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Two Ukrainian, One LPR Soldiers Reportedly Killed in Donbass (Map Update)

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Two Ukrainian, One LPR Soldiers Reportedly Killed in Donbass (Map Update)

Illustrative Image. Servicemen attend the funeral of a serviceman in Lviv

Since the beginning of this week, the situation in the Donbass region has significantly worsened.

According to the DPR National Militia, the Ukrainian forces committed 8 fire provocations, while the Ukrainian command claimed that DLPR forces violated ceasefire 17 times.

On April 13, the both sides of the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine reported deaths of their soldiers.

In it’s daily update on the situation on the frontline, the Ukrainian Command of Joint Forces Operation reported deaths of two service members in two separate attacks.

The first incident reportedly took place in Northern suburbs of Donetsk, near the villages of Pisky and Kamenka. These areas are under control of the Ukrainian 72 separate mechanized brigade and 58 separate mechanized infantry brigade. The UAF claimed that the enemy forces opened fire from large-caliber machine guns and shooting weapons. As a result, one soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was deadly injured.

Another Ukrainian soldier was reportedly dead as a result of a drone attack near the village of Majorsk, in the South of the region.

“The enemy’s UAV crossing the line of contact carried out a pomegranate reset on the positions of our units, which resulted in one serviceman injured, not compatible with life.” – The UAF statement reads.
Other 2 Ukrainian soldiers were also reportedly injured. Warriors were promptly provided with medical care.

No further information has been provided, yet.

On the other side, according to the Luhansk People’s Republic representatives in the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination, a soldier of the LPR People’s Militia was shot dead by Ukrainian snipers on April 12. The incident took place in the area of the village of Zolotoe-5 (Mikhailovka), near the town of Pervomaisk.

Two Ukrainian, One LPR Soldiers Reportedly Killed in Donbass (Map Update)

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Among other military developments in the region:

  • DPR forces targeted UAF positions near the village of Zaitseve using mortars, IFVs and smaller arms
  • DPR forces targeted UAF positions in Pisky with machine guns
  • The UAF targeted the village near Gagarina and 6/7 mines.
  • The UAF targeted the village of Bairak with grenade launchers and smaller arms
  • On April 12, LPR forces targeted with grenades and small arms the UAF positions near the village of Zolote-4


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johnny rotten

The mountain ukraine gave birth to a mouse, with the powerful NATO behind him is still reduced to shoot with snipers, and his powerful armies what do? they sleep, we wait when they wake up to see what happens, until now little or nothing, despite the big bloggers who gave imminent the advanced nazi on the Republics, talking a much and makes them earn a few clicks, nothing new for now on the ukrainian front.

Liberal guy

Even the scums zio british sas can’t help these zio nazis of Ukraine as these sas bastards are coming in large numbers if thses bastards the British sas get involved in battles then they will die in large numbers it will be a complete rout


Putin will jump at the chance of negotiating more deals with his terrorist Ziocorporate globalist partners of Germany and France. Nordstream33 here we come.

Assad must stay

hhahahaha it def seems that way sometimes i cant argue that


As long as cias nose outta joint and the nwo/lgbtq communion of soros gois too,who cares!


Troops From Poland and Belarus CLASH Along Border

Multiple reports are coming in as of this morning indicating Army troops from Poland have engaged in skirmishes with Army troops from Belarus as both Armies guard their respective (closed) Borders. According to sources on the ground in Poland, there have been verbal tit-for-tats for the past couple weeks, and today, they got physical. No one is saying who did what to whom, but troops from both Poland and from Belarus “swarmed” as fist fights broke out.

…it was NATO who asked Poland to begin moving troops eastward toward the Polish border with Belarus. Poland did, in fact, begin moving troops toward it’s border with Belarus. In response, Belarus opened its military bases to be shared with the Russian Army and began moving Belarus troops toward the border of Poland. Now, with masses of troops along the border, the strong young men of each military, naturally full of piss and vinegar, surrounded by armor and artillery and holding loaded guns, are getting uppity. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=231643

Ivan Freely

It’s best to wait for more reliable sources than Hal Turner.

Liberal guy

Something is going out in Eastern Europe something very abnormal


agree. but even so, I don’t think one incident of that kind is impossible… while “reports” about numerous incidents of that kind along the border sounds way too exaggerated….

Liberal guy

More likely violence will increase

Liberal guy

So does that means? A full scale war in Eastern Europe or just normal skirmishes?


My lucky guess is that one (even two) incidents of that kind was theoretically possible before border was closed…. But not as massive chain reaction and endless cases of the fist fights (or similar) all along the border. Specially not under heighten level of the readiness of the troupes (sitting most probably in some tranches or paroling along the border on both sides of the border) If the border is CLOSED than those patrols have live ammunition in their guns and have order “shoot to kill” anybody that crosses the border line! who normal would go on the other side of the border, for fist fight, in such conditions?!?

Journalists exaggerate maybe… :) ? Still important news is that border is CLOSED !

Liberal guy

Yes that’s true

Liberal guy

If I hope not but if a war happens in and around Ukraina then its definitely a large snipers war as snipers battles hv already started a large duty for the famous and legendary Serbian sniper the most elite sniper in the world of recent times


as you have mentioned it, that kind of “war” is already happening in Ukraine – Donbass. and it only can get much worse (since there is no Russian army there (for the moment). I sincerely doubt that NATO has courage to challenge Russia anywhere (directly), along the Russian border…. NATO will stick with usual bag of tricks and tactics running endlessly in circles: 1)anti-Russian propaganda, 2)provocations, 3)even more propaganda

the objective is to present Russia globally, as an aggressor.


Well Poland can move troops on border with Belarus, but damn Polish idiots must never forget that they are bordering with Russia in Kaliningrad where Russia have around 20,000 troops stationed there, it is a good flank route, it has navy ships and subs there! I guess these Polish idiots that wanted to pay $ 2.5 billions to Trump admin to build permanent base in mid Poland for only 400 American troops to be stationed there, oh and that is annually tho, they were actually were begging for that, they thought with that move with just few americans there they will be safe from Russian invasion that will never happen, poor idiots, if Russia wants to attack Poland not even the United Snakes nor the (North American Terrorist Organisation) NATO, just no one can save them.


I do agree with all you have said…nothing to add.


Thanks for the intelligence of the skirmish on the Belarusian border with Poland, I had no clue no where, that such a thing happen, hmmmm I hope things will calm down there, but from all sides are just bad news, as for Russian troops mobilization on such a big scale, that cost a lot of money, either Russia wastes some money to flex its strength to show force and tell to the world that no one can fuck with them, or THE BAD news??!!, maybe Russia has some intel on something big that might happen, after all war is bad, but damn I really want some day an enemy of the US to fuck them really good once just once, to give the US something that it afraits the most “CASUALTIES”. I really wish it, but for stupid administrations I don’t want any kids of US or Russia or anyone to die because of their masters, their governments, cuz high % are young men in their low to mid 20s. I just know this, if all this that Russia is doing now if REAL and for something, then Russia is determinate to do something big that hasn’t been done in a long time………….

Liberal guy

Very tensed and warlike situation in Eastern Europe I hope there is no war

Simon Ndiritu

It Seams the US won’t stop until enough Slavic Brothers have killed each other, All for the Sake of stimulating US Stock Markets, or Selling more US LNG to EU


So the (North American Terrorist Organization) called NATO, takes courage to TELL Russia what to do INSIDE in its country, ask yourselves what Is Russia doing on the border with Ukraine!? VERY SIMPLE: The Answer Is THEY FUCKING LIVING THERE! Helllooo brainiacs. The United Snakes, 10000 km away from home are on the Russian borders! Let me ask? What the fuck the US do so far from home exactly on Russian borders, and they have the courage to tell the Russians what they will do inside in their own damn country. Jesus all-mighty WTF.

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