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Iran Confirms Two TOR-M1 Missiles Were Fired At Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752


Iran Confirms Two TOR-M1 Missiles Were Fired At Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752

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The Ukrainian Airlines flight PS752 had two Tor-M1 missiles fired at it from the north.

This was revealed on January 20th, when the Civil Aviation Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran released a 2nd report on the downed Ukrainian Airlines flight PS752.

Ukraine, the US, France, Sweden, the UK and Canada have so far introduced their representatives to be provided with access to crash data.

According to the report, the Kiev-bound Boeing 737-800 took off from runway 29R at Imam Khomenei International Airport at 06:12 a.m. local time on January 8th and was then delivered to approach unit at Mehrabad Airport in the capital.

From 06.18 a.m. onward, the radar controller repeatedly tried to contact the pilot as the flight information was lost, but he received no answer, it added.

The radar data showed the plane was flying at an altitude of 8,100 feet, but the aircraft identification and altitude information later disappeared from the radar screen.

No radio messages were received from the pilot regarding unusual circumstances.

After samples were examined at the crash site, the possibility of laser and electromagnetic (radioactive) rays having hit the aircraft was excluded.

Samples were taken to indicate whether there was an explosion inside or outside of the airplane. Preliminary examinations suggest the need for the plane wreck to be subjected to thorough investigation for possible traces of explosives.

The report further noted that the black boxes feature cutting-edge technology and Iran lacks the technical facilities to decode them.

“If devices are provided, the information (on the black boxes) can be restored and retrieved in a short period of time,” it added.

The Civil Aviation Organization requested from the US and French accident investigation agencies to provide Tehran with a list of equipment required to decode the black boxes and examine the possibility of them being transferred to Iran.

Neither of the organizations had responded positively, and Iran was considering purchasing the equipment itself.

As reported, on January 20th, at a meeting between President of Ukraine Volodymyrr Zelensky and Iran’s President’s Special Representative Mohammad Eslami in Kiev, it was said that a group of Iranians would arrive in Ukraine to familiarize themselves with Ukraine’s technical capabilities for decrypting the black boxes of the downed plane.

The TOR surface to air missile system is designated for destroying airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles, precision guided munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles and short-range ballistic threats. The two missiles being launched is in line with a video that was released to the web, showing that allegedly two launches took place.

Iran Confirms Two TOR-M1 Missiles Were Fired At Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752

The TOR-M1 surface-to-air missile system.

They also discussed compensation for the families of the victims and the creation of a joint investigation team to ensure effective investigation and truth-finding.

Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752 crashed in the early hours of January 8th, on January 11th Iranian authorities admitted that they had accidentally shot down the plane.

The downing came amid an escalation between Washington and Tehran, in which the US assassinated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

In response, Iran fired ballistic missiles at US military bases in Iraq, reportedly not injuring anything and causing minimal damage. Since then, there have been reports surfacing of US troops actually being injured, and equipment having been destroyed.




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  • Jacob Wohl

    Pathetic Russki-made air defenses – only good at defending airspace against innocent civilian airliners. So far soviet russkie air defenses have shot down 2 airliners within the past 6 years.

    They aren’t good at defending against enemy planes however, as Israel and the USA have demonstrated :-]

    • Christian S

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c30ffd0c869c55938b6d676223a2250118690acd061a0c3823283f80d5b23d81.jpg It was only a year ago when the ZOG entity was lured into ambush at T-4 losing their F-16s. Since then zionist did not go into Syrian airspace only striking from Lebanon with very expensive precision ammo, except F-35 has skills to go that deep though still trackable by S-400. Day comes when rusky systems will knock out those fancy spy satellites :)

      • gryzor84

        Indeed. And it should also be noted that the systems in question that did the nice job were legacy, over 40-year old S-200s batteries, hence only a fraction of the efficiency of a modern-day long-range air defense system in the same class, like say, I dunno , a S-400 ;-)

        • occupybacon

          Those are very efficient in Syria when Israel targets Latakia from time to time

    • Free man

      It was the air defense system operators who shot down the civilian aircraft. If you give to fools the best air defense system in the world, they will still shot down civilian aircrafts.

    • Christian S
  • Free man

    The mullahs regime has not yet handed the black boxes to France or Ukraine. Although they promised to do so in the past.
    Does the assertion that the IRGC intentionally shot down the aircraft make more sense now?

    • Pave Way IV

      They should hand the black boxes over to Bellingcat – then we would know the TRUTH!

  • FlorianGeyer

    If the UK,US or any other US vassals gain possession of the Black Boxes the true facts cannot be guaranteed to be released.

    At best it will be half truths that suit the US agenda, and at worst it will be a Hollywood version of reality.

    The best way forward ,in my opinion, would be for the Iranians to keep custody of the boxes and to invite observers from all nations to witness the data retrieval.

    This should be executed by scientists with the expertise in such matters, including Iranian scientists. The diagnostic equipment should be thoroughly checked first for bugs etc by Russian, Chinese and honest NATO nations if such a scientist is willing to do so.

    Every minute of the data retrieval should then be broadcast to the world in real time.

    • Pave Way IV

      Does it really matter? If there’s anything suggesting a U.S. hack or sabotage – or not otherwise supporting the US/Israel Evil Iran narrative – then the U.S. will ignore the data and claim the Iranians changed it somehow. If the data shows nothing but a horrible mistake given the circumstances, then the U.S. will shriek about the intentional Iranian slaughter of civilians and enact even more sanctions to punish the Iranian people.

      No need to wait for the actual data – we should already know how this is going to play out.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Its not what the US thinks that matters though.

        Even the US vassals realise that the US has become the worlds mafia style bully. In fact , I would surmise that the leaders of the US vassal states detest the US government and high handed US corporations far more than their uninformed people do.

        What does matter , is that the majority of the worlds nations who fear the USA, together with those who do not realise that the US government opinions are not to be trusted in any circumstances.

        If the US Government says its raining where you live, look out of the window to check.

  • verner

    the death of the 176 persons onboard rests solidly at the door of the white house incumbent and criminally corrupt donald trump – thus mass-murderer, just like his pal netanyahu. the other thing is, two missiles to down the flight nighttime isn’t bad and it will tell the unhinged states of A that they and the scumbag squatters will be easy prey should they dare to attack Iran outright. nevertheless, the scumbags in tel aviv are bound to continue the desperate attempts to inveigle the stupid morons in the white house that it’s a war that can be won, although it can’t since idiot trump seems to be deathly afraid of doing something that will kill off the world economy and possibly make trump’s house of cards (heavily mortgaged) come tumbling down.

  • Ronald

    “The aircraft identification and altitude information later disappeared”.
    Hacked, as part of the ‘set up’ to create a war on Iran.
    Who Targeted Ukraine Airlines Flight 752? – American Herald Tribune

    • verner

      I actually believe that’s a more than likely scenario and it tells us the immediate need to obliterate the jews once and for all from palestine since as long as they are allowed to remain there and kill and steal with impunity, there is no peace in the middle east – kill off the jews and peace will be all around.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    As was pointed out, the U.S. had several warplanes loitering on the Iraq/Iran borders airspace at the time of the downing.

  • Raptar Driver

    This is all theater and the Iranians are in On it. This plane was shot down by cannons, an F-35 or 22.
    It is a plea bargain for normal relations.