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Two Turkish Soldiers Killed, Others Injured In Syrian Airstrike On Greater Idlib


Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense announced on February 26 that two Turkish service members were killed and two others were injured in a Syrian airstrike on the so-called Greater Idlib region.

In an official statement, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense claimed that over a hundred Syrian Arab Army (SAA) personnel were “neutralized” in response to the deadly airstrike. These claims are usually extremely exaggerated.

The ministry was apparently forced to acknowledge the new casualties. The ministry’s announcement was made only after the release of several reports in the Turkish media revealing the incident.

The two slain service members were identified as Sargent Enes Baykus from Samsun and Corporal Sukru Elibol from Kahramanmaras.

Last week, a Syrian strike on the southern Idlib countryside claimed the lives two Turkish service members and injured five others.

The Turkish military deployed hundreds of troops in Greater Idlib over the last few months to support the remaining militants in the region. As a result of the Turkish support, the militants launched several large attacks on SAA positions in southern Idlib.

With the killing of two new soldiers, the number of Turkish service members killed in Greater Idlib so far has risen to 18. The number will likely rise in the upcoming few days, if the Turkish military continue its support for the militants in the Syrian region.

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