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Two Turkish Soldiers Killed In Shelling Near Syrian Border

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Two Turkish service members were killed in a mortar attack that targeted the vicinity of the town of Akcakale on the Syrian border, the Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced on November 28.

In an official statement, the Turkish ministry revealed that the attack targeted a military base north of the Syrian border town of Tell Abyad.

The Turkish military responded to the attack by targeting the source of fire in northeast Syria. The ministry said that the operations in the region are still ongoing.

Two Turkish Soldiers Killed In Shelling Near Syrian Border

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Last October, the Turkish military launched Operation Peace Spring against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeast Syria. Tell Abyad was captured in the framework of the operation.

A total of 15 Turkish soldiers and officers have been killed since the beginning of the operation. More than 160 others were reportedly injured. Hundreds of Turkish-backed Syrian militants were also killed or injured.

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

15 Turkish soldiers killed and 160 wounded, as well as 250+ proxies killed or injured too, that marvelous news, and by Erdogan’s own figures, compare that to 1,230 YPG killed, captured or wounded, and the numbers don’t look so bad afterall. So the Turks lose 425 and the YPG lose 1,230, that’s a factor of 2.9, which essentially means for every Turk or SNA killed or wounded, 3 [2.9] YPG are killed too, that’s not as bad as I thought it was, I actually thought the SDF was doing much worse But the figures don’t really tell the real story, the Turks capture YPG but the YPG don’t capture Turks or their proxies, they kill them all, so the figures are actually swayed a little towards the YPG when you take that bit of additional info into consideration. And that’s with no air support, imagine if the US, Russia or Syria had given the YPG air support to defend themselves, I think the numbers would have been reversed with the Turks and proxies losing the most instead. It’s time for another Turkish military coup, Turkish soldiers don’t need to die making Erdogan’s bloodthirsty fantasies come true, put your insane leader in jail where he belongs, end the bloodshed and the economic sanctions, make Turkey great again, and safe.

Mehmet Aslanak

That’s why YPG, offspring of PKK, is a threat to the NATO ally border. That’s why peace corridor includes M4 to prevent communist guerilla travel east & west of border to carry out attacks in a wide range. That’s why Macron said NATO is bread-dead, can’t even have a mutual agreement to protect NATO borders against terrorism.

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