit from.

Fog of War

You are so correct genius just look at all these war torn countries like Nigeria ,Senegal, or from sub-Saharan Africa, India, and even poor war-torn China. You Sir have an amazing grasp of reality with your amazing SJW talking points.

” In Italy and Spain, arrivals from mostly African countries top the list. In Italy, the most common country of origin is Tunisia, followed by Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Spain received most of its migrants from Guinea, followed by Morocco and Mali, as well as the Ivory Coast, and a number of other Sub-Saharan African countries. “


Google Africom halfwit., then follow up with inequality and where the materials for your phone come from.

Then shut up.

Americans and NATO have bases everywhere we need to steal the materials. And we murder those who protest.We call them terrorists, and then we murder them as we destabilize their countries with black ops and inequality.

“At an AFRICOM Conference held at Fort McNair on February 18, 2008, Vice Admiral Robert T. Moeller openly declared the guiding principle of AFRICOM is to protect “the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market”, before citing China’s increasing presence in the region as challenging to American interests”.


Whining snivelers like you make me laugh. We live in a world where 30000 children die every day from preventable hunger and disease due only to a lack of money. Because YOU, and those like you, hoard resources, and refuse to share.

Now they want some of what YOU got and some of what you do not have to suffer ?.

And the rich are going to help them take it and call it globalism. Keep whining, it will do no good, and you will soon enough be just like those you hate on, for your imagined privations and your ridiculous butthurt.

talking points are yours dimwit, and they are based in racism and prejudice.

And you are absolutely correct in your first assessment..

“”When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him”.

Jonathan Swift


Hello Nod

You will like this ! ! !
Class Action for COVID-19 Crimes against Humanity


Hope all is ok for you,

Do the World is becoming a shit ? ? ?

The ART to be hated ! ! !

Alike in the Philippines, it’s the US Colonial Culture,

trained to kill children’s

As usual, more disgusting, can’t be !

Airports, Taxis, Hospitals, Police & Jails

are a good way to juge a Country….

In Finland’s ‘open prisons,’ inmates have the keys


School of the Americas: Training Torturers & Secret Police for US-Backed Dictators Since 1946


US Police Forces Are Trained by Israel: The Knee-On-Neck Tactic that Was Used on George Floyd Is the Same Tactic that Has Been Used on the



Police Torture in Chicago



Globalism is now moving quickly. The covid fraud obviously being used for intimidation and control. Vaccinations will be forced on the sheep, and they will take it, with whatever add ons the globalist fascists want to include in it. The video was good, thank you for the heads up. It is nice to see some people unafraid to push back at the globalists, although I am sure it is pointless. He said that dumberte is shooting people for not wearing a mask. I am sure the weed smokers are happy to have a break from being the bullseye huh…


Spit in the air, it’s fall on the face !

Yamnaya invented Horses riding,
they came to Colonise Europe bringing white DNA,
and Indo-European languages, Basque the Oldest,
and Hungarian, Finnish excepted !

The Yamna culture and the related Novotitorovska and Maykop cultures
DNA reveals early mating between Asian herders and European farmers
The finding might rewrite the origins and spread of key cultural innovations and languages
DNA tests can’t tell you your race

Later on Celtic came from Asia Minor Anatolia….
Europeans are mostly Celtics

Wisigoth(Bataves & Baltic) liberated Spain from the Roman Empire

Muslims liberated Spain from Wisigoth thanks Jew traders
building the wonderful Andalusia with the Omeyyades

UK/US/NATO Colonial “System” is destroying Africa living resources
making Peoples obliged to migrate on purposes to improve
the Bruxelles US Colonial Control…

Machiavel et les armes de migration massive


All plans of the Rockefeller trilateral commission. The world divided into three regions.Russia will control Europe. China, the Asian Pacific. Then North and South America will be one. The entire world slaves. No winners.


Maybe only two,
Eurasia, Africa, Latin America for the World
and the Pelage stricken imploded rubbish US/Jews with Civil War

Rhodium 10

Putin knows that Azerbajan cannot retake NK and even less to keep troops inside safety…but if they use Syrian Jihadist to deploy there terrorist bases like Idlib..then Russia and CTSO will intervene!…

Mustafa Mehmet

What about PKK and the ypg Armenian allow them to fight for them. or they’re peacemakers


Vladimir Putin saved Turkeys’ Recheptai Erdogan’s political life from a subversion in 2016, and today, temporary Ceasefire was declared between the sides…with the direct intervention of Moscow, probably to save, Ilham Aliyev’s political life…Azerbaijan and Turkey are very important strategical friends of Putin, for enormous economic and military trade, etc…If we consider Azerbaijan’s military capability as officially presented by Baku, today, almost 90% of it is already destroyed, in this 13 day war. Clearly Turkey is supplying additional arms and mercenaries to Azerbaijan, and even there was discussion in Turkey to openly participate in this war , on the side of Azerbaijan…Armenia and Nagorno Kharabagh held on to their bases, and to their land, despite what we saw, from Azeri’s bombardment of churches and civil population in Stepanakert and Shushi, since they were obviously losing the war, in an attempt to frighten the civil population and cause psychological trauma and force the people to flee their homes…Erdogan and Aliev engaged themselves in war crimes, not only against the Armenian population, but also, against their own people…Still no internet for the Azeri people, the airport is closed and no civil freedoms to speak of, no accounting of the dead, and thousands of soldiers left in the fields to rot…. No responsibility and no accountability to the Azeri people by their leaders, elected fraudulently, where no foreign observers were allowed, and some of the opposition leaders put in jails…


You talk nonsense and rubbish.


Argue with facts. Your writing expresses just what you say.


Azerbaijan is a major investor in Turkey
Turkey geo strategic location is major for Russia, Central Asia,
Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Middle East, Europe,
and of course the New Silk Road…

The trouble makers is the “US/NATO/Israel” ! ! !


Beware of the Russian Bear, It is hungry for warm water ports.


The Jews arrogance should worry the Gulags revenge…

Iinvented Nazi gaz chambers smoke screen would be easily dissipated by
Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Critical History of Jews in Russia, a Book banned in the US


Russia without Turco-Mongols Ashkenazi it’s a European Culture and Population

Mustafa Mehmet

Really comment image

Arman Melkonyan

See, that’s a true Turk, a mongoloid. It hasn’t yet lost its slanted eyes because his elders didn’t rape enough Christian girls to steal enough of their genes.

Arman Melkonyan

Yes, thanks for sharing. ?

Albert Pike

No you write about Erdogans fake millitary uprising – nobody had to safe him, it was a perfect pretence for cleaning up his millitary and security apparatus from people who where not ready for his war. Also gave him the chance to distance himself from his kippa wearing visits in Israel, and to become an ‘Ottoman leader’. In the meantime he is still a Gulen/fremason/CIA man, since he was a leader there half his life. But since no Musim would be willing to die for the ‘House of One’ religious movement he had to distance him self even from the Muslim Brotherhood – since they and Gulen movement are the main driver in the Muslim world for the one Abrahmic one happy family thing…

comment image

Tommy Jensen
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